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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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Charles T. Myers Golf Club

  • 9/14/18, Review by jaydee - This is the first time I have played since the greens were redone. Much improved greens from when I played here over winter (they were real bad then.)Yes I did too have trouble getting out of the rough on a few holes.I have to believe that the course will only get better going forward. I hope the greens hold up over the winter. Looking forward to playing some more here.
  • 9/5/18, Review by dad4204 - Just coming out of renovation. So it's still rough. The greens have been completely redone and are going to be nice once they get really flat. We putted over some bumps and there are still areas growing in. But a great improvement. Tees have been replaced or are being replaced. You need tall tees for the new ones because the grass is tall. Again, the process is underway. Some traps have been reworked but others have no sand and are playing as ground under repair. Fairways are overall good. The rough is high and the fairways skinny, at least for the 15-18 handicappers we are. Some of our group became frustrated trying to get it out of the rough. Course is on the right path, I'll go back in a month or so and see how its coming.
  • 6/22/18, Review by GolfNiners5 - I know the course is about to close but figured I would give everyone the heads up. Entire course is in great condition but the greens are 100% burned out. They charge walking rates since they are almost unplayable. If you are looking for a quick round to work on every aspect of your game except putting then it is worth it. We played the greens as an automatic 2 putt, it was like putting on a hardwood floor.
  • 6/7/18 - Update on the greens renovation: The course will be closed from July 5th until the first of September as they switch over from Bentgrass to MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermudagrass greens. They'll also be leveling tee boxes and making other improvements. They will have a web page with status updates on the renovation and I will post it on the message board once I get it from Ratcliffe.
  • 6/2/18 - Msg Board Posting
    Courses closed this summer   The B-Man
    Add Charles T Myers to the list of courses closing for some time this summer. They are replacing their greens with bermuda, just like Charlotte National. So they will be closed in July/Aug.

    Help me keep track of the courses closing for some time this summer:

    Charlotte National
    Charles T Myers
    Larkhaven (permanently)

    Did I miss one?
  • 6/2/18, Review by The B-Man - Disclaimer: Charles T Myers is redoing their greens and closing in July/August. Today the course was in really good shape - except maybe for the tee boxes, but that did not affect play really. The greens in particular were very good. Play the bentgrass greens while you can since they're being replaced next month with bermuda. The course held up well today even with two ten minute downpours during our back nine. We did have to play through some puddles but many courses would have been unplayable after that much rain in such a short time. I did wish the carts had a pull down rain cover though! I may try to get back out here before it closes in July.
  • 4/13/18, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Charles T in a long while. I have great memories of playing here a bunch over 15 years ago when I had an annual membership. The course still feels and plays the same. I only got to play the back 9 today as I came out after work. There was not another soul on the back 9 though so it was a leisurely round - big thanks to the pro shop for telling me to play the back. Course conditions were pretty good. 90% of the green surfaces were nearly perfect, but several had some bumpy bare spots - I noticed it on 10, 11 and 17 the most. Everything else was just fine. I'll be back out soon to play the entire 18!
  • 3/11/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens were spotty on some holes, however for a county owned/public course, I've see much worse. Fairways were a little choppy, but hard to judge while dormant. For the price, this place is a steal to play.
  • 8/2/16, Review by dad4204 - I gave the course 2.5 because from tee to green it's really nice. Tee boxes are lush, fairways really good, traps nice and sandy. The greens, especially on the front side are terrible. I played there a month ago and went back today because they were good then. Something has done them in. Lot's of bare spots and sand everywhere.
  • 6/15/16, Review by dad4204 - Haven't played here in long time. I really enjoyed today's round. Mostly in good shape, the greens are really good. Slow, but held a shot better than most greens around here. I stopped the ball all day. A couple of fairways had bare spots, but there was good grass right next to them. The golfers here keep the ball marks fixed on the greens and put a lot of sand in divots. I find that refreshing. Going back again soon. All 4 of us liked it.
