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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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Charlotte National Golf Club

  • 4/7/19, Review by TheClaw - I love Charlotte National, but I don't love the new greens. I understand why they made the change but I still miss the old bent greens. Played a late 9 yesterday and everything was good. I just found the greens to be too furry for my liking. They don't roll near as nice as the old ones used to. Hopefully once we are in growing season though they can cut 'em and roll 'em and get them rolling nice and true. Still worth playing though.
  • 10/1/18, Review by The B-Man - My first time back since they re-opened with new Bermuda greens. I liked them. Could not make a single mark all day on them, even with wedges, but they held shots just fine. They are not cut fast right now, but they rolled pretty true. There were a few that still had issues on the collar with bare dirt. I think once they grow in and can be cut faster, they'll be really nice. The rest of the course was not as good. Fairways were not cut, which was strange. They were lush but they would qualify as first cut rough at nicer courses. The tee boxes were also not cut and many were not in great shape. Rough was also thick and difficult. It's like they haven't mowed in a week. Assuming they cut the grass this week, the course is worth playing, especially at these prices.
  • 6/7/18 - Quick update from playing 9 holes yesterday - they've sprayed the greens to kill them off before the switchover to bermuda. That has made them very thin and lightning FAST! If you enjoy putting on glass or Augusta-style green speeds, go play Charlotte National this week. The greens probably have another week of playability and it was a fun challenge not to 3 or 4 putt! Also, they've mown down spots on a few holes for the temporary greens so you can sorta see how the course will play in a few weeks.
  • 5/27/18, Review by The B-Man - Conditions were fine - especially compared to other public courses in Charlotte right now. However... Charlotte National is replacing their 20 year old bent grass greens with Bermuda in July. So they will be killing off the bent grass in June and going to a reduced rate as they die off and are replaced with Bermuda. Then they will offer temporary greens in July while the new greens grow in. So you've probably got another 2-3 weeks to play the course as is. If I get out there to practice in the next month, I'll post another update.
  • 8/4/17, Review by The B-Man - As with other bent grass greens around town, Charlotte National's are having some issues. Several had bumps and bare spots, while almost all suffered from unrepaired ball mark scars. While green speeds were still good, well stroked putts could bump offline and that was occasionally frustrating. The rest of the course was in good shape. This course remains one of the best golfing values around town and the pro shop guys are the nicest around.
  • 7/28/17, Review by TPX - Nice course, good price especially. A few greens are struggling a bit in the heat, but otherwise in good shape. Fairways and tees are good. Rough and bunkers are just ok. The only problem we had is that the group behind us came up to us on the 9th tee and more or less asked us to speed up. We were waiting on the group in front of us most shots and we played in just under 4 hours. I'm not sure what else you can expect. The rest of the round the stayed right on us. Very distracting, rude, and uncalled for. Put a damper on an otherwise great day to be on the course!
  • 4/14/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Fun "country" track. Some of the tee boxes were a little chewed up. Bunkers were decent. Greens were in pretty good shape. Fairways greening up nicely. Last 4 holes are really challenging. Especially 18 from the Blue tees (447 Par 4 - Sharp dog leg left around a pond and narrow landing area - requires a perfect tee shot) Really nice place to play, particularly for the price. Robbie at the clubhouse is a true southern gent.
  • 3/21/17, Review by dad4204 - Still in winter condition, and the greens have a lot of sand from aeration 2 weeks ago.
  • 9/25/16, Review by aepfeiffer - Absolutely love this course, its actually one of my favorites in the Charlotte region and usually in great condition, however when we played the greens have quite a few bare spots in them, they are like many other courses in the area that have bent grass greens that have had spots to get that fungus/mold and create a black bare spot in them that is just mud. Guessing all the heat/lack of rain and over watering has created some issues, but most of the spots were isolated, greens were a bit slow to putt on as well, but other than that the rest of the course was in good condition, few thick spots in the rough and wet around the greens.
  • 9/15/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - I didn't actually play this course. I just wanted to post a complaint about the course being closed to the public today because of a tournament, and that information NOT being posted on their website. What is the sense in having such a "communication vehicle" if they do not regularly update the site with useful information??? Luckily, I called before making the ~30 mile trip to the course. I couldn't believe this happened with two courses on the same day (see Olde Sycamore review)!
  • 7/15/16, Review by tvrepairex - We teed off early,around 7:30 to miss the midday heat.Fairways were good ,tee boxes good for the most part.The traps were raked and decent amount of sand in most of them.The greens were average speed but plenty of unrepaired or poorly repaired ballmarks.How hard is it to take a moment to fix your mark??A couple greens,while still good were showing signs of maybe having issues in the future with the hot ,dry temps. The only real problem was when we checked in and the pro asked if we had cash,because the phones and internet had been down for a cut cable somewhere else.He said if we needed to use credit,he would "write down our number and enter it when the system was back up".Sorry,not giving anyone my cc# "to write down".Too many people wondering in and out of the clubhouse during the day.
  • 5/29/16, Review by The B-Man - Charlotte National is a great value and so I keep coming back, especially days like today where it was a last minute round since the rain stayed away. I got off for $25 after 4pm and the gentleman in the pro shop -- who's been there as long as I've been playing CN -- let me go off 10 as a single to get around quicker. The course was just what I've come to expect from Charlotte National -- fairways, tees and bunkers mostly good with a few issues here and there and really good greens. They do a great job keeping the greens in nice condition -- not super fast but smooth with no issues. I got a comment on my Instagram post saying the majority owner bought out the minority owner to consolidate things, but I'm not sure what effect that will have on the course.
