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Demo Day at Lincoln CC
Posted by: The B-Man
on 4/22/19 10:14pm
I received a note from Jody Saunders, the GM at Lincoln Country Club, about a Demo Day. Check it out: I'm the GM at Lincoln CC and thought your readers might be interested in our demo day coming...

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Carolina Lakes Golf Club

  • 3/31/19, Review by nstoudt - Course was in pretty good shape. Greens were recently aerated however.
  • 10/25/18, Review by MGOBLUE - Played in the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Rub of the Green Golf Tournament and the course was in near perfect shape; the only issue I had was no one seemed to repair ball marks on the greens. This is one of my favorite courses in the area.
  • 7/4/18, Review by The B-Man - The course was in very good shape, but the greens were still slow (as the last review noted). Once you adjust to the speed, it's fine because there are no problems with the greens. Very few ball marks -- which compared to other bent grass courses like Emerald Lake is an accomplishment worthy of note. They had us start on the back 9 - no reason given, but whatever. There were no marshals on the course -- it was the 4th of July afterall -- and so we ran into a roadblock with slow play on our 10th hole. There was also no cart girl on a 90+ degree day. Again, it's a holiday so I assumed they were just under staffed. The GPS touchscreen in our cart was non-functional so we couldn't really use it to check distances. I also noted that while the scorecard had up to date ratings for the tee boxes, they have not been updated on GHIN. So I couldn't post my score with the right tee ratings. Those are all little things, granted, but they added up. So this course has the potential to be a 5 star gem around Charlotte. For now, I gave it 4. Happy 4th y'all!
  • 6/30/18, Review by TheClaw - I booked a last minute tee time at Carolina Lakes but was initially hesitant about it as I feared the greens would be under stress from the heat. Boy was I wrong. Every green had a perfect covering of pristine bent grass. The course was in perfect condition. Everything about it was great but the greens were a real highlight. They were a touch on the slow side for how good they looked but I understand they are keeping them long and well watered. I highly recommend you get out there and play Carolina Lakes and enjoy it while it is in such great condition.
  • 6/16/18, Review by GinMillDJ - Aside from a few dead spots around some of the fringe areas near the greens, this course was in spectacular shape. Fairways were perfect, greens excellent. The carts have some nice features...GPS screens (That are pretty accurate) and USB charging plus for your phone. Nice job Carolina Lakes getting your greens back!
  • 5/25/18, Review by BetterThanMost - This was my first visit to Carolina Lakes, and I will most definitely be back. The cold Spring and resulting winter kill have affected just about every course in the Charlotte area this year, but Carolina Lakes was in phenomenal shape. Greens were excellent, as were the fairways. An occasional tee box had some thin spots, but those were few and far between. Each of the numerous bunkers on the course were well maintained and had plenty of soft white sand in them. Every sprinkler head had yardages on them and there were markers in the fairways and on cart paths. The cart paths are also well maintained. The layout of the course is outstanding as well. The course is inside of the Sun City retirement community, and winds it way through it. There is a mix of short and long holes, straight holes and doglegs. You will hit clubs other than driver off of several tees and that helps to provide great variety to the course. The four par 3's all demand carries over water or natural areas. There is a good bit of elevation change, particularly on the back nine. Perhaps the signature hole is #9, a dogleg right par 4 that features 7 bunkers that the tee shot must be threaded through. This is not a course that you can walk, as there are a few lengthy rides between holes. The fleet of carts is new and full of features, including the best GPS system I've ever seen in a cart. The GPS touch screen gives you a flyover of each hole, in addition to the distances to the front, back, and that day's hole location. I did not go into the clubhouse, but those amenities seem top class as well. Staff was pleasant and helpful. Pace of play was great. Our twosome got around in less than 3.5 hours on the Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. As I mentioned above, Carolina Lakes is in about the best shape of any course in the Charlotte area currently. The conditions and layout make this one a must play for anyone.
  • 6/17/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are in great shape, especially compared to last year when they lost almost half of them. Fairways are in really good shape. Tee boxes were normal wear and tear.
  • 5/21/17, Review by TheClaw - Best condition I have seen this course in for a long time. Greens were superb to putt on. Everything else (fairways, sand traps,etc.) great as well. They also have new carts with gps systems in them which was good to see. Will definitely be coming back soon.
  • 2/19/17, Review by jrpavone5 - Played this course a good bit in the past but haven't been back in a long time since I became a member at Waterford Golf Club. Course was great as I remember. Bunkers in great shape and the greens rolling ok. Not as fast as I remember in the past but still great. For a dormant course in February couldn't beat it. Looking forward to our foundations golf tourney here on 5/5 ( for more info). Worth the drive to the course from Charlotte.
