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Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation
Posted by: Kyle Smith
on 6/11/19 7:11am
Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few...

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Emerald Lake Golf Club

  • 6/4/19, Review by dad4204 - As said earlier, the greens are severely pockmarked. I tried to repair several marks each hole, but it's a lesson in frustration as there are thousands. Fairways good, bunkers mostly good, but unraked, not sure why that was. I ran out of sand in 4 holes so the new carts will hopefully have 2 carriers. I didn't see a place on the course to acquire new sand, so played the last 14 holes without it. Obviously I'm obsessed with that. I love this course, but it kicked me this time. Tees were hard as a rock, maybe they could put a hammer in each cart. Should be good now with the rain.
  • 5/25/19, Review by The B-Man - I just played the front 9 as the back 9 was closed due to a wedding and I only had 2 hours of daylight. I wanted to post this review though to say that Emerald Lake's bent grass greens are just okay. The course gets so much play from folks who you don't fix pitch marks that the greens are extremely pock marked. Most of the time, you can fix the marks in the line of your putt and it's okay, but this is going to take its toll. It's only the first of June. Emerald Lake is one of the last public courses remaining with bent grass greens (along with nearby Olde Sycamore which tends to suffer similarly in the summer). I'm not sure how much longer they'll go before converting to Bermuda. The rest of the course was fine as far as conditions. I've played a lot of golf here (I was member for two seasons several years ago) and so I really know and love the layout (especially the back 9). If you play here this summer, post a review and let me know how it holds up.
  • 4/8/19, Review by nstoudt - Greens were recently aerated. Course was surprisingly soggy. But nothing too severe.
  • 7/20/18, Review by jaydee - Played with my wife and another couple we know. Course in good condition overall. Now that we have played course a few times we are becoming more familiar with certain hazards you have to negotiate like knowing you have to lay up off the tee. Love the 14'th and 18'th holes.
  • 6/20/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is in great shape, greens had just been punched, so they were a tad bumpy in places and super slow, seemed and looked a bit fuzzy, but with bentgrass I think they didn't want to cut them right after punching them, but we played for a reasonable rate, so cant complain! Course should be good to go and back to normal conditions soon!
  • 5/24/18, Review by MGOBLUE - Played in a church tournament today which was the first time playing here since ??? Course was in fantastic shape even though they had heavy rain the night before. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed playing here in the past. I will be back and soon.
  • 3/18/18, Review by aepfeiffer - This course has some smooth fast greens right now, the course was dormant but once the grass starts coming out its going to be in great shape!!!
  • 2/23/18, Review by BetterThanMost - Played Emerald Lake on Friday. Weather was absolutely perfect. Course is in fairly good shape, other than the fact that it was really wet in spots, which was odd, as it hasn't rained much at all lately. Greens were the best I've seen them at Emerald Lake in quite sometime. The bermuda on the fairways and rough is still dormant, but should start greening up soon. They had some tees pushed up as they were letting some boxes recover. New clubhouse/grill is gorgeous. Pace of play was good. Our threesome got around in exactly 4 hours despite several foursomes directly in front of us.
  • 11/19/17, Review by TheClaw - Giving them 1 star for pace of play. Course wasn't that busy, but they sent out a 4-ball and 3-ball of beginner golfers. By the time they finished they were 5 holes behind (and never caught up). No ranger in sight. In addition to slow play these guys were tearing the course up with massive divots, not raking bunkers (even taking practice swings in the sand). If there had been a ranger we could have told him/her to explain how golf works to these beginners (they don't know any better). The course was happy to take our money, and not care about customer service after that.
  • 7/4/17, Review by The B-Man - First full round here in a while, though I practice here frequently. The new clubhouse and grill are now open too, making the course feel normal again. I really like the placement of the grill and patio overlooking the 2nd green, 9th green, 10th tee, 14th tee and 18th green. Great view of several holes. The course itself was in good shape. The greens were cut and rolled true and fairly quick. Most had lots of ball marks, but not such a crazy amount that they affected putts. I tried to fix several that were fresh on each hole. The 10th green had an odd blemish near the collar where there looked to be about 6 old cup holes filled in with sand. There were a few muddy and GUR spots, but nothing significant affecting play. All in all, tee to green, it's in really good shape. They've added these red, white and blue posts to most greens. I couldn't quite figure out the purpose - my partners seem to think it was to rest your clubs on. A few times they got in the way and we had to temporarily displace them. I would have been more concerned if I had hit an approach shot that ricocheted badly off of one. So golfer beware. Contrary to my experience at Rocky River the day before, the cart girl was seen early and often throughout our round. Pace of play was good and we had a great holiday round. I've played Emerald Lake more than any other course over the years since I had a membership for 2 seasons. So it's like an old friend to me and I'll come back often.
  • 6/14/17, Review by dad4204 - Emerald Lake is a great place to play. The fairways were really nice, the greens rolled true even though there were punch holes. The traps need work as some had little sand still, same as my last review. Pace of play was slow due to us, there wasn't anyone in front of us. WE let several groups through. Couldn't repair divots though, there wasn't any sand on the carts either, they must be out of sand.
  • 4/5/17, Review by dad4204 - Fairways good, Some bunkers thin, Tees coming in. Greens getting better after aeration. They were still spotty and sandy, but we had a good time. Needs a few more weeks to be great.