  • 4/30/16, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course was in decent shape. I believe I noticed 1 or 2 fairways that need some work to be done but everything else was great. Greens rolled slow but I feel like every time I have played here. I bought the tee time off of with a discount code so I will say $20 bucks was well worth it. The rangers were very friendly although we had one tell us we parked on the wrong side of the green and it slowed the group behind us down as they couldn't hit until we drove away. We felt as if he just needed to say something to know he was doing his job
  • 3/26/16, Review by GetThere214 - This is the first time I have played Charles T Myers and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the layout which offers a lot of open hole. Has some challenging par 3's and good short par 4's. Conditions were very good. Tee Boxes and fairways were greening up nicely and the greens were running true and had a good speed to them. The only issue was it took us 6 hours!!! to play the round. Was very slow.
  • 10/6/15, Review by TPX - Course was in decent shape. Some spots here and there that need attention, more specifically on the tees and greens. Fairways were in pretty good shape. Greens just took a beating this summer and some were scalped by mowers. The biggest frustration would be the string of singles who were playing speed golf. Playing as a twosome who combined only lost one ball and shot well, we weren't exactly playing slow. The worst was the guy who hit onto the 18th green while we were still putting. Ball landed 10 feet from us and never yelled anything. Pretty ridiculous, especially since he had just caught us the hole before and it was the finishing hole. I play as single more times than not and have never pushed people like that. It was really cool however seeing all the kids out for The First Tee when we were finishing up.
  • 7/15/15, Review by panthersfann55 - I go in with low expectations every time I play this course. Overall it was better than expected. Greens had some issues but the pins were away from them. speed was consistent and fair. It's too bad no one fixes ball marks. 3 people were in front of us (we had a 7am tee time) and fresh ball marks were left on the greens. pure laziness. FAIRWAYS HAD GRASS. it was nice to not have the club bounce. few bunkers had sand and tee boxes were in good shape. All in all it was in good shape compared to some other places this year.
  • 6/27/15, Review by metallikviper - Course is in average shape from tee to green. Greens were very soft so had tons of divots from lazy golfers. However, they putted very true and checked up nicely. Bunkers were in poor shape with most of them being covered in water, if not they were wet. Fairways and tee boxes were in better shape, but were wet from the rain. I will come back if the rate stays below $40 for the weekend.
  • 3/13/15, Review by danikt81 - Course was dry but still car path only? Why makes no sense. Staff is not proffesional. Bigger problem is mud everywhere on fairways. Not worth 25$ for this course condition. I live right next to this place and I doubt I be coming back. Very disappointing.
  • 7/7/14, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Charles T in several years was like visiting an old friend. I practically learned to play golf here about 12 years ago. I was happily surprised to find it in very good shape. The greens were very good. Very few issues and no problems with ball marks really. It was a late afternoon / early evening round so the greens had gotten a little bumpy, but I wouldn't complain. They are likely faster and smoother for morning rounds. Fairways were lush and nice to play from. I had no problems with tees or bunkers. This course is a high value one - $20 weekday twilight with the Perks card - and it has its quirks. Uneven lies, a few rough tees (#17 has always been that way), and random bounces with weeds/rocks/ditches just off the fairway. The layout is a good mix of easy and tough holes and I've always enjoyed the challenges here. This remains a great, inexpensive place to learn the game, too. There's a 3-hole pitch and putt course here, just like at Renaissance Park. You can play the loop 3 times for about $5 or if you are the only one out there, do what you like. There's also the Impact Performance Golf Learning Center and the $99 Get Golf Ready deal. All in all, a complete golf facility that is helping grow the game of golf in Charlotte.
  • 6/14/14, Review by panthersfann55 - greens in good shape very soft to bad people don't fix ball marks here. bunkers had tire marks but it did look like people who where in them did use a rake. fairways were fluffy which was nice for the ball to sit up a little. rough in good shape.
