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Demo Day at Lincoln CC
Posted by: The B-Man
on 4/22/19 10:14pm
I received a note from Jody Saunders, the GM at Lincoln Country Club, about a Demo Day. Check it out: I'm the GM at Lincoln CC and thought your readers might be interested in our demo day coming...

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Edgewater Golf Club

  • 3/9/19, Review by TheClaw - After my last review I was not excited to come to Edgewater but I was signed up to play in a tournament. I had low expectations this time but was actually pleasantly surprised as I noticed a definite improvement over last time. They have done some work on some of the bunkers that were really bad my previous outing. They also have clearly been removing a lot of trees and vegetation to the betterment of the course. The greens were excellent. I take back what I said about not worth the drive from Charlotte, I am not giving up on this course yet and neither should you.
  • 2/2/19, Review by TheClaw - Was inevitable I guess, but this course is going backwards fast. Greens are still good, everything else is just ok to terrible. The range balls were in terrible condition, half the bunkers are red clay. They are taking out a lot of bunkers as well so what is left are massive holes that look terrible with signs that say "GUR". Some of the "cart path only" signs look like they were created by children. The starter said they use red, white and blue flags to show the pin positions but some of the flags had been stolen so he said it is a mix. They have no other way to tell where the pin is (no pin position map on the cards or anything). I feel bad for the course as it obviously doesn't make enough money from rounds to make ends meet. For those who live in Charlotte this course is no longer worth the drive to play.
  • 7/16/18, Review by GungaGalunga - Course is in great shape tee to green. Greens are left a little long for heat tolerance and therefore a little slower than usual, but roll true. Worth the drive every time.
  • 7/7/18, Review by TheClaw - Greens were in awesome shape, a little sandy but still great overall. Fairways and tee boxes in great shape (which is expected as remote and quiet as this course is). The best thing about this course is standing on the 3rd green we could not see or hear another human being. Very tranquil and enjoyable place to play. My only grip is some bunkers are orange and muddy, while others are completely filled with new white sand. The course does not rake the new white sand bunkers though so you can actually get a worse lie in them than the orange bunkers cos the sand is so fluffy. Minor issue though. Overall though a great place to play, conditions always fantastic, pace of play is always great as it is so quiet. Definitely worth the haul from Charlotte.
  • 4/21/18, Review by MGOBLUE - Love Edgewater, conditions were perfect. My only complaint was a near 5 hour rd of golf. We waited on every tee box with no ranger in sight to speed up play.
  • 9/24/17, Review by HittOD - Greens 2.75/5 (some spottiness due to being bent grass coming out of hot time of the year, and aeration recently)., Fairways 4/5 (nice), Traps 2.5/5 ( many need more sand), Clubhouse/Staff 5/5 (always great). Course Layout 4/5 (nice mix of holes) From my experience playing bent greens, I expect the greens at Edgewater to be much nicer by the end of October after some cooler nights.
  • 7/4/17, Review by TheClaw - Greens, tees and fairways are still perfect. They just need to fix the bunkers and they would get 5/5 stars.
  • 6/17/17, Review by TheClaw - The only thing stopping me from giving a perfect rating is that the bunkers need sand and the carts have no sand bottles to fill divots with. Good news is that staff told me they are working on both. Apart from that the tees, fairways and greens were all perfect. Great staff in the pro shop as well. This course is in beautiful shape, it is well worth the drive from charlotte.
  • 6/26/16, Review by jscum13 - Second trip down to Lancaster for this hidden gem. Really fun track. Greens are bent grass and in really good condition. If you are from the North and used to bent grass, this is a course you'll love to roll the pearl on. Fairways, rough and tee boxes a bit dry from the drought, plus heat, the Carolinas have had last few weeks. Couple beautiful, scenic holes that stick with you after the round. Highly recommend. 50 minute drive from Charlotte.
  • 6/5/16, Review by DMR plugger - Avoided the Rain until the 18th hole: The fairways and greens are in very good shape, some bare spots along the fringe and sand in the bunkers is lacking. It's a fun course to play and provides good opportunities for everyone to score well, the greens held the ball and rolled true. The Staff, beyond excellent! Highly recommend it's a favorite even if it is over an hour away.
