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Demo Day at Lincoln CC
Posted by: The B-Man
on 4/22/19 10:14pm
I received a note from Jody Saunders, the GM at Lincoln Country Club, about a Demo Day. Check it out: I'm the GM at Lincoln CC and thought your readers might be interested in our demo day coming...

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Tega Cay Golf Club

  • 4/11/19, Review by nstoudt - Course was in really good condition. I expected it to be wet but there was really only 1 hole that was soggy and it was near the water anyhow. Greens were in great shape and rolling nice.
  • 4/30/18, Review by dischydo - Greens were pretty good and fast. Rolled nice. Some fairways were a little thin. overall good
  • 4/12/18, Review by nstoudt - Tee boxes and fairways were in pretty rough shape. The front 9 had a few holes water logged. With that being said, the greens were in amazing condition. Yet for $49, way over priced.
  • 10/20/17, Review by syncgolf - played tega cay and found the course to be in perfect conditions. ball sits perfect in the fairways, tees are well kept. greens rolling wry true and quick. one of the few public course that is not only keeping the course in good shape but actually improving and making it better. best value in town for the quality
  • 6/7/17, Review by syncgolf - Snuck out on a perfect day. Pro shop staff very nice. started on time. course condition is great. many upgrades and attention to details since I played last. Fairways were nicely mowed and bunkers were Mic. Greens were very fast and smooth. Great mix of holes. Great value based on cost to product condion.
  • 5/29/17, Review by BetterThanMost - Tega Cay is in phenomenal shape right now. Tees and fairways are beautiful. Bunkers are full of soft, white sand. Greens are lightning quick. This public course has very much of a private club feel. Not the longest course in the world; club selection off the tee is key. Lots of elevation change as well.
  • 4/9/17, Review by syncgolf - great condition on green's very pure and fast. they have continued to improve the course from tee to green and even all the small details you would see at a private club without the costs. give it a try
  • 7/2/16, Review by wnb5th - Tough course, very tight, shot makers course, keep driver in the bag if you are a long hitter! Course was in great shape. Nice clubhouse, nice halfway house, greens were just verti-cut a few weeks ago so they have healed and roll great. Down hill, down grain puts are fast as lightning! Like the course but it eats my lunch. Only thing that is holding it back from 5 stars is that the driving range is kind of awkward... severely down hill. but its fine if you just want to warm up before your round.
  • 6/5/16, Review by KyleSmith - I'll get the bad out of the way early-= pace of play was terrible, especially for an 11:00 am tee time in June. The group in front of us acted like they were on tour- the exact opposite of ready golf. No rangers or other course employees to help push them through didn't make it easier. Wasn't completely on them, as the group ahead of them spent more time searching for golf balls than they did playing golf. This course just needs a ranger to drive around enforcing pace of play. Also, the fairways could benefit from about a month straight of cart-path only. They hold water for a while and it looks like the mowers/carts have done some damage. On the positive, the greens were some of the bet I have played in the area. Held shots well and rolled quick and true. Overall,I enjoyed the round. I will enjoy getting back out there to play another round.
  • 8/1/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - Tee boxes, fairways and bunkers in good shape. Greens were a mixed bag. Front nine in good shape. Several greens on back nine on the edge. Very thin grass with dirt starting to show. Made putting the back nine a challenge as some were super fast while others a bit slower. Need the heat to break so the greens can survive this very hot, dry summer.
  • 5/5/15, Review by Jan - The greens were perfect, rolled true and pretty fast. The fairways and tee boxes were in good shape. The fairways are really starting to fill in nicely. Staff in the pro shop were very friendly and inviting. They really made me feel at home. I will definitely play here as often as I can. Excellent value!
  • 4/30/15, Review by syncgolf - Tega Cay is in perfect condition. Tee boxes have nice green grass, fairways mowed tight, bunkers were well manicured. The greens were rolling very fast and true. No better value in Charlotte.
  • 3/26/15, Review by gopher.birdies - Course was fantastic. Greens rolled true and held shots even with low irons. Tee boxes could use some work but you could find a place to tee up with out too much difficulty. Really fun layout. Played the Pines/Grandview (the normal 18). Staff was very friendly and gave us a great deal on a 9 hole replay. Bunkers looked nice but some how i managed to avoid them for all 18. This is becoming one of my favorite courses due to the consistent condition this course is in and the good deals you can find online. Great snack bar as well.
  • 11/30/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - Played Tega Cay on Saturday afternoon. We were a threesome on the front and 1 player dropped out at the turn. Course in good shape. Greens were very good and very fast. Tee boxes a little chewed up but could find a place to tee it up. Fairways dormant but good. Traps I was in were fine. Pace ok, a little slow but not terrible. Only strange thing was it was cart path only. I didn't see much water on the fairways, they seemed really pretty dry. Not sure why it was cart path only.
  • 8/31/14, Review by metallikviper - Closest course to home and I play it a lot. This course gets a lot of play and they always have this course in great shape. Played the Cove 9 a few weeks ago and it was a great deal for $14 on a weekday. I just hate the location of the driving range as the sun is right in your face in the mornings and the right side of the 10th fairway always has stray balls making it hard to find your ball. Overall, a great course and reasonably priced.
  • 8/14/14, Review by syncgolf - I have played this course a few times a year for the past three or four years. Every year it has improved becoming more manicured. I hit the ball into the bunker both greenside and fairway and the sand was perfect. The greens rolled true and very fast! Fairways and tee boxes are in great condition. I enjoy the elevation changes and club selection off the tee and into the greens on this course too. I paid $34 which was a great value. As a golfer who plays all over #CLT I would put it against any course in town.
  • 7/20/14, Review by cyoung2ty - I played here last evening with a small group on the Cove course. Unfotunately, the driving range was running out of balls and the picker couldn't get to those on the range... so I was unable to warm up prior to teeing off, but... it was still an enjoyable time. They seemed to pack in a bunch of really slow groups before we teed off. I believe there was a twosome in front of us... a threesome in front of them and another twosome in front of them. The leading twosome was extremely slow... so it made for a 2.5 hour 9-hole round. The course itself was in decent shape. There were some spots on the tee boxes that were pretty beat up, but the fairways were in good shape. The greens had just recently been punched and sanded, but they still rolled well. The only green that looked in poor shape was the 8th green. It looked like a driving range green with all the ball marks on it. Luckily, they were all on the back-right side of the green and the pin was towards the front-left of the green. The only problem I have with Tega Cay, having played all three 9-hole courses, is that it's a short course, all around. I played the course poorly (losing balls on 4 of the first 5 holes) with very poor course management. I hit driver off most holes when an iron or hybrid would have been just fine off the tee. Overall... for $16 including cart, the course is well worth it. I'll be playing here a lot as the course, staff and especially clubhouse are very nice and I've enjoyed my time there.
