Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Glen Oaks Golf Club

  • 6/8/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Found this course on GolfNow, played there relatively cheap, the guy inside asked how I found out and told him Id found it on golf now, he was like they had just started using them in the last little bit and has helped generate traffic to the course which is good to know. The course itself was in great shape, few greens had some isolated issues but most of them were in great shape, fairways were excellent, definitely a course you will want to play a few times to learn the layout and where to hit the ball, plays quirky in the way the holes are laid out, but ill definitely be visiting again to play!
  • 10/3/17, Review by tvrepairex - Played today and the course was in great shape,even with the drought.The fairways and tee boxes were good.The traps had good sand and were raked perfectly.The greens were good and a little faster than they appeared.Some of the pin placements were a little tough,such as on the edge of a ridge,but they were having a captains choice tournament after lunch so this probably led to some of the placements.I live in Concord so its about an hour trip up there ,but we love the course so we go monthly.
  • 7/11/17, Review by tvrepairex - Great course.The fairways are lush and green,the tee boxes are good except for one I noticed on gold tees.The greens were smooth but a little slow.The only issue was that the traps had not been raked.In fairness to the course,they were hit with a severe storm three days before and they lost approx.30 trees,so they were busy with that clean up and I'm sure that put the raking and mowing a little behind.Even with that,there was no problems with the trees around the course,only saw a few twisted sumps and some piles of brush far enough back in the woods that you had to look to see them.
  • 9/2/14, Review by oneputt - What a great surprise! Made the 40 minute drive out here and I am glad that I did. The course was in perfect condition. Fairways were mowed and really full of grass. Not a bad lie the entire day. Traps and bunkers were perfect. Full of sand, consistent and raked. Not a single foot print in the sand. Greens were smooth and held shots nicely. There were plenty of ball marks to be repaired. At least three other than mine on every green. This is such an un-necessary issue. If only those playing could be so courteous and fix just their own mark. It would make a huge impact on the overall quality of the golfing experience. Played with two others who new the course. This really helped. I can't wait to take my gang out there soon. Worth the drive and certainly the costs can't be beat!
  • 8/5/14, Review by Bob10276 - This is the biggest bargain in the Charlotte area. Nice course in great condition and dirt cheap. They don't take tee times m-th but there is never a long wait on the first tee. Everything is well maintained and fun to play. A couple of goofy holes such as the par 5 18th where you re-tee at the bottom of a hill after a 200 yard drive so you can hit a 165 yard carry across a lake on your second shot. Tough for us seniors, but fun. Overall a great experience and the best golf value in the area.
  • 7/14/14, Review by golferdude - Extremely well maintained course with medium-fast greens. Only 2 other groups on the course and never had to wait.
  • 9/18/13, Review by IM4DHERD - Best conditioned course in the area, hands down. Found out that a membership costs just $240 per quarter...something to think about.
  • 7/1/13, Review by Scott Brotherton - I had heard this course was a hidden gem and after finally playing it, I found that's the truth. I highly recommend checking this course out. Fairways and greens are in phenomenal shape. Go play there!
  • 6/3/13, Review by izzyf150 - For those of you who post ratings on this site especially those of you who give away stars liberally. I am making it mandatory for you to make a road trip up to Glen Oaks and see what a 5 star public golf course looks like. WOW, this was without a doubt the best public course that I have golfed on from the B-man list. The fairways were perfect, the greens were perfect, and the sand traps were perfect. As far as the condition of the course goes everything was great and picture perfect looking golf holes. Even the woods were cleaned out making the balls easy to find. (not mine but my playing partner hit one in there ( : ) $34 for a round of golf, you canít beat that with a stick. This is a public golf course with private golf course quality. Only bad things to report is that their club house burnt down and they are working out of a trailer. They could also use some more water jugs on the course.
  • 2/24/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Glen Oaks Clubhouse Destroyed   Wulfpack
    First Emerald Lake. Now Glen Oaks. What a shame.

    Glen Oaks Clubhouse Destroyed
  • 10/18/12, Review by golden2320 - I have been reading reviews from this website for some time now but after my round Tuesday I decided start my own reviews. I played Glen Oaks Golf Club Tuesday at 10:30am. First let me say the course was beautiful even with a temp green on the 18th due to Bermuda grass taking over the bent grass on the green. But what made me sick to my stomach the whole round was the worst hospitality,impolite A-1 PGA Pro I have ever seen. We called ahead the day before and everything was good. When we got there it was full price for 3 A-1 pros and an assistant pro. Make us pay, fine with me. But, He treated us with no respect, made us tee off on #7 in the middle of a cluster f***. We were not the only guys he was treating like trash either. He needs to find a new line of work if he doesn't know how to treat and communicate with other people. Other than the pro there the maintenance crew was awesome and hard at work. Nice guys for sure.
  • 8/18/12, Review by 4Putts - First time at Glen Oaks and my score showed it... :) Course is on pretty good shape. Tees, traps, fairways good. Greens not bad considering a lot of ball mark damage. Recommended!
  • 8/9/12, Review by Wulfpack - It was my first time out to Glen Oaks. Great course. Very well maintained. Fairways are like greens which made for excellent lies, and the greens were quick. Really wide fairways on a bunch of holes. Several odd designs. For example, on the par 5 no. 18, the course (local rule) lets you tee up your second shot over a lake if you hit your first over two of the restraining walls (it funnles downhill off the tee) that head down toward the lake. It's about 250 yards away (from the white tees) to get to the second wall, and another 200 or so to carry the lake. You then have about 120 to the green, now back uphill. On another hole on the backside you basically have to hit it over (or around) an old barn that guards the green on a dogleg left along with a creek that runs through. Really weird, but I kind of like it. Downside of the course today is that it was packed, and made for a very slow round. Couldn't go anywhere and a lot of walkers in the morning. Was told this is just a normal day on the course. This is a very popular course in the Lincolnton/Maiden area as there are just not a whole lot of options up this way. Clubhouse is ancient and needs some updating, but no big deal. I will be back as it is an excellent value, but I'd probably put it a notch below Verdict Ridge, Red Bridge, Stonebridge, and Edgewater. Seemed a little more like an old school municipal course that is just very well maintained.
  • 7/6/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Best conditions I have ever played in. The fairways, especially, had nice cushiony grass, perfectly mowed, so if you were in the fairway, you had a perfect lie. The layout is very traditional, fairly wide fairways, a few funky dogleg holes to make things interesting. It is a hike, but so are a lot of the best public courses in Charlotte (Eagle Chase, Red Bridge, Verdict Ridge, Edgewater are my favorites). I played as a single and until I ran into a dogfight on the back nine, every group I came up on let me through immediately, without asking - the most uniformly courteous bunch of golfers I have seen.
  • 7/2/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Glen Oaks, Maiden NC   IM4DHERD
    Can't post a review since it is not included in the listing, but everyone should know about Glen Oaks in Maiden, just north of Lincolnton. About 15 minutes further than Verdict Ridge and I rate it over VR in regards to conditions an even layout. A very lush, well established course with lots of water and very well tended traps. A number of holes with a little bit of funky to them, as has VR. Best greens and fairways I have seen in the greater Charlotte area and this has been the case every time I have been there. Greens were a little slow today, but with temps in the 100s, I would rather see a little slow than a little dead.