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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club

  • 8/22/18, Review by dischydo - Fairways and tees are in great shape. Greens were running at US open speeds. If you hit the green in the wrong spot above the hole, there are times were your next putt will be off the green. So fast, but a little bumpy/wavy. overall good
  • 5/22/18, Review by tpac - First time playing the course. Really enjoyed it. Free access to range balls during pre-round warmup was nice.. wish other courses would follow suite. Cart, while didn't have GPS, seemed fairly new and had plenty of power. Pro Shop guys were super nice and helpful to a first time visitor. Locker room was very nice. If I lived closer, would contemplate a membership here. Only complaint was they had just sanded the greens, so coupled with the early morning dew, it was a bit messy out there. Having said that, can't wait to go back to play those rolling fairways!
  • 5/19/18, Review by dischydo - Mostly great shape. A few greens had some patches they need to take care of. Still rolled well.
  • 7/26/17, Review by GungaGalunga - Really great course. Greens were a little slow, but recently punched and growing back well. Balls rolled true. Fairways were perfect. Course is beautiful and well landscaped. Time spent driving to this course is saved by the ability to play a round much faster. Guilties bar/restaurant inside is really nice.
  • 5/15/17, Review by KyleSmith - First time playing it and loved it. If it wasn't so far from uptown I would play it more often. It was windy, so it made hitting fairways a little tougher, and they were a little soft so not much run. The greens were great- quick but receptive. Used to playing on hard greens with little reception so it was nice to get some check-up shots. I love the layout of the course, but wish the Par 3's weren't as long (three over 200yds from the tips) and there weren't so many short par 4s. Overall, I recommend everyone getting out and playing this one. In great shape right now.
  • 9/3/16, Review by Mattrobinson065 - I played this course on a Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised with the pace of play! I was able to book a single tee time and didn't run into any other golfers for the first six holes! This might have been due to the first day of college football coming back, but either way, it's always great to find a public course that feels private on a weekend! The greens, fairways and tee boxes were all in great shape. This is a great course that I would definitely recommend playing!
  • 9/12/15, Review by Bogey-Golf - Very hard-pressed not to give it five stars. Top-notch facility over there. Greens were super smooth and quick. Fairways were lush and green. Bunkers were raked and luckily I didn't find them too much. Got my round done in about 3 1/2 hours. Best manicured public course that I have played in the Charlotte area hands-down. Just wish I lived closer I would be a member there in a minute
  • 8/25/14, Review by Bob10276 - Interesting golf course with some challenging holes. Good fairways, but bunkers are like concrete. Only about 2 inches of hard sand before you hit good old Carolina red clay. The greens are the main issue. I would expect dwarf Bermuda to be pristine this time of year, but these were bumpy, thin grass, and generally unpredictable. Some fast, some slow. Don't waste your money on this dog until they figure out the greens and bunkers.
  • 8/15/14, Review by The B-Man - Finally got to play a round here after 2 rainouts in the last month or so. Tough course. Lots of difficult, blind landing area tee shots and many sidehill lies. The hilly terrain and elevation changes tee to green may give you fits. The course is in good shape right now. The fairways were excellent. The greens didn't all look pristine to the eye (some had brown strips here and there), but they all rolled well. No real complaints about conditions. On the 7th green, the ranger asked our group (which was slow) to take extra time at the turn to allow 2 faster groups to overtake us -- which was fine and handled well. I would play here more often if not for the long haul from my end of town.
  • 8/2/14, Review by Bogey-Golf - Cart path only. 4 3/4 hours. Course in great shape...not a weed on that course. Greens good just hard for me when it comes to bermuda. Overall a good round.
  • 7/26/14, Review by metallikviper - Other than the greens being bumpy (were punched a few weeks back) there was nothing wrong with this course. We had a slow golfer in our group and we were happy to see the marshal push us. I wish more courses did this. Playing a round of golf in a reasonable amount of time is very enjoyable.
  • 5/25/14, Review by DrSchteeve - All good, though the greens were slower than I have ever seen them (but still mostly good, just some occasional bumpy spots).
  • 5/17/14, Review by metallikviper - First time playing this course and I was not disappointed. However, I was very disappointed with my score on a great course. The greens are probably the best in town. The tee boxes and the bunkers could use some help. The only reason I did not give it a 5* was due to the pace of play. I would definitely like to go back there. The marshals could have sped it up a bit.
  • 4/18/14, Review by Bogeybryan - Where is everybody? Played Verdict at 8 AM and nobody else there. Got around in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Greens and traps in good shape. Fairways just starting to green up and just need a week of warm weather to have green turf again. Great course and staff.
  • 4/12/14, Review by Bogeybryan - Arrived at 7:50 AM for 8:40 AM tee time. Nobody there so they let me out at 8 AM. Got around in less than 3 hours. Fairways were being aerated and a few greens still bumpy, but traps in good shape and raked except for a couple on back side. Pretty well drained with only a few wet areas in fairways. Looks like fairways had been mowed as there were lots of clippings in clumps. Overall, pretty typical shape for this time of year. Staff and facility excellent. Still one of the best courses in northern Charlotte area.
  • 2/19/14, Review by DrSchteeve - A few damp lies in the fairways, but no truly wet spots. Greens perfect. Still my vote for best public access course in Charlotte.
  • 10/3/13, Review by IM4DHERD - Beautiful, just beautiful
  • 9/8/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Took off a half star for 4:45 pace. Yes a bit pricey, but in my opinion still the best semi-private course in Charlotte.
  • 8/4/13, Review by mondiablo - Greens were punched about 2 weeks ago, and it was noticeable. It was impossible to make a putt under 5 feet. Despite that, the course was in good condition. Bunkers actually had soft sand, and it was wet only in spots. Unlike many, I have never been a fan of this course, but it is always in great shape and is worth the trip out once or twice a year.
  • 7/4/13, Review by Bogey-Golf - First time out since I moved back. Great course just really wet but thats expected with all the rain. When it dries out it will be playing great. Even with the rain the greens are firm. I will be back.
  • 5/28/13, Review by izzyf150 - Played Verdict Ridge for the first time. This is a descent course. The fairway seem to be about the same as what everyone is reporting on the other courses; starting to come in but not quite all the way there yet. The greens were in great shape as far as grass goes but they do have a top dressing of sand on them at the moment. Sand traps had plenty of sand. There’s not a lot of variety in the fairways on this course. Most of the fairways had a sloping left to right slant to them. Basically hit the ball to the hill on the left and let the hill turn the ball back down to the center of the fairway—over and over and over and over x 10. Nice looking club house and friendly staff. They let us on for $39 instead of the normal rate of $49, which was great. $39 dollars for a weekday rate is a fair price for this course. If I would have paid $49 I probably been a little more disappointed in this course. I probably won’t be back to this course for a while due to the travel time to get there for me. Overall a good course in good condition.
  • 4/7/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens perfect, other conditions and $45 rate good. 5 hour round - not so good.
  • 4/4/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Green Aerification   twoputt
    Verdict Ridge is in great condition and will not have any Spring aerification because of their new Champion Bermuda Greens. I played the other day and they said they will aerate in the summer one time. BTW The greens were rolling great!! Great pace both on the course and on the greens....