  • 11/28/16, Review by Albert So - There is no such thing as an easy golf course. But if there was, Emerald Lake would be it. Yes, the par-5 #14 over water (twice!) is a challenge. Especially if you really should face facts and play from the shorter tees. But for the most part, the fairways are wide and the greens are large. Lots of bunkers, but (with the drought) the sand is super-dry. ONE COMPLAINT. Several greens with muddy areas just off the collars. Assuming it's a result of poor drainage. Speaking of easy, this is the easiest walking course in the Charlotte area. Never really had to "chug it" uphill. Greens are super-fast. Again, maybe, blame/thank the drought.
  • 11/18/16, Review by tvrepairex - It's been over a year since I've played here but I will be back more ofter.The course for the most part is in really good shape,the greens except for a few unrepaired ball marks,are very good.The fairways good and the rough a little thick ,but fair.I am a senior and I didn't have any problem playing the white tees like a former poster,as a matter of fact I had the opposite problem,the whites on some holes were too near the reds.I also saw a former reviewer's problem with a lot of mushy areas around the greens and fringes from watering the greens,but I can live with that for good greens.Another concern were some of the traps.I was in only one,and while it was freshly raked and looked good,there was only a thin covering of sand and then clay.Hard to play out of that.
  • 11/2/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - Both good news and bad news. The good news is that the new pro shop is open and operating, and the new clubhouse (currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in one month) shows promise of being quite impressive when finished. The physical layout of the structures is serviceable and the driving range extends from the parking lot to them with dramatic effect. The practice green, driving range, fairways, and greens were all in good condition and very “green”. In my personal opinion, Emerald Lake could soon become one of the top courses in the Charlotte area if they continue on their current track. Now, the bad news. The grounds superintendent evidently is taking the declaration of a drought to heart, to the point of over-watering the course. This was apparent throughout the entire course, but particularly on the back side of the No.1 green and the rough along the fairway and cart path leading uphill to the No. 9 green. With respect to the former, there was no immediate area for relief from casual water, and while “playing it where it lies” I suffered the expected result of soggy ground and my chip didn’t even make the putting surface. On number 9, neither my playing partner nor I was able to get our approach shot anywhere close to the pin because of the “fat” shot induced by the soggy ground. The other bad news is more of a personal issue where, once again, a course does not have a tee base in the middle range of my recommended Play-It-Forward yardage – the red tees are at the low end, and the white tees are at the high end. I chose to play from the latter, and felt further penalized when I discovered that five out of the eighteen tee boxes had the white and blue tee markers exactly coincident with one another. At least the weather and playing companions were pleasant. Otherwise, it would have been a very poor golfing experience.
  • 10/23/16, Review by TheClaw - Greens are in awesome shape. The practice green is pristine. greens on course show a little wear and tear from traffic but are superb for the most part. Tee boxes a little beat up but you can see work done on them. Just wish they would add sand to all the bunkers now. Was great to see the new golf shop and the new clubhouse is coming along. $55 is a little pricey but if they can tend to the bunkers it will be well worth it.
  • 8/9/16, Review by netswimr - I had heard about slow play, but didn't experience it. The round (2 players) took 3 hours and 45 minutes. Greens were very soft with lots of ball marks that hadn't been repaired. Starter sent us out 10 minutes early and told us to catch up with a 2 some in front of us. That didn't work. They were adding in foursomes starting on the back nine as we made the turn, making the back nine much slower. There was a large amount of cut grass on the rough, making play somewhat difficult. Traps were thin on sand and hard packed. Greens did roll true. Probably won't go back.
  • 7/22/16 - Msg Board Posting
    Pace of Play at Emerald Lake   ccharles
    Got this email from Emerald Lake today:

    "To further enhance your experience while playing Emerald Lake Golf Club, we are now launching Operation P.O.P. (Pace Of Play). With this new program, we are committed to getting you around our golf course as quickly as possible. We understand that people do not have 5 hours to spend on a golf course nowadays, so Emerald Lake has paired up with the Carolina Golf Association to institute a 4 hour and 12 minute pace of play. Along with this new operation, we have also added the following measures to help "speed up play":
    -We are cutting the rough half an inch to make it easier to find your ball.
    -We are bringing food out more frequently to the course to cut down on your turn time.
    -We hav! e hired rangers at problem areas to help spot errant golf shots."

    I think this is great and much needed at Emerald Lake. My last several rounds there have been excruciatingly long.
  • 7/18/16, Review by JHG - Course is in the best I've seen it in a long time. Fairways are perfect. Greens are rolling smooth and quick. Rough is thick, as it should be this time of year. We had 5-6 balls in the rough. No problem finding them but hitting a good shot was a challenge. The rough puts a premium on hitting fairways and greens. Lots of work going on for the new clubhouse and "event center"...looking forward to seeing the finished buildings. Pace of play was excellent. We saw the beverage cart 4-5 times which was great for a Monday round.
  • 6/7/16 - Greens will be aerated this Wed/Thurs (6/8 and 6/9). They are discounting green fees while the greens recover - $35 weekend / $25 weekday / $20 after 3pm.
  • 5/15/16, Review by The B-Man - I went out to Emerald Lake as a single around 1:30 Sunday when everyone was out playing in the nice weather. The starter got me out within 20 minutes when the first group with an open spot teed off. Pace of play was decent for a packed course. Conditions-wise, the course is in good shape. It's by no means perfect as the previous reviewer claimed. The course is in a bit of transition, with construction of the new clubhouse finally kicking off. The biggest impact is on hole #2 with a trench recently built for irrigation lines leaving a wide dirt path across the middle of the middle of the fairway about 150-175 yards out from the blue tees. I'm surprised they haven't sodded over it. Tees were in average shape, as were the bunkers. One I hit out of on #7 was hard pan. I noticed several others were in need of some maintenance. The good news was that fairways and greens were in really good shape. The greens were rolling pretty quick. I enjoyed my round and will be back, especially to see the progress on the new clubhouse. It's supposed to be done this fall. Justin Morin, the GM, has been posting updates on the construction. There are renderings of what it will look like posted in the pro shop. I'm really rooting for Emerald Lake because I love the layout -- and the proximity to my house!
