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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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Monroe Country Club

  • 2/6/19, Review by jaydee - First time playing here. Fairways and greens in good shape for time of year, greens were fast and true. While playing back nine couldn't help but noticed excessive noise from major highway . Front nines greens are small and raised making for short shots rolling back off putting surface. All in all liked course except for "road noise".
  • 9/3/18, Review by The B-Man - My review may be slightly biased by my score. I shot a career best 73 with 4 birdies. I was a little worried before I teed off because the putting green was not in great shape. The greens on the course were fine though. Not perfect but they rolled pretty well and I was able to make some putts. Some were tricky to read as the bermuda blades have dried out in the summer heat. Tees and fairways were fine. I was only in 2 bunkers and they had no issues. The rough in a few places was pretty penalizing and deep enough you might not find your ball unless you step on it (raises hand). I won't say too much though because the thick rough kept one errant tee shot in play for me. This course is very reasonably priced and now has tee times online. The starter was friendly and offered to let me go off #10 as a single so I wouldn't be held up. I ran into a maintenance worker on several holes who was filling fairway divots with sand and generally checking things out. That was good to see. Nick Jacobi runs a great course and you should check it out when you can!
  • 7/20/18, Review by Jdog85 - From Tee to Green course in outstanding condition. Recommend a trip around this track staff does a good job keep this course looking good.
  • 6/24/18, Review by aepfeiffer - I've said it a few times over the past few months, but if you aren't playing at Monroe CC you are not doing yourself a favor, the price, the conditions and everything are outstanding! They just punched the greens just over 2 weeks ago and the greens were in perfect condition and rolling quick!! Go out and play this course!!
  • 5/27/18, Review by mattc1323 - Fun little course. Greens are in great shape. They let a walker go off in front of us, at 8:00am, caused us to have a 5 hour round. Very frustrating, but the course is a solid play at a great price.
  • 4/14/18, Review by jscum13 - You know how you get stuck behind that one group?? That one group that plays so slow and is a hole behind the entire round. Turns your 4 hour round in to 5 hours. That happened to our group today and no one at Monroe did anything about it, including the head pro Nick who came out to the course, saw a group well behind and did nothing about it. A member of our group even said something to him about the pace of play and he rudely blew him off. He was an eye witness to an errant shot that nearly hit my playing partner on the fly, with no fore call, and he did nothing to reprimand that group. Thatís the head pro of a public course ignoring the request of a paid golfer. Nick and his staff did nothing to speed these guys up. The greens were great and fast and the course is coming in slowly, but that was a really bad look for a course I (used to) hold to high regard. Safe to say I wonít be back.
  • 4/6/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is really coming in, fairways trying their best to grow in, with some rain and warm weather this course will possibly be the best public course around Charlotte this year, the greens are ultra smooth and quick usually, this course is a fun course to play, the front 9 and back 9 play totally different and the staff are super friendly, I've played here quite often lately due to the quality of the course versus others and usually play pretty quick except a few times! If you want good greens and a good course layout overall then this is the place to play!!!
  • 8/6/17, Review by The B-Man - This was a tale of two nines. The front nine caters to members, walkers and families. So even teeing off at 4:15, it was a very slow front 9. The front 9 is also the more difficult nine with small tricky greens and elevation changes that can make it difficult to get a good lie. I breezed through the back 9 in about 75 minutes with almost no one playing the full 18. I came within inches of an eagle on #12. All in all I had a fun round and the course was just how I remember it and expected it to be. The greens will not make a mark so they are all in good shape and rolling quick. And man was it cheap for a Sunday afternoon!
  • 5/10/17, Review by dad4204 - Fairways were a little thin, but not too bad. The senior tees were way up near the reds on most holes. Tees Ok, Bunkers really good. Greens perfect. Rolled very true. Most divots were filled with sand, congrats to the people who play there.
  • 9/3/16, Review by scrillthedeal13 - Once again course was in perfect condition, even after the torrential rains that hit the area on 9/2. Played in under 4 hours, even with it being cart path only. Love this course and will continue playing it every chance I get!