  • 3/31/16, Review by oneputt - This course is such a pleasure to play! From the minute I arrived on the property I was attended to as if it were a private cc. The practice range was being sanded so it was not in the best shape. The range balls were really in bad shape. The course itself was as good as could be expected for this time of the year. Things are beginning to green up nicely. Putting was a challenge since the greens were recovering from being punched a couple of weeks ago. Not bad but still in recovery. The bunkers were in good condition, but could use some sand in some cases. Evidence of divots being repaired, so the sand is being used from the carts. So quiet and remote! A great golfing experience on a truly solid course.
  • 2/21/16, Review by TheClaw - Unfortunately, for now, Edgewater's best days seem to be behind it. Fuzzy Zoeller has pulled his name off the course, and they are under new ownership. There were tons of divots in the first fairway, and I took a massive one myself. I went to my cart to get sand to fill it, and guess sand on the carts. Every fairway was filled with massive divots as a result, with no way to fix them. Bunkers were looking very orange, they are badly needing a top up of sand. The greens are ok, still roll well, but nowhere close to what they used to be. I fear that Edgwater will struggle to get enough play to support it, and as a result the decline has begun. But I hope I am proven wrong.
  • 2/18/16, Review by nlynch13 - Went to Edgewater last Thursday and I have to say that the new ownership group will do nothing but help this great lay out. Although it is off the beaten path and there really is not a great way of getting there it is one of my favorite lay outs in the area and never disappoints. The new ownership has put great people in charge of the golf shop and customer service is there priority. As soon as I got on the property I felt welcomed and greeted by the Outside Service employee that was there. Although the bunkers weren't in the greatest shape and there was no sand on the carts I still had a great round and great fellowship with my foursome. The greens were in terrific shape although there were a couple pin placements that were just unfair. I have to say that if you want a great layout for a great price just south of the state line. I would definitely recommend Edgewater Golf Club!
  • 1/31/16, Review by oneputt - WOW! Made the trip down I77 to Edgewater this morning. Worth driving 3 hours for! Our trip only took us 40 minutes. Could not have asked for a more spectacular day for golf in January. From the moment we arrived and were met with a player rep with our carts to the final putt this was a truly special day. The course was in great condidtion given the recent snows. A few wet spots but none that had an impact on our play. The traps were wet but in good condition. The greens were a real surprise! They were mid-season perfect. They held incoming shots and they rolled as true as one could want. Speed only begins to describe the way they putted. Finally, a huge way to go to all of the employes! They all went out of their way to make sure we were having a good golf experience, no a GREAT golf experience actually. What Edgewater does in the way of customer service I know many private clubs could learn a few things. Well worth the effort to get there. You will love every minute of your time at Edgewater.
  • 8/7/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - A good day at Edgewater. At arrival an attendant pulled a cart up to help us load. Very friendly. Same with the check in and starter. Very friendly all around. Course in good shape. Tee boxes and fairways nice. Bunkers not raked after rain the previous evening. Cart path only due to rain. Rough is up and can be tough. Greens were ok. Small punches healing and not really issue. After round again very friendly with attendant putting clubs in car and taking cart. Someone from the pro shop came out and thanked us for coming out and playing. Again, never seen this high level of service at any of the public courses in Charlotte. Here is hoping this course does well.
  • 8/1/15, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Edgewater in a couple of years. It is quite a haul from my neck of the woods, tucked away about an hour's drive down in Lancaster, SC. We got a $30 twilight rate (starts everyday after 2pm) and played in a crisp 3.5 hours as a twosome. Overall great conditions. Tee boxes, fairways and greens all in good shape. The bentgrass greens are doing very well in the summer heat. They rolled really true with good speed. No issues at all. The layout is still a great mix of holes - doglegs right and left, downhill and uphill holes, nearly driveable par 4's and a couple of reachable par 5's. This continues to be a favorite of mine (only a little bias since I shot my career best score there a few years ago). The only thing I could nitpick is the bunkers. The sand in most of them is very thick and there seems to be no bottom - I could almost dig my heels in a foot deep. So they were tough to get used to. Still, with the cheap rate, the sparse play, the nice staff and -- big kudos here -- ice coolers full of complimentary water bottles about every 4 holes, this course is worth the drive. I've got to make more trips to play here.