  • 3/30/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - This is not really a review, but more of a "heads up" to those for whom it might be a problem. The Pro shop had a sign posted at their register to the effect that they do not accept Amex or Discover charge cards. Regarding the golfing experience: it was a little difficult getting on the course, and fitting into the playing rotation as a single, but it eventually worked out; I believe that this difficulty contributed to the 4-hour playing time that seemed OH SO MUCH LONGER on the second nine. The tee bases on the back nine were rather scruffy (apparently hadn't been mowed recently), and several of the bunkers had standing water in them (both fairway and green-side), but these conditions may have been due to the rain over the preceding Easter weekend; and the greens were noticeably slow, but balls rolled true.
  • 9/2/15, Review by dad4204 - Overall Ok. Good, fairways and tee boxes. Greens rolled well but were marred by tons of ball marks. I think the greens are too soft. My ball put craters in them. Sand traps are unplayable. Full of muddy sand and water. #12 trap was 2 feet deep. Needs work. Played really fast for our foursome which is usually not fast.
  • 8/5/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - It was probably a mistake to begin play ~ 1:30 PM when temperatures were starting to peak in the high 90's but, truth to tell, it didn't really seem that bad at the time. Only later, after the round, did the fatigue and energy drain sink in. Fairways and tee boxes were a little brown, but not objectionably so considering the drought that the Charlotte area is experiencing. The grounds crew appeared to be watering each green just before my approach shot which led to several balls coming to rest within inches of the ball mark. The greens were a little bumpy due to isolated sprigs of weed/other grass and poorly dressed and/or unattended ball marks (see my review of the Emerald Lake course last week where similar conditions had little effect upon putting). The playing conditions and overall experience made the $25 greens fee an exceptional value.
  • 7/25/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - I will admit to my bias. I love this course. People are great and course is very playable. The bent greens are what I like. The greens are not overly fast or slow. Normal ball marks that people did not fix are always a problem (at every course). I was first one out in the morning and played slower to stay behind the mowers. Tee boxes pretty chewed up on some holes. Rough not too bad in most places. Fairways in ok shape as they (and every course) needs more rain. Very friendly people run the course as it is a relaxed atmosphere. Course can play slower as they get pretty packed on week ends, early or late play is recommended to beat the crowds.
  • 5/10/15, Review by hotrod jb - I was surprised that this course was in pretty bad shape. The fairways are very patchy at best and the greens roll really bumpy.
  • 5/1/15, Review by joe-paris - I really like Charlotte National, although the night we visited the course was packed and the play was very slow. The group in front of us was five-some but to their defense there was nowhere to go! Great course just wish there was a ranger keeping pace of play! All in all go play this course.
  • 4/28/15, Review by The B-Man - Stopped by Charlotte National late Tuesday (5pm) to get in a practice session but figured it would be empty enough to play 18. The pro shop guy only charged me the 9 hole rate thinking I might not be able to get 18 in. I breezed thru 18 in 2.5 hours. At Charlotte National, you get more than you pay for so it's good deal -- especially when you get this kind of super twilight rate. The greens are typically maintained fairly well so they will have good speed and generally roll true. That's still the case. No issues on the greens at all. The aesthetics of the course, however, are where this course is usually lacking and sometimes that spills into the category of poor maintenance. Perhaps the money spent on the new clubhouse (the old trailer clubhouse is gone now btw) took some funds away from keeping the fairways and green fringes weed-free and lush -- the fairway on #4 was pretty bare and splotchy, very little grass -- or keeping the bunkers clear of standing water -- the bunker on #12 had several inches of standing water, yet we've had at least 2 completely dry days recently. The issues affecting play are sparse but the overall feel of the course (pasture-like comes to mind) takes away from its appeal for me. As a comparison, Eagle Chase sometimes gives me this same vibe, but generally is kept in better overall shape. Still, I like the layout at Charlotte National, the course is 5 minutes from my house, it's inexpensive and the staff is friendly. So when I'm in more of a laid-back or practice round type of mood, I will play here. If I want a more refined experience or competitive round, I'd probably play Olde Sycamore or Red Bridge.
  • 4/9/15, Review by panthersfann55 - haven't played this course in over 5 years due to the owner and his buddies playing in a 6some and never let us play through (2some). thought we would give it a try again since we were told they punched greens the first week of march. yeah not so much. greens still a month away from healing. to bad the ranger that was there a long time ago wasn't working they could have used one. there wasn't a hole that at least 3 groups were waiting to hit. the guys behind us hit into our group 4 out of 5 holes asked them what there rush was as they could see no one was going anywhere (the clubhouse did fix this for us when we let them know what was going on). not a biased review just golf but right now spend your money elsewhere. greens - D tees/fairways - D cart path on many holes very swampy bunkers - D no one rakes anymore clubhouse - A it's nice from the trailer but time to invest in the course.
