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Re: Sand Hills/Pinehurst Courses
Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 10/31/19 4:24pm
Tot Hill Farm isn't really near the others, unless you are going through the Asheboro area on the way there or back? About an hour from the Pinehurst area. Same designer as Tobacco Road. Mad...

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Warrior Golf Club

  • 9/1/19, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Warrior since they redid the greens (Bermuda) last summer. They did not disappoint. They rolled great and were in excellent shape. The course is a little more open now as they also removed tons of trees last year. It is a fun layout and has some beautiful holes on the back 9. The rate was great for a holiday weekend afternoon. If you live anywhere near this course, it should be in your regular rotation.
  • 8/3/19, Review by wesleyheightshacker - Greens were fantastic, probably some of the best that I've putted on in Charlotte. The fairways were fine. There were a few tee boxes that were pretty bare with not much grass on them. The bunkers are in bad need of repair as most didn't have much sand in them at all and the edges of some of the bunkers were grass less. The pace of play was pretty slow.
  • 7/2/19, Review by IM4DHERD - The good - Couple of fairways have a few bare spots that make you scratch your head, but none seemingly in play. Otherwise they are lush and beautiful. Greens and fringe are magnificent. Some of teeboxes have some sand repair going on, but overall in great shape. The bad - The traps are thin, hard and have rocks. There are thins and bare areas, particularly at the cart paths but they shouldn't come into play. The ugly - they took out a large number of trees last year and those areas, not in play, are not very appealing. They did, however, have a number of people out working in the heat on these. Bottom line, tee to green as good as it gets.
  • 9/13/18, Review by BetterThanMost - Just want to echo IAM4HERD's review. New greens are great. Fairways are phemomenal! The other new feature is the removal of trees on just about every hole, mostly around the greens. Makes the course much more playable for all ability levels. They have grown the rough up to help combat the tree removal, but you can play out of it. GPS was working on my cart today as well. Definitely back in my rotation.
  • 9/11/18, Review by IM4DHERD - First time at Warrior since the re-do. VERY impressed. The new greens are as perfect as anything around. A little slower than you might think for the way they look, but not shaggy. Perhaps kept a fraction long to keep them healthy. 95% of the fairways are perfect, just a couple spots here and there. Traps look great. I was in a couple and they played well ... Not fluffy, but compacted and raked. I was afraid they were thin, but they weren't. All the tee boxes were as good as any. GPS wasn't on, but I use my own so didn't even ask about it. Might have just needed to flip a switch. For the most part there is a nice 2nd cut, but the third cut can be pretty bare or overly thick. I expect this to be the next priority. Definitely well worth the trip (40 mins) and even the cost.
  • 7/29/18 - Msg Board Posting
    Couple of Updates   BetterThanMost
    Warrior is reopening on Friday, August 3rd for public play. You can now make tee times on their website.

