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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Tillery Tradition Country Club

  • 10/18/17, Review by tvrepairex - Played this course early morning, first time on the new greens. The greens themselves were very good,smooth,medium speed.There were some areas on a few greens that had been sodded at the edges near the fringes.These did not affect our play and I had heard about these in advance through their emails.Fairways were great and the tee boxes for the most part very good.The rough seemed a little thicker than in the past ,but not as bad as some other area courses. The traps on the other hand had not been raked and this had usually been a strength of the course.Maybe because we were out before they got a chance to do them? Overall very good course but they have raised their rates somewhat,thirty five dollars for senior rate in the weekdays.I love the course,but can do better price wise and closer than a 45
  • 10/1/17 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Tillery Tradition Status   BetterThanMost
    They have reopened the course for play. Here's part of an email the club sent out regarding current conditions:

    Golf Course Update!

    Anyone that has played since we have opened knows we have had a slow growing season for our new greens and they have not quite fully grown in. To improve this and give our members and guests a better playing experience we will be Sodding in all the areas that have not grown in within the next 2 weeks.
    We will also be overseeding all of our tee boxes next week with Rye Grass to give them a good coverage for the fall, winter and spring. New Rakes, cups, flags and flagsticks have been ordered to inhance our facility and we exepct those to be delivered next week.
    The ownership and managem!
    ent are committed to do everything we can to create a great experience for our membership and we appreciate your patience through this process.

    It does look like they do not have a website any longer, although their mobile website is still active, but not current. It also appears as if they aren't on any of the tee time services any longer, either. Published rates are $38 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. Twilight rates are $28.