  • 10/4/14, Review by TheTam - Conditions and weather were excellent at Charlotte National today (even got to play with the B-man!). The greens were soft and in very good condition except for a few unattended ball marks. National is a nice place to play but definitely not worth the $49 morning tee time rate. Wait until 2pm and play it for $29.
  • 8/31/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - Continued best value in Charlotte. Fairways good shape, some fairly hard given the lack of rain. In a few bunkers and they were in good shape. Rough was thick and definitely cost me a few strokes. Greens in good shape for late summer. Golfers really need to fix their ball marks. Good pace for a Sunday afternoon. Vic and Robby really nice guys in pro shop. Always helpful and friendly. My favorite course in the area.
  • 7/27/14, Review by stint32 - Great course for the price. Played from the backs so the cours is fairly long at 7200 yards but the tee boxes were great as well as the greens rolled true. I will def be back because you can not beat $29 after 2 pm on weekends
  • 7/27/14, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course is in great condition. Greens have normal wear and tear, if people would fix ball marks it would be near perfect. Can't best 29 after 2
  • 7/10/14, Review by golferdude - Tuesday and Thursday are only $25 with cart...great price for this track. Maintenance is pretty good and greens are medium speed.
  • 7/3/14, Review by The B-Man - Course was in good shape. Greens are still fine, though signs of ball marks and summer heat are starting to show -- esp. on green #1. Fairways were very good and freshly mown. Tees and bunkers good. For $25 mid-day when other courses were packed and charging holiday rates, this was a steal. The new clubhouse is nice too. Hot dog, chips and a drink still just $5. Also note the course finally has its own official website.
  • 6/24/14, Review by dad4204 - Had a great time. Greens rolled true. But there are a lot of ball marks, not the fault of the course, but players. Sand traps good. Tee boxes good. Play was slow because of the rain.
  • 5/12/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Plane crashes on Charlotte National 8th hole   The B-Man
    I pulled up for my round yesterday just moments after this plane crash. Had to skip #8 and play #9 twice because they had the area taped off with police cars next to the fairway:

    Small plane crash in Union Co. injures 3 adults, child

    Crazier than that, though, was the fact that I tweeted a photo about it and got a reply from a lady whose brother and nephew were in the plane. She was asking me for updates (!). I think all is well, though, as w! e received word that the 4 people were in stable condition.
  • 5/11/14, Review by The B-Man - My round started very strangely. Actually before it even started. I drove up about 2 minutes after a small plane crashed near hole #8 (see my pic on Twitter). A dozen or so emergency vehicles arrived within minutes. Apparently all 4 people in the plane made it okay (here's the article). The course asked us to skip #8 and play another hole twice since they had the area taped off and several police cars just off the fairway. I played 2 balls on #9 to cover it. Course conditions for Charlotte National were excellent. The greens were about as good as I've ever played here -- and they compare to the best around town. The fairways were just okay (several had brown patches, #2 and #4 in particular) and there were plenty of dandelions and weeds in the rough, but that's sorta what you get at Charlotte National. And I'm fine with that, especially paying $29 on a Sunday afternoon. Also, their new clubhouse opens on May 19th. I took a peek thru the windows -- going to be nice. Hardwood floors and lots of room for eating/drinking after your round. I will be back very soon to check it out.
  • 4/4/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - Overall, I really like this course. The layout is nice and the staff are some of the best in Charlotte. Very friendly laid back people. Greens were puched a few weeks ago so they were still healing. Some bumps and wobbles but not bad overall, greens will be great in a few weeks. Fairways still brown and a few of the bunkers were a little wet. Par 5 #15 back open as a par 5 after being a par 3 for most of the winter. Clubhouse coming along nicely and owner stated they hope to have it open by May 1st. Course staff and management continue to improve this place and my only worry is it becomes too popular with Golf Links shutting down.
  • 3/9/14, Review by DrSchteeve - Just too wet. This is not a course to play after rain. Water everywhere. Had to play a par 5 as a 3. Greens were fine and to be punched next week.
  • 11/23/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Everything OK, pace seemed far slower than it was. Rangers were out but didn't do anything. Waited on every shot. On the up side, new clubhouse is coming along, and they are making new range options.
  • 9/25/13, Review by syncgolf - I hit balls and warmed up. grass and golf balls were very good. the greens were in great shape very smooth and true. it was my first time to play it. real fun course large generous fairways best course conditions for the money.
  • 8/27/13, Review by syncgolf - It was my first visit to Charlotte National! It was a fun golf course in great condition! I arrived early and warmed up to hit some ball and was impressed how nice the range balls were and grass tee box on the driving range was well groomed! The greens are very large bent grass greens that rolled very true and at a good speed! The fairways were well groomed and rough wasn't too penal! It was the best course I have played for the money! If I lived out that way I would play there more often! Overall great experience would strongly recommend it!
  • 8/26/13, Review by PT3040 - National punched their greens last week. Greens still roll pretty true because of the small punch holes but just a little slower than normal. That should change this week once they start back to mowing them on their regular schedule. Fairways are great...rough is really rough and plenty plush. Some bunkers have water standing but they are still dealing with alot of rain. They seem to be getting a better hold on the overall mowing.
  • 8/15/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Course remains in good shape. Fairways were nice, rough was very rough. Easy to lose balls. Bunkers were hit and miss, some were ok while others had water. Greens rolled well but seemed a little slow. There were unrepaired ball marks and some areas of the greens seemed under stress. No impact on how the ball rolled on the greens. This continues to be my favorite course in the area with a very friendly staff and laid back atmosphere.