  • 5/29/14, Review by gopher.birdies - Should have figured it would be busy on $1 beer day. Still under 5 hours which was impressive. Course was in good shape, considering how bad it was a few seasons ago. I play here at least once a month and course conditions are better each time. Greens rolled smooth and except for a few bunkers (that were washed out or just clay) most of them were in good shape. Fairways were very nice except for a few holes (but even the bad ones were much improved). Will try and get out in another month to see if they continue to improve. With a $17 tee time (including cart) and $1 beers it was more enjoyable and cheaper than going to the range.
  • 3/9/14, Review by Smithy - The course was okay due to cart path only, really wet but kind of enjoyable if my cart didn't die everytime I come out. Sick of calling the guy who claims to be in charge, I think he's the general manager, and having to bring me another cart. Aside from that, they must be low on money because there's never an arrangement of food to offer us. Candy and 2 bags of chips isn't exactly what we would like when we stop in the snack area. This course isn't managed very well obviously. Some other guys in the pro shop have been professional and knowledgable about the game of golf which brings me back. I strongly suggest hiring a new manager in my opinion. I hope next time I come out things are better.
  • 11/20/13, Review by panthersfann55 - Everything has browned out now since it is that time of the year. Bunkers were full of soft sand (was in only 1). Fairways and tee boxes are showing the normal wear and tear. Most greens were in great condition others a little chewed up (around the edges). They were fast. I like this course in the winter time. The greens always seem to be in better condition (type of grass on the greens). The wind was up but only affected a few shots which I was surprised by. They have repaired the cart paths around the course.
  • 10/20/13, Review by magriff1 - Havent been here in a couple years and was suprised by the good conditions. The greens were in great shape and rolled fast. There was one green maybe 17 that had some minor issues. The fairways were in good shape, a little fluffy so not much roll out but no hard dirt like i was expecting. One of the fairways they recently renovated so it was cart path only. Hardly anyone on the course for a saturday so never had to wait on any holes. Would definatley consider this course again if i cant get a good price at olde sycamore or dont want to drive out to red bridge. All the bunkers seemed to be full of sand (only played out of one) and good layout. Par 3's here are fun having a couple elevated tees hitting over water.
  • 10/11/13, Review by JamesUngerer - The greens were great today. Played nice and fast and were in great shape.
  • 9/21/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Late summer bent greens in fair to poor condition. Fairways shaggy with bare spots on some holes. Traps good. Tee boxes poor. Very well rangered.
  • 8/24/13, Review by dachucksta - I told myself last year that I would never play this goat track again but I was told there has been some improvements since then so I went out with the boys and gave it a shot. Man I should have know it was too good to be true. The fairays were spotty and clayish. The tee boxes were recently cut and grass clippings were everywhere!! This course should be $25 tops nothing more and 40+ dollars is way too much to ask for this course. Drive a little farther south and play Stonebridge or Monroe Country Club with resort-like fairways and greens. Stay away from CTM!! Not worth the money!!!
  • 6/2/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens are perfect. Fairways spotty, often thin, patchy, tee boxes also. Traps raked and fine. Overall, about what you expect from Charles T.
  • 4/26/13, Review by RockGolf - The changes that they have made to this course really is starting to show. All the regrassing they were doing last year has filled in. The greens were putting great for being aerified 3 weeks ago. The course is greening up, can't wait to play it next week. The value is great because I went online and booked in advance(saved almost $20) Now if I only had a short game, I would break 80!
  • 12/18/12, Review by izzyf150 - Nothing special about this place. A couple of things that I like was that there was alot of open fairways that you could let loose with the driver. The greens were in great shape and rolled smooth, medium speeds. The pace of play was good, actually was done in less than 4 hrs. Bad things were the tee boxes were in bad shape. The fairways were thin. Noticed some spots where they patched in some grass too. The sandtraps looked nice but the hard clay bottom was only about an inch below the surface. Overall it an all-right course. There a dime a dozen. I could see if yo live close playing here but its not worth the travel otherwise.
  • 11/28/12, Review by panthersfann55 - I live 10 minutes from this course and haven't played it since 2008 because it was always in poor shape. Gave it a try after seeing some reviews and boy it has changed. The fairways were dry (looks like they have invested in drainage. bunkers didn't have rocks in them anymore (was in a few) and were soft and smooth. greens rolled fast and true only 16 had a bad area but the flag was no where near it. all in all a good value at this time of year.
