Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Mens Golf League Suggestions?
Posted by: eric_w74
on 6/22/18 8:27am
hey Brett, you should come out and play with the charlotte chapter of the MGA. we play once a month for a big check and trophy.

outliar's Review of Charlotte National Golf Club on 6/1/11

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Charlotte National Golf Club Date: 6/1/11 Wed Morning
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 81
Cost: $39
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 3 1/2 Hours
Username: outliar See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Avid Golfer (about once a week)Handicap: 1.0
Greens - 8.5 stars out of 10....rolled perfect with excellent speed, but still 2 or 3 greens have MINIMAL remnants of the "troubles" from last summer. (Maybe 5% total area on the offending greens had colored sand filling in bare spaces). Solve those remaining issues and National again will claim "best public greens" in the area. OVERALL I WISH THE GUYS RUNNING CAROLINA TRAIL'S COURSES INTO THE GROUND WOULD GET A MANAGEMENT LESSON FROM THE "NATIONAL". They provide a superior value- "EXCELLENT GOLF COURSE where it counts--with no $tupid frills". You CONSISTENTLY get: country club quality greens; maintained/ raked bunkers with adequate sand, better than average if not perfect fairways; and NEVER A WARM FEELING that you just got screwed over paying full price for an aerated course etc.
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