  • 10/24/16, Review by KyleSmith - Course was playing well. When the wind picks up, this course is 5-10 shots harder. Greens were a little wet, which made approach shots easy. Can't wait to get back down there to play.
  • 8/20/16, Review by GinMillDJ - Most of the greens were burnt up with significant black bare patches that made many holes unputt-able. I understand that sometimes courses are unable to maintain or even save some greens, but the course should offer a reduction in the price. $59 on the weekend was hardly worth it. Very disappointing, because generally the course is very well maintained and fun to play.
  • 5/16/16, Review by GetThere214 - This is the first time I have played Carolina Lakes. Course was in good shape overall. They just put fertilizer on the course so it was cart path only which made it long round. Tee boxes were good, Fairways were a little hard but with the incoming rain they should soften up. Bunkers were fine and greens were quick. Overall a good day will be coming back.
  • 5/10/15, Review by metallikviper - AS usual the course is in good shape. Greens were recently punched/aerated so we expected the putting to be rough. Surprising they did not reduce the price and even the $54 was a 4-some coupon on clickit. Fairways and greens are very firm and roll forever. Bunkers were in great shape as always.
  • 4/25/15, Review by jscum13 - Probably my favorite course in the area. For playing in the rain most of the round the course was in GREAT shape. The greens were aerated about 4 weeks ago and were still showing a touch of aeration but rolled nicely. This layout is unique and picturesque on every tee box.
  • 7/20/14, Review by carp24000 - Greens are showing signs of play. No one fixes ball marks...which is a shame because this is such a great course. Everything else was in good shape, with the exception of a few bunkers. Worth playing, but be aware of the greens towards the end of summer and fall.
  • 6/29/14, Review by The B-Man - Today wasn't the best time to hit Carolina Lakes, but I hadn't been back in about 2 seasons. The course was still a little wet from yesterday's storms and so it was cart path only. The bunkers were a bit wet and there were a few puddles. The course was just in good not great shape. They aerated the bent grass greens about a month back and they are still rather slow, even though the punch marks have mostly faded. More recently, however, they had punched the fringe around the greens. So those areas were a little dicey in spots. I can't complain about the layout though -- it's still one I really like. The first several holes offer a pretty stern test right off the back, but then it evens out with some memorable holes on the back. The greens are all rather larger, which means hitting to the right spot is key. I like the challenge. The fairways are well marked with yardages, too. I'll be back, but I'd love to see the greens quicker.
  • 5/24/14, Review by CU_Tigerfan - Course was in good shape. Definitely dry and firm. Greens rolled really well. Unfortunately pace of play was terrible.
  • 9/19/13, Review by WGBSR - Generally good in all areas. Tees a little hard but good grass. Greens good but a bit dried out. Enjoyable to play.
  • 8/18/13, Review by CU_Tigerfan - Wet like everywhere else, but still in pretty good shape. The greens are showing some wear and tear, so they weren't quite as smooth as the last time we played here. Seems like most of the issue with the greens are people not repairing ball marks. With everything so soft right now even a short pitch from 25 yards is going to leave a small ball mark. It's a real shame more people don't take the time to fix them.
  • 6/23/13, Review by ISlayMySelf - Carolina Lakes is a great golf course. Tee boxes, fairways and their many sand traps were all in great condition and well maintained. Their driving range, putting green and chipping green were also in good condition. They have a nice club house and a conviently placed grill outside to speed you up at the turn. They even have water on the course and a cart girl that I saw 5 times over the round and a ranger that I saw 3 times driving around. Fun layout that makes you hit good drives or you will be in one of the many fairway bunkers.
  • 6/9/13, Review by Cant3Putt - First Time at Carolina Lakes and I already love this course. The course was nearly perfect. The only issue I had was that the greens were a little shaggy and the fairway grass was going to seed i.e. grass was higher than normal. I am nitpicking here; the course is in fantastic shape tee to green. Here's a good indicator of the quality of the course conditions; In our group of 10-11 people we had the following NET scores 58, 59, 59, 60, 62 and a few others well below par. The weather was as benign as can be; 87 degrees, no wind to speak of, 60-65% humidity and medium soft greens after all the recent rain. The facilities are top notch. beautiful clubhouse, nice grass range, large putting green and a second chipping green. This is one of the finest tracts of golf in the Charlotte area. Go PLAY!
  • 6/9/13, Review by carp24000 - Perfect conditions from tee to green. This is one of the best courses in Charlotte, IMO. Never had a bad time at this course. Greens are some of the best I have played all year.
  • 6/8/13, Review by CU_Tigerfan - This was round 2 or our tournament, and much like Regent Park everything was in very good shape. A little soggy in areas, but not too bad. Greens were great.
  • 5/4/13, Review by Hackerama - greens were great, course is getting greener and sand was powder. Right now best course along with Ballantyne Resort to play!