  • 9/30/12, Review by ddholmes - Course is looking really good compared to when I have been here before. Really looking forward to see what all when entail when they finish up construction. Even with the work being done, the Greens are looking really good and I had a really nice time when I came out to play. I would definitly suggest this course to anyone I know. Pay is great, and will keep me coming back to this course. Keep up the good work guys!! -D
  • 9/26/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Just punched with small holes and top dressed with sand. Very bumpy. Still with no fairway for #5 and major issues #6. Takes it from worth playing to don't play in my book, at least till the greens are rolling much better.
  • 9/23/12, Review by ISlayMySelf - The current course conditions are not worth $42. Overall the course is in average condition but a couple holes are trash and some greens have bare spots. The par 5 5th and par 4 6th are under repair. The fifth hole is now a 150yd par 3 and the 6th has a patchwork fairway. The tee boxes are in fine shape as are the bunkers. I will say the staff is friendly, the practice areas are nice and I saw a grounds keeper repairing ball marks on the greens which is unusual to see. Fun course but overpriced. Play for less than $30 if you can find a deal but for $42 there are better options. I'll try them again in the spring.
  • 9/7/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Overall very good conditions. Greens mostly good, especially for bent this time of year. With the recent heavy rains, the course was very wet. Fairways and teeboxes great. Traps a bit thin in places, but this was probably the rain. The 5th fairway is under repair, so that does affect that hole.
  • 9/1/12, Review by swwskj - I play the 3 Charlotte Municiples about once a year a piece on average. C.T. Myers is in the best shape of the three. They are currently renovating the Par 5 #5 and some of the construction spills over into the 6th fairway. Other than that the course is in decent shape. The greens play well and are in better shape than Piper Glen, which I played 2 weeks ago. The clubhouse is far nicer than Renaissance or Sunset and the layout is by far the best of the three.
  • 8/7/12, Review by Hereitis - This place is a dog track.. greens were rolling about a 1 and you get no feel.. Yes they look in good condition but you have to blast it so being in ok condition you still have 3 putt possibility 10 foot and out. They are tearing up the fairway on hole 6? and its a bunch of rock hard dirt so dont know what they are doing there. This place has always been a ok course but after playing here today I would not pay 10 bucks what a shit hole.. Bare spots everywhere in fairway and rough it's just terrible
  • 6/9/12, Review by weedwhacker3 - I see no update on this course since last year. I have never played this course until Saturday. Had to work so our group teed off around 1:15PM. I bought a coupon from clickit but they gave my group the members price so it was $32 and I actually overpaid by $3 but whatever. This course played pretty short but everything was in very nice condition. Tee boxes were fine, fairways were pretty nice and the greens were smooth and super Quick with a capital Q and I am not exaggerating. Your putting better be on or be ready to 3 putt alot. The round was slow but Saturday afternoon I guess it's expected. We were moving along fine until we made the turn and there were 5 groups on the tee box. Several twosomes though so it spread out. The course is quite a ways from me and it's too bad because with the price and conditions I could see myself playing this course more often if it wasn't for such a long drive.
  • 5/18/11, Review by mrwoed - Played here because someone gave me a free coupon.We started on the back 9 and the tee boxes were great and the course was in good condition but when I got to the front 9 it was just plain bad.I would have been mad if I had to pay to play like my friends did.They said it would take a lot for them to come back and I would have to agree with them..
  • 10/24/10, Review by Russell - If you have played at CT Myers before you know what to expect. I went off by myself first thing and only had to play through one foursome before having the course to myself. I was surprised at the turn (~9:30am) to find myself behind a five-some! Only at CT Myers. Course conditions were as expected. The greens were in pretty bad shape but survived the summer. Traps were maintained - an improvement over my past visits. Everything else was so - so.
