Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Tillery Tradition Status
Posted by: kuehbr
on 10/10/17 11:25am
Thanks for the update! One of my favorite area courses and happy to hear that they are putting in the time/money to make that place great again, looking forward to playing it in the upcoming months

aimtobreak80's Review of Skybrook Golf Club on 9/21/17

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Skybrook Golf Club Date: 9/21/17 Thu Morning
Overall Rating: Average
Cost: $
Conditions: Average - isolated issuesPace: 4 Hours
Username: aimtobreak80 See All Reviews by this user
Good news and bad news. The good news is that, now, carts are permitted on Nos. 1 and 6 holes where such access was desperately needed. The bad news is that the course renovation/rejuvenation has apparently stalled, and several issues that had been addressed earlier in the year have regressed somewhat. The biggest disappointment is that there has been no improvement in any of the bunkers contrary to what I was led to believe was in the offing back in June - no evidence of any work whatsoever - and the only improvement was no standing water (but we haven't had rain for over a week, so that's not saying much). Several greens were stressed either with bare spots and/or mower scrapes, and the ball didn't roll exactly true. The fairways were good-to-average, but my biggest complaint remains: too many uneven lies. Finally, I was playing as a single, and soon ran up against another single who was playing behind a foursome which was playing behind a fivesome! This made for an extremely slow second nine that ruined any playing rhythm, or momentum. I likely will not play Skybrook again until next year in order to give the new management one, last chance to make the course worthwhile.
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