  • 5/24/14, Review by ILL-INI - Once the tee boxes come in the course will be pretty much perfect. Greens are a little hard too. Other than that if you can find a deal on golf you'd be hard pressed to find a better course for the money.
  • 5/18/14, Review by oneputt - A tale of two nines, Carolina Pines, greens were very hard, had punch holes that made for rough rolls. The ball soundd like it had landed on a pool table when they hit the green. Tees needed growing in on both nines. Fairways were still growing in but were soft and green. Grande View, greens smother, rolled nice and held shots. Layout was solid. First time playing here and I will come back.
  • 11/15/13, Review by syncgolf - Played Tega Cay Golf Club on Friday! It was in great shape! The fairways are still green and tightly mowed! The greens were very true and fast and the course has more elevation change than any course I have played in the Charlotte area! The course features a wide variety of holes requiring you to use all the clubs in your bag! If you want to play something different with some huge elevation changes and dramatic views try Tega Cay! I strongly suggest this golf course because the course is fun in perfect shape and like nothing I have seen or played in Charlotte. Give Tega Cay a try and I think you will enjoy it too!
  • 7/23/13, Review by ILL-INI - 12:10 tee time on - scored a $17 round for 3 guys. Nice! Greens look like they are having a hard time coming back from a recent punch - we didn't have the best time putting today. Fairways, although wet, are quite nice. Bunkers were shit. Overall a decent play - if I would have paid normal rates I would have been disappointed.
  • 6/22/13, Review by _mk70 - First time playing here and it was an enjoyable course. Loved the elevation changes and club selection strategy. Course was in great shape as well. Two groups scheduled ahead of us didn't show up so we went out early and didn't see a single person while playing which made our Saturday morning tee time even more enjoyable. I will play this course again.
  • 6/14/13, Review by IM4DHERD - Greens were ideal and fairways were in excellent shape. Some teeboxes were a bit thin and the traps weren't fixed from the previous week's rain.
  • 9/22/12, Review by 4Putts - First time back here since they re-did the greens and they are a huge improvement. Overall the course is in pretty good shape but has always felt very confining (squeezed into too little area) to me hence the 3.5.
  • 11/25/11, Review by metallikviper - Course is in decent shape considering the time of the year. Fairways definitely look worn and the tee boxes had a bunch of bare spots and both could use some repair. Roughs were cut a bit high and its easy to lose balls especially since they are all dried out. Greens however were in great shape. Only drawback was that they were cut short and putting was very fast. Overall I would rate it a B+ and would recommend.
  • 10/22/11, Review by Orion - I'm not a fan of leaving negative feedback on anything, but I was really frustrated by the end of this round. Let me start off by saying the COURSE is beautiful and well maintained; my problem is with the administration. We had three people with us and a fourth was placed with us (standard practice, no problem there). We started at 12:20 and but did not finish until nearly 5:30. The pace was so slow, we had to wait almost 5 minutes before teeing off on each hole. We ended up having three (maybe even four, not sure) groups on hole 16. When we started we were talking with the starter and the marshall was right there, in the whole round we only saw him one other time, and that was at the 4th hole. We would have liked to see him again towards the end to pick up the pace a bit. I'll end this with the same disclaimer as before, I've only been playing for a year, so maybe this is standard for a beautiful fall day, but it was very different for me. Again, the course was in excellent condition, but maybe they were just a bit too ambitious with the booking. One last note, this is a TOUGH course (probably contributing to the pace). Keep this in mind if you are relatively new, you may want to tee up further than normal.
  • 8/13/11, Review by Matt - Conditions great, greens great! Layout is fun and course is definately a target course with some tight holes. One of my friends making a hole in one didn't hurt my opinion of the course either. :)
  • 6/10/11, Review by jooliver - Course is in very good condition right now. Greens are rolling good and fairways in great shape. Played Carolina and Grande. Also played 9 hole Cove for 13.50 with cart. It's in acceptable shape considering the price.
  • 6/3/11, Review by Russell - Have not played here in over a year. Greens were recently aerated with a very light top dressing so they were a little rough and bumpy. The rest of the course was fine. Not great but not bad. I plan on giving the the greens a few weeks before heading back.
  • 5/21/11, Review by metallikviper - We played the Pines and Grand View for our 18 and heard that the Cove is under repair. Greens were in good shape except for the usual divot marks. Tee boxes could use some work. Other than that course was great and played quick. Saw a couple of marshals who helped speed it up. This course should be in good shape throughout the summer.
  • 5/7/10, Review by Russell - I have played here a lot in the past few years and enjoyed the "target golf" course layout. The course conditions vary from excellent to not so good. Right now they are not so good. The major issue is the new greens. They were sodded in the fall with the new mini-verde bermuda greens. Unfortunately the seams have not healed uniformily on all of the greens. My partner had a short put that got caught in one of the seams and redirected his putt severely. Hopefully this is something that they can address as the greens grow in but right now there are some problems. In addition, the area behind the 18th green is still GUR due to new sod. The back half of the 8th green on the Pines was being removed - hopefully to level the slope for rear pin positions. One or two teeing areas were bare (17th) I hope that some of these issues are addressed before I head out there again.
  • 4/28/10, Review by rmh612 - The course was in decent shape. On the Grand View there are some large roped off areas in the middle of the fairway on one of the Par 5s (maybe hole 5). The pace of play was awesome. We did not have to wait one time on the Carolina Pines and only once once on the Grand View. This could have something to do with the Championship in town along with the cool day. Overall, I wish there were more yardage markers to help with approach shots. Decent course for a decent price.
  • 10/29/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Jin
    Tega Cay is a place you'll either love or hate... usually hate at first because you have to know where to play the ball (target golf). In either case, they are finally opening back up this Sunday (11/1) after resodding all 18 of their greens. They enlarged most of the greens to their original size and made some changes. I'm sure the grass still needs some time to grow in, but the whole course has been closed down for 2 months so the tee boxes, fairways and bunkers have got to be nice!
  • 9/23/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide   Jin
    Played there last week and I forgot to post a review. I agree with John, the greens were great (color was good and they rolled well)! Haven't played there since March when the greens had brown spots. Def will go back for a round soon.