  • 5/11/16, Review by Joeunplugged - The course was in great shape and it looks like they are working on getting the clubhouse built, as always the staff was super nice, Joe
  • 4/30/16, Review by BetterThanMost - Played Emerald Lake in the late afternoon Saturday before the storms rolled in. There is a lot of construction/prep work being done for the new clubhouse. The course was quite busy for a Saturday late afternoon.Course was firm and fast before the rain. The course is in decent shape. Some parts of the fairways have significant bare spots, while others are perfect. The same applies to the greens. Some are in great shape, while others need work. Bunkers also varied from having barely any sand to being full of sand. I hope funds aren't being diverted from course maintenance to go towards the new clubhouse.
  • 2/19/16, Review by JHG - Course is in real good shape. Greens in excellent condition and rolling smooth. A couple holes wet but playable. Pace of play was real good considering how busy it was. Hopefully the weather dries up soon. Looking forward to getting out to ELGC again soon.
  • 10/21/15, Review by JHG - Overall the course is in excellent shape. Greens rolling smooth and quick. A couple of them look bad but roll great. Fairways are nice and didn't have a bad lie all day. Pace of play was real good..less than 3.5hrs..I play here often and the course is excellent, get out and play!
  • 9/9/15, Review by dad4204 - I really like Emerald Lake. The tee boxes were good, I played the blues. The fairways were excellent, good lies all day. The greens were terrible. They had punched about 2 weeks ago, not a problem, but the weeds were awful. There was not a putt that didn't bounce around. I'm not sure how the greens get out of hand like this?
  • 8/24/15, Review by The B-Man - The front 9 was closed for greens aerification today and the back 9 will be tomorrow. So I played the back 9 twice, which made for a unique round. With aerification tomorrow as well as recent rains, the tees and fairways had not been mowed so they were little fluffier than normal. A few bunkers were also still in rough shape (especially the greenside bunker on 17), but should get fixed up tomorrow. The only other issue to note was that last week's flooding rains took out the bridge from the 18th tee to the fairway. So the detour from your tee shot to your second shot required a long ride alongside the 16th hole, down one street of the neighborhood and around the green at 18 back to the fairway. I told you it was a unique round of golf. GM Justin Morin says the bridge should be fixed this week and the greens will heal in about 2 weeks. He also said the course is set up nicely for the cooler Fall weather. I tend to agree. Despite the mostly hot, dry summer, the greens were still running well and there were no issues on the fairways or rough. Give Emerald Lake a couple of weeks and it should be in fine shape. Thanks to Tony and Shannon for letting me join them for these fun 18 holes today.
  • 7/30/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - After reading less than stellar recent reviews of Rocky River and Skybrook, I chose to travel ~ 20 miles further, and chose Emerald Lake and a tee time of 11:30 AM. The heat and humidity, especially after noon, conspired to make for an energy draining experience that was salved by the Senior Rate green fee and leisurely round. The course is undergoing grounds modification/repair (most notably along the driving range and No. 1 fairway), but that had no significant impact upon play. The only criticism of course conditions is the greens - almost all of them have extensive invasion of small weed sprigs/splotches. I would like to see the sand in the bunkers improved/replaced - one can get spoiled by the fluffy white stuff one encounters at resort courses, and begins to expect the same at all courses.
  • 7/12/15, Review by TheClaw - Unfortunately the relentless heat and traffic the course has been suffering is slowly taking it's toll. On some greens it was a sea of unrepaired ball marks. Due to the heat, it seems they keep the greens wet, and the softness means even chip shots leave dents in them. So I really wish people were more diligent about fixing their pitch marks and some others. But the greens are still VERY GOOD and the course is in good shape overall. The staff are always superb here, very friendly in the clubhouse, and the starters are awesome. Makes a really nice start to the round when you feel so welcomed at a course. One disappointment was finding almost all the coolers on the course to be empty, on a near 100 degree day. Hopefully they can do a better job monitoring them and refilling as the day goes on. Bottom line, course is suffering a bit from wear and tear but still great. Let's all do our part to keep it in the best condition possible.
  • 7/2/15, Review by The B-Man - I emailed the day before to get the okay to be first out as a single Thursday morning. That was no problem. There ending up being one twosome that got out ahead of me by a few minutes but I played thru them on the 4th hole. So smooth sailing. The staff has done a lot of tree and brush clearing between the driving range and #2 hole -- which I think will be good and bad. Good in the sense that it's more open and you'll have a better chance to escape if you are in the trees on the left. On the other hand, it will bring the driving range into play if you go left at all, along with all the practice balls. There weren't any other course changes that I noticed. I played really well so I didn't get to see much of the course off the fairway. I did play from a few fairway bunkers though and they were just okay -- hadn't been manicured by the staff like the greenside bunkers -- which were really good. Speaking of the staff, they were helpful and friendly, including the mowers and rakers I played through. The tees were in good shape as were the fairways. I would give the greens a B+/A-. A few did have some sand leftover from the small spikes they used a week or two ago -- I only noticed the spike holes on one hole (#14). Overall, the greens rolled true and had good speed. I made several putts and had no complaints, even with a few stray ballmarks I had to fix. Emerald Lake's in good shape right now so I'll be back soon.