  • 8/27/16, Review by tmathes - Iíve played Monroe Country Club four or five times and each of the previous rounds has been very enjoyable. The exception was today. We had a foursome and teed off at 9:20. From the 8th hole on we had a ranger monitoring us on EVERY SINGLE HOLE. He complained that there were two holes open in front of us. Well duh! From 8:58am till we teed off at 9:20 nobody teed off ahead of us so, yeah, there were two open holes ahead of us. Then when we finished the front nine, a guy told us we were 20 minutes behind. Really? The last few rounds Iíve played there have been completed in 4:15 and Iíve never been warned by a marshal for slow play. Then on the back nine we had a marshal still with us timing us on each hole. Bottom line is we finished the round in 4 hours and 10 minutes, which to me is about the norm. Now according to ďyour rulesĒ you pretty much have to finish 18 holes in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Now really, donít most people work all week to go out and have an enjoyable round of golf? With this kind of treatment to players it is ANYTHING BUT ENJOYABLE. It was the first time the three other players in my group had ever played Monroe Country Club and judging by what they said at the end, it will be their last. Mine too. If the 3 hour and 40 minute time is what they demand for 18 holes then turn the thing private because I donít know too many golfers who want to have to hurry through their round.
  • 7/16/16, Review by jscum13 - Never said this for a course before but Monroe was PERFECT. Probably because we played behind the club championship and there is a US Amateur Qualifier next week. The course was pristine, greens running lightning quick around a 12 the head pro said. Fairways perfect. Rough perfect. Bunkers perfect. If you like quick, pure greens like I do then get out there while you can folks.
  • 5/1/16, Review by GetThere214 - Course was is very good shape. Everything has greened up nicely and the greens were very good. Played in the early afternoon and we were done in 3.5 hours. Was an enjoyable round and looking forward to playing again.
  • 4/3/16, Review by ImYourHuckleberry - Far and away the best public course in the Charlotte area. The front nine is typical Donald Ross with small elevated greens surrounded by runoffs in all directions with deep bunkers. The Tom Jackson designed back 9 is much more open than the front 9 and has quite a bit more length. BEST GREENS IN CHARLOTTE! Put's Ballantyne Resort to shame at 1/3 of the price!
  • 10/22/15, Review by hotrod jb - The course is in great shape. Fairways were a little thin in some places but the greens are perfect! I played as a solo in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Good value in the area
  • 8/3/15 - Msg Board Posting
    Lost PW   jscum13
    long shot here but worth a shot with the amount of local traffic bman's site gets...I left a PW - or so I think - on the 18th green of Monroe Country Club on Saturday 08.01.15. It's a taylormade rocket bladez PW custom projectx shaft 5.5 flighted gwith a red and black golf pride grip. Since the finders of the club didn't turn it in, if anyone sees this club online somewhere please contact me. It's a costly replacement so I'm just hoping for a prayer here. Thanks
  • 8/1/15, Review by jscum13 - I love this Donald Ross track, the back 9 more so than the front, but it has his hand print all over it with false fronts and elevated greens. The course tee to green was perfect. The greens had just been aerated about a week and we didn't know about it, but they rolled pretty good for the most part. There were some greens that had a bunch of sand on to fill the aeration, but they placed the pins away from most of the heavy stuff. Good pace of play with marshals all over the course to navigate play. I did lose my PW on the last hole I guess and can't find it. Called the pro shop but no one turned it in I guess. Other than that, it was an awesome day and a great course.
  • 7/14/15, Review by scrillthedeal13 - Been playing here since I was a kid (2000 -present). Unfortunately, I'm no longer a member, though I will probably join again soon. This course has improved significantly over the years with the bunker modifications + champion Bermuda greens. Monroe CC is in great shape, with some of the quickest Champion Bermuda greens in the business. Though the course isn't long, (6700 from the tips) it can play tough depending on how the pins are set up. Stay below the hole on the front nine and keep your drives in play on the back. On the front, its imperative to miss in the right spots around the greens (as is typical of DR courses). Best course in Monroe for the money, great fairways, with fast undulating greens. Check it out!
  • 7/7/15, Review by dad4204 - Monroe is in great shape. Fairways perfect. Greens fast and true. I loved it.
  • 6/29/15, Review by GinMillDJ - Course was crowded, but played at a good pace for a Sunday. Rangers on the course helped. Greens were in very good shape and considering the very hot and dry conditions, the fairways are holding up. A few brown and bare patches here and there, but nothing that interfered with the game too much.