  • 10/4/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Junior Tees   j&c
    I played Charles T. Myers for the first time in 15 years this past weekend and the course was as rough as I remembered but fine for my purposes. I was playing with my 6 year old for her first time on a "real course with golf carts". I had planned on picking spots for her to tee off close to the green and was pleased when finding the junior tees. She loved having her own tees close to the green. It was also nice that she played for free after 1:00 (which is why I picked the course). Does anyone know of any other courses in the area with a similar set up?

    By the way, we were playing as a reward to her and I planned to play how ever many holes she wanted. To my suprise, we left after 17.
  • 8/30/10 - Msg Board Posting
    CT Myers   Jamie
    Played yesterday (8/29), course is nothing to brag about. Very slow play, left after 9 holes because I could not be there 5.5 hours. A few greens were OK, but most were starting to get pretty bad. Very bumpy and chewed up for the most part. Overall the course is usually average, but nowadays it's not even that. You may want to give the course time to improve, so maybe try it in a few months.
  • 7/23/10, Review by metallikviper - For $22 it was a good bargain. Most greens were in bad shape and fairways had little grass. Atleast the greens very easy to putt when they were good. Sand bunkers were in miserable shape and most had stagnant water in them to the point where you almost needed a relief on each one. Will go back if they fix some major issues and as long as it stays under $30.
  • 5/22/10, Review by Tom S. - Haven't played Charles T. in about 10 years, and it feels like some of the garbage from the landfill is starting to seep through. Nice easy layout though for a 6-8 per year hacker like me. Pluses: - Sparsely played in the afternoon, played my first sub-4 hour round in about 25 years. - Short, wide, and flat. The cement-like fairways provide good roll. Easy, uncomplicated greens. Minuses: - Laughable fairways and rough on most holes. - Completely unmaintained bunkers Bottom line: If you only play a handful of times per year (like me), this is a good course to knock around on. It's a course very much like the old Crystal Creek, depending on nature to perform the landscaping.
  • 12/4/09 - Msg Board Posting
    C T Myers   Anthony
    I've been playing C T Myers for a while now and this course is going down hill fast. It seems that they care more about building a teaching facility and a par-3 course than keeping up the golf course. Wonder who's getting kick-backs from all that money being spent? Ther are still empty bunkers that have been that way since the middle of the summer and several of the greens have more bare spots than grass. This course used to be a nice place to play, but it's not worth the money anymore and that's a shame. CT Myers could make alot of money, if they would just keep up the golf course and not the managing company!!!!!!!!
  • 10/2/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T Myers   Don
    Played on 9/29. Course in fairly good shape at this point. You get what you pay for. I play here a lot because it is cheap and a fairly easy course that is pretty wide open. Greens had a good amt of sand on them but putts were fairly true and consistent. Most bunkers don't have sand and some have weeds growing out. It seems they may have just run out of money. Would be better to just turn the bunkers they can't keep up into fairway or rough.
  • 10/2/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T Myers   Tarheel1
    I would have to disagree with Don. I played Chucky T's on 9/30 and the course was in terrible condition. Bare spots on every green and most of the bunkers had mounds of mud/clay piled in it. It hadn't rained in days and there were bunkers still with standing water in them. Of course, you do get what you pay for and my $14 round eased the pain of putting across ball mark craters and bare dirt/sand.
  • 9/21/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T. Myers   Jamie
    I cannot say this enough - call before you book a tee time when it's aeration season. Many times the pro shop will not mention they have aerated, and this was the case when I "played" at CT Myers this past Saturday. First hole - long drive in fairway, nine iron to the center of the green...surprise, surprise, a lovely punched green. I was pretty mad. The greens were not good at all, for obvious reasons. They likely aerated just a few days before. After nine holes I had reached the end of my patience and left the course. ALWAYS ask about aeration when you call, I don't care if it's in the middle of January.
