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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Fort Mill Golf Club

  • 7/8/18, Review by syncgolf - Ft Mill golf club is a Ross and Cobb design. Tee to green course was in best shape I have ever seen. Greens rolled true at medium to fast pace. Fun course to play and best value for your dollar. Proshop staff is always friendly.
  • 5/9/18, Review by Acgolf - This was my 3rd or 4th time playing FM, the other times were all last summer. The course was not good this time around. Fairways were mediocre at best, the green on 2 was dismal. Overall, this was VERY overpriced and I will not be back until I read that improvements have been made.
  • 5/8/18, Review by tpac - We teed off at 2pm on a Monday afternoon. There were very few other golfers on the course, so we played at a relaxed pace. The course was in OK shape. Yes, there were some problem areas and some of the greens had a bit of weed infestation, but it's a public course. If you're expecting Charlotte Country Club type conditions, you've set yourself up to be disappointed. To me, it was as good as most public courses in the area. Of course some are much better - Skybrook, Verdict Ridge, but there are plenty that are worse. So for my $46, I feel it was worth the drive down I-77.
  • 10/17/16, Review by IM4DHERD - First time here in years. Subtle changes for the better that maybe those who play it fairly regularly might not notice. They've cleaned up a not of the tree areas, maybe most notably on #18. Greens were fantastic, not fast but in great shape. Fairways and rough were in very good shape as were the teeboxes. Forgot how tricky this course can be. Senior rate starts at age 55. Very enjoyable.
  • 5/29/16, Review by syncgolf - Course tee to green was very lush and well groomed. Greens rolled very smooth with nice pace. I would recommend it as one of the best courses for that price point and it's a fun course that you can enjoy playing without losing two dozen golf balls.
  • 5/7/16, Review by bneuman1 - Course was really fun to play. The clubhouse was great. The staff were very friendly and attentive. We will definitely play here again when we return to Charlotte.
  • 2/25/16, Review by oneputt - Course was very wet due to heavy storms the day before. Everything is dormant. Greens were soft and smooth. Great day on the course. Well worth playing every chance you get.
  • 1/14/16, Review by oneputt - Everything has now turned brown. Frost delay. Greens were putting nice. Still plenty of grass in the fairways and the rough. Sand traps were in really good condition. Plenty of sand and raked. Tees were beginning to look beaten up. The par three tee boxes were especially showing some wear. Overall, playing FM is always a special treat. Staff both in the shop and out on the course are super.
  • 12/26/15, Review by oneputt - WET,WET,WET! Everywhere you hit it there was water. We expected this but it was really very wet. Playable thru the course which is amazing. Greens were slow due to being so wet but they still putted true. The traps were all playable but they were hard and heavy. Fairways were like sponges. Every step one took the water came right up and over your shoes! This course is such a pleasure to play that even weather related situations could not dampen the overall experience. If and when we dry out this is the course to put at the top of your golfing priorities! The staff as always are very professional and COURTEOUS.
  • 11/12/15, Review by hotrod jb - First time playing Fort Mill and I really enjoyed it. It's a challenging track from the member tees but over all really nice. Greens are in awesome shape right now. I will go back for sure
  • 11/5/15, Review by oneputt - Fort Mill has done well given the amount of rain! Overall, the course was dry with some roll in the fairways and the traps although wet were full of sand and no standing water. The greens rolled fast and true. Pin placements today were tough. Made it hard to really make any putts of any length. Cart path only did make it play a little slower than usual. Staff are the best. Ranger kept checking on pace of play. Shop staff are dedicated to making this a fun place to play.
  • 10/1/15, Review by oneputt - back to Fort Mill this am. course is in spectacular shape,even with all the rain! from tee to green the course is full of grass, great lies in the fairways and the rough not to thick but still tough to play out of. the traps were wet but had plenty of sand in them. the greens were really good. the ball rolled smooth and they putted true. they were slower than usual but still a great putting experience. the staff are a real asset to this place. very professional and willing to go the distance to make your day the best. FM is the real deal and worth the expense.