    Tega Cay update: not sure if anyone goes out there from this site but they are almost done resodding all 18 greens and are hoping to open back up early November. They are using Mini-verde, a bermuda hybrid which allows them to cut the greens short to allow them to roll fast. Hoping for the best... Also, they are making changes to a few greens to make them wider and more playable than before.
  • 9/2/09 - I can confirm this update from Russell. My company had an outing scheduled for October and it had to be moved to another course. From Russell: A coworker of mine is a member at Tega Cay and he told me today that they "lost" all 18 of their greens and are closed for the next 2-3 months to re-sod them. (I never thought they were that great to begin with) He did not mention their 3rd 9 hole Cove course but I assume that is closed as well.
  • 7/26/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Jin
    Played Tega Cay this morning and finished under 4 hrs. Pace of play was great! Fairways are green and the rough is nice and thick. Some of the tee boxes need work though, #8 (black tee) on Grande View in particular. Greens are rolling true, without many ball marks and barely any brown spots.
  • 7/3/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Eric
    I have played Tega Cay twice in the past month. It is in great shape, greens are rolling true, pace of play has been very good, and the staff is very friendly. I had not played there before this year and I've been very impressed.
  • 7/2/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   fsquid
    Anyone played Tega Cay lately? I never hear much buzz about it and maybe that is justified
  • 3/31/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Jin
    Tega Cay just started aerfication of their greens yesterday. They say they will be back to 30% by the weekend. Just a heads up.
  • 2/26/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Jin
    Been playing at Tega Cay the past month. Just joined their membership since it's close to home and a decent deal (no initiation and only $150 per month for a year). 27 "Championship holes", but technically only 18 are in decent shape. I played the Cove last week. Apparently they re-did the greens and bunkers last year. Greens are brown right now and have not been plugged, will get better once spring hits. The other 2 9's are a lot nicer (Pines/Grand). As BMan said, you def want to play with a Tega Cay veteran, b/c there are a lot of holes where you don't really know where to play the ball. And playing from the tips to whites changes from hitting a driver to 3 wood. I hit 3 tee shots too long to get into trouble from the whites... I'm not a great player, but I have the distance so I'll be playiing from the blacks now. Their greens are the nicest I've seen in the Charlotte area (not trying to dog any other course): barely any brown spots, no divot marks that I could see and speed was great. The practice green is a little faster than the course's green speed, but they are all clean. The Grand is the nicer of the 3, then Pine and Cove. Play usually starts at the Pines and then thru the Grand. The Grand has a great layout and is quite challenging, score as low as you can on the Pines! Rip it on the 1st hole, very short par 5 with an average 2nd shot of 170-200 yds depending on your drive.
  • 7/16/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Recent Play   Elsupremo
    3 July - Played Warrior for the first time. Pretty impressive. Course was in great shape, greens, tee boxes, everything. Well worth the drive. Playing partner walked on and shot four over, the annoying b@$t@rd.