  • 8/16/09 - Played on 8/15. Good and bad today at Charles T, so about what you pay for here. The fairways were nice and lush, no issues. The rough was about as tough as I've seen it here, very thick and it ate some golf balls. The greens were mostly good, the speed was nice. However, several had some bare dirt spots that were not playable (in particular, #14). In addition, several bunkers were also unplayable. The ones due to rain, I can sorta understand -- if they don't have an opportunity to pump water out. But the greenside bunkers on #5? They were overgrown dirt ditches with apparently no recent maintenance at all. Huh??? The conditions were such that if you avoid the problem spots, you'll probably have a great round. If you hit in some of them, you'll be mad and won't come back anytime soon. I only had a problem with some of the muddy bunkers and made a lot of putts. So I'll give it another chance when I want a cheap round.
  • 5/25/09 - Played on 5/24 after some good rain. The course doesn't drain well and so there were some large puddles (especially #7). The bunkers were hit and miss. They have upgraded several with nice white sand, but most of them were red dirt and not kept well. Rain notwithstanding, the fairways and rough were spotty. With all that said, the greens were mostly great. They must put all their effort into them, because even wet, they rolled fast. A few had some bad spots (front of #15, stripe thru middle of #17), but they were the exception. 90% of the greens were perfect - best I've ever seen at Charles T. So that and the price might bring me back. On another note, the course is building what looks like a neat pitching and short game practice area. I'll have to come back when they are done and check it out. Could be cool.
  • 1/22/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide, Deer Brook   Jamie
    It's weird to see so few golf course related comments lately. Probably because I'm in the minority in terms of playing in cold weather. If the courses are open and it's not raining, I'm there, freezing or not. I miss only about a handful of Saturdays each year. Anyway, both Deer Brook in Shelby and The Divide are in good shape with their greens. I'm playing Waterford this Saturday, and the greens there are usually in good shape. Have also played CT Myers lately, but there is some construction going on with a few holes, and the course does not drain well. In the winter that can result in what I call "splat" golf. All carry, everything is wet, no roll. You get the picture.
  • 9/14/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T. Myers   Jamie
    Played CT Myers yesterday. The course is getting a tremendous amount of play, so the greens are a little rough with a lot of ball marks. Otherwise, no real issues out of the ordinary. The fairways are in good shape, and they are starting to work on some of the bunkers. Not great, but pretty good for the money.
  • 6/16/08 - Played on 6/15. I took a shot at Charles T on Sunday morning and I got my money's worth. This is still a bargain for Charlotte golf. Sometimes the conditions can be frustrating and I had read the recent review on the message board that things weren't good here. Well, I was happy. I thought the greens were great and not just for Charles T. They were all pretty smooth with no trouble spots that I could see. They rolled fairly and true. The tee boxes, fairways and bunkers were fine. Some of the bunkers had rocks or maybe needed to be raked a little, but I didn't have any real trouble playing out of them. And to answer the message board post, the scorecards are new and nicely printed again. All in all, I had a good time and will be back soon for another inexpensive round of golf.
  • 5/19/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T Myers   dave
    Just moved to charlotte and was looking for reasonably priced place to play.
    It smelled and the scorecards were xeroxed. After the wind caught hold of it and blew it across the fairway of the 6th hole, i was pissed.

    Went to Charles T. Myers and had a horrible experience. The staff was friendly..but the course was in horrid condition. The fairways were rough and dried out. the whole course was overgrown and dirty mounds and mud slicks where everywhere. This is 6 days since the last rain. Never again...Charles T. myers. never again.
  • 5/15/08 - Play Golf America day is this Saturday, May 17th, from 10am to 4pm. It's free and features all sorts of contests (incl. $25,000 putting contest), long drive exhibitions, giveaways, door prizes, product demos and instruction from PGA pros. Trick shot artist Peter Johncke will be performing at 11am and 2pm. Should be a good time and it is kid friendly.