  • 6/27/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course was in good shape. Greens were a little bumpy due to people not repairing there ball marks. Fairways and Tee boxes were in good shape. Will play again.
  • 6/26/15, Review by TPX - Played this course for the first time based on the positive reviews I have seen. The course was in okay shape, but the greens are still healing from being punched and about half of them were completely covered in sand. Not exactly what I was expecting based on reviews. It was also frustrating to be sent out as a single behind a 5-some, especially during the morning when it's more crowded. The people I was supposed to pair with went off more than 20 minutes early. I was waiting at the 1st tee before the 5-some ever went off, but the starter sent them off anyways ahead of me. Waiting on every shot isn't fun. A few times even let them get a hole ahead since no one was behind me and caught them right back at the next tee. Was just expecting better.
  • 6/20/15, Review by GolfNiners5 - Excellent condition. Greens rolled true and were in great shape. Fairways were almost perfect except for a couple of divots that needed to be replaced but that is normal wear and tear. Would recommend to get out now!
  • 6/13/15, Review by TheClaw - The course is in the best shape I have seen it in for years, with lots of work going into it' as well. There are a few temporary tee boxes but the tees under repair look phenomenal. Please please please FIX your ballmarks and divots to keep it looking great. The course staff get an A+ for customer service and effort here. Try get out soon before the heat stresses out the course.
  • 6/7/15, Review by metallikviper - Course is in better shape than it usually is. Bunkers were in really good shape and the greens were soft and rolling nicely. $50 is just right if you get it on Clickitgolf, other wise its too expensive.
  • 6/5/15, Review by JHG - The course is about perfect. The greens are as good as I have ever seen them. Fairways are filled in. They are putting in a couple new tee boxes and they look about ready. Pace of play was good. Overall conditions are A+ in my opinion.
  • 5/3/15, Review by slowmofo - I have played Emerald Lake a bunch of times and I am usually disappointed. Not right now though. Emerald Lake could be in the greatest condition I have ever seen it. Fairways are green and not too thin. The greens are in the best shape I have ever seen them. Some tee boxes were a little rough, but I could find a space to put my ball. I will continue to play it while it lasts, especially for the price.
  • 5/2/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course was in good shape. Some of the tee boxes were a little choppy but overall were not bad. The fairways were a little thin and were really dry. The greens were good. They rolled true and had a good speed to them. Cant really beat the price for an afternoon on the weekend.
  • 4/23/15, Review by dad4204 - the fairways haven't grown in yet. Lots' of skimpy lies. As we know the course does not drain well, there were lots of bare spots where water accumulates. It was 2 days after the big rain and cart path only. It needed to be. Tees are torn up. Greens are still a little bumpy from aerating. Good note, the bunkers were very good.
  • 3/22/15, Review by jscum13 - Greens were great. And bunkers were pretty good to be honest, but the rest of the course was beat up. Doing construction along the back of the driving range so you have mud and hard pan and trees for the first two holes seemingly everywhere. Got hit hard by rain the past week so the lies and fairways were not in great shape at all. This course hasn't been in great shape the last two years I've played it.
  • 3/15/15, Review by JHG - Greens are rolling really good. Noticed a lot of work being done on the course. Some of the bunkers had new sand and it looks like they are working on others. Lots of trees removed or trimmed. Pace of play was excellent considering the course was busy. A couple more days of this weather and the course will be A+++
  • 1/25/15, Review by chrisburnette81 - I put normal because of it being winter. I understand that we had a lot of rain earlier in the week but this course really needs to work on their drainage. I can not tell you how many times I would hit the fairway and have to take a drop because of casual water. Other than that, greens were pretty quick, and rolled good, but some greens were a lot slower than others. I will be back but if there is any rain at all during the week I might by pass this place till I know its dried out a little.
  • 12/11/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - Temperature never got out of the 40's, and occasional wind gusts almost mandated a jacket, but I did manage with just a sweater. The greens were "green" and the fairways "brown", but both were in pretty good condition. The condition of the bunkers was poor - all were wet with too little fluffy sand as opposed to sandy mud. The bunker conditions affected all 3 players in our threesome. All in all, a good outing that started off well with a free bucket of range balls provided to kill time while waiting to squeeze into a starting time.
  • 12/5/14, Review by JHG - Course is in great shape. Greens are fast and rolling smooth.
  • 9/29/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance & Emerald Lake & Tega Cay   Nancy & Fred
    Played Renaissance 9/28 and the greens are in terrible shape. Many dead spots and various lengths of grass on the greens. It's impossible to putt and feel that anything you're doing is going to make a difference as there is too much interference with the state of the greens for any putt to be accurate. The fairways were fine. The bunkers were actually very nicely kept and well-raked. I felt like someone there felt so bad about the greens being terrible that they thought they would at least make the bunkers playable.
    Emerald Lake, which we played two weeks ago had bad greens as well. Almost as bad as Renaissance. Lots of crab grass on them and the crab grass didn't get mown down with the other grass so many putts you're putting through pieces of crab grass sticking up. Plus, lots of ! dead spots. The back 9 was better than the front, but not great.
    It's a shame. These both used to be decent courses (Emerald Lake used to be really nice). It's been one of the rainiest and cooler summers in the 15 years I've lived here. If you can't keep your greens up this summer, when will you be able too? Plus, they were both way too expensive for what you get - even on tee off or golf now - I think we paid $70 bucks for 2 people for Emerald Lake and $50 for Renaissance. If we had just paid at the club house we would have given up and asked for our money back. Not sure how that works on the discount web-sites. They need to charge a lot less if their courses are in such bad shape.
