Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Springfield Golf Club Update
Posted by: BetterThanMost
on 5/18/18 8:38pm
Got this email from Springfield Golf Club today: "We have experienced severe winter kill on several of our greens due to the past winter. We have closed the golf course until May 26th to address...

GolfNiners5's Review of The Tradition Golf Club on 4/22/18

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The Tradition Golf Club Date: 4/22/18 Sun Afternoon
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 79
Cost: $35
Conditions: Average - isolated issuesPace: 4 1/2 Hours
Username: GolfNiners5 See All Reviews by this user
I would say 75% of the greens are in decent shape. The other 25% had bumpy patches or were bare. Fairways were extremely bare, tee boxes were good for the most part. We booked a 1:20 tee time and didn't tee off until 1:40ish. The starter was pairing people together to create foursomes but it was a waste of time. There would be a one or two some mixed in. There was also no ranger to help speed up play. We had a group constantly hit into us when there was a four some in front of us. At one point a single (with his girl in the cart) drove in front of us while we were on the green. We then had to wait for him on the next 2 holes. They need someone out there to control the pace of play
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