  • 4/18/13, Review by ILL-INI - The course is coming in really nice. Punch marks on the green are still visible but the putts are rolling fine. The fairways are starting to come in nicely. Still a little thin but that's to be expected at least for the next week or so. Overall a really enjoyable round of golf. And for $29 after 2pm, can't beat it.
  • 4/15/13, Review by dad4204 - I played terrible so that probably figures into my rating. Fairways were thin, greens seemed dry with the holes in them. I bumped along. Traps were excellent, I once played 7 straight shots from them. It seemed to be in better shape last year at this time when I played it last. It will be super when the greens and fairways grow in.
  • 3/3/13, Review by itsindahole - Course in overall great shape. Currently going through a "micro" aeration with very, very small punches in the greens. Didn't seem to affect the roll on the ball at all. Tee boxes, fairways, and traps are in excellent shape as well. Definitely recommend getting out there soon.
  • 1/29/13, Review by 4amigos - Greens in great condition,fairways good, no backups and no one hitting into you.
  • 12/13/12, Review by 4amigos - The course was in great condition for December. Greens running fast and true. Pace was slow because of cart path only and our foursome never plays card path golf. The price for the foursome with a click-it coupon was $100 for 4. Can't beat that for a good looking course
  • 8/6/12, Review by Hereitis - Def worth the drive if you live in charlotte.. greens were top dressed a little but were rolling true and were cut to a perfect length rolling great. Tee to green this place is a gem and I'm glad I gave it a chance and got a great deal on to play through some members with me and my buddy and shot tied career best round 74 40 34 which made it even better
  • 8/4/12, Review by metallikviper - First time playing this course and it was in great shape tee to green. Fairways were very well maintained, greens almost perfect and sand in bunkers was well raked. Some rain from the night before packed the sand a bit but that was expected. I will definitely play here again. Only reason I gave it 4* was because of the duration of the round which was about 5 hrs 15 mins.
  • 7/7/12, Review by _mk70 - I liked this course a lot with fun, challenging holes. The course was in good shape with no complaints. I would play here again.
  • 6/16/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Yes it was a busy Saturday, but 5 hours and 20 minutes will ruin any round. Not one ranger. Unforgivable. Like the layout, but won't be back for a long time. Greens still recovering from a punch, other conditions pretty good.
  • 4/27/12, Review by jimmyd26 - Flew in from Michigan to play some NC golf. Really enjoyed the layout (and weather), got burned a couple times because first time playing there (i.e. playing to proper part of green/fairway). Still in spring conditions as far as grass growth. Staff was really nice. Take time before hand to spend on the practice green...key to scoring out there. Would definitely play again.
  • 4/8/12, Review by ILL-INI - It's greening up very nice - the course is a real beauty right now. Greens are a little hairy, still rolling decent but I wouldn't necessarily say rolling smooth. Other than, no compaints at all. If you haven't played here, you should.
  • 4/6/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Impossible to be better. 3 hour round (from cart path only!). Fairways coming in nicely. Greens 95% recovered from recent punch.
  • 2/18/12, Review by ILL-INI - I have to say, I am big fan of this place. They should call it Carolina Sands though...bunkers EVERYWHERE! I've played out here twice now, once last thursday and again Saturday. We played a 2:10 tee off and played 18 with squinty eyes trying to see the ball but we made it through. Don't tee off after that time or you most certainly won't make 18. Anyhoo, the greens undulate like crazy and are fast - you have to get used to them quickly if you're going to post a decent score. There's not much in the way of issues with the course, everything is in fine shape. Distance markers are a little hard to find from time to time so a GPS or the like would be very helpful out here. I would put this course in the top 10 courses to play in/around Charlotte - definitely worth your time. Give it a shot.
  • 9/28/11, Review by ctwheels - Greens were the best I have played on all year super fast. The greens are huge so you better hit your target or 3 putt is in order. The rest of course has matured well since the last time I played 2 years ago. The par 3's are some of prettiest you will play in the area. The pat 5's are bit of a disappointment, because the way they are step up it almost always forces you to lay-up on all but 1 out 4. The course itself is very demanding, certianly not build with a senior community in mind. The 1st hole is a bear. Up hill with bunker and OB in play and your second shot is to 2-tier green you cannot see, but only the flag with a false front. Take bogey and move on. They finally introduced a twilight rate after 2:00 it is $32 which is great otherwise it fairly expensive $58 during the week and $65 on weekend.
  • 6/8/11, Review by Porkchop - Maybe the best greens around. Fairways are bare though. Completely different golf course depending on which set of tees you play. A lot of fun holes, love the layout, wish the par 5s were a little shorter, I can only reach #17. A couple of different tiered greens are tough if you get on the wrong level. Best time to play here is after 3 during the week, all the old farts that live there will not play in the heat, so the course is typically open. To expensive otherwise, but thats how they keep the riff raff out of there.