  • 10/15/07 - Played on 10/15. Interesting day at Charles T. So I made my tee time late Sunday (6pm) for a 9:40 slot the next day. No problem. I have 3 1/2 hours to get in a round before I have to be somewhere else. I get there around 9:35. There's an outing at 10 and the line at the counter was 10 deep. Geez. After paying up, it's now 9:50 and he tells me I can go to the first tee and get out before the outing. I get there and the front 9's already backed up. I'd be behind several 3 and 4 man groups and just in front of the outing. So I bolted for #10. Not a soul within 3 or 4 holes. Now why wouldn't the starter send me, a single, off the back? Why wouldn't someone alert me to the outing when I made my tee time? I dunno, but it worked out fine. I finished at 1:15. As for the course, they had one hole closed -- the par 3 4th hole. From what I could tell, they were filling in and building a wall on the left side of the hole that borders the lake. The green and tees were not being touched. To keep an 18-hole score, they were letting folks play 2 balls on the par 3 8th. No word on when #4 will reopen, but it should be soon. As for the rest of the course, I was impressed with the greens condition, with only a few exceptions (#2 and #8 come to mind). They were rolling true and solid. The tees and fairways of course are dry. The bunkers around the course could use some work. Several were hard pan with rocks, a few were even wet (?!?). Overall, it was just your average round at Charles T.
  • 8/26/07 - Played on 8/26. I was very pleasantly surprised with the shape of Charles T. The greens were very good and played nicely. The fairways were mostly green, even without rain recently. The only complaint I heard from my foursome was about the bunkers. I was only in a few and they were okay, but my partners thought they needed more sand in them and should have been raked this morning. Outside of that, the course is in great playing shape for late August.
  • 6/28/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Charles T. Myers   Chipper Green
    Played Chucky T today for the first time in a year. I must say, this place is really headed in the right direction. The fairways were in great shape and the greens rolled well. Still alot of blotchy spots if you get off the fairway but overall, I was impressed. Apparently they are under new management...Ratcliffe golf, and I had a chance to talk with the GM and he promised that it would only get better. I hadn't been there all year for a reason, but after today's round I think I'll be back more often.
  • 5/19/07 - Played on 5/18. Ahh... Chucky T's. This course is like an old friend, harking back to 2003 when I got a one-year membership. The course has changed a pretty good bit. Since my last visit almost a year ago, they have cleared out many of the trees and brush that separated the holes and swallowed golf balls. The changes are good, in that respect. You can play a few of the holes a little differently or little less accurately off the tee and still be fine. Funny, I still managed to lose 4 balls this round. The conditions were maybe a little less than I'd hoped for. About half the greens were good and the other half were average. They are not smooth enough for you to count on making a lot of those 5-10 footers. Every putt will have a nuance or two. The tees and fairways were okay, some great and some not so great. I would like to see them fill in with grass where they've cleared trees. Lot of bare dirt spots. Speaking of dirt, big thumbs down to the red dirt (not sand) bunkers. Overall, you get what you pay for here.
  • 8/9/06 - Msg Board Posting
    charles t. myers   panthersfan55
    Played this course for the first time this year. Not a great experience. All the greens on the back 9 had weeds growing on them. Along with the greens being hard as a rock putting was almost impossible. Front 9 played a little better (greens in somewhat better shape). I know new management took this course over but i would give it sometime.
  • 5/14/06 - Played front 9 on 5/13. I've played several of the area's better courses recently and Charles T suffers by comparison. Greens were fine and rolling fine, but tees, fairways and rough areas were spotty, bare in some places, and not in good shape at all. Charles T seems to have taken a step backward since my last visit.
  • 3/16/06 - Played on 3/16. Greens were in pretty good shape, rolling well. Tee boxes and fairways, however, were thin and hard. That gave lots of roll on tee shots, but so-so lies for second shots. Great rate with a Clickit coupon, though ($22 weekday). Aeration scheduled for end of March.
  • 9/27/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: charlotte area courses   Jim C.
    Played Charles T Myers today. The course is really returning to good form. Tee boxes were adequate. Most fairways were in good condition although some rain would be nice. The greens were very good. The greens are just a couple of days from being completely healed from being "punched."

    You'll not find a better course at this price.
  • 9/15/05 - Played 9/15. Course in fine shape. Greens were recently aerated on 9/6, but they recovered nicely. Only a few bumps here and there, otherwise greens were fine, medium speed, and mostly true. Fairways and tees were also fine. A few holes were a bit wet, including 2 or 3 with standing water off the fairway, but not a big problem. For the price especially, Charles T is a great round.
