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Demo Day at Lincoln CC
Posted by: The B-Man
on 4/22/19 10:14pm
I received a note from Jody Saunders, the GM at Lincoln Country Club, about a Demo Day. Check it out: I'm the GM at Lincoln CC and thought your readers might be interested in our demo day coming...

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The Revival Golf Club at the Crescent

  • 7/29/18 - Msg Board Posting
    Couple of Updates   BetterThanMost
    Warrior is reopening on Friday, August 3rd for public play. You can now make tee times on their website.

    Revival/Crescent is dealing with some issues on their greens due to a bad batch of chemicals they got earlier this season. They are interseeding their greens with Pure Distinction bent grass, but are still open for play. Additionally, they have cut down several trees around the 3rd green, and are laying sod to bring it back to its original size. If you've played the course, you know the 3rd green has been a problem for several years, so it's good to see that they are remedying it.
  • 7/19/17, Review by BetterThanMost - Wanted to give an update on Crescent, as my review over 2 years ago was the most recent review. The club has new ownership and a new name in 2017. It is officially called The Revival At The Crescent. The new ownership has put a lot of resources into bringing the course back from the edge of death (see my previous review). I found all but one tee box in great shape. They were as lush as any I've seen this summer. The fairways as well, save the 6th, have finally recovered from the winter kill of '15. The weather has allowed the bermuda to thrive. The greens have never really been an issue at Crescent, other than the 3rd, and that is still the case. The greens were spongy underfoot and rolled pretty true. The club has done a lot of work on all green side bunkers. They have redone the drainage in the bunkers and added new sand to them. It appears as if they are letting several fairway bunkers that don't really come into play transition into grass bunkers. There are new carts with usb charging ports. Additionally, there were coolers of cold water at several spots around the course. Sprinklers had distances on them and their was new signage everywhere. The club still has work to do. The front half of the 3rd green has been transitioned back into fairway, leaving a really small target. It sits so far back in a wooded area, that I don't see any way they can get air back there other than bringing in fans. The 5th tee, green and 6th fairway also need work. They sit down in a low area and don't much airflow. The club never had complete cart paths, and while it wasn't a problem 15 years ago, the lack of maintenance of the dirt cart paths over the years has made them almost impassible. The edges of bunkers need to be worked on as well. Areas of the course that aren't directly in the line of play, but could see an errant shot are the last piece of the course to come back. All in all, the club has made great strides to make the course playable again. Continued efforts in that same vein will bring it close to the condition it was in during the mid-'00s.
  • 5/31/15, Review by BetterThanMost - Wish I could dispute what others have written about Crescent recently, but I can't. I guess the first clue was pulling into the parking lot on a Sunday morning and seeing only a half dozen cars. Conditions from tee to green were quite frankly shocking. Tees, fairways, and rough with little or no grass on them. What grass was on them was random and unkempt. There was a notice posted in the pro shop from the Carolinas Section about how the late cold winter weather had severely retarded the growth of bermuda grass, and I'm sure that has something to do with it, but every other course in the area looks a lot better than Crescent. There were large areas of fairway grass in non-playable areas where the turf had been harvested and moved elsewhere. Where I don't know, because it certainly wasn't on the course. Some bunkers had sand, others were just dirt. Most had rocks and none of them had been maintained on a Sunday morning. The one part of the course that was above average were the greens. They were in great shape. Plenty of grass on them and not many ball marks (probably due to the lack of play). The one exception is the 3rd green. They've lost the front 1/3 of the green. They need to clear out a lot of trees or get some fans back there if they want any chance of bringing that green back.
  • 5/6/15, Review by psychgunny - I have always enjoyed the layout at Crescent, but something has recently happened to the course conditions. Although the greens are coming back from a recent plugging, the fairways and tee boxes are all dead grass. At this time of year it should all be lush. At this time I would not be able to recommend this course to others.
  • 5/3/15, Review by Yfzking69 - Very poor conditions!!! The tee boxes were very chewed up with little grass on them. The greens had aerations still from over two months ago and lots of sand on them. Very slow and inconsistent reads. The worst though is the fairways were dirt!! not grass, not dead grass but dirt!! The only reason they got a 1 star was because the sun was shining and beautiful day. The price was very steep for conditions. No more than 15.oo is what the price should be.
  • 10/16/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - I played this course in April of this year, and had some reservations about recommending it to others. I indicated in my review for that round that I intended to try it again in the summer “when (hopefully) fairways and tee boxes will be green and lush …” It’s my mistake for waiting past summer’s end to try it again. My previous criticisms still apply, namely that cart paths are limited to the vicinity of tees and greens and there are no relief stations on the course. In addition, today, there was no drinking water available and very few ball washers. Of the latter, none of them had any towel/cloth to wipe and dry the ball. This presented a problem because the course was still wet from the storm system that went through on Tuesday and Wednesday. The greens were in pretty good condition save for several that suffered scalping by the mowers. They were slightly fast, but the ball rolled true and evenly. One thing, good or bad depending upon your playing style, was that the greens were very receptive to approach shots – almost all of my ball marks were within 1 foot of where the ball came to rest. I could not find any “sand” in any of the bunkers, only clay and dirt, and the wet conditions made for very difficult play from them. In addition, on #16, my one blow-up hole, there was an exposed drain pipe IN THE BUNKER that my ball just missed entering, never to be found had it done so. The fairways and tee boxes were in nominally good condition for the early Fall season. My biggest criticism is that two holes were closed for the day, and I wasn’t made aware of that fact until preparing to tee off on the first one to be encountered. I had called the day before, but no mention was made, nor did the attendant in the Pro Shop say anything while he was taking my greens fee. This was a MAJOR disappointment since I was on pace to achieve my goal of breaking 80 only to have it wiped out for not “completing” the round (I was granted the option of replaying two holes to make a total of 18, but that was too artificial for my scorekeeping purposes). The Senior rate of $22 made for a relatively good golfing value in spite of the problems. The course layout is such that it is challenging, but fair. I’m going to try it one more time, next year, in the summer, before rendering a final opinion. Maybe, by then, the bunkers will be sandy, cart paths complete, and other amenities in place (I can only hope ...)