  • 6/5/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens great. Fairways, not so much - not as hard or sparse as last year this time, but still quite hard (hard as in firm, but also hard because it is difficult to hit irons off such bare turf). Yes, I know many courses are having this problem this time of year, but there are courses - Verdict Ridge, Olde Sycamore, Charlotte National, and Eagle Chase, to name a few - that have quite nice, lush fairways. Pace of play was 5 hours, and the single ranger we saw just chalked it up to a busy Sunday, no attempt made to move things around. We waited on virtually every shot. Yes, I love the layout, but if you add the high cost ($60 with a Clickit coupon), hard fairways, and slow play, it is hard to recommend.
  • 6/5/11, Review by outliar - This course had everything I want. Interesting layout; very good if not excellent greens; well maintained and manicured bunkers, fairways, tee-boxes, etc. Others have complained about the fairways being too firm? I did not particularly notice this or more accurately did not perceive this to be a problem. All in all right up there among the better public tracks in the area right now. It is priced $10-$12 more than I think is fair, but outside of Charlotte National and Sycamore there aren't any alternatives for a consistently well conditioned "Championship Caliber" (ie 7,000+ yds)public course on the southeast part of town.
  • 6/2/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Lakes   DrSchteeve
    Anybody play recently? Their telephone message on course conditions says that on Memorial Day they were playing the front 9 only, which makes me wonder if something is up.
  • 5/29/11, Review by rjrnyy - I would have gave this 5 stars if it wasn't for the pace of play. Really slow, even for a Sunday Morning. Course is in excellent shape and I got to see a lot of waiting continously between shots. I understand it is a retirement community and their might be a lot of elders on the course, but it was held up by a foursome who weren't that great playing from the back tees and treating their round as if it was Sunday afternoon on Tour. Several times there were 3 groups behind them waiting on the same hole! Ranger came around several times but it didnt seem to work. I recommend playing this course and hope you have better luck with the pace than I did.
  • 9/22/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Where to play?   wnb5th
    Carolina Lakes on 521 is a great golf... the nicest around in my humble opinion and over the past 10 years I have played the crap out of every course within 45 miles... edgewater is also great.
  • 9/12/10, Review by JD - Greens were punched recently, but the ball is rolling fine on the sanded greens. It was a little wet this weekend but the course is very playable.
  • 7/14/10 - Thanks to Landon for this update: "The fairways have improved, the greens are rolling true and are fairly quick for a public course. Please educate yourself on how to properly repair a ball mark on the green for the enjoyment of others, doing it wrong can make the healing process much longer than it should be. Pace of play was good at 3:45. I would recommend to all"
  • 5/28/10, Review by Russell - First time playing this south Charlotte course. Definitely more expensive than I am used to but I was able to get a good discount with clickit golf. The club has a large clubhouse with grass tee driving range and large putting green. Friendly (although aggressively so) staff of what appeared to be retired residents of the surrounding Sun City community. I really enjoyed the layout. Strategically placed hazards made me think on every shot. A LOT of sand but it is well conditioned. Large greens were in nice shape (fix your ballmarks!) and had some significant contours. I do have to agree with the earlier review that the fairways were not up to the conditions of the rest of the course. I think that they are trying to address this since six of the fairways were closed to carts - slightly slowing down the pace of play. I thought that they were playable though.
  • 5/23/10, Review by DrSchteeve - Nice layout, but the fairways were TERRIBLE - bare patches interspersed with tufts of grass (I'm talking 1 inch tall tufts). Way not worth the premium (most courses charging a bit less) and relatively slow play.
  • 5/9/10, Review by CU_Tigerfan - Course is in pretty good shape for the most part. The fairways would be the exception. They just don't seem like they have much grass growing on them, and they are rock hard. It's probably a case of them not getting enough water. Other than that greens, tees, and bunkers were all good. Pace of play was good on this difficult, but fun layout.
  • 4/18/10, Review by JD - Great layout. Greens still a little bumpy from aeration four weeks ago (?!?). Fairways not as green as they should be yet...but course is taking the extra care to get them there. About 6 holes were cart-path only on a dry day, to help improve conditions.
  • 7/12/09 - Played 7/12. Course is in really good shape tee to green. Only thing I noticed at all was that some of the fairways are browning, with little rain recently. The greens were great, smooth and not many ballmarks or bumps to worry about at all. After yesterday at Birkdale, these greens were much, much better. This was only my second round here and I definitely like it. However, it's gotten quite expensive now at over $70 a round anytime you play. It's not an easy course, either. The greens are huge and have many undulations. So you have to put your approaches in the right section of the greens. The pro shop and ranger crew here is very nice and helpful. So you do at least get what you pay for.
  • 5/4/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Course Updates   J.D.
    Just some general course updates from a long weekend of a lot of golf...