  • 5/13/15, Review by Jan - Course is in excellent shape. Greens are fast and true. This was my first time playing here, The staff was friendly. The course is not well-marked. There are no signs directing you to the location of the 10th tee. Its a good thing we were paired up with a couple who had been there previously. Rangers were present to keep the pace of play moving along. Most were pleasant, although one told our group that we were one minute behind the expected pace after 14 holes. I thought that was a bit ridiculous.
  • 11/5/14, Review by oneputt - Playing at MCC is a real treat! What a throw back to older times and really stately courses. Of course the DR front nine is not only fun to play but it is also typical DR, fast greens with plenty of breaks. The greens were perfect. They held shots, rolled true and were very quick. The fairways were in good shape. Bunkers had plenty of sand and were dry. The rough was thick in places and thin in others. No problem with leaves, yet. On the back nine the greens were in great shape but not as fast or challenging as the front greens. The layout has the more modern feel but it is very pretty and challenging. Golf here at MCC is worth every minute of the drive that it takes to find the place. Great Golf.
  • 10/2/14, Review by syncgolf - This is the second time I've played this course. Great value. Well worth the $40 to play. Front nine old school Donald Ross course and back nine "modern" Tom Jackson. Both sides had perfect fairways, bunkers were perfect and greens rolled fast and smooth at about at 10. Had a nice chat with the head professional, Nick Jacoby who is was very personable! Give it a try it well worth it!
  • 8/30/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - Course in very nice condition overall. Fairways, bunkers, tee boxes good. Greens in great shape but wicked fast on downhill putts. Pins were placed in very difficult positions and near edge of greens. Made putting very difficult with the pace and placement causing me several 3 putts. I could never get a good feel for the greens.
  • 6/22/14, Review by The B-Man - Playing conditions were very good. I jumped on for a late Sunday afternoon tee time at $38. Not as much of a deal as it used to be, though I could have gotten $5 if I had bought a Clickit coupon ahead of my round. There were 3 groups stacked ahead of me on the tee box, but once I got through the initial foursome on the 3rd hole, I was clear til about the 6th green. Then it was slow going for the final 12 holes. Still only a 4 hour round, but a little frustrating. The greens are in good shape and nary a blemish, yet they are vexing to me -- difficult to read and so fast downhill that there are some impossible greenside shots and pin locations (ex. left of #2 green). Also, yardages are tough to come by on this course other than the 200/150/100 plates in the fairway and on the cart paths. With elevation changes on many holes, it can be tough to get a good number. Not helping me today was the greenskeeper who randomly colored the flags -- they are supposed to indicate front/middle/back, but at least 1/3 of the flags were colored wrong for today's pin location. Sloppy. Overall, this is a good value course but not one of my favorites.
  • 6/15/14, Review by metallikviper - This is probably the best value golf course out there. For $38 on the weekend this course is in excellent shape. It has a very nice old school course layout. The greens are rolling smooth and the fairways are in good shape. Didn't get in any bunkers, but they looked to be in good shape. Also, I was really happy with the 4 hour round of golf, which is real treat on the weekends. I wish their driving range wasn't so far away and you can't go wrong with $2 domestics. I would highly recommend playing here if you can make the drive.
  • 2/22/14, Review by DriveCannon - Considering the time of year and recent snow falls the course was in solid shape. The greens had minimum bumps and rolled true for the most part, except for variations in roll speed from green to green. The fairways were in good shape except for a lot of wet spots due to the rain. Overall this course was relatively consistent with its normal year around maintained conditions, especially when paying only $24. The only con of the day was the extremely slow pace of play. I believe this was due to everyone experiencing cabin fever and Saturday was the first warm golf day in a while.
  • 7/29/13, Review by slowmofo - Wow, what a great course. Very old school feel. The front 9 ross design you could tell was evident with the elevated upside down saucer greens. The back jackson side was great as well. I will def be playing here more often especially if I can continue to get this price. It seems that the course drains pretty nicely because we had some balls that were just running down the fairways. The best part of this place is the greens. Full and probably some of the fastest greens I have played this year. I def will be back
  • 7/27/13, Review by KeystoneUTK - I played this the previous day, they cut the greens in between and the greens played much tougher. The greens were fast, I had some terrible putts adjusting from Friday to Saturday. Ended up with 9 more strokes in putting from my Friday round. With the greens being cut it may become my favorite course for the price and location. Not a bad drive from South Charlotte and everything is in good condition. Pro and staff are all very friendly.