  • 8/24/15, Review by oneputt - Given the wicked weather challenges FM is really in great shape! Tees have plenty of grass but the ground is really hard. Fairways almost perfect! Good amount of roll and plenty of great lies. Playing the ball down not a problem. Bunkers were in good shape, even for late in the day. Sand was dry and played consistent. The grass around the traps has grown and is really thick. This is the same for the rough off of the fairways. The ball settles down and is a challenge to get it back into play. Just as it should be. The greens are really perfect! Shots hold nicely and the ball rolls smooth as glass. Some putts I had were like putting on glass. The greens are true and make one really think before putting. FM is the best or one of our best courses in the area. Staff is always friendly and very helpful. The starter had me go ahead of a foursome on the first tee and from that point on every group I played up on let me go thru as a single without the slightest delay! Just a perfect late afternoon at a perfect place to play this silly game we call golf.
  • 7/30/15, Review by oneputt - After a two week break from golf I was able to return to FM! The course was in really great shape despite the heat. Several fairways were stressed and browning out but still had plenty of grass on them. The tees were great. The greens had plenty of grass and rolled true. They were really fast and the pin placements made it a real challenge to get the ball in the hole. This remains my favorite place to play and it is worth every penny!
  • 7/9/15, Review by oneputt - This course is at it's finest! The re-sodded tees have all grown in and have leveled. The fairways are full of grass and very much playable down. Sand traps were perfect. The greens are full and very fast. They hold shots and are rolling true and smooth. This course is a must play for any serious golfer. The original Ross nine is complemented by the newer back nine. Shot making is a premium skill when playing FM. Correct placement in the fairway and on the green is nicely rewarded. The staff here are the best that I have met. Get out to Fort Mill and take on this gem of a course!
  • 4/30/15, Review by oneputt - Course is really greening up! The greens are perfect, until early June when they get punched. They held shots, rolled true and had some real speed. A perfect test of one's putting skills. Fairway grass is filling in and turning green. Dry with some roll. The tees are a work in progress. Several are slated for re-grassing this week. This will help a great deal. Staff are all on top of their respective jobs. Ranger is all around and does his job. The pro-shop staff are some of the best around. Many private clubs could learn alot from this clubs operations. Go play, it is worth every penny.
  • 4/23/15, Review by oneputt - Really starting to green up. The fairways had been fertilized early in the morning and there was some evidence but nothing that got in the way. Greens are super! They roll smooth, have some speed and are true. The tees are a different story. The Gold tees are in pretty bad shape. Not dormant, several with no grass at all! This will take some drastic action to improve. 18th hole was played from the red tees due to the condition of the regular tee. Staff here are the best. They take great pride in making sure the golfing experience is the best it can be. Go play FM, a real step back into pure golf.
  • 3/12/15, Review by oneputt - Still dormant. As to be expected. The greens were quite perplexing.They were so slow and bumpy that it made any realistic putt almost impossible. This will improve with some dry and warmer weather. The overall experience here is great. Well worth the costs. Staff are the best around. Spring can't get here soon enough.
  • 1/20/15, Review by oneputt - A great way to start the new year! FM was in splendid shape given the time of the year. The greens are in outstanding condition. Shots held nicely. The balled rolled smoothly. They were consistent and by that I mean very,very fast! On the wrong side of the hole and three putt was a given. The rest of the course was brown but that is what it should be. Traps full and smooth with the exception of the few foot prints that had not been raked. Given the beautiful weather and plenty of sun the course was full of golfers. Pace of play was what to be expected with a full tee sheet. Staff are the best. FM needs to be on your list!
  • 12/18/14, Review by oneputt - The course is in good shape given the time of the year. The greens are really nice! They are smooth,fast and soft. Putts rolled really true. Pins were tucked in some wierd places. The rest of the course was as to be expected. Traps and bunkers were in fab shape. This is a great course. Walking it makes it even more special. Well worth the expense. Staff are the best around.
  • 12/4/14, Review by oneputt - What a great day of golf on a great,grand old course! Greens were fast, smooth and held shots. They had been sprayed green so they even looked good. Everything else has gone dormant. Brown and more brown. Plenty of grass in the fairways and the rough. Traps were in good shape. Staff here can't be beat for customer service! Well worth the cost. A real gem.