    Also in that area, Badin Golf Club closed suddenly at the end of August. Little to no information is known as to the future of that course.
  • 4/24/17 - Msg Board Posting
    FYI - Tillery Tradition   BetterThanMost
    For anyone who ventures out to Albemarle to play Tillery Tradition, they are regrassing their greens this summer. The course will close on July 5th as they switch from Crenshaw Bentgrass to MiniVerde Bermudagrass. They anticipate reopening on Labor Day Monday.
  • 7/29/16, Review by tvrepairex - Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite courses to play.Being a senior ,the course is challenging but not too long.The fairways were really good with no bare spots and good grass,maybe not "lush" but very good.The traps were raked with plenty of sand ,I know because I found enough of them.The tees were grass covered, but maybe a little too long in places and the rough was fair,thick but not too deep that you lose balls. The bad part were the greens.They always seem to have issues here.They repaired some of them this spring and they grew in well,but now they have major issues again.Lots of large bare areas and sporatic small areas.They just can't keep these bent grass greens alive down there is the heat we are having. The course is trying to up their memberships so they can be a more "upscale" course-higher fees- but it "ain't gonna happen"until they switch greens to champion bermuda or mini verde. The new management that was brought in has a tough job ahead.They want more income,but can't get more players with the greens issues and also the location.If they raise rates,they will lose some of the players they have now.I drive from Concord,because I like the layout and the rates are reasonable for the quality,excepting bad greens,but with a rate increase ,I will not be returning as often.
  • 1/16/16, Review by HittOD - Played this round in January 2016, so Bermuda fairways/rough was dormant. Had rained recently, so very soggy. Full of grass in fairways and roughs, so should be very nice when turns green. Bent greens were very good in design, and average in condition, having areas that never recovered from the summer heat. Very large, modern clubhouse. Good hot dog at the turn. All staff very nice. I definitely look forward to playing this course again when grass starts growing. Good layout. Offer some great deals on Golf Websites, but my 1.75 hour drive will keep me from playing often, and the drive likely limits play from Charlotte golfers.
  • 7/19/15, Review by The B-Man - I used my free Sunday afternoon to make the hour's drive out to Tillery Tradition and play it for the first time. I got there early and enjoyed a nice $15 Sunday brunch at Eagle's Nest. The driving range had multiple tiers and even tees off to the left side where you could practice shorter distances to the short target pins for wedge practice. The staff in the pro shop was friendly and helpful. There are plenty of water stations and restrooms conveniently located around the course, but I was disappointed there was no beverage cart on a brutal 95 degree Sunday afternoon. So how about the course. Well... it's a challenging layout with most holes including some kind of dogleg (unfortunately for my game most of them were dogleg rights) and significant slopes and hills to navigate. You will get many sidehill, downhill and uphill lies, even in the fairway. Tees were fine. Bunkers seemed fine. Alas, the greens. They are bentgrass and I'm sure they keep them a bit longer and slower during the summer to save them. So slow speeds were one issue. The bigger issue was that most greens (almost every one on the back side) had many bare spots with no grass at all. A handful of holes had several areas on the green where they would not be able to put a pin because of the damage. At least one of the pins today was near the problem area, but in most cases the staff did a good job of keeping the bad spots out of play. One green (#3) had significant weeds growing on it, which you had to putt through. Given the sporadic nature of the green issues, I wouldn't call it a huge problem, but I was disappointed to be sure. It was a long drive to get there, I paid $40 and was excited to finally play the course. I won't go back until I hear that the greens are in better shape.
  • 6/14/15, Review by BetterThanMost - First really hot day of golf this year for me. The golf course at Tillery Tradition was in great shape for the most part. The fairways had a decent amount of grass on them, and the greens were rolling well. They were syringing the greens throughout the afternoon as temps approached the high 90's. The 16th green was the only one that I saw with any kind of issues; it had a few bare spots in front. Teeboxes on some holes needed to be mowed a little lower, but I think they are taking precaution with those for the rest of the summer. The rough is starting to thicken up nicely, to the point where finding a stray tee shot is difficult. The course was busier than I expected with the heat, but I was still able to get around in a little over 3.5 hours. The layout is great with doglegs, elevation changes, long and short holes.
  • 4/3/15, Review by Jan - Very enjoyable afternoon on the golf course. Fairways are recovering from a recent aeration and starting to fill in. Greens were in very good shape. This course will be spectacular later in the spring. Staff was very friendly. Not a bad drive from my home in South Charlotte. Very good value for the money.
  • 7/30/14, Review by panthersfann55 - white tees chewed up, fairways great shape, rough ball will sit down in certain areas but fair, some greens showing summer stress but pins were away from these areas. suprisingly not a lot of ball marks even though the greens were soft. bunkers raked and had soft sand. play here once or twice a year due to distance. good value except at 1130am the snack bar had 1 hot dog (still raw) going with at least 10 buns in the machine. eagle chase still has the best dogs.
  • 6/20/14, Review by tvrepairex - Great course,tees good,fairways good,traps fluffy sand and all raked.Greens were good but a tad slow.Had a good online rate.A little bit off the path for Charlotte area golfers,but that just leaves more open tee times for those of us a little closer!
  • 11/3/13, Review by slowmofo - Made the trip up to tillery this weekend. The course is in great shape and this is the time of year for their greens ( bent grass). A couple of fairways are starting to turn brown. It reminded me that oh F#$K winter is almost upon us. Staff was friendly even though we showed up 10 mins late. I really like this course, but the 1hr 5 minute ride isn't fun. I would rather play edgewater or Rock barn if I am driving this far.
  • 9/15/13, Review by tvrepairex - Course in great shape.Fairways are drying out a little but still good.Tee boxes good,traps have a lot of sand and have been raked,the rough is pretty thick so keep an eye on any balls rolling off the fairways.Greens were good except for unfixed ball marks but they rolled true for the most part-medium speed and fair placements. One of my favorite places to play even if a little bit of a drive.
  • 3/8/13, Review by tvrepairex - Course in good shape except it was still a little wet in places from the recent rains so it was cart path only.The greens were good,but a little slower than they looked.Traps for the most part were well raked and loose even with the rains.The staff are always friendly for the most part. We got a great foursome deal for $20 on golf now.
  • 9/14/12, Review by Averageduffer - Course was in great shape overall. Tees and Fairways were excellent. Greens were in overall great condition there where 1 or 2 that had a few rough areas but the crew was out working on them. Pace of play was great it was like we were the only ones there. Will defiantly be back soon.
  • 5/21/12, Review by panthersfann55 - It has been awhile since i have played this course (because of the drive). Awesome shape from tee to green. Best I've played this year. They will aerify june 11/12. I think a lot of courses are shaping up right now because of the lower temps which is great for us golfers.
  • 9/19/11, Review by izzyf150 - This is a nice course aobut a 50 minute drive for me from Indian Trail. They are currently reseeding their greens and therefore have a $25 green fee until Oct. 1. This is not a flat course by any means but still not to bad. I only recall 3 extream holes. One being a steep up hill tee shot. The other two were steep down hill shots. One was about a 185yd. par 3. I never had more hang time on a golf shot in my life (drives included) I half expected my ball to explode into flames when it hit the green. Yardage is marked on cart paths, sprinkler heads and fairway blocks. Sand traps are in great condition and have plenty of nice soft sand. The downside was the greens. Some are sandy, some are furry, and some are a combination of both. It was very hard to find in consistancy with putting. It added a few strokes to the score card for sure. This is a great looking golf course and when they get the greens finished--look out. Considering the greens and the fact that I only had to pay $25, I didnt feel like I got ripped off at all. NICE COURSE!
  • 7/19/10, Review by hvalmer - Had a comp pass to play this course from a friend of mine who lives in Albemarle, so I went out and played last weekend. It took me about an hour and half, so this is a little out of the way for people who live in charlotte, but it was a nice change of pace. course was in above average shape with the greens being in excellent shape. this was my first time playing it and i will be back in the future for a good change of pace.
  • 7/2/10, Review by tvrepairex - Great course.Greens in good shape,rolls true ,fast but not too fast.Lots of traps,mostly well maintained and well placed.Fairways in good shape.Only comment is a couple of the par 3's could have been designed a little better.Cost a little high normally but great value if you buy online.