  • 12/9/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Pretty easy to rate when everything is perfect.
  • 10/14/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Even waiting on every hole, we finished in less than 4 1/2 hours on a busy Sunday. Otherwise, everything perfect. Pricey, but worth it.
  • 9/9/12, Review by slowmofo - Verdict Ridge is still an awesome golf course. I have played it many times. Its wide open and I have always enjoyed the design. Everything here is immaculate and now they installed mini verde greens. So if you have played VR before you know what to expect. Now the reason I am writing this for the new greens. I always thought the old greens were kept in tremendous shape. I agree with the previous reviewer that Rocky Ridge's greens are better, but also slower. VR's greens were firm and a tad bit faster, but you can tell the bermuda hasn't woving itself together yet. This is probably the reason they cut it short. So hopefully the greens can get themselves together before the fall/winter.
  • 9/3/12, Review by DrSchteeve - New greens are doing fine. They are just a little bumpy, hence only 4 1/2 stars. They also are playing firm, but are still receptive, far more receptive than the new greens at Rocky River. Everything else was great - the rough is deep but fair, fairways, teeboxes, traps all in good condition. Yes, the price is a premium, but the course is well worth it.
  • 8/16/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Rocky River and Verdict Ridge Set To Open With New Greens   Wulfpack
    Check out the Charlotte Observer post below. Rocky River opens on the 20th with special rates and Verdict Ridge follows on the 25th. Good stuff.
  • 6/4/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Verdict Ridge & Rocky River   DrSchteeve
    Rocky River has started green replacement with Bermuda; they will have 9 holes available for about 10 days, then temporary greens only until reopening approximately August 15. Verdict Ridge will start replacement June 25, limited temporary greens then available until reopening approximately September 1.
  • 6/2/12, Review by slowmofo - This is my second favorite course in the area. ( rock barn being number 1, but thats a hike) The conditions were pristine. Greans were amazing, maybe around a 10.5,which was good. Fairways, teeboxes, and sand traps were all in wonderful shape. If you have been here you know what to expect. An awesome challenging layout with some tricky putting depending on pin placement. I will try and get up here as much as possible before they switch the greens. Also, I couldnt beat the price on a Saturday.
  • 5/12/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Perfect conditions on my favorite course in Charlotte. I hope they are not making a mistake moving to Bermuda - they say they aren't changing the slope of the greens when they make the switch, and if the Bermuda turns the greens to bricks, like Springfield, the course will go from challenging to impossible.
  • 5/4/12, Review by The B-Man - Finally, finally, finally made the trip to play Verdict Ridge. Glad I did. The course is a beaut with a couple of the prettiest and most unique holes in Charlotte. It plays like a mountain course with hills, valleys and side hill lies aplenty throughout the 18. The first handful of holes were okay but then things picked up. By the time we reached the scenic #9 (see my photo of it on Twitter @charlottegolfer), I was really digging the layout. 16 is another cool one with giant boulders near the green on the uphill par 5. So layout-wise I was impressed. Conditions-wise, I got the sense it was not as lush or perfect as it usually sounds in the reviews. The front 1/3 of the layout was less than lush, with some bare fairway and tee spots - not bad, just not pristine like I expected. The second 2/3 were better. The greens, while there was nothing wrong with them, seemed slower than I expected, probably about average for most courses. I consistently came up short on the course because the putting green was fast and I'd heard the greens were challenging. I imagine they are when they are running quicker. The staff was friendly and the clubhouse/grill is top notch. The round was pricey (rate is $59 on a Friday afternoon?). The guy gave us the discount card for $10 off when I asked about the rate. That's cool but for the long haul to get there (round trip gas for me was probably $20) and the time of day / conditions, not sure the value is there. I'll be back because I liked the layout and found it very unique to Charlotte.