  • 8/10/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Rough was high - made finding balls difficult, but there's nothing unfair about that. Greens perfect, albeit quite slow for Charlotte National (probably all the rain). Fairways and traps fine, though wet. Doesn't seem like much progress on the clubhouse.
  • 7/26/13, Review by oneputt - Very wet but who isn't? Staff very friendly and did a great job of finding me a game. Greens were super! Putted true and balls rolled well. Rough was high due to weather and had to spend some time looking for partners golf balls. Fairways were an ugly yellow in many places but the grass coverage was consistent and not bad. Temporary hole issue made a challenging par 5 into a short par 4. Temporary problem I was assured. Will make the trip out there again soon.
  • 7/18/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - Evidently the "monsoon season" we have been experiencing prevented mowing on a regular basis - fairways were longer, with significant clippings everywhere, and the rough was ridiculous (not as thick as at the U.S. Open, but definitely difficult to play from.) The latter was true even only 5 feet off the fairway which made finding balls difficult, if not impossible, for even the most minor miscues (I never did find my ball on the first hole after what I considered a good drive that started off down the middle, and only kicked to the right after landing). The 90 degree rule was in effect which exacerbated trying to find the ball since you couldn't drive right to the location and had to guess at the proper spot to turn in. In spite of this, the greens were in good condition, although just a tad slow, and balls seemed to roll true. I was surprised to find that the new club house was not finished. In fact, it didn't appear as if there were any change, or progress, since early Spring. I hope this doesn't indicate/imply financial problems for the course and consequent deterioration.
  • 6/9/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Very, very wet fairways - perhaps not the best place to play after a lot of rain. Price also seems a bit high for Charlotte National. Greens are fine, traps raked, well rangered for pace of play.
  • 5/27/13, Review by Russell - Had the first tee time on Memorial Day. Our foursome made it around in less than 4 hours and did not get any pressure from the full tee sheet behind us. I thought that the course was in great condition. The greens were top notch and all of the bunkers that we saw were well groomed. Tees were a little "hairy" but much better than the bare sandboxes I have seen at other courses. Overall, Charlotte National is pretty flat and wide open but well placed hazards and length make it a good test. I also like that it is usually $10+ less than surrounding courses.
  • 5/27/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Overall, conditions were good and pace of play ok. We were a threesome and the front nine was good until #8. Then a wait on every hole. There were at least two fivesome's in front of us that I saw. There were also several twosomes and threesomes so everyone was waiting every hole. Greens are in good shape and rolling true. I did not hit any bunkers but my playing partner was in several and said they were pretty hard. Fairways in ok condition with lots of run out in dry conditions. Great people as always in pro shop.
  • 5/12/13, Review by YoMama111 - It seemed like all of the mowers broke on the same day, the tee boxes were basically cut at rough height, and the fairways were pretty long also. The greens were ok, but definitely not up to the old standards of national.......... Hopefully they find their mowers before the margaritaville tourney this weekend......
  • 5/12/13, Review by PT3040 - I agree with a previous post about the condition of the course but there was alot of rain last week and a pretty good shower of rain Saturday evening so maybe that is why the grass was a little long, That said...the course was still in pretty good shape. Fairways are coming in nicely and the greens are in great shape right now. Very playable right now.
  • 5/9/13, Review by estanwick - Greens:B+ Tees: B- fairways: B/B- Overall the course was in okay/good shape. I play here because of the greens and they have yet to disappoint me.
  • 4/20/13, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course was in great shape. Not as green all around as normal but still very good course to play. It is a little further out there for people coming from Uptown charlotte area but a course I play multiple times every year. Great course for price you pay. Weekends after 12 you can play for a great price. Course is a lot more difficult then it looks like. New clubhouse is under construction and looks great.
  • 3/17/13, Review by ISlayMySelf - I always have a good time at this course. Not too tough and its wide open. Grass is still dormant and the tee boxes have grass starting to pop up. Sand traps were actually maintained and raked which is unfortunately not the norm for Charlotte courses. The greens have been punched very recently but putts rolled surprisingly well considering the conditions. One of the friendliest staffs in Charlotte and the young lady running concessions gets you in and out quickly at the turn. No starter or marshals to be seen so the first 2 holes on each side were slow but the players kept it moving. This is definitely worth playing for high handicappers like me or someone trying to get back in to golf shape like me. Maybe give it a couple weeks for the greens to fill in to get the most bang for your buck. They are also starting to build a true clubhouse which will be a nice addition to the course.
  • 3/11/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National allowing fivesomes?   Mike
    First of all I love Charlotte National. Very nice people and the greens are always in great shape, I love the layout with some hard and some easy holes.

    With that said, the past few times I have been out there I have seen fivesomes on the course. One time there were 4 or 5 groups backed up behind the fivesome waiting on tees. The other time it was a fivsome going from 9 to 10 so no impact on me as I was just starting my round. I am hoping this is not a new policy and was allwed because it was winter, Hopefully this does not happen into spring and summer as my favorite course will be eliminated the first time I have a five and a half round due to a slow fivesome.