  • 8/23/04 - Course is doing well. Greens in fine shape, with a few exceptions (8th hole). The rest were green, smooth and rolling quick for Charles T. Fairways were lush and in good shape. If anything, the tee boxes could use a little help. Many were divot worn, as if the markers had not been moved around frequently enough. Overall, the course played well.
  • 10/26/03 - Greens were fine and in good shape. Fairways and especially the tees are showing the wear and tear of a long season with patchy areas. Get used to these descriptions with the winter coming.
  • 10/26/03 - This course (and its sister course Renaissance Park) will be phasing out their affiliation with the AGPA, which offers a membership discount at both courses. The courses will still be offering the best-value membership plans in the area, though. Plans that include greens fees, cart fees and range balls start at about $700.
  • 9/13/03 - Course is in great shape. It's hosting the Mecklenburg Co Amateur Tourney, along with Renaissance. Greens are very nice and fairways are smooth and fast. Watch the rough though. They haven't cut it to make it tough for the tourney. I lost 2 balls that just missed the fairway. Balls are disappearing in the thick stuff.
  • 9/6/03 - Only played the front nine today. Course is hard, dry and fast. Fairways were giving lots of bounce and roll. Greens were not perfectly green but rolling pretty fast for Charles T. I liked the greens very much today. Tee boxes were torn up a bit with divots and a few bunkers still had muddy spots.
  • 8/13/03 - Only played the back 9. Greens were very smooth and green, medium speed. Fairways and tees were mostly green and smooth. A couple bunkers were still rough because of the rains. Speaking of rough, it is extremely thick right now throughout all the holes I played. It's easy for balls to nestle down and disappear. Not cool.
  • 6/10/03 - Still a bit wet, but no major standing water. Bunkers need to be raked hard. They look like river beds and many are not playable. Some tee boxes and rough areas have recently been aerated. The fairways and greens are all lush and in very good shape.
  • 5/27/03 - Rain, rain, and more rain. For once, Charles T did not take it well. Fairways were extremely muddy with a large standing water pond on nos. 1 and 2. Several bunkers were also full of water. I actually lost a ball in one 'sand' trap on no. 16 that had 2 feet of water. Greens were in good shape though.
  • 5/21/03 - Due to more rain lately, several holes were path only. Except for those holes, the fairways had drained well and were in fine shape. The greens were especially rolling well, with the front nine being a bit better and faster than the back nine.
  • 5/14/03 - Course is doing well. Fairways are green and full, with little or no water or mud problems other courses are facing. Greens are consistent but on the slow side. Overall, great shape for Charles T.
  • 3/13/03 - Aeration is scheduled for Sunday, 3/23. Courses are usually not fun to play right afterwards because of the fairway plugs and bumpy greens, so beware.
  • 3/12/03 - Fairways are very green and becoming lush. Greens need to catch up. They are still bumpy and tough to sink putts on.
  • 3/4/03 - I'm getting the impression this course drains well. Just days after more rain, the fairways and greens were in good shape, with the only standing water in the rough. Greens are still uneven. Still cart path only.
  • 2/26/03 - Today was also cart path only due to more rain. Many courses are having trouble with the weekly wet stuff, CT is no exception. A few holes had large puddles, some in 'sand' bunkers. The fairways are green and in good shape otherwise. The greens were so-so. A few have been aerated and were bumpy.
  • 2/12/03 - Cart path only rule is in effect due to recent rains. Considering that, the course was in good shape. Some fairways were soggy and one or two had standing water. Greens rolled smooth with medium speed. One or two had rough spots.
  • 11/24/02 - Holiday deals: $50 for 2 weekend rounds or 3 weekday rounds. $100 for 4 weekend rounds, etc. Call or check their web site for details.
  • 11/24/02 - Fairways are muddy and have standing water in some places. Still playable, but you may have take a drop. Greens are in fine shape.