Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Rock Barn Golf & Spa

  • 8/22/16 - Msg Board Posting
    Rock Barn Jones Course is now private   IM4DHERD
    FYI - The Jones Course at Rock Barn is private to members only. The Tom Jackson Course, one of the best in the area, is still open for the rest of us.
  • 10/17/15, Review by Bogey-Golf - Played the Jones course on Saturday. about as nice of a day and nice of course that you can play. Greens were spectacular and fast. Course was in great shape overall. Played with three nice gentleman just a very long around. I think we were the only ones on the course and it still took five hours but nonetheless a good round other than my score
  • 8/22/15, Review by JBenn76 - Here's my review of the Jackson Course at Rock Barn. Going to use the "10 scale". Greens: 8-good public golf speed. Fairways:8-they were pretty good except for the 2 holes where it was carts on path. Rough: 1-if you didn't hit the fairway, be ready to go on a hurt. It took this two-some over 3.5 hours to play...not because of bad play or an overcrowded course. The rough hadn't been mowed in weeks!! Bunkers: 0-It was hard for me to believe the level of neglect. Grass in every single bunker. Edges were nonexistent. Extremely disappointing and showed laziness on the part of the super. They were horrible!! Layout: 3-Typical Tom Jackson layout. Great par 3s, decent par 5s, and horrible par 4s. I'm guessing the Jones course is where they spend their time, money, and manpower. One thing is for sure, I'll never play the Jackson course ever again. A poorly maintained Tom Jackson course just isn't worth what we paid!!
  • 6/15/15, Review by Jan - Played the Jackson course on a very hot Monday afternoon. Course was in average shape with some significant bare spots in the fairways on the back nine. A couple of the women's tee boxes were pretty torn up. The greens were in very good shape for the most part. It would have been nice if there had been a starter and ranger to help with the pace of play. There was a foursome of teenage boys walking ahead of my twosome. It must have taken them twenty minutes to play each of the first four holes. Thank goodness they finally quit after six holes, I think because of the heat. Staff was courteous, patrons were not.
  • 4/29/15, Review by joe-paris - What a gem!! If you have the time to drive north to Rock barn then you must go! The course design is awesome and for only $45, although we got the round for $35. The pro shop was excellent and very accommodating! Next time I visit Charlotte I am staying at Rock Barn and playing both courses!! Excellent course.
  • 8/21/14, Review by Bob10276 - Played the Jackson course as a twosome. Zipped around with no delay. Great fairways. Rough mown to reasonable length. Nice, soft greens that allowed you to shoot right at the flag. Almost no fungus in the greens, but it was obvious they were watering them to keep them soft. Great golf course with nice scenery and a bargain at $45. Friendly pro shop and efficient cart staff.
  • 7/14/14, Review by slowmofo - We got out around 11 and played the Jackson course. Not a long course (jones is longer) but elevation comes into play. There are so many pretty holes on this course. 6 & 10 would be perfect examples. Decent amount of water. Everything right now is in prime condition. The starters and the guys who get your cart are always on point. The food inside isn't bad. It's hard to say which course I like better, though my friend favors the jackson over the jones. If it wasn't 55 minutes away I would def play here more often.