  • 3/11/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National fivesomes   DrSchteeve
    Yes they routinely allow fivesomes, even on busy spring and summer weekends. One rumor is that the course owner plays in a fivesome regularly. I will say that even with fivesomes the pace is sometimes OK - they do ranger it fairly well.
  • 2/5/13, Review by 4amigos - Greens in good shape for this time of year,rolling well. Recent rain after mowing left a lot of washed out grass clippings on fairways. Some wet areas. Bunkers need sand.
  • 10/24/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens are in GREAT condition, but ridiculously fast!!!
  • 10/4/12, Review by malamute - greens were in great shape except 15 had a little rubbish in it / rates are good and the people are nice / nothing special here just basic golf
  • 9/28/12, Review by itsindahole - Haven't played here in a while and was very impressed. Greens were in great shape. Rolled smooth and true and were quite fast.. I would say about a 10 on the stimpmeter. Fairways were in great shape as were the tee boxes. You get a lot of course for the money here.. and it's quite a challenge from the back tees. Definitely recommend adding this one to the rotation.
  • 9/9/12, Review by ISlayMySelf - Fun, friendly and affordable. Not many frills at this course which is evident by the double wide trailer that serves as the pro shop/snack bar and the driving range that looks like a goat ranch so don't run because of first impressions. The course makes up for the lack of amenities. The fairways and tee boxes are in good shape and the greens were better than anything I have played on the Carolina Trail recently, with the exception of #15 that was in awful condition. Not sure how 17 greens can be so good and one be so bad. The greens were very soft so ball marks were an issue and golfersí not repairing their marks are just inconsiderate. The course has some water but is pretty much wide open with no houses to be seen. There is a small airport nearby but the low flying planes give the place character but some may find them distracting. Overall a very fun course with a very friendly staff and a great recommendation by the message board.
  • 7/29/12, Review by Russell - I like Charlotte National. Usually in good shape and always a reasonable price. Sure, you see things here that you don't see at other courses (dress code includes boots and overalls) but I think that is part of why I like it. The course has bent greens so I had pretty low expectations. The practice green was in excellent shape. Most of the greens were good but a handful were having real problems. (#15 comes to mind) It looks like they are doing what they can to nurse them back but it is tough. I guess my 4 star rating is relative to the other bent greens I have seen recently. Fairways and tee boxes were a little long and hairy - I suppose to try to protect the turf during the hot and dry conditions. Traps were not maintained on the front nine but I noticed maintenance working on the back nine bunkers.
  • 7/28/12, Review by magriff1 - I have to say upon arriving i was not expecting much as the clubhouse is a big trailer which is in pretty rough shape. I hit range before the round ($5 gets you a small bag, 30 balls) the range was in good shape but no where to rest your bag if you dont have a stand bag. I was very suprised to see how good the fairways and tee boxes were, very good shape. about half the greens were pretty good and the other half were in rough shape. I think the greens suffered mostly from no one repairing ball marks. The greens were so soft even a short chip shot would make a mark. Definately worth playing for $42 on a saturday morning.
  • 6/23/12, Review by mondiablo - The course was in pretty decent shape... No complaints. There were a couple greens that were beat up, but it is mainly due to people not fixing their ball marks. The pace was a little slow, but I've seen worse. It is a good course that opens up on the back and doesn't play like a typical Carolina course. I hope they don't lose their greens this summer.
  • 6/17/12, Review by kincaid82 - Not sure why I play any other courses, this course always gives you a good test, and is always been in good shape plus I live maybe 3 miles away from it. Coming from Skybrook, and Waterford where they just punched the greens, these CNís were like butter. Fairways and tee boxes where in great shape, and was a fun round. Only negative, and this does not reflect in my score, because I like to score the course itself, but the round took about 5:15 to complete. They had run out of carts, and we waited on about 80% of our shots. Some waits where 4 or 5 min, just standing on the tee box, the course was saturated with people.
  • 6/13/12, Review by GungaGalunga - This remains a favorite for layout. All those sneaky little lakes to remember. Course was in great shape. Greens were perfect, tee boxes great shape too. Sand traps needed to have been raked, but there was rain for two days prior and you could tell they have been maintained, just not this day. Overall, no complaints and impressed as always with the condition of the course.
  • 6/8/12, Review by Russell - I am starting to like this course. The cost is more than reasonable, the layout is solid and the pace of play was good. The bent greens are starting to get beaten up but are overall pretty nice. The difference between these bent grass greens and the mini verde bermuda is drastic - you really need to adjust your approach shots and short game to score well.
  • 5/26/12, Review by _mk70 - One of my favorite courses in Charlotte with great course features. This is a no frills course but a fun one to play nonetheless. This is my first course suggestion when golfing with buddies.
  • 5/25/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Perfect conditions. Unfortunately, ballmarks may become an issue soon. I'd play now. Great deal, and great people in the clubhouse.
  • 5/21/12, Review by Matt - Beautiful weather, course is very good considering what you pay, staff extremely friendly, but pace of play not good at all. On some tees, two groups were waiting to tee off. One group was slowing the seven or eight groups behind them down but no marshal. After the slow group finished, pace of play for the last 4 or 5 holes was fine.