  • 5/31/15, Review by GinMillDJ - Fairways were rock hard and had trouble holding any shots that had a fade or draw. Rough was very short and dry as well. Greens were in excellent condition. Staff is always very courteous with free bottled water on the course and a free range token included in your greens fees. Still, well worth the drive.
  • 4/4/15, Review by jscum13 - I really enjoyed the layout of this course. The greens were mint and rolled great. The course is still dormant but will look great when grass comes in. We played in 4 hours and 10 minutes on a busy holiday. No Rangers out there to manage pace of play was my only negative. Lots of twosomes out roaming the course
  • 9/3/14, Review by oneputt - Made the trip down I77 and out to paradise! The course was perfect. Fairways fully grassed and the lies good. Traps were full of sand but in some cases were wet and heavy. Not consistent. The greens, really nice! The ball held on every shot that I hit into the green. On one occasion, the ball stopped in it's own ball mark. Soft. They rolled really smooth. Some greens were a bit slower than others but that had to do with hot weather management, watering. We moved along just fine after the threesome finished a 9 hole round. This is truly a gem of a course and worth the drive time from Charlotte. No houses, wild turkey's (not the guys I played with) and plenty of peace and quiet! That is how gold should be.
  • 6/1/14, Review by DrSchteeve - Making my rounds of my favorite courses before I leave. The only knock is that fairways are still thin and frequently iffy - they have improved over the years but remain less than ideal. Same for teeboxes and the range. Greens and traps perfect (except the one with the huge footprint that my ball found). Still have bottled water on ice on the course. The course is still in the middle of nowhere (they haven't moved it). Still no houses on the course, and they have cleared some trees so you can see the lake on a few more holes and from the range.
  • 5/10/14, Review by metallikviper - Second time playing this course and I was not disappointed with the reviews. The greens are probably the best around Charlotte. The fairways could definitely use some help. There were weeds and barren patches on most fairways. Didn't affect play all that much. The bunker were very wet from the rain a couple of days ago. IF this course wasn't so far from Charlotte I would definitely play it more often.
  • 4/6/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - Played on a Sunday afternoon. I really like this course even though it is a haul from Charlotte. Nice friendly staff as usual. Laid back atmosphere. Pace of play was good at right at 4 hours. Fairways are starting to green up a bit, within a month they will be real nice. Some areas were fairly hard so big roll in the fairway, but it made approach shots a little more difficult. Greens were very good and the ball rolled well. You could barely see the punch marks, a few weeks and the greens will be perfect. I was in a couple of bunkers and they were in good shape.
  • 3/22/14, Review by carp24000 - Great course...but greens were just punched. Very bumpy, which is a bummer since I have heard nothing but great reviews about that greens. Wish I knew that the greens were punched when I called for a tee time. Give it a few's not worth the price right now
  • 3/8/14, Review by TheClaw - Hands down the best greens I have putted on in the last 5 years. Smoother than glass. The course was wet from all the rain, but the greens were absolutely, phenomenally, outstandingly perfect. It is definitely worth the drive from Charlotte in its current condition. (Ignore the pace of play as we were playing in a USGA rule tournament with 130+ players and it was cart path only)
  • 11/15/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Course in great shape. Greens near perfect. Good roll on the fairways. Not many on the course and no one in front of us or behind us until the final 2 holes. Bunkers in good shape and rough still pretty thick. Great course if you don't mind the drive from Clt.
  • 10/15/13, Review by YoMama111 - Made the trek out to Edgewater. The greens were perfect. A little slower than normal, but super consistent. The rough was deep but fair. Everything was great! Picked up a $13 rate on golfnow, would not have been disappointed to pay much more than that. Best bent grass greens I've played in quite some time. Go play it you won't be disappointed
  • 9/4/13, Review by oneputt - Out in the middle of nowhere! Worth every mile and dollar! This is by far the best conditioned course I have had a chance to play since moving to the area. Greens were perfect! Putted true and rolled with speed. Fairways were as good as anyone would ever expect from a public access course. Traps and bunkers were in excellent shape. pace of play was a little slow but not bad. I strongly urge anyone looking for a pure golf experience with no, I repeat, no housing intruding on the course, you have to make it down to Edgewater!