  • 2/18/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Everything was good. Waited on most shots but still made it around in 4 hours 20 minutes on a busy Saturday afternoon. Big news is they will be replacing greens with Bermuda in the summer. Should make an already great course that much better.
  • 10/26/11, Review by ctwheels - The course was in good shape for this time of year as the fairways are starting to go dormant. The greens were very fast, they looked liked they had been punched recently, but they still rolled smoothly. I had a free pass from points collected on GolfNow so nay free round is enjoyable. Pace od play was good 4 hours. This was the 3rd time I played this course and I forgot I how hard the last 4 holes are. Frankly, I do not care for any of the last 4 holes. All the fairways are crowned and two of greens are blind. In reality the terrain is too rugged and is not suited for a golf hole. The only other knock on this scenic beauty is the 3 out of 4 par 3's from the blue tees are all the same length long 195 yards. I prefer more of variety. Therefore I typically play the whites on only the par 3's thus giving me 7 iron on one, 9, 6, and 5. I do not like hitting a hybrid on almost every par 3. One last note with the expansion of route 16 to 4 lanes and completion of I485 - it is short 20 minutes from Charlotte now.
  • 9/11/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens still not back from punching - bumpy and slow. I'd look for at least another 2 weeks. A few greens also had some bare spots that the punching didn't solve. Other conditions fine.
  • 9/3/11, Review by El Supremo - We got at least 2 inches of rain on the north side of town Friday so the course was wet and path only. Course is in really great shape. Their club championship is next weekend so it'll be perfect for that and after. They do something interesting with the tee sheet on the weekend. They have ten minute tee times, starting groups on 1 and 10 until 930 and then they don't start anyone else until noon. Seems to be working for them. Fix your ball marks.
  • 8/20/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens punched 2 weeks ago and quite bumpy and sandy, everything else good. Round was $49 and a coupon was given to take 1/2 off a future round before the end of the year - applicable without any limits (weekends and holidays OK). Everything good but the greens - rough was punishing, but consistent. Always a great course even when conditions aren't perfect.
  • 6/24/11, Review by Opow - This is one of the nicest course I have played anywhere. Greens are always great. I have never been disappointed when I play here.
  • 5/22/11, Review by ILL-INI - Reading the reviews from guys 2 weeks ago I was expecting perfection...or something very close to it. I was surprised to see so many areas with grounds under repair. Sections of the fairways and even greens cut out and removed from the playing area. Fairways with bare spots everywhere and just overall it felt like this course had been rode hard and put away wet. Not at all what I was expecting. Greens are rolling pretty good although the first 4 holes were very hairy for some reason and were slowwwwwww. Some of the holes on this course are beautiful. The layout is challenging so I could see how you could have a few extra strokes on this course. For the 45 minutes it took me to drive up there and the shape of the course right now I think I will stick closer to home. Springfield & Stonebridge I think are in much better shape right now.
  • 5/4/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Course conditions   DrSchteeve
    Verdict Ridge should be perfect in 2 weeks. You need to play this course. You will love it and remember it. Springfield is interesting: almost Augusta like, greens too fast and silly shot angles into those greens, recommended but don't expect to score well.
  • 5/4/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Tee It Up for Technology at Verdict Ridge   Kellie Caddoo
    Catawba Springs Elementary First Annual Golf Tournament
    Friday May 13th, 2011
    Golfer Check-in and Continental breakfast began at 7:30 am
    *18 Holes
    *Captains Choice
    *Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams
    *Complimentary continental breakfast
    *Lunch provided upon completion of tournament