  • 7/26/13, Review by KeystoneUTK - First time playing this course and really liked it. They hadn't mowed the greens and you could attack the hole with your putts. I was impressed with the conditions of the tees, fairways, and greens. Would of preferred them cut but it made for a small amount of putts. Very open course, I think I played from the wrong fairway on 4 holes on the front, couldn't get off the tee but that's my own problem. Clickit had the $16 hot deal posted Friday morning so I took advantage. Played by myself and was done in just under 3 hours playing two balls on several holes.
  • 7/15/13, Review by oneputt - Very wet. Fairways had not been mowed as we played. Many embedded balls in the fairways. Greens were super! Love the layout. Especially the original nine. Back nine was also well done. Shop staff very friendly and eager to make sure experiences were good. Will certainly head out there again soon. When and if it dries up some.
  • 5/11/13, Review by metallikviper - I really like this course and its layout. I would play here more if it wasn't so far away. Greens were beautiful, tee boxes lush and fairways were green. The roughs could use a bit of trimming however. Definitely worth the $37 clickit is charging.
  • 4/30/13, Review by hotrod jb - Only played the back 9 but the course is in great shape! Tee boxes, fairways, and greens are all in prime condition. The only flaw was the bunkers from all the rain we had this weekend but you can't control that. Love this place so much I became a member....
  • 4/14/13, Review by hotrod jb - This course is really coming in pretty nice. The greens are in great shape and the fairways are greening up great. Looking forward to playing here a bunch this year. Back 9 is great!
  • 4/5/13, Review by Chant72 - The best $21 you can spend in the Charlotte area. Front nine by Ross and back nine by Tom Jackson of Cliffs at Glassy fame. Would have been a blast to play in its prime. Though not quite to the level, reminds me a bit of Bethpage in that the bones are there - the course could be a state gem if given the right funding and attention. This is not meant as a knock on current conditions, which are generally good - especially given the time of year. The front nine fits a lot of character into a little space, working hilly terrain and finishing with four holes near the lake. The back nine has a more modern feel, is much longer but keeps tradition with classic-feel raised, and often guarded, greens.
  • 11/9/12, Review by JHG - Great course with lots of character. Greens are excellent as is the rest of the course.
  • 10/20/12, Review by metallikviper - First time playing this course. Played here on Saturday for a best ball tournament hosted by a friends company. The course is in great shape. Tee boxes and bunkers were well maintained. Fairways and greens were perfect. The fairways were almost country club like. The greens were mini-verde and didn't seem to leave divots so were in good condition. If the drive wasn't so long I would be playing here more often. I highly recommend this course even if the drive is long. Clickit is running a $37 weekend coupon which is a real value.
  • 6/23/12, Review by dongtrgolfer - First time playing here. Tee boxes and fairways perfect. Greens in good shape and fast. The only knock was the group in front of us was slow on the back nine. The woman in the pro shop tried to get us out in front of them but we were waiting on.two guys from our foursome. I like the course as there are some easy holes and some hard holes. Fairways had real nice grass to hit from, like a nice private club. Great price and value. Little bit of a haul from Charlotte and traffic through Monroe. I will be back here again.
  • 6/8/12, Review by Orion - A friend and I went to Monroe for 9 holes after work. We were able to go out to the back 9. We were extremely impressed. The tee boxes and fairways were absolutely fantastic. The greens had a little bit of damage, but were still very nice. I highly recommend this course to anybody in the area. Great value and a great course.
  • 1/2/12, Review by izzyf150 - This course is in good shape right now. This is a good course to play when the weather has been wet. The whole course just seems to drain well. I have nothing bad to say about this course really except for a couple of personal issues. The greens are hard (especially the front 9) and the greens are fast (faster then most). If this stuff doesnt bother you consider giving this course a try, especially just after wet weather. Your day will be less soggy and you can probably avoid a cart path only day that you would have a another golf course.
