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Birkdale Golf Club
Posted by: BetterThanMost
on 2/12/19 7:55pm
This article about possible re-development of Birkdale Golf Club (that includes saving the course) was in today's Charlotte Agenda e-newsletter: Birkdale I don't think the new ownership understands...

The B-Man's Review of Highland Creek Golf Club on 8/9/15

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Highland Creek Golf Club Date: 8/9/15 Sun Afternoon
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 88
Cost: $
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 5 Hours
Username: The B-Man See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Avid Golfer (about once a week)Handicap: 9.0
Finally got back to Highland Creek after many years. I had let it fall off my play list when the Carolina Trail went downhill and then came under new management. It definitely has come back and is in good playable shape. Still one of the toughest and well designed tracks around town. Tees, fairways and bunkers in fine shape. The rough is not only thick and tough on most holes, but a bit weedy and overgrown on some holes. There were maybe a handful of holes where even the fairways had some trouble and there were spots marked as ground under repair. The greens were pretty good. Similar to Emerald Lake, a few had some weed sprigs and bare spots, but they rolled just fine. So, overall, the course doesn't have any major issues and is very playable. I used to enjoy the challenge of this course and will play it again soon. A few things I wasn't as happy with. We had a 1:30 tee time as a twosome that was only a few holes behind several groups playing in an Inter Club championship. So once we caught them on about the 6th tee, we were stuck behind them for the next 3.5 hours - just brutally slow, waiting on them on every hole. We actually had chipping and putting contests on the greens to pass the time. Might have been better if the staff had spaced it out a little further or at least given us a heads up when we made the tee time. Also, there were no Gold tee boxes. We were playing the Blues, which were supposed to be the next one inside the tips. Since there were no Golds, the Blues were on the Gold box most holes (perhaps because of the Inter Club). At any rate, that made an already difficult course that much harder. One of the par 4's on the back played 430+. Anyway, still a great track and I'm glad it's playable once again.
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