  • 11/6/14, Review by oneputt - A great day at FM! The course is in really good shape. Fairways are rolling and have plenty of grass. The traps were in great shape,plenty of sand and consistent. The greens were really great! They held shots and the ball rolled smoothly. The speed of the greens was it's Out of position putts had very little chance of ending up close or going in. Pin placements today were a real challenge. Very hard to get the ball close. Speeed of play was slower than usual. Rangers kept on top of the slow foursome in front and this helped a lot. Playing at FM is really a special round.
  • 10/23/14, Review by oneputt - I continue to be very impressed with this golf facility! Today, a little chilly early on was no exception. The fairways are really spectacular. They have plenty of grass and the lies were perfect. The rough has grown in and presents a real challenge if you get there. The greens are the best. They hold full shots. They roll better than you can ever imagine! They are fast and true. If you are on the wrong side of the speed there is no hope for a two putt. I witnessed two of my opponents roll the ball off the green from just a medium distance from the pin! The entire staff really make this a great experience! Make sure you get out here to play.
  • 10/2/14, Review by oneputt - Perfect,Perfect,Perfect.....That is the only way to describe the entire experience at FM today! Starting with the greens. I have never seen such smooth,fast and slick greens at a semi-public facility. The ball held and then rolled as smooth as one could want. The traps and bunkers were full of sand and consistent. Fairways were fully grassed and the lies were great. The rough was penal but not at the expense of losing a ball. Tees were flat and had plenty of grass. Pro-shop and ranger staff went out of their way to make sure the golfing experience was top notch. I really enjoy my days here and you will as well.
  • 8/17/14, Review by The B-Man - First time back in awhile. Great old school layout. Friendly staff with a starter and ranger late on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of juniors on and around the course, good to see. Course was in great shape overall. I do like the "new" greens (been a couple of years but hadn't played since they redid 'em). The ball rolled true and quick but alot of the diabolic slopes are gone, which is a good thing. The course still plays very challenging (the par 3's are all very healthy, 155-185 yds) but pretty fair. I will say that some of the bunkers had such fine-grained sand that I got about the worst buried lie in the face of a green-side bunker as I've ever had. I flew around the course as a single. About my only complaint would be on the price - $45 for a weekend twilight rate is a little on the steep side for Charlotte.
  • 8/14/14, Review by oneputt - Just perfect! Greens were fast,pins placed in tough spots and the ball rolled true. Fairways were perfect, not a bad spot to be found. Traps were filled with good sand and in good shape. Tee boxes had plenty of grass and are level. Staff were great, as always. Speed of play went well. We moved around in a very comfortable pace. Worth every dime!
  • 8/4/14, Review by oneputt - What a treat! The course was freshly mown,greens cut and rolled and the traps in great condition. Simply could not ask for more. Walked 18 holes and enjoyed every hot step of the way. The greens were rolling fast and they held all kinds of approach shots. Several times the balled backed up more than I am used to. Not to shabby. I walked right on. Paired up with another walker and we went our way. No waiting the entire round. Ranger was very visable. The pro-shop staff were their usual professional and courteous selves. Take advantage of their August special rates. Can not go wrong.
  • 6/2/14, Review by oneputt - Great course. Greens had been punched last week so they were covered with sand. They really did not putt that bad. Just what you would expect. The rest of the course is really coming into tip top shape. Nice to see evidence that the grounds crew were working on some of the tee boxes and bare areas. Ball rolled well in the fairways. Sand in all the traps and it was raked. Overall, I don't think that this place can be beat for the pure enjoyment of golf as it was meant to be. Pro-shop staff are also top notch.
  • 5/22/14, Review by oneputt - What a great course. The fairways have good stands of grass. The bunkers were filled with sand and dry. The greens were great. They held shots, actually backed up several wedges. They rolled smooth and were smooth,not real quick but still challenging. The layout can't be beat. I see and feel Ross on the front nine and then go to the back for a more contemporary feel. The pro-shop staff cold not be more professional and the starters are on top of their jobs. This is a real treat and worht every cent!