  • 11/7/11, Review by harrissc - I've always enjoyed this layout and the course is in pretty good shape right now. The tees should be mowed as they are a bit like rough but the fairways are pretty nice and the greens roll true. There are a few greens with spots but the putts really roll out. The one caution I will give is to stay away from this course on Mondays. We were playing directly behind the owner who apparently sets up a skins match every Monday for a lot of his friends. He was playing in a 5-some and refused to let us through so it was close to a 5 hour round. Good course but stay away on Mondays unless you want to be frustrated. If I were a golf course owner I would certainly pay more attention to the guests as opposed to my friends.
  • 10/22/11, Review by Matt - Everything was above average and made for a great day of golf. Excellent value! Greens were slightly marked up; however, it isn' the course's fault. People need to fix their ballmarks! All in all, it is definately worth playing if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive round.
  • 9/30/11, Review by izzyf150 - This course is in good shape. Fairways and tee boxes are good. The greens are pretty good also, with the exception of #15 which had a few bare sandy spots on it. Their sand traps could use some attention. Some of them are a little light on sand but they have an abundance of hard red clay just under the surface. I noticed other sand traps had small rocks in them (just a touch smaller than a penny). They have a lot of nice soft sand in a pile in the parking lot that has been sitting there for I donít know how long. Over all a pretty good course for the price and the best deal on range balls you will find anywhere.
  • 9/5/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens are starting to get chewed up - like all bent grass greens in the area. Mixed areas of top dressing with sand and seed make the putting surfaces inconsistent. Probably will wait for green punching to allow conditions to improve before returning.
  • 8/26/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Just ballmarks on thin bentgrass greens average for late summer. Other conditions as expected. Rough is brutal, but again that is typical for this time of year.
  • 7/29/11, Review by dongtrgolfer - Another course I really like. The course sets up good for me. Tee boxes okay except a few tees. fairways in really good shape given heat. The rough is not too bad. The greens were very soft. They must be pouring a lot of water on the greens. Lots of unfixed ball marks on all greens. Had a tough time getting the speed right probably due to operator error. Pace of play was outstanding.
  • 7/17/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Waited a lot, but still got around in 4 hours. Greens slower than usual, and in general, break was less than it appeared. Overall, no complaints.
  • 7/11/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   Jamie
    Played for the first time at Charlotte National in over a year on Saturday 7/9/11. Course was in good shape except for the bunkers - some had little to no sand. Greens were recently mini-punched, and unusually slow. They rolled well, but you needed s sledgehammer on uphill putts. As for the clubhouse, still a trailer, so there still really isn't one. After 15 years in business - if the trailer continues to deteriorate, they will be forced to either build a clubhouse or shut down. At some point something has to give. Very strange situation for such a good course.
  • 7/9/11, Review by Matt - Fairways in great shape. All tee boxes excellent except number 14 is sandy. Actually sandy is an understatment, it is a beach. Greens were very bumpy due to light punching and nobody fixing their ball marks. I fixed 3 of every green just so a could putt in a reasonably straight line! Greens consistent speed but very, very slow, especially compared to what I was expecting after my June 28th round. They were extremely soft though making approach shots fairly easy. I made a divot on every hole that I didn't chip onto. I even made divots 40 yards away pitching on with a lob wedge. All in all, still a great course for all skill types and a great price any day of the week.
  • 7/8/11, Review by Russell - It has been over 5 years since I played Charlotte National. Just a little too out of the way for me. I really like the layout. It is challenging - mostly due to the length - especially the final three holes. (I made a mess of them playing them in 7 over!) The greens had just been aerated so it was only $29 on Friday afternoon. Sure, the clubhouse is a trailer and the carts are a little banged up but the course is a solid bargain. They are known for their greens - I prefer theirs to the the dwarf Bermuda greens everyone is putting in now - but you do need to fix your ballmarks. There is still a number of greens that are still suffering from last summer's damage but the holes were cut to avoid most of the trouble spots. Pace of play was great. I will be back soon.
  • 6/28/11, Review by Matt - I have never played this course before and I absolutely loved it. Fairways in great shapes, greens rolled true, and the overall layout was great. The staff was very friendly and boy do they give you a lot of range balls for $5. Course is reasonably priced and the conditions were great. I strongly recommend!
  • 6/1/11, Review by outliar - Greens - 8.5 stars out of 10....rolled perfect with excellent speed, but still 2 or 3 greens have MINIMAL remnants of the "troubles" from last summer. (Maybe 5% total area on the offending greens had colored sand filling in bare spaces). Solve those remaining issues and National again will claim "best public greens" in the area. OVERALL I WISH THE GUYS RUNNING CAROLINA TRAIL'S COURSES INTO THE GROUND WOULD GET A MANAGEMENT LESSON FROM THE "NATIONAL". They provide a superior value- "EXCELLENT GOLF COURSE where it counts--with no $tupid frills". You CONSISTENTLY get: country club quality greens; maintained/ raked bunkers with adequate sand, better than average if not perfect fairways; and NEVER A WARM FEELING that you just got screwed over paying full price for an aerated course etc.
  • 5/25/11, Review by DrSchteeve - First time played. What's not to like? Yes, as one of my foursome said, sometimes the rough is a little, well, rough, but other than that, greens in great shape, fairways too, nice friendly attitude from the staff. Yes, it's blue collar, but who cares?