  • 5/26/11, Review by The B-Man - I try to play here when I can, but it's sometimes difficult to get tee times. They get quite a bit of member / local play and don't start tee times until 8am. I kinda feel like an outsider here since I'm not a regular. So I can't say the course / staff is overly welcoming. I did manage to be the first one off today and the lady let me go at 7:45, but several holes were still being watered, well after 8:00 too. So I had to dodge waterfalls on a few holes. The course is in really good shape, but I'm not a huge fan of the greens here. Only one had issues (#12 with bare spots being repaired) and the rest were nicely manicured. The problem is that the greens have a very pronounced grain where your uphill putts are extremely slow, downhill putts fast and almost every putt has alot of break. So it was difficult for me to make even 5-10 footers consistently. Tees, fairways and bunkers were all in good shape and I do enjoy the layout (which should play really easy, but there are some tricky holes and OB stakes). Fore warning -- they are aerating the greens over the next couple of weeks. So it may be late June before you want to come back if you don't get out there in the next week.
  • 2/20/11, Review by estanwick - Greens were lightning fast. Some pin placements were impossible to keep your putts on the green if you were above the hole. Tee boxes= B; fairways= B; Greens= B+ (if the speed was slower I would give it a better rating).
  • 12/1/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Robert Trent Jones   DrSchteeve
    Played Monroe Country Club last Sunday (conditions were perfect, BTW). Front 9 (used to be back) is classic RTJ design - small, lumpy, humpbacked greens well guarded by bunkers on usually quite short holes. What a blast to (try to) play - so much more interesting that the Tom Jackson back 9, and I generally like TJ designs (Eagle Chase, Olde Sycamore, Cheraw State Park). I'm going to be trying to find more RTJ courses to play - locally I know one of the Mooresville Muni 9's is RTJ, Charlotte Country Club (ultra private), otherwise not sure where there are some.
  • 8/8/10, Review by estanwick - Monroe CC: Tees: B+; Fairways: B+; Greens: A-. Overall compared to other courses (springfield, Regent etc,) this course is in very good shape. The greens had no signs of heat or disease damage and in very good condition. It is very easy to lose a golf ball in the rough here due to the thickness. It is not an extremely long course but well worth the drive to play this course. Pace of play: 4 1/2 hours on Sunday morning.
  • 8/14/09 - Played on 8/13. The greens are back from aeration and were in fine shape. Very quick. You don't expect these greens to be fast or even that smooth to look at them, but play 18 holes on them and you'll be a believer. The fairways were also in awesome shape. The rough was thick and difficult. I lost at least one ball in it because on many holes you wouldn't find your ball unless you walked right over it. This was more true on the back 9 than the front. One odd issue was the white tee markers were missing today, pulled off to the side. I believe they did this for a tournament, but I was teeing off from what I guessed at the typical spots were -- since the Blues are too long and the Golds too short. I'm pretty sure the whites will be back in place next time. Overall, the course played nicely and I'll be back.
  • 7/5/09 - Played on 7/5 and thought the course was in very good shape. The greens were fairly slick and rolled pretty true. The tees, fairways and bunkers were all good. The rough was actually cut so it wasn't too bad (compared to a few other nearby courses I've played recently where you can lose a ball in the rough). Overall I had another awesome round of golf here. I teed off as a single at 3:45 and had the course to myself until the 13th hole where I played through another single. Then I was good until the 17th tee. Even with the wait on the last 2 tees, it was a 3 hour round on a Sunday afternoon. Perfect. One bit of bad news... the course is closed Monday and Tuesday (7/6 and 7/7) as they aerate the bermuda greens. Too bad, I have lots of chances for golf in the next 2 weeks and wanted to come back soon, but now I'll wait.
  • 6/14/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Monroe C.C.   J.D.
    Based on some of the recommendations on this site, I tried Monroe earlier today. This course has oodles of unrealized potential. 6725 from the tips is deceptive, because it plays a lot longer with all the uphill approach shots. Layout was very interesting -- the Ross front 9 is typical Ross with very tough challenges around the greens; the Jackson back 9 is even more interesting and challenging. Tee boxes and fairways were in good shape. Rough was THICK and difficult. Bunkers were in great shape.