  • 8/23/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Course in very good shape. Tee boxes nice, fairways good, greens close to perfect. Only in one fairway bunker which was in good shape. Some wet spots but overall not bad given all the rain. Rough was fairly thick even just off fairway so bring your straight driver. 90 degree rule for carts. Pace was under 4 hours and we saw no one most of our round. One single played through our foursome. Nice folks in the pro shop and free bottle water on the course is a nice touch. If it was not so far I would play all the time.
  • 6/1/13, Review by imazstar - The fairways have really started to pop out. I heard they put some fertilizer on them a week or so ago and I wanted to check them out for myself. Man i give it another week and they will have great fairways. The greens as usual were in excellent condition. As always i had an amazing time!
  • 5/26/13, Review by DrSchteeve - I love Edgewater - the layout, the greens, free water on the course, free range balls, friendly staff. The big the fairways are very thin and patchy. I thought they would grow in over the past few years, but they just haven't. It's nice to get roll-out on drives, but it would be nicer to be able to play the ball down and have consistent grass in the fairways. I don't know if they need to overseed, or what, but I do wish they would address the only issue that keeps this from being a truly great course.
  • 5/25/13, Review by bauman14 - Great time, peaceful and relaxing. Best greens in the Carolina's, roll true and consistent. Plenty of tee boxes to choose from, especially fair tee box for my wife. My favorite hole is number 13 which is a reachable par 5 in 2 shots, with a spectacular view of the lake from the green (great photo op). Golf staff is great, they treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Shut your cell phone off and enjoy this track. You will not be disappointed.
  • 5/23/13, Review by estanwick - Greens: A+ Fairways: B Tee boxes: B Heavy rain the night before so most of course "soupy". Sand traps were raked after rain and in excellent shape. They really try hard here. Greens are probably better than some CC you might play. Only issue, the drive. Might get lost but well worth playing this course. MUST play for the greens.
  • 5/21/13, Review by Rather be driving a Titleist! - Played at 2:10 pm at the twilight rate of $30. Best deal around and the greens are absolutely PERFECT. The fairways and tees are green and coming in great. I play all over the area and for this price you cannot beat it. They even have bottled water on the golf course!
  • 5/8/13, Review by imazstar - Greens are amazing! With the late start to spring around here the fairways and tee boxes are coming in nicely. The staff was excellent! Will definantly be going back there soon!
  • 4/30/13, Review by Rather be driving a Titleist! - 1st trip over to Edgewater in a month or so. Greens were absolutely wonderful. Fairways and tees are greening up nicely considering such a SLOW start to spring. Staff was very nice and super accommodating. Fuzzy should be very proud! Will be playing again next week.
  • 3/30/13, Review by jooliver - This is one of my favorite courses, but not right now. The greens were punched recently and are looking thin, yet they are still charging $49. The worst right now has to be the fairways which are washed out and dead. Plus, the round took over 5 hours to complete. Not worth the money right now.
  • 3/15/13, Review by atw4377 - This was my first time playing Edgewater and I was very impressed. This is a very good tract, well designed and in great shape for this time of the year. The layout was really enjoyable, giving the golfer opportunities of risk and reward. The greens were in absolutely perfect condition, rolling true and quick. The tee boxes (though dormant) had plenty of grass so it wasn't like you were hitting out of sand. A few fairways did have some drainage areas but we had just had about a week of rain. We didn't see a single other group all day and was able to play in about 3 hours. Overall this place was fantastic.
  • 9/9/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Wow! $30 on a weekend, even for a 2:00 pm teetime! Greens near perfect, just the fairways occasionally have mixed grasses (most were fine, but some not). Traps still very wet. All in all, a great place to play.