    Springfield is in great shape, but the practice green is rolling a heckuva lot faster than the real greens, so don't be fooled. (There's also a little bumpiness in 2-3 of the back 9 greens.) One more thing -- this course should have a lot more red stakes than what's out there. It amazes me that they spend so much money on course maintenance, but forget to put down $1 stakes. Frustrating.

    Carolina Lakes is in great shape, with one exception. NOBODY seems to rake bunkers or fix ball marks here (except me and my playing partners). A shame.

    Eagle Chase was in very good shape and a great value. I do think the course is a little gimmicky, though, with nearly EVERY shot on the course factoring in elevation.

    One more note -- I've heard amazing things about Edgewater but have not yet played it. Several local golfers are saying "best public course in Charlotte area" so I'll have to check it out soon.
  • 4/22/09 - Update from J.D. - Retired people don't rake bunkers. That's my headline. Other than that, the course is in good condition, not as great as usual. Fairways are fighting to get green. Tee boxes are beginning to get less level. Probably even less of a value these days, now that they raised prices ($75 I think).
  • 3/11/09 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates   J.D.
    I've been golfing, but too busy to provide course updates, so here's a bunch from the last month or so:

    Fort Mill -- The improvements made here are all subtle and these have to be some of the fastest greens in Charlotte... at least at this point of the year. Great value. The course is in good shape.

    Charlotte Golf Links -- The greens and bunkers are in better shape than they've been in the past. Sadly, in an effort to speed up play they've made some changes that make the course a lot easier. Specific changes include slashing the thicket areas between holes #6 and 17, to the right of #7, between holes #10 and #18, and between holes #14 and #15.

    Stonebridge -- I played the same day as you, it seems! I think the course is in very good condition for this time of year. No changes to course layout there.

    Ballantyne Resort -- The changes they made to a few holes seem to be designed specifically to speed up play only. Nothing of any real note. Sad to see hole #2 get changed to a much less interesting hole.

