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One month left to play Larkhaven
Posted by: The B-Man
on 11/4/18 10:06pm
In case you missed this message, here's the final note from Larkhaven Golf Club: As many of you already know Larkhaven Golf Club has been under contract to sale. The final day of business...

chrisburnette81's Review of Highland Creek Golf Club on 1/31/15

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Highland Creek Golf Club Date: 1/31/15 Sat Morning
Overall Rating: Great course
Score: 84
Cost: $39
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 4 1/2 Hours
Username: chrisburnette81 See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Frequent Golfer (about once a month)Handicap: 15.0
I haven't played this course in quite a few years. I have heard of how the course was a year ago and I have read on this site by a few people about the turn around the course has made. I was NOT disappointed at all!!! I love the track by how some holes take my driver out of my hand and makes me play all types of shots. Greens were more receptive then I thought they would be. Everyone says they were fast leading up to the round, but they weren't as fast as they were saying. The greens rolled true, but playing behind a few groups some of them wasn't fixing ball marks and dragging their feet along the green. We just fixed it and moved on. The one thing that I would like to see is that the club house do would be to eventually upgrade from the gas carts. I will be back again especially after spring starts, I want to see how the course is when the grass isn't in a dormant state. Great job turning the place around.
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