    Tega Cay was really nice. Worth any extra money.
  • 8/10/14, Review by jorourke9 - As always the layout and fairways are great to play and in good shape. They need to switch out the greens as most everyone else has because the greens are very spotty. In addition to the greens being an issue I would recommend changing out the sand. They currently have, I think, a clay based sand that is rock hard after any rain. Finally, the new clubhouse location will be perfect to grab a dog and a beer on the turn because currently there is no chance for food throughout the round.
  • 7/14/14, Review by dad4204 - As previously noted, lots of marks on the greens. I think it's where they are trying to get some type of weedy grass out of them. They were working on #3 while we played. Fairways OK, but thin in spots. Sandtrap I was in was low on sand and I skulled it out. Overall OK,
  • 7/5/14, Review by The B-Man - The greens are just so-so now. So many ballmarks and bumpy spots. A little worried that summer heat may take its toll. The front bunker on #10 was filled with water and had not been touched by the maintenance staff. Everything else seemed fine. For now, though, I'd prefer this course's closest neighbors, Olde Sycamore or Charlotte National.
  • 6/25/14, Review by DrSchteeve - 3 hour round - fantastic pace. Teeboxes, traps good. Greens already showing lots of ballmarks, some had recent punches. They rolled fine, but it doesn't bode well for the next month or two. Another bent grass green course that needs to switch to Bermuda. Fairways were a bit weird in spots - they have been sodded, so there are some sod lines, but they also have humps and hollows in odd places. All that said, to get around in 3 hours on a busy Wed afternoon was just great.
  • 6/8/14, Review by Vimmy29 - Found a hot deal on GolfNow charging only $29 for a 11:30 tee time. The greens were smooth, but a little on the slow side. However, the course itself is a whole lot better than it was last year at this time.
  • 5/21/14, Review by JHG - The greens are as good as they have been in the last 5-7 years. Rolling smooth and pretty fast. Fairways are filling in nicely...pace was great for a busy afternoon...maintenance crew doing a fantastic job on the course.
  • 5/5/14, Review by JHG - Course is in great shape. Greens are all healed up from aerification and rolling really good. The course is playing fast and firm...perfect. Fairways are growing and getting green. Maintenance crew was out doing a lot of work, clearing out a lot of places and making things look good. I play here a lot and it's playing nice right now....go play!!!
  • 4/14/14, Review by GIR - Course was in solid shape for this time of year. Fairways are starting to come in a little bit, and most of the lies are true. Greens rolled great and really smooth with very few blemishes. Played twilight rate for $25...anytime you can play the course for under $35, it's a great deal. Anything over $45 is still a little steep for the course imo. Tee boxes were rough although they had just been aerated and the bunkers were in good shape. Course is greening up and should be in peak condition in a few weeks.
  • 4/5/14, Review by The B-Man - Beautiful day for golf, but just so-so conditions to speak of at Emerald Lake. The day started at the driving range where there is no grass to speak of, pretty much bare so you are hitting off dirt. On the course, the tee boxes were similar - bare and had recently been punched. Fairways are still mostly brown and also bare in many spots. The greens are a few weeks out from aeration and they had all been top-dressed with sand. They rolled mostly fine, but the sand slowed things down. On the bright side, they have done some work on a few holes, notably clearing out the brush between what are now holes 7 and 8 (used to be 16 and 17). This will take some of the danger out of the 8th tee shot as it was easy to lose your drive in the thick bushes amongst the trees. Also, they cut back the trees to the front right of the men's tee box on 12 -- which was a good idea. They would almost block the right side of the hole from the tee. All in all the course is just in average shape right now and needs a few more weeks to get in season shape. I was disappointed in the price. $59 rack rate. I had to use a Clickit coupon to get it down to $51 -- which was too much given the winter-like course conditions.
  • 3/5/14, Review by DrSchteeve - I know Emerald Lake has received some decent reviews lately, but neither I nor my playing partners could understand why. Yes, still winter and recent wet weather, but really nothing was close to decent shape. Teeboxes chewed up, greens bumpy, lots of sprayed bright green areas. Maybe it will improve in several weeks, but conditions are poor now.
  • 2/18/14, Review by JHG - Playing golf a week after 8" of snow is great( and unexpected). The course is in great condition and the pace of play was excellent even with cart path only. Greens rolling very nice with a pretty good pace to them. We saw lots of the grounds crew doing tree trimming and branch removal. Course is looking good, greens rolling nice, snow is gone...go play! Also, the homemade soup and oyster crackers are fantastic!
  • 1/17/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - I believe I have established the lower limit of my "comfort zone" for playing golf - temperatures were in the high 30's to lower 40's when I arrived at the course at 10:30 AM, and there was an almost steady, brisk breeze blowing. I doubt that the temperature ever exceeded 45, and I kept a jacket on during the entire round. The course was suffering from recent rainfall (indeed, we started on the back nine to give the front a chance to drain/dry)and it was "cart path only". All of the bunkers were damp, and a few had isolated, small puddles. Fairways were wet with isolated boggy areas. Most of the tee boxes were moderately sparse. These conditions were all likely due to the winter weather, and not the lack of course maintenance. My intent in mentioning the conditions is to alert those considering an outing in the next few days - scoring is likely to suffer (mine did, amounting to 3 more strokes on the second, wetter, nine.)