  • 8/26/12, Review by ILL-INI - This is literally one of the nicest places to play in the entire Charlotte area. The course doesn't get a ton of wear and tear because not a lot of guys play here. Fantastic conditions right now - greens are some of the best around. Do yourself a favor and just take a ride and go enjoy this place. Excellent!
  • 8/6/12, Review by izzyf150 - Played Edgewater for the first time. This is a good course in good condition. I get the feeling it was going to be a retirement village (like Carolina Lakes) but it never got going. You pass by a guard shack (unmanned) and drive a mile or two to get to the course and thatís all thatís there, a golf course, no houses or anything. This course has a little bit of everything on it. Flat straight fairways, uphill tee shot, downhill tee shots, slight doglegs, hard doglegs, some water hole, mostly just sand trap hazards though. Which reminds me, the name Edgewater is deceiving, this course doesnít have any more water hazards on it then any of course you would play on. I only recall being able to see the big lake from 2 holes on the whole course and the lake is not in play by any means. I guess it is called Edgewater because there is a lake close by. You can see where the greens have been punched not too long ago but the ball is rolling mostly smooth (a couple of bumps left) Greens have a nice medium speed. Sand traps are not too bad but could use a touch more sand. The par 3ís are long. Shortest one was 180 yards and the longest was 230 yards from the middle tees. Some of the holes on the course had forced carries off the box also. Iím a weekday golfer so I canít vouch for the weekends, but we had the whole course to ourselves it seemed. No houses, no traffic, hardly seen any other golfers. Just you and the golf course, nothing else. 50 minute drive from Indian Trail traveling down 200 to get there. Which was also nice, no traffic to drive through to get there.
  • 8/1/12, Review by Wulfpack - First time out to Edgewater. Have heard wonderful things about the course and was not disappointed. Really love this course and will be back. Loved the layout, some very reachable par 5s. Beautiful scenery with the lake (though I wish there were a little more lake views), pines, and rolling terrain. Incredibly lush/green and well kept. Excellent staff, free water and range balls. The greens are the star of the show, and they water them all day long. The best greens around - left many a ball mark (don't worry, I repaired them!). Had the course to myself for the most part, and it is incredibly peaceful and quiet out there. Only improvements I would suggest would be to keep the bunkers better maintained, keep some of the debris off the fairways (must have been a recent summer storm), and would like to see a better maintained driving range. It was damp and that red clay got all over my shoes - they were also low on range balls. Could easily put in some pavers leading to the range to keep your feet clean. If you come out here in the hot summer, bring a couple of extra towels and you can cool off every few holes using the coolers of ice keeping the water ice cold. Really makes a difference. Top notch golf experience. Well done, Edgewater. You make Fuzzy Zoeller proud.
  • 7/5/12, Review by weedwhacker3 - Loved this course. Alot of people have told me to try it out and I finally did and I see why it gets great reviews. Nice greens, nice fairways and nice tee boxes. Some fairways were a little wet but no biggy. Free range balls and free water bottles in coolers every 3 holes is awesome. Quite a drive even for me, about 50 minutes, and my GPS cannot find it but it is worth the drive. As a matter of fact my group is playing there tomorrow.
  • 5/6/12, Review by The B-Man - This is one of my favorites in the area. Unfortunately, it's quite a haul from my part of town (1 hour 15 min) so I don't get to play here much. The greens are in perfect shape and roll true. The amenities and staff are top-notch -- reasonable prices with water bottles and range balls *included* in your fee. The layout is a fun mix of reachable par 5's (even a reachable par 4 1st hole) and challenging par 4's and 3's. My only critiques are the thin fairways and few holes where good shots may not be rewarded. The course is now 3 years old, but the fairways -- esp. on the front 9 -- still have bare, hardpan lies in lots of places. The short par 4 #12 allows good tee shots in the fairway to roll into the woods out of play. Overall, though, I always enjoy playing here and will be back.
  • 4/7/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Hate to say it, but although the greens are near perfect, the fairways and tee boxes and traps are all in poor condition. I understand the traps, just weren't raked after the recent heavy rain. But the fairways are very marginal: I think they need seeding and/or punching, but I don't know if the course has the money for that. Still a great layout, and the staff are very friendly.