    Individual $75
    Foursome $300

    Contact for more details.
  • 5/1/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens haven't quite healed from punching, but very close. Other conditions perfect. Still my favorite course - hands down - in Charlotte.
  • 3/4/11 - Msg Board Posting
    3 can't miss courses   DrSchteeve
    Verdict Ridge has to be one of them.
  • 2/19/11, Review by ILL-INI - From South Charlotte take 485 around to 16 north. Took me about 25-30 minutes to get there but I have a bit of a lead foot. I thought the layout of the course was pretty cool. A lot of challenging shots for a guy like me that can shoot 78 and 98 the very next day. The greens on 4, 8, 11, and 15 (if memory serves) had some really rough patches on them filled with sand. Overall it's worth the play but the greens could use some real work right now.
  • 1/9/11, Review by golfmann09 - Great course. Course conditions are great. Perfect greens. Very challenging. I can't wait to go back.
  • 1/1/11, Review by littlepalmer - Course was in great shape. Love the hills and the greens. Wish it was warmer
  • 10/9/10, Review by dpo - Challenging golf course.If you are looking for a great course then this is the one. The best in Charlotte area.
  • 9/25/10, Review by DrSchteeve - Still have some sod surrounding a few greens. Otherwise near perfect. Fairways shaggy, but they are everywhere (can't cut the fairways with no rain). Great pace of play. A bit pricey, but worth it.
  • 8/28/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Greens update 08/28/2010   DrSchteeve
    Personally checked or played (except where noted):