  • 5/6/11, Review by The B-Man - Compared to my recent play at Ballantyne and Emerald Lake, these greens were in the best shape. Very true on the roll and good speed (not slow at all but not crazy slick either). Tees and fairways were just average, but no issues to report. The greens and the price make this a good place to play anytime.
  • 5/4/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   PT
    The course is greening up nicely and the greens right now are in very good shape. They have some speed and roll true. Just wish more players would take the time to repair their divots and ballmarks.
  • 4/3/11, Review by estanwick - Greens are in very good shape (A-). The fairways are still not green but that's expected in early April. Overall it was busy but expected on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. Well worth playing.
  • 11/14/10, Review by outliar - I am considering all the "troubles" from this summer in giving the course an overall positive rating. Three or four of the greens still suffer from bare/sanded over areas. The majority of greens are however quickly reclaiming National's "best rolling greens in Charlotte" status. Not a lot of corporate bells and whistles, but from the tips, still one of my favorite "players" courses in the area.
  • 8/8/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   egolfer
    Charlotte National's greens are pretty much gone. There were a couple that were still in good shape but most were burnt up with sand patching dead spots. Rest of course is ok but like others, their greens are dying.
  • 5/23/10, Review by The B-Man - The course was in fine shape and there were no issues to report. The only thing was I thought the greens were just okay, speed and smoothness wise. This probably has more to do with me not making any significant putts than the actual conditions. So take it with a grain of salt. When it's perfect here, though, the greens roll fast and true. Today, I just didn't think they did that. Maybe it was the recent rains because I also thought the fairways were shaggier than usual.
  • 4/11/10, Review by TwinsDad - Charlotte National has a very good layout with a good mixture of holes. The fairways still need some warm temps to come in. The greens were about 90% healed from aeration, and they were cut so the speed has increased. They aren't the fastest in Charlotte, but consistent and roll smooth. Tee boxes were hit or miss, but the ball should be on a tee so why does it matter. Once we get consistent warm weather and some more rain the fairways should green up nicely. Staff is always friendly, and their short game practice area is one of the nicest around. Plenty of room to practice chipping/pitching, sand shots and their putting green is a great size.
  • 4/10/10, Review by The B-Man - Course was in good shape overall but not quite what I'm used to. The greens were about as slow as they ever get around here, but that's still not as bad as lesser courses. I believe the greens were aerated a few weeks ago and they must be letting them grow in before mowing them short. The slower speeds made it difficult to hit a straight putt and the breaks were harder to gauge. Granted they were all solid with no problems, other than the speed. The tees and fairways are starting to green up as well. The price ($44) was one of the lower around the area for a Saturday morning start. So it was still a good day and hopefully just a couple of weeks before it's in great shape.
  • 3/25/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   TP
    Just wanted to post that Charlotte National has aereated their greens. Looks like it had just been done. If you call ahead Vic and Robby will let you know how they are filling in. Lots of sand on them right now.
  • 9/20/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   J.D.
    For this time of year, greens and fairways are in good shape. As usual, the rough is nasty here. Great value.
  • 8/1/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National Golf Club   Lee F.
    Played Charlotte National Golf Club today (8/1) for the first time. Passed Emerald Lake on the way and was reminded of the excellent course there; was hoping today's round at Charlotte National would be just as good. It definitely was up there.

    The course is in great shape for this time of year. Greens rolled well and looked good. It's a very open course but it does present some challenges. The last three hole (depending on pin placement) are not as easy as they look.

    You may get a little scared pulling up to the course, as its clubhouse is a triple-wide trailer and the cart barn in more like a fenced-in cart jail. But don't be threatened. The owners definitely put the money into the course.

    We paid $27 for weekend twilight %!
    28after 2 p.m.). The two of us went out on our own and didn't once see a group in front of us.

    Would definitely play Charlotte National again. Couldn't find the course's Web site (don't think they have one), but you should call them up to get a tee time and rates. Good value.

    P.S. B-Man, love your site. Just discovered it this week. Thanks for having this resource available for the local golf community.
  • 7/16/09 - OK, I'm playing here a lot lately because it's one of the best courses to play late in the afternoon and get in 18 holes. I teed off about 10 til 5 today and finished a little after 8. So 3:20 is not bad. The course is in great playing shape right now. The greens were very, very good. This is more of what I'm used to here -- smooth, fast, no bumps or problems to worry about on your putts. The course is being watered well and was very lush and green despite the lack of rain recently. The rough is still tough and you need to watch your shots finish so you can find your ball. The twilight rates are great ($25 weekdays, $27 weekends), the clubhouse guys are flexible (I started on the back 9 today to avoid a league starting on 1) and the conditions are great right now. Go play it.
  • 7/6/09 - Msg Board Posting
    CLT National, Springfield, CLT Links   J.D.
    Charlotte National: Continues to be in good shape off the tee, fantastic greens and decent fairways. Bunkers have 1/2 inch of nice fluffy sand that covers a crusty, angry base. (Don't follow my lead -- use the leading edge of your lob wedge and DIG IN.) Some of the toughest rough I've played this year led to my worst round of the year by far.

    Springfield: Very good conditions all around, with the exception of 1-2 greens that are just starting to get chewed up (worms?). Highly recommended.

    Charlotte Links: The staff continues to be some of the most ornery people around...they need attitude adjustments. 4-5 greens were recently punched and are really soft, and you need a pick-axe to get your tee in the teeing ground!