  • 11/6/11, Review by Orion - Fantastic course, probably one of my best rounds too. Yes, the fairways are thin and it can be trouble if you're wayward, but you are rewarded if you keep it fairly close to the fairway. Only a couple gripes...leaves everywhere, I lost one and nearly lost another just because of all the's fall, so I can't fault the course...but all the same. It's a little costly too, 49$ seems a bit much for an afternoon tee time, but it is what it is. You get some good bang for your buck though, some very scenic shots and it is very very quiet. Definitely one of the courses you should play.
  • 10/24/11, Review by jooliver - Perfect. If I want to be picky, SOME of the fairways are thin. Otherwise, perfect. Played the course 4 times this year from late March to now and the greens were awesome each time. They punched the greens 4 weeks ago and we played about 7 days after and they offered us a reduced rate of $25 for the trouble. No trouble, greens were still great. Great staff
  • 10/22/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Fairways very thin, otherwise conditions great.
  • 9/17/11, Review by ctwheels - Course was in good shape, greens were a little slow, mainly due to all the rain. Otherwise one of favorites to play, very fair and good test. Allot of elevation changes and very scenic. For the money one of the best around.
  • 9/1/11, Review by panthersfann55 - Had to go back after the good experience we had last time. With clickit deal and $10 off coupon paid only $21. Golf course was still in great shape for being the end of summer only the greens are starting to show the wear of unfixed ball marks. It's sad that something so easily fixable by us golfers is so forgotten (laziness). Too bad it takes over an hour to get there, so looks like we will be back next year.
  • 8/4/11, Review by panthersfann55 - I normally do not give 5 stars for any course, but going off previous reviews we had to check this course out. Greens in great shape especially when they hold long and short iron shots into them (had a ball suck back 29 ft), fairways had some run to them, rough an average height, driving range (free balls),practice green speed was the same as on the course (very rare at most golf courses), free bottled water available on course, clubhouse staff friendly. The rate drop as well as a clickit discount deal made it a no brainer. you will not find a better public course in this condition at this time of year anywhere.
  • 8/1/11, Review by Fattyhoon - Been hearing great things about this course and wanted to play it for a while. Now that I have, all I can say is WOW. This course it a little bit of a hike from Charlotte, but well worth the drive. Best Course I have played in years...and I play them all. I usually agree with Mat on here that Springfield is one of the nicest in the area, until I played Edgewater. Course was in Pristine condition. Tee Boxes, Fairways and greens were PERFECT. Rough wasn't as high as other places, but was full and challenging. Greens were a tad slow, but were being watered around us, so this was to be expected. Very few marks of any kind, and they rolled consistent and true all day. Staff was all very friendly and helpful, with one even stopping and spotting a ball for me on a blind shot. Scenery was beautiful, and there was very little play. What a serene and relaxing round of golf. This course is worth double what they charge, and for $40 range balls and bottle water on the course were included. I am trying to think of a negative thing to say and I can't find a thing. I already have a time booked for later this week. What a fantastic Jewel in the rough this course is. A+++
  • 7/31/11, Review by CU_Tigerfan - This was my first time down there, and first time playing anywhere in a while. As everyone else has already stated, conditions were fantastic. Greens were all smooth and everything rolled true. They are a little slow, but given the brutal heat lately, you can't really expect anything different. On top of that, they have excellent customer service with free range balls and bottled water. With all that being said, I didn't really like the layout. I know I am in the minority opinion on that, but I just didn't think it was very memorable. The other three friends I played with all loved it though, so I guess take my opinion for what it's worth.
  • 7/31/11, Review by Hackerama - Decent track, was wet, but nice layout, course in good shape. Challenging and worth the drive. Make sure you bring your A game. This time of year it was at least Green, and ball was rolling true.