    Olde Sycamore -- I'm growing tired of this course for one very nit-picky reason. The hole placement of the first par-3 (hole #4) is terribly unfair... and it screws up my entire round every time. The hole is perched atop a massive slope. If you're above the hole and you miss the putt by two inches... you wind up 20 feet away. If you're downhill and miss the putt by 4 inches... it rolls back down 20 feet. Sidehill putts are death. That's not the way golf is meant to be played. Rant over. The course is in so-so shape.

    Pebble Creek (Par 3) -- Yes, I'm not above playing a little pitch-n-putt. I know it's early in the season, but this place usually has nice greens and bunkers. Not so. It's in terrible shape, even for this time of year.

    Carolina Lakes (Sun City) -- Continues to be one of the nicest and well-maintained courses around. Not too tough off the tee, but the greens are sinister. They raised prices again and now it's not a good value... but it is a good course when you have some extra cash.
  • 6/19/08 - Played for the first time here on 6/18. Great course! Fantastic shape all around. Greens were immaculate and faster than most courses. Tees and fairways were doing very well. The sand in the bunkers was pretty soft and took me some getting used to. The course was pretty well-marked with yardage plates all over the fairways. A marshal provided cups of ice water twice on both 9's, which was great. Overall, this is a wonderful round of golf and is worth the trip and even the high price.
  • 5/15/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: New course added and other condition updates   Geof
    I've played Carolina Lakes several times and will continue to go back. I think hands down they have 4 of the best par 3's you'll ever find on one course. Don't let the fact that it's in a "retirement" community discourage you, there's nothing "retired" about it. It's over 7000 from the tips and a nice 6500ish from the next set of tees.

    It's bunkered like a beach course, and the greens have some sort of cement in the mix (they're hard and fast)
  • 5/14/08 - Msg Board Posting
    New course added and other condition updates   B-Man
    I've added Carolina Lakes Golf Club (Indian Land, SC) to the roster. I've still got to get out there and post my review, though. Let me know if you've played there and how you liked it.

    Also, I received some quick updates from J.D.:

    Waterford -- Greens are in good shape and lightning quick as usual. But the fairways could be a bit better, even with our drought conditions.

    Carolina Lakes -- Probably one of the best courses in South Charlotte. Excellent condition. Good luck trying to hold the greens on anything more than a PW.

    Emerald Lake -- Good greens, but the course was in better condition earlier in the year.

    Springfield -- Fantastic condition and still one of the toughest off-the-tee courses around.
  • 8/2/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Lakes   JW
    I actually stopped by the Carolina Lakes clubhouse today on a whim. The course looked pretty nice from what I could tell, and the parking lot was about 60% full at 4:00 on a HOT Thursday afternoon. SOMEBODY knows about the place, it's just not well publicized. Anyways, I stopped into the pro shop to inquire about greens fees. They told me it was "$63.13 exactly" all days, all times for non-residents of the community. Hope this helps!
  • 7/16/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Lakes (Sun City)   jonathan
    Played it on 7/12 and loved it. As noted before, markings are a little scarce and a course map is not available yet, however this is going to be a gem in a couple of years. Hole nine reminds me of something you would see at in Miami....bunkers, bunkers everywhere.
    The cost is a little steep compared with other locals, but the cost is constant. So if it is $58 on Wednesday then it's going to cost you $58 on Sat as well. Aside from the cost, lack of a layout map and minimal course markings, this Sun City gets a major thumbs up from me!
    It's incredibly spread out and just a fun and challenging course too play.

  • 7/15/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Lakes (at Sun City)   J.D.
    This course opened in December and with another year of growth it will become one of Charlotte's best and most challenging courses. It's extremely hilly. Think Charlotte's "Bandon Dunes." The greens and bunkers are king-sized, which really throws off your ability to gauge distances. Yardage markers and white/red/yellow stakes are scarce, but I've been assured that they're going to improve all of that soon.

    I played it twice today, once from the blue tees and one from the whites. Without a yardage book (coming soon, they say), the whites are tougher because you'll find you need to be more accurate with the driver to avoid running through fairways. In fact, a great tip for anyone playing the whites is -- leave your driver in the bag all day. Even when it looks safe, 3 wood is the right club.

    B-man -- you've gotta give this course a try and add it to your arsenal of local courses. You won't be disappointed.