    But the rest of the course is in fine shape. Seems like they're content to keep mowing down the rough -- making this course easier and easier. (Tom Doak would be horrified at what they've done to his design.) All that said, I shot my lowest-ever round of 79 (white tees...we were just having a practice round) so it's tough for me to be too angry.
  • 6/13/09 - Played on 6/13, only 2 weeks since my last round here. The greens were better this time, more smooth and true with good speed. The fairways are in great shape but the rough was tough. It was cut high and tough to hit from today. They must be trying to get in shape for the Open next week. I had trouble with gnarly lies, even when I just missed the fairway by 5 yards or so. So it made the course much more difficult than usual. Still, I had a good time. We played at 3:15 or so and went til dark on their $27-all-you-can-play deal. We got 23 holes in and the last 5 were a blast, with no one else on the course in front of us. I'm definitely going to do that again soon.
  • 5/30/09 - Course was in much better shape than my last round in April. Fairways are in good shape now. The greens were solid, as they usually are. Though, with the recent rains, the greens seemed slower than usual (but not necessarily soft). Most of the rough had not been cut, so it was tougher than usual and harder to find your ball, but not too bad. Overall, it was a good round and a great value -- $27 after 3pm on weekends for all you can play. Can't beat that around here.
  • 4/5/09 - Played on 4/5. Thumbs up for pace of play starting at 8:30 (finished at 12:30), for the price ($46) and the condition of the greens. They were smooth and quickened up after the dew burnt off. The fairways, though, were not great. Several holes had flood lines (where grass collected from the rains) or very little grass (#15 in particular was bad). So the fairways (and a few tee boxes) need some time to get in shape. Bunkers were fine.
  • 9/15/08 - Played on 9/13. Course was fine. With the rain, it's of course green and pretty lush, but also fairly soft and slow. Greens were medium fast, a little slower than I like it here where they can get nice and fast during dry weeks. One other effect that made the course much tougher today was the rough. The bermuda was thick and it let balls nestle down and sometimes disappear. You really had to watch your shots carefully because you wouldn't find your ball unless you walked right over it. I won't say it was unfair, since you're supposed to stay in the fairway, but it was more difficult than this course usually plays. The best part of my early Saturday afternoon round was the pace of play. I was worried when my twosome started as two foursomes had just gotten to the tee ahead of us. They played fast, though, and we never saw 'em after hole 3. So we zipped around in 3 and 1/2 hours. I wish all my rounds were like that! Last note for those who play here often: the course has updated their official slope and course ratings. They all went up, meaning you might get an extra stroke or two next time you play. Example: the Men's Blue tees went from 71.0/122 to 71.9/128.
  • 7/13/08 - Played on 7/13. Got 17 holes in before the storm hit. With the rain recently, the course played pretty soft. The greens were slower than normal, but in good shape. There were a few unrepaired marks on many of the greens, but they didn't get in my way. Course is fine and I'll be back soon.
  • 6/21/08 - Played on 6/20. Course is now in fabulous shape. What a difference 5 weeks can make. Fairways are now lush and green. The greens were in great shape. The course is really in top-season form.
  • 5/3/08 - Played on 5/2. Course conditions, other than the as-usual well-kept, smooth greens, were disappointing. Fairways were still pretty thin, but the worst part is that they decided to drown the fairways in water to help them along. It was nearly worse than playing after a rainstorm. It was very frustrating to hit a perfect drive in the fairway and play from a muddy, in some cases casual water, lie. They definitely overdid the watering and that affected play. Tee boxes are also spotty and need some work. They do their best work on the greens, though, because I had no complaints. I've always liked Charlotte National's greens and they rarely disappoint.
  • 3/7/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   Brian
    Played this course yesterday (1st time)a day an 1/2 after heavy down pours in Charlotte. However with a very nice day the next day and an even better day the day we played, the course was still soaked!! Drainge seems to be a problem here. The only thing that was good was the true greens. Also with water on almost every hole its best to bring some extra balls. Not real impressed, especially for the price. Better deals and courses at Monroe CC and Stonebridge.
  • 10/29/07 - Played on 10/28. So we finally had significant rainfall. How does Charlotte National look now? Well, the greens were great, nearly immaculate. Fairways needed the rain, but now they have the drainage lines where the grass clippings clumped and dried. That made fairway lines a bit dicey. They're very thin. Tee boxes were not so great, especially the par 3's. All of those were not cut and had new, tall grass on them. It was tough to find a good lie and stance. The course will get better, but right now, outside of the greens, it's just so-so.
  • 9/15/07 - Played on 9/14. The course needs rain badly. The fairways were parched and thin. Around the greens, they've kept watering so the rough, fringe and putting surfaces were fine. I imagine most courses are suffering too, but I've seen Charlotte Nat'l in alot better shape. Was cheap, though. Only $29 for a Friday afternoon.
  • 8/31/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte National   panthersfann55
    Played Charlotte National yesterday. greens are in good shape for being in a drought and paying only $30 (with discount card)this place is the best value in town. i did stop by fort mill wed and asked about the greens (since i saw all the sand) i was told they just airified and reseeded. big mistake in august. i used to work on a golf course and there is a reason most places wait until sept to do this (heat and humidity.