  • 7/17/11, Review by IM4DHERD - First review. As an intro, my girl calls me a golf whore because I will do it anywhere, anytime, with anyone whether I am enjoying it or not. I play public courses because I'd rather play 50 different places before I return to play any one twice...Variety is the spice of life. Figure I've gotten enough info from this site, so I might as well contribute. First time at Edgewater and it is now in my top 3-5 in the area. People complain about how far away it is, but that depends on perception. Took me a little over an hour from Huntersville, so P'ville, Matthews, etc. can't be all that bad. Excellent layout with wide fairways and interesting holes, not just the same old 380-400 straight par 4s with a bit of sand. Greens were in excellent shape, a bit slow but that's ok. Ball bounces a LOT in the fairways, but that'll take care of itself after their aerated a few times. $30 after 2PM and a 2.5 hour round on a Sat afternoon means I will make this trip again.
  • 7/10/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Just nothing to complain about, except distance from Charlotte. Complimentary range balls, complimentary water on the course. Conditions great.
  • 7/4/11, Review by El Supremo - The course is nearly perfect. Only complaint is that the bunkers could use a little work. A little. Rest of the course is perfect. Price includes range balls and there's coolers of bottled water throughout the course. Course does not get much play (which is why its in great shape) and it wouldn't surprise me at all to one day hear it's closing. Go play it before it does. Worth the trip. Fix your ball marks.
  • 7/3/11, Review by Opow - What a wonderful layout! If this course was 30miles closer to charlotte it would be a top ten. The fairways were a little thin but the greens were perfect except for the pitch marks left by lazy people. They also had water coolers with bottles of water about every three holes. They only hole I didn't like was the 231 yard par three on the back.
  • 5/28/11, Review by jooliver - Played Edgewater the day after it got a ton of rain. The fairways were a little wet and some wash, but overall playable. The greens were perfect. A few spots due to players not fixing pitch marks, but other than that, rolling true. Very enjoyable round. Winter rates still in effect. Paid 40 dollars from Well worth it right now considering what other courses are charging to "play" their course.
  • 2/20/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Just a few greens with some bumpiness. Fairways and teeboxes quite thin, but probably as expected this time of year. A great layout and a lot of fun to play.
  • 10/17/10, Review by DrSchteeve - A few issues on some of the greens, but overall the conditions were excellent.
  • 8/21/10, Review by metallikviper - A bit of a haul from Charlotte, but definitely worth the drive. A bit of a challenge for a high handicapper (player the gold tees). Except for a couple of holes most green and fairways were in good shape. Tree-lined most of the way so have to play target golf. Greens were soft and had a good roll. Will recommend.
  • 6/20/10, Review by DrSchteeve - Only complaint is fairways are still a bit sparse in some areas. Nice course, nice mix of holes, not too tough. Worth the drive, but still not up there with Verdict Ridge.
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    Edgewater   Jamie
    I have been trying to play new courses lately, and I had heard some good things about Edgewater in Lancaster. I played Friday (11/27) and was pleased at what I saw. The course is a haul from Charlotte, and is literally in the middle of nowhere, but it's a good layout with very nice greens. It will take some getting used to - I hit what I thought were several good approach shots, only to have 60' for birdie. I three-putted four times from long range; the greens are huge, with some tough contours. And several elevation changes present challenges for club selection. Overall I was happy with the course. The greens rolled very true, and the course design presented some unique holes. It's a course that will take a few rounds to adjust to, but it's a good one.
  • 9/16/09 - Heads up that they are aerifying the greens on 9/21 and 9/22. I should also note they have a unique tournament coming up in October. From the course, "Superindendent Matthew Bunch has declared this Halloween his day of revenge and no golfer is safe! Flagsticks will be tucked in unthinkable locations, and there is no telling where the tee boxes will be set up. The format for the event will be a 4-player scramble (captain's choice). The event will be held on Sunday October 31st. The entry fee will be $50 per player and include green and cart fees, practice balls, food after the round, and awards." Sounds like fun. Call the course pro shop to sign up.
  • 7/20/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Edgewater   James
    I played in the "Heat Stroke" tourney at Edgewater, and it was a treat. I enjoyed the course and the layout, and thought it was a fair challenge. The back nine was in better shape than the front, but such can be expected for a new course. The greens were terrific, and the terrain is at times breathtaking. Certainly worth the drive to check this one out, but it does take a solid 70 minutes from center city Charlotte. They have a great staff and are committed to working hard to bring players in like me, which I appreciated after being ignored at other courses.