  • 3/24/14, Review by oneputt - Course is really showing the wear and tear of winter. tee boxes have no grass,period! Greens are great, for this time of the year. Approach shots around the green are a real challenge due to no grass and lots of mud. Greens and aprons have been sprayed green. It at least makes one think of real spring golf! I love this course and really appreciate the efforts of everyone associated with it's operations. The pro-shop staff are tops! Even the starters have a good personality! Really appreciate their attention to details and management of the course flow. Not easy for sure.
  • 2/24/14, Review by oneputt - Really in good shape for this tme of the year. Greens were fast and a little bumpy. Traps were in excellant shape. Pace of play was good. No real signs from the bad weather. Pro=shop staff really great. starters were polite and engaging.
  • 9/13/13, Review by wnb5th - Played 9 holes after work... This course is worth playing and in very good shape. Tee boxes - no issues Fairway - no issues Rough - Very Manageable and recently cut Greens - Great shape A group let us play through on the 1st par 3 and after that we boogied around the course. I wish I would have had time to play all 18.
  • 9/5/13, Review by oneputt - Greens very fast. Course was in excellent condition! Played in men's dogfight. Great group of golfers and really a special course to walk.
  • 8/23/13, Review by oneputt - Cart paths only....wet but not bad. Greens were in really good shape. Putts rolled true and had some speed to them as well. Traps were especially nice. Consistent sand and they were dry. Rough was thick and did present some challenges in finding wayward shots. Staff in the shop were very pleasant as sometimes they are not. I really enjoy this course and would tell anyone looking for a classic style Fort Mill.
  • 8/15/13, Review by oneputt - What a treat! Fairways were firm and rolling. Rough was rough but fair. Greens were the best I have seen. They held shots and the ball rolled true. They also had some speed to them that made you think before making your stroke. The Thursday men's group was also well run and fun. Good companionship and true golf! Walked the 18 and it was very comfortable. Not to many long transitions from hole to hole. I am hooked on Fort Mill.....See you next week.
  • 8/8/13, Review by oneputt - Great course! Greens were in good shape considering the rain and normal wear and tear. Balls rolled in the fairways which have plenty of grass. Played the ball down with no really bad lies. The rough was consistent. Putts rolled great. Speedy! Shop staff need some help with personal skills. They act as though they are doing you a favor just waiting on you. Enjoyed playing in the mens dogfight. Most certainly worth the money and the indifferent staff!
  • 6/27/13, Review by oneputt - Played in their men's group and really enjoyed myself. Course is in great condition. Greens were not overly quick but do have many subtle breaks. The sand in the traps was perfect and I got to experience many of them first hand! Overall a great day on the links.
  • 3/29/13, Review by TheClaw - I have been wanting to play here for a long time and finally got my chance. I loved the layout but the conditions were very disappointing. There were tractor tire marks all over the rough, so any ball not in the fairway would ultimately end up in a furrow left behind by the tractor. At that point it was usually 50/50 whether you could get the club cleanly onto the back of the ball or not. Also, I was very disappointed in the greens. They were very shaggy and slow and every green had a ton of old hole marks still visible that would also come into play. Putts bounced around all day long. Would love to come back here when conditions are better as I think it could be a gem of a course. However it clearly needs a bit of time for them to it back into shape, so I would avoid for a while. Once again though, it is a great classic layout, and I believe this course has the potential to be a star in the Charlotte area once conditions improve.
  • 3/2/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Springfield   Wulfpack
    Both Springfield and Fort Mill allow pushcarts. All over the place at Fort Mill as it is a walker's course. Fort Mill is very well layed out for walkers - not far at all between green and tee. Springfield is a bear to walk both from a distance standpoint as well as elevation. I like the front nine at Fort Mill (Donald Ross) but the back isn't all that bad and there are a few neat holes on the back. I think a dual membership will give you variety and the best of both worlds for a very reasonable price. Happy golfing!
  • 8/23/12, Review by Wulfpack - Walked 18 for one of the best bang for your buck deals around. No issues whatsoever. Just a great little course. Mini verde greens in great shape and rolling true. Had much of the course to myself. Will be back soon for another fun round.