    Revival/Crescent is dealing with some issues on their greens due to a bad batch of chemicals they got earlier this season. They are interseeding their greens with Pure Distinction bent grass, but are still open for play. Additionally, they have cut down several trees around the 3rd green, and are laying sod to bring it back to its original size. If you've played the course, you know the 3rd green has been a problem for several years, so it's good to see that they are remedying it.
  • 6/15/18 - Warrior Golf Club closed for a greens renovation on 5/29. The course is targeting an early August re-open. They are switching over from Bent Grass to Champion G12 Ultra Dwarf Bermuda. They've already removed ~2000 trees to maximize sunlight and airflow to the new greens. Further upgrades to the irrigation system and walk mowers will keep the course in great shape moving forward. They also have a new fleet of golf carts equipped with GPS -- which means they will keep you from getting close to the greens and tees. Mike Cagiano is the new superintendent who started last Fall -- he came over from River Run. The course should have a great setup once it re-opens in August.
  • 4/21/18, Review by MosherH'ville - First review. They've been doing a lot of work at Warrior. Cleared out numerous trees throughout the course, giving it more of an open feel. Greens are rolling true with few if any blemishes. Very pleased here. Rest of the course is growing back nicely, still lots of dead areas but to be expected with extended bouts of cold.
  • 7/5/17, Review by tvrepairex - Fairways good,tee boxes good,The traps had mostly packed sand,luckily I didn't test any of them,but a few of the more out of the way ones had no sand.The only other complaint was that they had lightly sanded the greens,but not punched them.They looked kind of bad ,but actually putted pretty well and had good speed.Without the sand the speed would have been almost too fast.Of course they didn't tell us of the sanding when the tee time was made or when we paid.
  • 11/25/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - Played this course with the B-Man himself. Neither one of us had a particularly good outing, but the course was only partially responsible for the scoring. The fairways were brown, likely due to drought and early winter dormancy. The tee bases were very dry and hard, so much so that it was nearly impossible to insert the tee into several of them. One, or two, of the bunkers were a little ragged, but most were clean, fluffy sand. The two things that affected scoring were the narrow fairways (one of which I believe was only 20 yards wide) and the deep rough. The former, in my opinion, is ridiculous for a public course that caters to amateurs. The narrow fairways aggravated the problem of the rough. It was very difficult to find drives even in the “first cut” and, when trying to play a shot from the rough, it was difficult to get the club face on the ball and the grass grabbed the club face and altered just about every strike. This was my first time playing the course, but the few negatives experienced during this outing will not dissuade me from trying it again, probably next season.
  • 5/23/15, Review by bneuman1 - I don't understand why this course only averages three stars. It's a challenging course with no two holes the same. The par-5's are reachable, there are easy and hard holes, lots of thinking involved, and the greens ARE FANTASTIC! The pro-shop is HUGE and has a great selection of clubs, balls, and apparel. The restaurant has great food for great prices. I highly recommend this course. I liked it so much we played it two days in a row.
  • 8/11/14, Review by golferdude - The newly added GPS to the carts works well. Course was in very good condition with the recent rains. Would give it 5 stars if the greens weren't slow.
  • 7/7/14, Review by golferdude - Greens are well kept but on the slower side due to afternoon watering from lack of rain but hold very well. Fairways are mainly brown (shades of green as the USGA likes to say :) and run fast. Some tees need repair but overall worth playing with the reduced Golfnow rates.
  • 5/25/14, Review by estanwick - Tee boxes: C-/D; greens B (slow but true); fairways: B. Overall: C+. The tee boxes were absolute garbage. I usually like this course but it had issues. If price was about $30 I would recommend it to play. Otherwise, you can probably get something better at this time.
  • 4/13/14, Review by Bogeybryan - Played with a couple of members who helped make it an enjoyable round. Tee boxes really chewed up with basically no turf. Greens had been aerated a week or so ago and still pretty bumpy. Maybe could use a little more top dressing. Rebuilding fairway bunkers on 15 and tee box on 17. Traps dry and raked around greens. Rate is $10 higher than Verdict Ridge and really should be $10 less. Got around in 4 hours. Still an enjoyable course. Hope they invest in some turf for tee boxes.
  • 3/29/14, Review by WallyCleaver - They let the course go. Tee boxes in terrible condition leading to using mats to tee off of. Greens mediocre, bumpy due to mole infestation Price outrageous due to condition of course. If you paid $20 to play then I'm all for it. But not the case. $57 to play on a $20 course. There are much better courses in the area to play and for much cheaper and in better condition
  • 6/10/13, Review by izzyf150 - This course is in decent shape. Fairways were ok, not like Glen Oaks last week, but they were in good shape, nothing to complain about. Greens were in good shape as far as having grass on them, but they sure was putting slow. The funny thing about it is - the greens looked like they would be fast but that just wasn’t the case. Left many putts short today. They screwed up the fringe on a lot of their greens leaving no grass in many spots on many greens. Doesn’t affect the game much unless you miss the green on your approach and you like to putt onto the green instead of chip. Sand traps were in good shape. After reading posts here on the B-man for the last couple of years, this course was in better condition than what I was expecting. Good course in good shape.