  • 12/1/13, Review by FuzzyMulligan - Course was in great conditions, browned as expected. Came up on a twosome and threesome that let me play through. Other than that, smooth sailing. Played through in 2:45. Greens overall were great, a few still show the aeration from about a month and a half back, rolled great. Go play here, it's worth the round.
  • 10/31/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - The course is recovering from the effects of the fire that destroyed the clubhouse/pro shop. Part of that recovery is restructuring - reversing front and back nines - but that had no practical effect upon play. The speed of the greens continue to plague me , with two 3-putts on the first four holes, but I attribute that to not spending enough time on the practice green (rushing to get off). The greens were in fine condition - soft and receptive. The pace of play was nominal, but seemed much longer due to a slow foursome three groups ahead. Again, a Senior rate of $29 is hard to beat, and I heartily endorse and recommend the course.
  • 10/10/13, Review by JHG - As usual the course itself is in great shape...they did punch greens last week. I played a couple days after and the greens rolled pretty good. It's that time of the year, courses are punching holes. Called ahead and they told me the greens were punched and sanded (which was nice as some courses don't tell you). Punched but not terrible, still puttable.
  • 9/24/13, Review by JHG - Course is in really good shape. Fairways were just mowed and no grass clippings left laying around. They changed the 9's around again so remember the old #1 is the new #1..or something like that. Greens rolling pretty fast..tee boxes are good..bunkers had sand in them, at least the couple I was in did. I enjoy the layout and the course conditions as usual. Pace of play was excellent..under 4 hrs for a 4some.
  • 8/25/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Afraid the greens are starting to show ballmarks. Everyone blames people not fixing hallmarks, but I think it is just what happens to most bent greens in NC late summer, the reason most are switching to Bermuda. Also a lot of "weed-looking" grasses around the greens, not pretty and made bump and run shots tricky. Teeboxes pretty hewed up also. Fairways, traps good. Rough was punishing but fair.
  • 8/22/13, Review by FuzzyMulligan - The greens are starting to show some significant signs of ball marking. Other than that, bunkers good, fairways a little inconsistent in length, but overall it is in great condition.
  • 7/24/13, Review by JHG - I play here a lot and I think the course is in excellent shape. It might be the best I've seen it in 5 years or so. Greens are excellent as are the tees and fairways. Staff is friendly and always have a spot for me to play. Carts were 90*. Looked like the fairway on #18 was still wet-path only on it.
  • 7/19/13, Review by oneputt - First time playing here. A really good experience. Played as a twosome and we flew around the course. Greens were fast. The abundance of ball marks poorly or improperly repaired was really a surprise. It would not hurt if the friendly staff made an extra effort to ask,plead, threaten or whatever to get players to fix not only their mark but also fix three other un-repaired marks. I've played many a fancy courses where this extra effort was made. The greens putted true except for the bumps. The course was very wet still. Traps had been worked on but still in rough shape. All of the staff were very friendly and made an effort to make this a great golf experience which they did! Rates for a senior on a Friday were among the best.
  • 6/30/13, Review by Russell - It has been awhile since I have teed it up at Emerald lake - back when it still had its clubhouse. The trailer seems to be working just fine until they figure out what they want to rebuild. I was very happy with the conditions. The greens were in great shape. Sure, there are ball marks but I think this is more due to the type of greens than the ability of people to repair them. The fairways and tees were nice too. The traps were in tough shape but that is understandable due to the recent rains. The best part of the round though was the pace of play. Right at 4 hours on a busy Sunday? Not sure if it was the threat of rain but everyone seemed to be keeping it moving. With the deals available on line I will try to play here again soon.
  • 6/24/13, Review by BLTdahacker - The course was in great shape. I went out Sunday afternoon and took advantage of their awesome $25 twilight rate and to have a great round with my brother. The fairways were in great shape. Tee boxes were in good condition but could have used a little trimming. The greens were fun and fast. My only issue with the greens was the lack of ball mark repair done by the people playing on them. Guys, if we want great greens to play on then EVERYONE HAS TO REPAIR THEIR BALL MARKS!!!! I mean come on, it takes what two seconds fix? You should not be out there playing if you don't want to or can't fix a ball mark. If that offends anyone, then so be it. My two biggest pet peeves are not fixing ball marks and pace of play(when it come to golf). Speaking of pace of play, there was a 4 some that was two groups in front of us that had the WHOLE course backed up. They seemed to show a lack of caring by not being ready to play and taking there "sweet time " to play their shots. My brother and I were on the 4th tee and sat there and watched them in the 5th fairway. They were just being casual, like whatever, we don't care. There was one guy that hit a terrible shot. It went dead left into the water. He just stood there for a good 2 or 3 minutes before he decided to get in his cart. His other 3 playing partners just sat in their carts with their feet up not ready to play or anything. When we got done on 6, we said screw it and skipped 7 and 8 and went to the 9th tee. There was a two hole gap these guys had created by their SLOW play. After that, we had a awesome rest of the round on a great golf course that we will continue to return to many times. more.
  • 6/22/13, Review by JHG - Course is in excellent condition. The greens on the back 9 that had problems are in way better shape..100% better. The course has come a long way from where it was a couple months ago. The greens are rolling good, smooth and fast. Fairways are good, tees are good. Enjoy the conditions and the layout...even after playing here all the time. The doughnuts on the first hole were excellent....
  • 6/17/13, Review by izzyf150 - Emerald Lake seems to have recovered from their green issues. Fairways good, greens good and slightly fast, sand traps good. Emerald Lake is back in its normal condition that I have been accustomed to. They are still working out of trailers, didn't notice any construction to rebuild club house. A couple of busted golf ball washers on course about the time I was really needing one (minor things I know). Good course in good condition.