  • 6/15/12, Review by Wulfpack - Walked 18 and conditions were just perfect. Greens have recovered nicely following the aeration a few weeks ago. Even though I prefer the front nine the back is starting to grow on me. Great course and excellent value.
  • 6/3/12, Review by Wulfpack - Played Fort Mill today knowing the greens were recently aerated. As such there are currently discounted greens fees. I walked the front nine for $13, so you won't find me complaining. Course is in excellent condition and the greens will recover soon. Fort Mill has a very down home feel and nice folks all around. Love this course.
  • 5/30/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Fort Mill aeration - reduced rates   The B-Man
    Got the note today that Fort Mill just aerated their greens and offering reduced rates for the next 2 weeks - $29 during the week and $39 on the weekends.
  • 5/24/12, Review by Wulfpack - I really like this course. Has a classic feel to it with the Donald Ross front nine. Love the staff and the members. A very walker friendly course. In fact, I saw more folks walking than in carts. The conditions were perfect and the course very well kept - green as can be and very well groomed. You can tell they take a lot of pride in it. Greens were perfect (they got rid of all of the undulation). You can really score here as it isn't super difficult - unlike Springfield. I will definitely be back soon.
  • 5/21/12, Review by phatdba - Fort Mill is in the best condition of the 8-10 local courses I've played this spring - lush green fairways, fast beautiful greens. This is one of the best walking courses around and they have good twilight rates. We walked, as many others did, and even though it was a very busy Sunday afternoon, we finished in 4 hours. A bit forgiving, esp on the front 9, I even skipped one on the water on #2 to the other side (not on purpose).
  • 4/14/12, Review by 4Putts - A little pricey but worth it.
  • 3/18/12, Review by ILL-INI - Absolute beauty right now. Greens are some of the best around, no doubt. Tee boxes are in decent shape. I noticed the sand boxes are in awesome shape. I found a new respect for this course today. It's an absolute must plat right now.
  • 10/2/11, Review by Matt - Course was very good. Everything was greened up nicely and the greens were consistent and rolled true. Only thing was some fairways were a little shaggy. Overall, a great course right now.
  • 8/26/11, Review by metallikviper - Course was absolutely perfect. Tee boxes in great shape, roughs cut to a good height, fairways were well maintained and the greens were immaculate. These new greens have really held up well for the summer and show absolutely no signs of abuse. Sand in bunkers was well raked. Only problem we encountered was that we were stuck behind to groups of walkers and neither would let us play through. Nothing against walkers, but if you're a >25 handicap you have no business walking. We had to skip 2 holes to get past them. The $17 walker rate probably drew them all in. We saw plenty of marshals but neither of them seemed to bother. Twilight rate of $35 is still a good rate.
  • 7/1/11, Review by Russell - I have not played Fort Mill in over a year. I still prefer the donald ross front 9 to the back but overall it is a good test. The course is greening up pretty well. Conditions were not perfect but they were not bad either. Normal wear and tear on the fairways and tee boxes. I think the greens will be perfect with a few more weeks of hot weather. Pace of play was pretty slow but it was a full tee sheet. It is a good course to walk and there were a lot of people walking - but I don't think that is what slowed us down. Overall, it is a good option for the south side of town. Also, they offer memberships that combine privileges at Fort Mill with their Springfield, Lancaster and Chester courses.
  • 6/19/11, Review by Matt - Fairways and Tee boxes in good shape. Greens look nice but havn't been cut recently and extremely sloooooooow! At least they were consistent. Layout isn't my favorite but still a decent course to play for the price.
  • 5/21/11, Review by Matt - I actually somewhat enjoyed the course and the actual ole layouts, but my overall experience was awful. It started out them trying to charge me $55 because they didn't believe I was a junior. I might be 6' 2", 260 lbs. but I am 17 so I want junior rate. Then, we had a threesome in fron of my foursome so of course they are going to play faster. On hole 6, we were putting on the green at an hour and 10 minutes and the ranger came up and told us we needed to hurry up because there was a big gap or he would make us skip a whole. Then, on hole 11, the same ranger followed right behind us the whole hole and made sure we didn't waste any time which we weren't. We ended up finishig in 3 hours 50 minutes. I guess we were going to slow! Sorry! The greens were very inconsistent with one being super fast and the next like putting in my backyard. The fairways were decent and the tee boxes were average. I have to say that multiple holes are al centered around the clubhouse and you feel nervous you are going to get hit with someone else's errant ball. We did on hole 7 as we were driving down the cart path. Fortunately, it was only are cart. The course is alright but i can't recommend. Only play as a last resort. I probably won't be going back.