  • 7/17/14, Review by golferdude - No drinking water on the course! No sand in bunkers! 1st green has major turf damage in the front part of the green! Most greens were ok but had burnt areas...better than the old carolina trail greens though which have disease and missing turf in every green Several tees had little or no grass Many areas I would classify as "GR" or "Goat Ranch" No plans on going back Some rough areas were not mown
  • 4/11/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - The back cover of the yardage book claimed that had rated this course No. 4 on their Top 10 best Values of Charlotte in 2001. That might be a little bit of a stretch in 2014, but I did receive good value for the $22 green fee. The very strong winds (blew the ball off the tee several times) played havoc with scoring, but did not entirely ruin the outing. Course conditions were generally similar to those described in the March 14 review posted on this site with the exception of the greens which had been aerated since then. The little pock marks were still rather prominent, but didn't affect putting as much as the wind (moved the ball by at least 1 foot, on one occasion). A couple of considerations for those who have never played the course: (1) the fairways are rather narrow, however almost all of them are relatively straight with no major trouble (2) the cart paths may be best described as "rustic" ranging from concrete surfaces around the greens and tee boxes, to dirt and gravel (or no defined path at all)everywhere else, and (3) there are no relief stations, Port-a-Potty or otherwise, on the course and since it is located within an established community no "good" trees or the like are available either. As B-Man notes in his description of the course, it is somewhat remote for Charlotte golfers, and it is about a 35-minute drive for me, but I intend to try it again, in the summer, when (hopefully) fairways and tee boxes will be green and lush before I decide whether or not it is a good golfing value course.
  • 3/14/14, Review by tvrepairex - Fairways brown like most courses.A lot of fairway traps have NO sand ,just mud.Most green side traps are good and raked.Greens are fast and most are smooth ,but a couple have some issues with bare(sandy )spots.Tee boxes average.
  • 10/18/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Still a low cost gem. Great layout. Greens mostly near perfect (a few rough patches), fairways mostly good, teeboxes OK. Still missing cart paths on many holes. For $22 on a Friday afternoon and a good pace of play, hard to beat.
  • 6/19/11, Review by rcubed3r - I still love this course, but is currently in the worst condition I have ever seen it. The greens are very nice as always, but there are lots of rough spots in the fairways and the bunkers are terrible. I hope they get is straightened out soon! With all that said, I still think their prices are reasonable and I will continue to play here when I can.
  • 6/3/11, Review by DrSchteeve - This course should be in the "best cheap place to play" category. Greens in great shape, the rest of the course, not so much. But it is always like this - nice greens, fairways usually in fair to poor condition, bunkers atrocious, cart paths mostly nonexistent. Still, the layout is a lot of fun, good mix of easy and difficult holes, and the cost is usually very inexpensive. Have to say, though, that right now, for not much more, Eagle Chase is a much better course and in almost perfect condition.
  • 4/8/11, Review by rcubed3r - I absolutely love this course. In my opinion, it is also the best deal in golf that I have ever experienced. We paid $22 to ride (normal twilight rate) on a Friday. It is a very nice, playable layout. Some sand, some water. Greens are in fair shape right now, but still just a touch bumpy from a recent aeration. The fairways are mostly dormant, but not hard. It will be in prime shape soon. I am seriously considering joining this club, but it is hard for me to justify considering how cheap it is to walk on and play. Take the time to drive to this course and try it out. I'm betting you'll like it!
  • 11/8/08 - Played Crescent on 11/07/2008. The greens were in great shape. Pace of play was excellent. Would recomend Crescent. Friends of Crescent discount, only paid $20 with a cart. (Thanks to Mike for the update)
  • 4/26/07 - Msg Board Posting
    I should call...   Fisher time I drive 25 miles to a golf course, only to find out they had a shot-gun tournament about to start. Crescent did this to me last weekend. I had to come up w/ an alternative place & ended up at a course nearby(I won't mention the name, but they have a HUGE boulder painted white at the entrance). That was absolutely the longest round. Pro shop kept sending out 5-somes on that day for some reason. RIDICULOUS!!

    Has anyone played Crescent within the last two weeks? Just want to get an idea of conditions & how long ago they aerated greens.

  • 9/26/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Crescent (Salisbury)   Jamie

    I played there today and the course is in excellent condition.
    Naturally, I played horrible but the greens are in mint condition and the fairways are nice as well.
  • 6/20/05 - Played on 6/18. Had heard bad reviews recently, but I found no problems that affected my round. Greens were absolutely great, giving true and fast roll. The front nine has a few sparse tee boxes, but I hardly noticed. This is a fun course to play with great rates.
  • 7/9/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Crescent   Nial
    Another good course. Another long drive to get there but well worth it if you've never played it. IMHO the best greens around. Quick but honest, not excessivly slippery, well groomed, will hold an approach shot. Bunkers are deep, probably the deepest around but have good sand and are placed to come in play with bad shots (as should be). Staff (clubhouse and greens) were friendly but found the other golfers standoffish. Who knows why... Plan on going back one more time in a couple of weeks.
  • 6/9/04 - Awesome price - $29 on a Saturday from Greens in great shape, very smooth and consistent. Some reviews have bad-mouthed the sand bunkers, but I thought they were fair. A little thick and wet, but groomed well. Fairways in good shape. Nothing to complain about. (Review by Soupy)