    Two gripes: 1) No driving range. (It HAS a driving range, but it's so far away from the clubhouse that they discourage you from using it.) 2) The front 9 greens are really bumpy.

    I've read here that they recently re-did what is now the back 9. If they do the same to the front, this course can be a really great diamond in the rough.

    My suggestion: they should pour more money into the course and raise the rates a little, so this course can reach it's real potential.
  • 5/25/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Course Update   Dave
    Played Monroe CC Friday. I have nothing to add to B-Man's comments except to second them. If you get a chance, go play it.

    Played Waterford Saturday. Course was in really good shape. Tee boxes were a little beat up but it's hard to take care of them when the course gets a lot of play. This is my second favotrite Trail course after Skybrook.

    Played Eagle Chase Monday. Course was in great shape. Even with all the rain we had it was still 90 degrees. There are a lot of elevation changes on this course but I don't find it gimmicky. I wish it was closer to the house.
  • 5/4/09 - Today was my first chance to play here since they redid the other 9 greens last summer. This is one of my favorite places to play, both for the course conditions and the price. It's a fun course, with a mix of easy and difficult holes. You can post a good score here. Today the conditions were awesome. They've flipped the nines, which I think made total sense. You now start right out in front of the clubhouse and finish with a par 5 (as opposed to a tough uphill par 3). The flow of holes is a lot better. The renovated greens were great, consistent and quick. They vastly improved a couple of them by leveling the more extreme greens (now holes #2 and #4). I liked the results, a lot more fair. Did I mention it's only $37 on the weekend? Wow. Best value in the Charlotte area, period. I'll be back soon and often.
  • 5/10/08 - Played on 5/10. Well, the news is good on course conditions here, but time is short. I found out that they are planning to close the front 9 on 5/19 and redo the greens like they did with the back 9 last summer. My round here was great. The course was in wonderful condition and the greens were pretty good. We showed up as a twosome without a tee time at 7:30 on Saturday and they were able to fit us in with another group before 9:00. Lots of member play here. If you live near the course, consider joining. The membership fees are the best deal in the Charlotte area. Even the regular rack rates are low. And the food and drinks in the clubhouse are also cheap. I wish I lived closer. I'd make this course my home.
  • 2/29/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Monroe Country Club   Terry
    I am fairly new to Charlotte and have found Monroe CC to be porbably the most challenging layout I have played, especially in winter conditions. The Ross nine can be extremely difficult if you start missing greens or end up on the wrong side of a slope or false front. The greens are running at almost US Open speeds at times. Above the pin? Forget it! You will need to be able to get up and down from 30-45 yds. Not a long course but keeping it in play is a must. If you love Ross courses or old courses in general this is a must.

    When compared to the $55 + rounds at other courses in the area $35 on a weekend is truly a bargain.
  • 7/6/07 - Alert: I had heard rumors that Monroe CC was working on the course and so I called today to find out. They are indeed rebuilding the greens on the back 9 [corrected] and it is closed until sometime in August (they would not give a definite date). So you would have to play the front 9 twice. Give 'em a call next month before you play.
  • 5/21/06 - Played on 5/20. First time back in almost 2 years. I missed it. This course can be fun, with straightforward par 5's that give you real chances at birdies (I made 3 of 4!). This course is generally in the Charles T, Larkhaven mold of laid back and sometimes less than pristine shape. It deserves more credit. With lots of local play and memberships, this course stays in good shape. Greens were solid, tees and fairways were fine. They've added fairway bunkers on a few holes and cleared some brush from the trees lining some fairways, giving you more chances to find an errant shot. I had a great time for $27 on a Saturday afternoon. Can't beat that deal.
  • 6/18/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Monroe   Jim
    Played at Monroe Golf Course today. Always in good shape but NOT now. Tee boxes had no grasss. Greens, which have always been excellent, are shot! They were hard as stone and were mostly dirt. What happened?
  • 5/30/04 - Course is in average shape. Greens are a bit dried out and patchy, but still rolled relatively true. Since the last time I played here, the course has upgraded several holes with brand new bunkers, adding difficulty. I enjoy playing here for the change of pace, but the conditions are always a notch below the better local courses around town.