  • 5/14/11, Review by ILL-INI - Ok so I lied...I can play other courses besides Stonebridge. A buddy of mine invited me out to Fort Mill Golf Club for a round on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we teed off at 12:40 and Sunday at 1:40. This course had me stumped both days. The layout of the course is sort of an old school links style with some rolling terrain. A little water here and there makes it interesting. Fairly wide open course with a few holes requiring precision but nothing too crazy. The biggest thing about this course that had me stumped were the speed of the greens. The greens were in nice enough shape, not too much in the way of dead spots but man they were long and slooooowwwww. It was just shy of putting on shag carpet. I could not for the life of me get the speeds embedded in my head. What looked like a putt that should roll nicely invariably stopped 5 ft short of the cup. I'm used to those greens at Stonebridge so putting on these were a real nightmare for me. I can speak highly of the staff, very nice and outgoing guys. Clubhouse is nice and the course is in pretty good shape this time of year. A wee bit pricey perhaps for the overall condition of the course and considering there are nicer courses that can be played for the same or cheaper. Overall I would go back out and play but hold my breath as I stepped on the 1st tee hoping that green 400yds away has been mowed.
  • 4/24/11, Review by rjrnyy - Most of the course was in prestine condition. Greens are running fast and are in great shape. I played this course both on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, half of the 9th hole fairway was dug up and being redone. Very unplayable. Starter stated they needed to fix based on the storm that came through 2 weeks ago. Didn't understand why they were doing it during a Holiday weekend with a lot of play. All other parts of the course are exceptional.
  • 11/14/10, Review by rjrnyy - Been playing Fort Mill Golf Club the past few weeks. Greens are in phemomenal shape and roll true. Fairways are starting to turn color but that's normal this time of the year. Recommend this highly as the after 12pm rates are great! ($40 after 12pm throughout November) Can't wait to see if they lower them even more in December.
  • 11/5/10, Review by metallikviper - Greens were in great shape after being redone. Very few divots. Fairways needed some work but still definitely very playable. For $35 (after 12PM) it was very well worth it. For $40 (after 12PM) on weekends it's certainly a bargain. Should be in good shape through fall and winter.
  • 3/1/10 - Update from Russell: In between the rain, snow and freezing temperatures I was able to play 2/22 at Fort Mill. It is my first trip back since they re-did the greens and they are interesting. Approaches rarely leave a ball mark and when you do repair them it feels like steel wool. They are pretty uniform and roll pretty consistently but I am not sure that they hold approaches as well as they did before. The rest of the course was in decent early spring condition. All of the recent rain left a lot of debris on the course but nothing too bad. Tee boxes were pretty chewed up but the sand traps were nice compared to other local courses. Not too excited that they have increased the rates with the new greens. It used to be a bargain but now it is in line with their sister course Springfield - a better overall course in my opinion.
  • 5/2/09 - Course in great shape. I really like playing here and wished I lived closer. It's a great old-style members course, with the next tee always right next to the previous green. One of the top 3 walkable courses (public) in the area. The new Bermuda greens were pretty nice. They weren't superquick today but we played very early (7:40am start). The course plays long, with most approach shots and par 3's being uphill. But I wouldn't call it a difficult course. If you hit some wayward shots, there's a good chance you will find the ball and still be able to salvage a good score (I had to do that a few times today). I had a great time and will be back often.
  • 3/11/09 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates   J.D.
    I've been golfing, but too busy to provide course updates, so here's a bunch from the last month or so:

    Fort Mill -- The improvements made here are all subtle and these have to be some of the fastest greens in Charlotte... at least at this point of the year. Great value. The course is in good shape.