    4 July - Olde Sycamore - Was in it's usual immaculate shape. Of the 30 or so public/semi-private courses I've played in this area, I think this is the nicest and also the most difficult.

    5 July - Tega Cay. Second time I've played here. I think it's a very nice course but it is another one that doesn't believe in bunker maintenance. I've noticed that about several courses in the area.

    12 July - Skybrook - Played here several times and it's always in great shape but it's also one of those courses that could use a little more bunker maintenance. It is on the Carolina Trail now but not part of any of the packages. Not sure what the deal is there.

    13 July - Stonebridge - Nice course but it is a haul from Huntersville. Again, bunker maintenance. How hard is it to go in, turn over the bunkers and rake them smooth. I don't get it. I know, I know, if you don't hit into them you won't have that problem. Whatever.

    Playing Pinetuck on the 18th and Eagle Chase on the 19th. I'll write up something about Pinetuck next week.
  • 5/7/07 - Played CP / GV on 5/6. CP greens were nearly immaculate, very green, smooth and consistent. Their speed was quick but not like Skybrook or pro-style fast greens. The greens on the Grande View nine were not as nice, which surprised me. I thought GV was supposed to be best of the 3 nines. Tee boxes and fairways were good, but a few were just okay. Overall, I'd say the conditions were good but not awesome. We didn't play the Cove nine.
  • 4/15/07 - New Course Added -- look for a review soon!
  • 3/30/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay - Golf Holes   Larry
    Has anyone tried this coupon for Tega Cay recently? Coupon is for $122.85, 4 play for 3 on weekends. That's an incredible deal considering is about $47 on weekends.... I'll give a try this Sat and let ya know, but I have my doubts that it will work when I show up with this ridiculous cheap coupon pd for.

    p.s. Ballyntine in excellent shape! Played their on 3/26
  • 3/8/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay   Dooner
    If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and drive down to Tega Cay. 27 holes in all, the best combination is the "carolina pines 9" and the "grande view 9." Grande View is the newest 9 and most mountainous. You'll pay more on a weekend, but its worth it. Look for cards being sold around town, I got two and burned through them a couple summers ago. Haven't been around town lately so if anyone has played it lately, let me know how it looks.
  • 3/16/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Tega Cay & Olde Sycamore   Sonny Rauscher
    Played Tega Cay on the 6th of march. Started out playing in the rain but seeing that we haven't played golf in three months we didn't care! All of us really liked this place!! After five the weather got great and we ended up playing all 27 holes. That new nine was nice. Fairways were overseeded and were in great shape. Next time we are in the Charlotte area, We will be playing here again for sure.