    Verdict Ridge: punched "about 2 weeks ago" - still quite bumpy, along with some bare spots that haven't responded to the punching

    Olde Sycamore: punched about a month ago, unfortunately divots from poorly repaired ballmarks mar the surfaces significantly - in other words, they look ok, and in general are in good rolling condition, but there are just too many ballmarks so almost any putt is likely to hit a ballmark (or 2)

    Emerald Lake: punched about 10 days ago, still top dressed with a lot of sand, along with other issues certainly not rolling true

    Skybrook: some really nice smooth areas on many greens, but also bare spots and many plugs of (presumably) poa anna, overall not bad

    Highland Creek: very spotty, bare areas galore, one green (#15) gone by report

    Red Bridge: mostly in very good condition, only a few greens with some isolated issues (Red Bridge greens are mini verde per clubhouse); definitely the best greens of all these (except Cleghorn, see below)

    Cleghorn (this from a month ago) - in Rutherfordton, a hike, but perfect Bermuda greens (and fairways), best overall conditions I've played in all year (and maybe ever)

    Hope that helps somebody...

  • 5/9/10, Review by DrSchteeve - My favorite course in Charlotte, and I've played them all. But...they must have had some issues around the edges of most greens, because on most greens there were 2-4 feet of sod, very uneven, nearly impossible to roll through, which made just off the green shots nearly impossible. It was easier to hit off these blocks of sod than to try to play through them. Definitely added several strokes and reduced enjoyment of the round.
  • 11/9/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Verdict Ridge   Jamie
    I cannot believe I failed to practice what I preached. I posted a note a few months back about always asking about aeration when you call to make a tee time - REGARDLESS of the time of year. I called last week to schedule a tee time at Verdict Ridge. I get there today (11/9) with my brother who came up from Columbia just to play this course I was raving about. I first played Verdict Ridge 10 years ago when they opened and have not been back until today. Usually too expensive for me, and quite a drive. We get to the first tee, and I notice the #1 green looked a little light colored from a distance. I thought hmmmm that's weird, but did not think anything about it. I hit a great tee shot, then hit a wedge to the front section of the green. I get to the green and to my complete shock, they are aerated and sanded, apparently very recently.

    I have been mad on the golf course many times, but this was more than just anger, it was extreme disappointment. I have been talking about this course to my brother for years, he finally comes up to play it for the first time, and this is what we get - surprise surprise!! I somehow managed to hole two long birdie putts, but it was mostly luck.

    To all the course management or maintenance that frequent BMAN's site - you have got to find some way to warn golfers about adverse or unusual course conditions. When players call to reserve a tee time, could you please update them on things such as aeration or temporary greens? I really don't think that is asking too much. Hint - treat potential customers the same way you would want to be treated if you were calling.
  • 9/3/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Verdict Ridge   Chuck
    Played Verdict Ridge for the first time today. Enjoyed the layout, fairways and greens were both in great shape. It's about an hour drive from the house but will add this one to list and play again.