    Charlotte Golf Links -- The greens and bunkers are in better shape than they've been in the past. Sadly, in an effort to speed up play they've made some changes that make the course a lot easier. Specific changes include slashing the thicket areas between holes #6 and 17, to the right of #7, between holes #10 and #18, and between holes #14 and #15.

    Stonebridge -- I played the same day as you, it seems! I think the course is in very good condition for this time of year. No changes to course layout there.

    Ballantyne Resort -- The changes they made to a few holes seem to be designed specifically to speed up play only. Nothing of any real note. Sad to see hole #2 get changed to a much less interesting hole.

    Olde Sycamore -- I'm growing tired of this course for one very nit-picky reason. The hole placement of the first par-3 (hole #4) is terribly unfair... and it screws up my entire round every time. The hole is perched atop a massive slope. If you're above the hole and you miss the putt by two inches... you wind up 20 feet away. If you're downhill and miss the putt by 4 inches... it rolls back down 20 feet. Sidehill putts are death. That's not the way golf is meant to be played. Rant over. The course is in so-so shape.

    Pebble Creek (Par 3) -- Yes, I'm not above playing a little pitch-n-putt. I know it's early in the season, but this place usually has nice greens and bunkers. Not so. It's in terrible shape, even for this time of year.

    Carolina Lakes (Sun City) -- Continues to be one of the nicest and well-maintained courses around. Not too tough off the tee, but the greens are sinister. They raised prices again and now it's not a good value... but it is a good course when you have some extra cash.
  • 2/4/09 - Played there on 1/30 for the first time. Very impressed by the conditions given the time of year. Greens were very fast, as quick as I've ever seen in the area (at any time in the year). Great track and I love that the course is very walkable. Check their site, you can get a coupon to play Mon-Thurs for $30 with a cart. (Thanks to Eric for this update)
  • 10/16/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Fort Mill Golf Club   
    Dave, I just played Fort Mill yesterday for the first time in about 10 years. What an impressive renovation of the place. Maybe doesn't rank among the top courses around the area but might be the most improved. The key is to join as a member if you can... unfortunatley memberships are limited to residents of Fort Mill or if you work in Fort Mill. If you are lucky enough to meet that criteria (which I am and will be joining soon) then the rates are much more resonable. $120/mth + Cart Fees or you can walk all you want. Looking forward to playing there a lot!
  • 10/12/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Fort Mill   Dave
    Played 36 at Fort Mill on Friday (cart fee only for second 18)in a little less than 7 hours. The course is in fantastic shape. Tee boxes, fairways (except for number 12, which was very wet where your tee shot will land)traps and greens were very nearly perfect. A word of caution about these greens. They are very, very hard and will not hold a ball. Very similar to the greens at Westport. They do putt very true although obviously pretty fast. The new clubhouse is very nice and they have brand new carts. All in all it's pretty nice over there but it is priced about the same as Springfield and Olde Sycamore and I don't think it's quite that nice.
  • 9/10/08 - The course officially reopened on September 4th. If you play it, please send me a review. The course underwent a $3 million renovation that updated the layout while restoring many of the design characteristics incorporated by Donald Ross and George Cobb years ago when the course was first built. The updates included seeding the greens with the heat-tolerant MiniVerde Bermuda grass.
  • 3/28/08 - Just heard today that the course is currently closed for renovations as of Feb 15. There's no word on when it will reopen, according to their web site.
  • 8/31/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Fort Mill Golf Club   Bill V
    Avoid Fort Mill Golf Club due to the greens that are in horrible condition! Literally NO grass to be seen on 95% of the greens. I enjoy this course often but was very frustrated they didn't provide an "accurate" warning of the conditions.

    By the way, I just discovered this site today and like the layout and the links to the discounts.
  • 7/6/07 - (From JD): Great conditions on an underrated track. The Donald Ross 9 is straightforward with tough greens. The other 9 is a bit more interesting on approaching the greens.
  • 6/4/07 - Played on 5/27/07 - course in very good shape for as dry as it has been. Fairways are still quite green and the greens are in good shape. Greens do have a lot of slope but are not super-fast so it is not unfair. Cost was only $37 on a holiday using coupon from (Thanks Barry for the update)