  • 6/5/13, Review by DrSchteeve - All conditions very, very good. Only green with issues is #17, which is a great improvement.
  • 5/17/13, Review by JHG - Course is in excellent shape. Greens are filled in and rolling good. A little firm but smooth and fast. Even the couple greens on the back 9 (15-17) are better than before. Range balls were in great shape, clean and round. Pace was good for a Friday. I enjoy the layout and the guys in the shop are friendly and somewhat humorous. Side note: the chili was very spicy!!!
  • 5/4/13, Review by 80s70s60s - Play Emerald Lake for the first time this season. Course was in great shape for this time of year. The tees and fairways were in the same shape as all the other courses I have played, but the greens were in much better shape than most courses I have played in the last month or so. Pace of play was good. Hot dog was damn good. I am going back this weekend.
  • 4/21/13, Review by Cant3Putt - Emerald Lake is greening up nicely. Overall the course was in decent shape. The fairways were green an relatively weed free. The bunkers were in great shape. plenty of sand and recently raked. The tee boxes were ok on most holes. Once the bermuda gets going they should fill in fine. Now to the bad news--several of the back nine greens are being overtaken by poa. It's not bad and very playable on the front. no real problems there but late in the back nine, I think the starter said 15 and 16 (and a few other holes) had quite a bit of poa, I'd estimate those two greens were 40 to 50 percent. Those greens also has significant ball mark damage that was preventing any straight putts of any length. On a side note, they still haven't broken ground on the new clubhouse yet. I was told they are hoping to occupy a new one next year.
  • 4/21/13, Review by sodman - The course was in good shape. The fairways were greened up nicely. The bunkers were in great shape. Good to hit out of. Also the tees were filling in and wee greening up. The greens were in good shape and rolling good. Just 2 greens on the back side that they have done work on. But the pins wee in good spot on those greens so it wasn't an issue.
  • 2/15/13, Review by JHG - Greens are rolling good, tees and fairways are good...#15, #16 & #17 greens are coming around. I think they are aerifing greens in a couple weeks (25th and 26th I think).
  • 2/4/13, Review by sodman - Once again i'm not sure if some golfers are just dumb or stupid. I played out at emerald lake snd the tees were great along with the fwys and rough.The course is super clean of weeds unlike alot of the courses that are sim ilsr to emerald lake. The greens overall were in god shape. There are a couple that they are working on from the past year due to crabgrass but you have to give it time. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • 2/2/13, Review by Porterhouse07 - The course was in good shape overall. The greens did have some bare spots in them but they were not too bad except for holes 14-18. Those greens were pretty tough to putt on. The tee boxes were in good shape for winter as well as the fairways and the rough.Not too bad for the price but be aware of the backside greens
  • 1/29/13, Review by sodman - Just to set things straight. I played Emerald Lake on the 29th and the greens were in good shape. Yes there were a couple of greens that they were working on but nothing tht affected putting. And to izzyf150 you should get your information correct before you post something because Emerld Lake does"t have bermuda greens they have cato-crenshaw bentgrass greens. Just another wnt to be superintendent i guess.
  • 1/28/13, Review by izzyf150 - Emerald Lake has big time green issues. They dont have a perfect green on the course at the moment. They have sprayed to kill weeds on the greens leaving grassless holes in the green. Its like putting on soft greens where nobody ever repairs their divot. A couple of greens are really bad and the rest just make you shake your head. Their greens are burmuda and burmuda is dormant. That means nothing going to change here till the weather warms up. Stay clear till spring.
  • 1/13/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Emerald Lake Golf Club   Rob Lodge
    I played Emerald Lake on Saturday and really enjoyed myself. The course was in good shape, with only 2 greens on the back with some minor issues. The rest were great. The real reason to write this is all that went on other than the round of golf. On the first tee, I was handed a brand new metal divot tool and thanked for supporting the course. At the turn, the course had a grill set up and cooked burgers, hot dogs, and brats for all the golfers. They were out there cooking all day. It was just nice to see extra effort put forth and to see and feel actual gratitude for playing. I really enjoyed myself.
  • 1/5/13, Review by TheClaw - Biggest issue with the course right now is that some of the greens have many silver dollar sized holes in them. I am guessing it was crab grass roots that they extracted. While the greens should be superb come spring/summer, they are just ok while they go through the healing process now. Might be worth staying away for a while until the greens recover from all those holes.
  • 12/14/12, Review by JHG - Greens are rolling good. Fast and smooth. 16&17 greens are getting better, still a little ways to go. All in all the course is in good shape. Bunkers were in good condition, at least the ones I played out of :)..pace of play was good for a Friday afternoon.
  • 12/8/12, Review by TheClaw - Pace of play was about 5 hours 15 mins. Busy saturday morning, but NO ranger out on the course anywhere to be seen. When you are charging $51 in the pro shop, this is inexcusable. Greens and everything else good. If it wasn't for the slow pace of play and lack of a ranger I would have given them 3.5 stars for course conditions.