  • 5/5/13, Review by Cant3Putt - The course has some issues that I don't recall noticing the last time I played here. The rough is a lot of clover and other mixed grasses. The fairways have greened up and are playable. The tee boxes are doing well and most of them have good grass coverage. The bunkers had plenty of sand in them but most weren't raked. Although, that may have been because of the recent rains, it rained the day we played. The Greens were in good shape and rolling smoothly, the best part of the course. They suffered from unfixed ball marks but that didn't affect play at all. The green surrounds were not great on some holes--very thin to no grass in isolated spots. If they were able to correct the issues with the rough grasses and the green surrounds, I'd give this course 3.5 stars. Lastly, Warrior is a nice golf club with a friendly staff and a challenging golf layout.
  • 5/4/13, Review by Chipper24 - We have been playing the Warrior Golf Club for many years now. The Warrior is a hidden gem in the Charlotte area. The greens are always some of the best around. Greens rolls smooth and true. Fairways are usually in good shape. This trip had about 60% of the bermuda coming out and green. Tee to green is always nice. The greens are always awesome. This is a nice layout with some good birdie holes and some good risk/reward holes. The holes are spread out so walking is not the best idea. They have all concrete path and nice Club Cars. There are very few homes on the course and not a single one of them is close to being in play. There is a nice laid back kind of vibe at the Warrior which is another reason I like it. It's one place we can play and know in advance what we will get for our money. It's also one of the few places that will actually tell you when they are going to punch their greens and discount the price for the weeks following.
  • 4/20/13, Review by Eric - The fairways have greened up nicely since the last time I played here, still not plush but able to find grass to hit from. The greens were in great shape, no problems, and the ball rolled nicely.
  • 3/17/13, Review by Eric - The good - the greens were hard and fast and the ball rolled true. The bad -- there was no grass in the fairways or on the white tee boxes. Hitting from the fairway was like hitting off dirt. The white tee boxes were just sand for the most part. The worst part is that have gone up to spring time rates with the course in winter time condition. I really like this course but was very disappointed paying spring rates on a course in bare winter condition.
  • 9/15/12, Review by 4Putts - Course generally in decent shape but the greens are pretty beat up
  • 7/29/11, Review by Jova007200 - Fairways were in good shape. Having been on a golfing hiatus for the past two years, I didn't have much trouble hitting off of them. Any trouble was linked to my degrading skills rather than the surface. Considering the horrible heat and increasingly sparse rain, I'd say the fairways looked good. The greens could use a little attention, as old divot marks and debris was somewhat plentiful. However, it didn't do too much to affect putting. The pace on Friday morning wasn't bad, and it allowed for us to play as a twosome. We had a twosome ahead and behind. A foursome up the way slowed things down a bit, but that was just the contrasting numbers, and it wasn't all that abnormal. The folks behind hit into us a few times, and it really got annoying. I can understand how annoying it can be when people are going dismally slow, but there is no excuse for hitting into somebody because you're in a hurry to be a Pro. That is dangerous. Next time I report it! ;) In conclusion, The Warrior is a great course that won't force you to remove an arm to play. I will definitely play this one again as I begin my re-emergence into the golf world!
  • 7/3/11, Review by The B-Man - My first time here and overall I enjoyed it. The pro shop attendant was very nice and when I asked about the conditions he admitted the greens were in good shape but slower than normal since they can't cut them as low due to the heat. He was right. The greens were all immaculate, but they were slower than I would have liked. The rest of the course conditions were so-so, I thought. It's a little rough around the edges. A few of the tee boxes were bad - #7 stood out. A few fairways had some bad patches or were brown/thin. None of that really affected play much, but it took away from the aesthetics for sure. The layout is challenging but fair. The carts have nice hole layout guides with helpful tips. I would love to come back here when the greens are quicker and the course is more lush. I imagine it's awesome in the spring.
  • 9/24/10, Review by tvrepairex - Course is good except for thick rough and narrow fairways as one other poster said.It is real easy to lose a ball 2 feet off the fairways because of the height and thickness of the rough cut.The greens were in good condition except for one or two tough pin placements.They rolled good and had no dead areas.
  • 8/22/10, Review by BallStriker - Warrior, like many courses in the area, is in rough shape. The greens were soft and bumpy with bare spots (another trend in the area.) What I don't understand is the rough- it was as high as 5-6 inches in some spots. It looked like it had not been cut in a while and, like the last reviewer mentioned, you could easily lose balls just off the fairway. Most of the bunkers looked like they were washed out. Honestly, it looks like they've given up on conditions for the summer. Very disappointing.
  • 8/12/10, Review by mattbeachum - I had always heard great things about this course and have had this course on my list of courses to play for a while. Finally got around to it and I wish I hadn't set expectations so high. The course was very well designed and the upkeep is amazing. It's very pleasing to look at and a good mix of holes. However, the rough is BRUTAL, to say the least. I loath hitting a decent shot and losing a ball. Local knowledge of where fairways are cut is a HUGE advantage. The greens, minus a few blemishes, rolled great, yet were a bit too receptive. I'm not good enough to stop a 2-iron in 18 inches, yet that's what happened. Definitely worth the drive, fun to play, but bring the $20 bag of used Wally World balls, leave the Pro V1's at home.
  • 7/9/10 - Msg Board Posting
    @Wade Re: Warrior   t2green2
    We played Warrior July 4th and could not have been happier with the condition of the greens. There is still some poana in the greens but they are well water and roll very true. Other than the occasional issue with ball marks not being fixed the greens are in great shape.