    Clickitgolf had a coupon for $ 39 bucks.
  • 8/23/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Verdict Ridge   Sean
    Verdict just punched the greens on Monday (8/16). The staff was kind enough to significantly reduce their rates during this time (~50% off). Tough to putt on aerated greens, but harder to pass up this layout for half price!
  • 8/14/09 - Update from Steve: Played on 8/9. Conditions were immaculate. Course layout awesome as always - one or two holes are a little too tricked up, but overall it is a beautiful course and has a great mix of challenging and less challenging holes. I would consider it the best course in Charlotte, and I have played almost everywhere. You do need to know the layout, however, as there are blind shots and fairway and green conditions that demand course knowledge to improve your chances of a successful shot. We saw two does and two fawns on the #11 green, incredible! Can't recommend highly enough.
  • 6/1/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Verdict Ridge   Eric
    Date of play: 5/31/09
    Located in Denver,NC. Since 485 hooks into Hwy 16, well worth the trip. (about 35-40 minutes from S. Charlotte).
    Weekend rates: $52
    Fairways/tee boxes: A- shape
    Greens: B (reason: plugged about 6 weeks or so ago) HOWEVER they rolled true and with good speed.
    Overall: A-
    Well worth visiting this course again if you haven't played it for sometime.
  • 5/26/09 - Update from James: Played Verdict Ridge for the first time Monday - LOVED IT! Course was in good shape - few patches on the greens, but overall, I was satisfied. What a tremendous layout. I highly recommend the drive, as I think I found my favorite layout in Charlotte. Plenty of elevation changes, tough approaches, and challenging putts.
  • 8/16/06 - Msg Board Posting
    re: courses   pete
    Played Birkdale this past weekend and the greens were really a mess. We got stuck behind a real slow group and ended up spending five hours out there... won't be going back any time soon.

    Played Verdict Ridge the previous weekend and enjoyed the round. Conditions are among the best I've played in the area recently. Pricey at $74 though.

    Heading to Ballantyne on Saturday morning...
  • 11/8/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Vacation Golf   Jamie
    Verdict Ridge and Olde Sycamore are fairly different in terms of setup and difficulty. Olde Sycamore is a shot-shaper style course, with the driver not needed on most holes. It has a lot of dog-legs. The greens are usually in great shape, and fairly fast. Verdict Ridge is beautiful, but one of the toughtest courses in this area. The greens are usually very nice, but can be tough to putt because of the undulations. Verdict Ridge is a great course, but it will frustrate you if you don't bring your A game. I play Olde Sycamore more because it's more convenient. Verdict Ridge is a bit of a drive, but worth it.
  • 10/6/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Conditions   MJS
    For those visiting Charlotte this fall, please know that this summer's conditions were very hard on local area greens - very wet and humid early and very, very dry for an extended period only now starting to come back. My opinion on those asked about in earlier posts:

    Springfield - tough tough, forced carries and truly unique place - just now developing real estate on/around course. Play it now as it is one of the best premium courses in the area. I played last week and greens were so so - having just been punched and suffering a bit from the bad summer - great value durring the week and unique.

    Eagle Chase - kind of a long drive, I call this a bubba course. I mean it in a nice way - more like a muni look and feel it is low end but really good layout, not in great shape - almost like a mtn course with elevation change.

    Olde Sycamore - Probably best greens around right now - very playable and tough layout. typical Charlotte style course in a housing development.

    Regent Park - great layout and usually great shape - i have heard greens were lost earlier this year and have stayed away but will defer to earlier posters and go back on their rec.

    Waterford - in Rock Hill SC - 30 min from Charlotte. A gem, and a Hale Irwin Course very fun and some unique holes (#3 has you drive thru a "chute") Good shape

    Charlotte Golf Links - scottish style layout with lots of Gorse, bunkers and elevated greens - good shape and right off 485

    Stonebridge - good shape for the most part and forgiving layout

    Larkhaven is a muni that is not in the same tier as above but fun/fair and cheap

    Verdict Ridge is TIGHT and LOTS of houses but very nice and good shape last time I played

    My top 4:

    Olde Sycamore
    Charlotte Golf Links
  • 9/13/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Regent vs Divide   Jamie
    Regent Park is a little better than the Divide in terms of overall conditioning, but I think it is also more difficult. The Divide features slightly more foregiving fairways, but the greens are a little less consistent. Check with the courses about aeration, because September is a popular time for that. A few more courses you may want to investigate are Highland Creek near the university, Birkdale, and if you really want a beautiful but tough course, Verdict Ridge. Verdict Ridge may be the most scenic course, but it's a little bit of a drive.