  • 11/30/12, Review by 4amigos - Two of the greens in bad shape on the back nine. Others ok for this time of year and rolling well. Good deal for the price
  • 11/18/12, Review by slowmofo - Let me start of by saying i am little bias to these type of courses. This course and Old Sycamore kind of rub me the wrong way. They feel manufactured so to speak. Now onto the review. The course was completely brown with leaves everywhere. Not their fault due to it being fall, but I have seen other courses kept in better condition. There are some memorable holes such as the par 5 over the same pond twice. What really hurt this course is that the greens were murdered with ball marks. They were not in that good shape at all which wasn't fun. I know a lot of people like this course and old sycamore on this site. To me they are not visually appealing ( aka boring) and this one had no elevation changes. Overall i probably wouldn't be back unless I couldnt get a deal somewhere else
  • 11/4/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Everthing good except the greens. They had significant issues - lots of ball marks, including big scars. They did a good job of keeping the pins away from the worst areas, but it is hard to recommend Emerald Lake when Olde Sycamore, Charlotte National, and Red Bridge all have perfect greens.
  • 10/30/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Emerald Lake   Chris Beto
    I played in a Bank of America outing at Emerald Lake last Friday. Yhe course was is above average shape. The greens were overall in great shape, with only a spot or 2 in repair from some crab grass removal. Firm and fast. They had the temp trailer up and running with incredible hot dogs. The overall experience was better than most other courses in the area this summer for me.
  • 9/27/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Emerald Lake Golf Club   Cory Hadley
    Played today. Beyond anything else, it is just nice to get back out to this course. The staff has changed over and for the first time in years, I was greeted with a smile. Course was in good shape. Not perfect, but above average. Great mix of holes out here. Looking forward to the new clubhouse!
  • 9/24/12, Review by izzyf150 - This course is in its normal condition with the exception of the greens. I would have to say the greens are as bad as I’ve ever seen them at Emerald Lake. I don’t mean to scare anybody, they are still in ok shape to play on, it’s just that they have always been in pretty good shape. There is still a thin layer of sand on the greens. Some of the greens have dead spots all over them a little bigger than your golf, where they sprayed to kill a weed or something. They also had a good bit of ball scars. Sand traps were in great shape.
  • 9/21/12, Review by sodman - The tees and fwys were in great shape as well the bunker. The greens were much improved from the last time i played. They are working on the greens. They are getting rid of any cg by spraying it out.
  • 9/14/12, Review by JHG - Course was in good shape, greens had a thin layer of sand but that's normal for this time of year. Tees and fairways are good. Pace of play was real good. Overall worth playing. The club house that burnt down is gone and it looks way better now. Can't wait for a new building! Heard they hired a new GM/pro...?
  • 9/13/12, Review by Wulfpack - I had originally planned to play this afternoon at Charlotte National. But as it turned out the entire town of Stallings invaded the parking lot and course (all the cops) as there was a tournament going on. So I scooted on over to Emerald Lake and had a great round. It was my first time out since the clubhouse bit the dust. They've got it completely knocked down now and are carrying the debris off. Can't wait for the new construction. Anyways, the course is always good. Love the layout. Managed to par the signature 5th. Greens were a little bumpy as some sand had recently been put down - as most courses are doing now. Course is in good condition. I'm ready for the fall for temps to drop and for everything to green up again. I will be back as this is one of my top courses.
  • 8/19/12, Review by ISlayMySelf - I really like this course....except when it rains. Unfortunately our tee time was in the morning and we had rain for 5 holes. There was a lot of standing water and no covers on the carts for your clubs. Hopefully Emerald Lakes can replace their burnt carts with carts that have rain covers. The fairways, tee boxes and greens look healthy. No bare spots for the most part but the greens need some work. Ball marks are a problem and a few holes have problems with weed growth. The greens did roll well and it appeared as if they place the pin in the "good" areas of the green. Not sure if that was intentional or just luck but they need to be aerated and seeded before I recommend or play this course again. $45 is a fair Sunday morning price and pace was great due to the weather. I would still choose this course over most of the Carolina Trail courses that are in the South Charlotte area…..except when it rains.
  • 7/29/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens starting to see poa anna and ballparks. Fairways furry and inconsistent. Rough very inconsistent - sometime thick, sometime thin. Waited on every hole, even though ultimate pace wasn't too bad. Won't be back for a while.
  • 7/6/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Fire Destroys Emerald Lake Clubhouse   The B-Man
    I talked to the pro today and he reiterated plans to re-open as soon as possible, hopefully by tomorrow (Saturday). They lost all but about 20 carts -- those were in a maintenance shed. Until the backup fleet arrives, they may be running at reduced capacity. They should have a trailer clubhouse up and running within a week. Due to the extensive damage, chances for determining the cause of the fire appear to be low.

    I plan to call again later today and will try to get out to the course as soon as they re-open.
  • 7/5/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Fire Destroys Emerald Lake Clubhouse   Wulfpack
    A fire destroyed Emerald Lake's clubhouse. There is no word if the course will open for play. Read more here:

    Fire destroys Union golf course clubhouse
  • 6/14/12, Review by GungaGalunga - Course is in great shape tee to green. Played as a single and twice was proactively invited to play-through with no hesitation. I appreciated the great conditions and courtesy of others players.
  • 5/16/12, Review by panthersfann55 - Don't play here to often but had a good round and the course was in pretty good shape. It looks like a lot of the tee boxes were replanted and are coming in nicely. Last time I was here they we almost gone. Fairways a little thin but from what I remember they were always like that. Bunkers in good shape even though I managed to stay out of them. Overall a good bet to play right now.
  • 4/15/12, Review by 4Putts - Turf was exceptionally thin... great for roll on drives but not so great for anything else. There also seemed to be a slight up bevel around all the cups which made putting difficult (kinda goofy golf); must've pulled them all up ever so slightly when they pulled the plug for the cup.
  • 4/8/12, Review by jbe - Greens are still healing but rolling better. Fairways, teeboxes and bunkers where all in very good shape. Still one of the areas best courses.