  • 7/8/09 - Played 36 holes on 7/8 using their July $40-Play-All-Day special. My first time here. I have to start by saying I shot a career-best 76 in the first round. So, this review may be biased, but I do love the course. All 18 greens were immaculate, best I've played anywhere that I can remember. The course is young so the greens haven't had enough play to get all marked up. They had good speed, but the most important thing was they were 100% consistent. The front 9 fairways need another season to grow in. Many had significant bare dirt spots that affect play (you should take a drop on grass), but especially #2 and #6. The back 9 has no such problems. I thought the course offered a nice variety of holes and difficulty, with lots of birdie opportunities. I especially love the 17th hole, a short 420-ish yd par 5. I eagled it the first time and tapped in for birdie the second time. Another thing to note is that we had about an hour-long downpour during our 2nd round -- a super soaker. 90% of the courses in town would have been unplayable. This course, especially the greens, soaked it up and was fine. The exception would be the front 9 fairways, many of which became mud puddles, but we were on hole 7 when the rains came. The staff here was friendly and helpful. Rounds come with free range balls and free water bottles throughout the course (there were big barrels full about every 4th hole or so). All in all, it's a great new course. In about 6 months when the front 9 fairways grow in, this course will be a must play.
  • 6/16/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Edgewater   James
    Though I haven't played there yet, I've read good things. I am on their e-mail list, and wanted to put the word out because they have a lot of fun tournaments going on to incentivize people to make the drive. Thought I would spread the word, so sign up if you're interested.
  • 5/30/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Edgewater   J.D.
    I finally made the drive down to Edgewater near Lancaster. Greens and bunkers are in great shape. Front 9 fairways still have some growing in to do...back 9 in perfect shape. Course is very, very well marked in terms of OB, red stakes etc. Nice driving range and short game area.

    For $55 it's a good value... but when you factor in a 45 minute longer drive, I'm not sure it's any better of a golf challenge than Springfield or Carolina Lakes. The first seven holes are really special (don't hit anything more than a 3 iron on the first tee shot), but then the course gets a little plain vanilla for the much of the round. 17 is a very short par 5 (shoulda been a long 4) and the finishing hole is a good test. But holes 8-16 are just not memorable.

    I'd play it again, but I'm in no rush to do so.
  • 5/17/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Edgewater   Dave
    Played Edgewater again yesterday (had a free round that I won in a tournament earlier this year. Tees were in great shape, fairways were really good (a few bare spots), one bunker marked as gound under repair and the greens were nearly perfect. I really, really like this course and wish it was closer.

    A couple of public service announcements:

    1. For those of you wondering about dog fights, demo days etc. Almost every course in Charlotte has a website and many of them have a way to join a mailing list. I get e-mail from dozens of them. They send weekly specials, events, tournaments, etc. I get a lot of otherwise unadvertised prices.

    2. Fix your divots and ballmarks. Please.
  • 5/4/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Course Updates   J.D.
    Just some general course updates from a long weekend of a lot of golf...

    Springfield is in great shape, but the practice green is rolling a heckuva lot faster than the real greens, so don't be fooled. (There's also a little bumpiness in 2-3 of the back 9 greens.) One more thing -- this course should have a lot more red stakes than what's out there. It amazes me that they spend so much money on course maintenance, but forget to put down $1 stakes. Frustrating.

    Carolina Lakes is in great shape, with one exception. NOBODY seems to rake bunkers or fix ball marks here (except me and my playing partners). A shame.

    Eagle Chase was in very good shape and a great value. I do think the course is a little gimmicky, though, with nearly EVERY shot on the course factoring in elevation.

    One more note -- I've heard amazing things about Edgewater but have not yet played it. Several local golfers are saying "best public course in Charlotte area" so I'll have to check it out soon.
  • 5/4/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Edgewater?   Dave
    I think Edgewater is as nice as any public/semi-private course in Charlotte. Green fees are reasonable but you make up for it with the drive. Course is not easy but is very playable. The one stand-out characteristic of this course is the greens. They are HUGE. If you feel like making the drive go play the course. The development around it isn't doing real great so who knows how long it will be open.