    The Fairways are a bit hard but considering how little rain we have had of late I can over look that. The Tee boxes for the middle tees were not in very good shape at all. They appear to have killed off some tee boxes and are trying to grow new grass.

    Hope this helps,
  • 6/5/10, Review by TwinsDad - Made the drive up to Warrior and was not disappointed. Fairways are very narrow, and with all the rain the rough was pretty thick. A good layout with a variety of holes. At least 3 of the par 5's are reachable in 2. Greens were in excellent shape, although speed was slow. Not sure if this was due to the rain or not. Very friendly staff. Nice yardage books in the carts which were a big help to a first timer. Took about 50 minutes to get there from Matthews, but I would make the drive again.
  • 7/16/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Recent Play   Elsupremo
    3 July - Played Warrior for the first time. Pretty impressive. Course was in great shape, greens, tee boxes, everything. Well worth the drive. Playing partner walked on and shot four over, the annoying b@$t@rd.

    4 July - Olde Sycamore - Was in it's usual immaculate shape. Of the 30 or so public/semi-private courses I've played in this area, I think this is the nicest and also the most difficult.

    5 July - Tega Cay. Second time I've played here. I think it's a very nice course but it is another one that doesn't believe in bunker maintenance. I've noticed that about several courses in the area.

    12 July - Skybrook - Played here several times and it's always in great shape but it's also one of those courses that could use a little more bunker maintenance. It is on the Carolina Trail now but not part of any of the packages. Not sure what the deal is there.

    13 July - Stonebridge - Nice course but it is a haul from Huntersville. Again, bunker maintenance. How hard is it to go in, turn over the bunkers and rake them smooth. I don't get it. I know, I know, if you don't hit into them you won't have that problem. Whatever.

    Playing Pinetuck on the 18th and Eagle Chase on the 19th. I'll write up something about Pinetuck next week.
  • 10/13/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Warrior in China Grove   mtharpster
    for anyone looking for a great course of the betten path try Warrior in China Grove (i85exit 68 to 152 n) about 25 min. from Concord Mills. this is a great course in perfect conditon rates about $56 but well worth it, having played many Pro level courses this is not far behind. If the grow the rough and fasten up the greens a bit could host a tour event.
  • 7/22/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: More reviews   Jamie
    To Hans, The Warrior is a good course. I played it earlier this week. Well laid out, good variety of holes, well manicured. The play was a little slow, but that may be because it's popular in that area. The greens, although very soft and spongy, were in good condition. It's worth a look.
  • 7/25/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Warrior Golf in China Grove   Michael
    I made the 30 minute drive to China Grove and it was well worth it. I teed off at 4:00 on a Saturday and it cost $25 with cart. I was able to play 18 and then another 7 holes before it became too dark. The course was in phenomenal shape, the holes were spaced out nicely and it borders a lake on several holes. The fairways were pretty wide, so the beginning/intermediate player can still have alot of fun here.

    I read some descriptions about the course being very secluded. I would say those reviews need to be updated, as they are developing on portions of the course.

    I played The Divide two weeks ago and this course was much nicer and in considerably better shape. I"ll be back at this course several times in the next month.

    If you're willing to drive a little outside of Charlotte, its worth the trip...