Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Chester Golf Club

  • 5/27/18, Review by syncgolf - Course was in great shape. I love the new greens they roll true and fast. Fun course with generous fairways. Best value for your money only 33 min from my house Played in 4 hours on a Sunday. will be back again soon!
  • 3/23/16, Review by oneputt - Had not played at Chester since they put in the new grass on the greens. They were really good. Fast and true. Ball rolled smooth. The course is beginning to green up. Fairways were dry and the ball rolled. Traps were full of sand and were raked. Overall the golfing experience, especially with the new greens was really very good. It is worth the time and money to make the drive down to see this course.
  • 4/1/15, Review by oneputt - A great return to a great course! It was nice to see the course coming to life. Dormant grass was still prevalent but there were signs that real green grass was making it's way back. The greens were in pretty fair shape. They have certainly improved from earlier in the winter. News is that the course is closing in June for a complete replacement of all the greens. New grass, not bent will be in place by the middle of August. This should solve the issues that recently challenged the grounds team, especially during hot summer months. This is a great layout and worth the drive and expense.
  • 2/4/15, Review by oneputt - Expected winter conditions. Very wet. Greens were really in poor shape, especially for bent greens even in the winter. Overall course was as to be expected. This is an old fashioned course which has a great deal of character. As the winter winds on I expect that the course will show signs of a comeback and by the spring will be her old self, challenging and fun.
  • 11/12/14, Review by oneputt - It pains me greatly to give this fine course the lowest rating I have ever given a course in the area. I can't figure out what has happened to the greens, everyone of them! The grass, bent, was mostly missing from the greens. There were significant dead places where the grass was dormant or something. Additionally, the greens were the hardest that I have ever seen. Putts did not roll they bounced and bobbled. Other than the really sad shape of the greens the course was in pretty good shape. Traps were full and consistent. Fairways and rough were in good shape. You can't beat the hospitality at the course. As long as the greens are like they were to day I advise you to find someplace else to spend your time and money.
  • 9/17/14, Review by oneputt - Another great day on a really nice golf course! The greens are in recovery mode after being verti-cut. They were really slow and bounced rather than rolled. This condition will be self-corrected with a few good nights of cool weather. The rest of the course was in super shape. The fairways had some roll and they had plenty og grass. Good lies for the entire day. The rough was full but not to hard to play out of. Sand in the traps was wet and hard. This was due to the rain last night. IT was Wednesday so they were spraying some fertilizer on the greens as we played. This stuff stinks and makes everything you touch green. With Wednesday being so busy I wonder why they don't do this spraying on another morning. Golf at Chester is a treat.
  • 9/1/14, Review by metallikviper - First time playing this course. This course has a very nice layout and an old school golf course feel. Everything about this course was normal. Tee boxes were well kept, bunkers raked and greens were also good. I think they were about to aerate the greens and had left them a bit hairy. $47 was a bit steep in my opinion, but I would play here again.
  • 7/28/14, Review by oneputt - My routine announcement about Chester! Course is in fab condition! The fairways are near perfect and I did not have a bad lie the entire round. Traps and bunkers were great. Full of raked sand and consistent. Greens were perfect, except for one small item. Every cup, I am not kidding, every cup was damaged around the rim. Consistently, no exceptions! Someone was not paying attention to how they set the cups. My group had several putts lip out due to this damage. When I mentioned it to the staff they acted like they already knew about it but did not seem to really plan on doing anything about it. Grounds crew should have been out re-doing the pin settings! That would have been first class,not public play day. THe greens rolled great. They were very fast and the pin placements were fair. Overall, the course was full and play seemed slow but it turned out to be reasonable. This is still my favorite public access course and worth the expense.
  • 7/16/14, Review by oneputt - Due to heavy rain course was very wet. Greens were very soft and they were very slow. Not sure if they had been mowed. Putts did not roll very smoothly. Putts had to be really whacked to get them to the cup. Fairways were in really good shape. Most of the traps had water standing in them. Just what to be expected after the storm late last night. Given the heat of late the course looks to be holding up very well. This is a great track, worth the expense and time to get there.
  • 6/18/14, Review by oneputt - Update on Chester. Everything is in perfect shape! The fairways are full and rolling alot. Greens could not be better. Held shots, rolled true, had some speed to them. Traps and bunkers were in top notch shape. Tees were grassed and level. This is a real gem of a course and is worth the drive down the highway. They are posting deals on golfnow so the cost can be managed. All of the staff here are really good to work with. Come play Chester, you will be glad you did.
  • 6/4/14, Review by oneputt - SPECTACULAR! That is the best way to describe the entire experience of playing golf at Chester. In over a year I have not found greens to be in better shape,including a couple of very private clubs! The greens were soft, held shots,rolled smooth and were fast. The fairways have fully grassed out and playing the ball down was not a problem. Sand in the traps, dry and raked. Ball marks were repaired and healing nicely. This is really a great place to come and play. Make the drive, you will be glad that you did.
  • 5/21/14, Review by oneputt - Course is growing in very nicely with the warm weather. Fairways were firm and had good stands of grass. Greens were really good. Held shots,rolled true and were consistent. Traps had plenty of sand and were raked. Staff in the shop were really good. This is a great gem of a course and is well worth the trip down I77.
  • 5/7/14, Review by oneputt - Chester has come into it's seasonal best! Fairways getting fuller. Greens soft,smooth and putting as true as anyone could hope for. Traps and bunkers all had good sand. Ball was rolling well in the fairway. Spectacular weather, good golfing buddies, classy golf course.....what more could one want?
  • 4/23/14, Review by oneputt - outstanding day at Chester! Course is beginning to come into seasonal form. Greens are ok. Some fast, some slower. Still showing signs from their punching. Course was wet but not bad. This is one of my favorite places to come and play. The pro-shop staff is great,easy going and focused on their players. It will only continue to get better with warm weather and some sc sunshine.
  • 4/2/14, Review by oneputt - Back to Chester for another senior men's dogfight. Great group to play a round with. Greens are recovering from the necessary punching and sanding and they were pretty bad! Holes just played havoc with short breaking putts. Overall, course is coming into seasonal form. Walking is great and makes playing here somewhat affordable. Pro staff great. Just a great throwback to how golf should be.
  • 1/13/14, Review by oneputt - Very wet.....water in all of the traps......water standing in the fairway.....greens good.....fairly fast.......walked at a good rate of play......tees are worn out.....great staff......
  • 10/30/13, Review by oneputt - Spectacular golf experience! Course is Fall dry,losing some of it's colors but framed with really great Fall colors. Greens were fast and also held nicely. Fairways were solid. Bunkers as always in great shape. Customer service is one of the best I have experienced. Weekly fees are not cheap. Course is easy to walk. Go play Chester, you will not regret the experience!
  • 8/21/13, Review by oneputt - Course was very wet again! Fairways not mowed due to wet weather. Greens were extremely slow as well. Some signs of spotting on the greens. Had to really HIT the putt to get it to the cup. Forget feel and break. Traps were wet with water standing in them. Check the weather before heading down to what is really a spectacular track and worth the drive and price. Soon the course will dry least it is worht hoping for.
  • 8/7/13, Review by oneputt - The course was wet,very wet. Still got some roll in the fairways. Greens were perfect. Some signs of to much water but still just perfect. Rolled well and had some speed to them. I strongly urge you to make the trip down 77 for an enjoyable round of golf at Chester. Shop staff really very congenial and appreciate your patronage! Add this course to the list!