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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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The Golf Club at Ballantyne

  • 8/26/18, Review by The B-Man - I came back again for the 3rd time in 2 months. The course is now in just about perfect shape. The greens were nearly immaculate and rolling very fast! Tees, fairways and bunkers were all in good shape. The bermuda rough was the only knock. Seemed like it had not been cut or they are keeping it high. The ball tends to sink down in it so you can't find it unless you walk right over the ball. This makes it very easy to lose a golf ball that's just a few yards off the fairway. So definitely keep a couple pairs of eyes on your ball if it is headed for the thick stuff. I played with a member so perhaps I got a guest rate. I paid $82 in July - so this was much better.
  • 7/7/18, Review by The B-Man - The good - greens were in good shape and rolled pretty well, though they were not as fast and smooth as usual for Ballantyne. Plenty of beverage access before, during and at the turn. The starter and cart crew were courteous and helpful. The bad - the price (!) -- this round was a terrible value compared to other local courses given... the bunkers, plain terrible. The majority had standing water but even those that didn't played like dried up river beds. Every one my group landed in had to be played as ground under repair and it was difficult to find a playable spot. This really looked like negligent maintenance, like they hadn't been touched in weeks. I was also not happy that it was cart path only even though the fairways were fine (I noticed the next morning that the cart rule was 90*). The tee boxes were also very bad -- many were very thin and muddy. Overall, these were course conditions I'd expect to see at a $40 course at best, not one that charges $82 for an afternoon round. I will not be back to play at those rates.
  • 6/26/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is in overall great shape, nothing wrong with the bunkers, fairways or anything, but they just recently punched the course tee to green within a week or less, so some holes here and there on the tee boxes and fairways, but greens are extremely bumpy from being punched but still rolling pretty quick! Overall you cant go wrong playing here, only thing I was disappointed to hear was they were only cutting off $10 the price to play while the greens were punched!
  • 5/12/18, Review by GinMillDJ - Fairways and greens are spectacular. Most bunkers are in good shape. Some of the tee boxes are chewed up. The course is trying to repair the regular mens tee boxes, so some tee positions are playing back and some are playing from the senior area. Course does a pretty good job trying to keep the pace of play around 4.5 hours. On hot days, the ranger drives around with cold wet towels to cool down with. Nice touch
  • 9/24/17, Review by kuehbr - It is always a treat playing Ballantyne. The course was in gorgeous shape. The greens were very quick and they were holding any shots into them. Pace of play was quirky since they allow 2somes out in the morning in between foursomes. The beer special on sundays are great, $1 dollar beers and they start serving at 10am. Staff was very friendly as well.
  • 8/15/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are lightning quick and very well maintained. Fairways are also in really good shape. Some of the bunkers are not in the greatest shape, which is the only reason I didn't rate it perfect/5 Stars. Course is definitely worth playing.
  • 8/5/15, Review by GinMillDJ - Course is in very good shape. Very high rough and lightning fast greens. Fairways are in spectacular shape. Staff is always courteous making sure you are hydrated on hot days as well as a ranger on the course handing out cold towels and ice water.
  • 8/2/15, Review by TheClaw - So they say the problem with golf these days is it is too long, too expensive and too hard. Ballantyne is a great example of a course that does it's best to promote all 3 of those. It is pricey, even the layout is not spectacular (it is a golf course fitted between an office park). But the kicker was the course set up. The greens roll perfect and lightning fast, so as a result you would expect the pins to be in flat spots, where the ball feeds towards them to make it fun for everyone... Not here. Standing in the first fairway we watched 2 guys 4 putt, 1 guy pick up after his 4th putt, and another guy 3 putt. We got to the green and could see why...the pin was on a ridge that falls away steeply. We all 3-putted and the highest handicap in our group was a 7. Naturally this makes the round long, as on almost every green people were putting and marking, putting and marking. Also the rough was diabolically thick just off the fairway in most places. Strange to see a resort course play so tough. Some of the pin positions were madness based on the greens being so hard and fast. They just need to add the clowns and windmills next time. Otherwise the conditions were perfect, staff were friendly, but it was a debilitating round of golf thanks to the setup.
  • 7/26/15, Review by ISlayMySelf - I received a give card for the Ballantyne Resort Golf Club for Valentines day and decided to us it this past Sunday. What a great experience. From the guys at the bag drop, to the starter, to the course ranger and even the concession stand at the turn. Top notch service that was friendly and helpful(the starter does a great job with helping first time players navigate the course and on how to play the greens). The ranger provided us with towels soaking in ice water on #10 that probably spoiled me for any future rangers I meet. The course was near immaculate. Greens are definitely fast but fair, sand is raked and fluffy and fairways are in great condition. The only minor complaint is some par 3 tee boxes were chewed up but all they have to do is move the tee area back or to the side. Looks like they were the same tee placement from Saturday. For Valentines or Fathers Day ask for a gift card to Ballantyne Golf resort. You'll enjoy it much more than a bad tie or a box of chocolates.
  • 7/17/15, Review by The B-Man - My first time at Ballantyne this year. The course was in near perfect shape, as usual. This is a pricey round of golf, but you get private course conditions. The greens are among the fastest in the area -- definitely tops for any public course -- and they can be maddening. My partner and I just had to laugh at a few putts that took a break and rolled well past the hole more than a few times. If your chipping and putting is not on here, you will have a frustrating round. The greens are pretty much immaculate though -- it's just the crazy quickness, slopes and undulations. Tee to green, the course has no peer right now from a public play perspective. The rough is lush and thick -- be sure to watch your shots til they finish. You may way to walk right over your ball to find it in the rough. The only hole with some issues is #8. Always cart-path only, they are still having difficulty sodding the fairway near the green. I found myself in this area and while it was supposed to be fairway, it was thick like rough since it had not been mowed. They need to mark it as Ground Under Repair in my opinion. That was my only complaint (outside of my struggles on the greens). This course is a treat to play every once in a while.
  • 7/16/15, Review by GetThere214 - The best public course in the area. Course was in great shape. You get treated first class here and it makes for a very enjoyable experience. Course conditions were very good and soft even with the dry weather. Greens were blazing fast from above the hole and ran true. Love the layout and # 18 is probably my favorite hole in Charlotte.
  • 6/11/15, Review by GinMillDJ - Fairways were like carpet. Greens were in very good shape. Some of the Par 3 tee boxes were a little chewed up, but still playable.
  • 8/31/14, Review by TheClaw - Took advantage of the clickit deal and headed out to the Ballantyne resort. The conditions of the course are always great and it was no different this time. Greens were in great condition and rolling fast and true. Even a little softer than I remember them (but still firm). I wish they had more tee options. From the back tees it is around 6800 yards, then the next set up is around 6100 yards. Would be nice if they could a set at around 6500 yards like most courses have. But not a train smash. On a different note, normally myself and my buddies tend to have a problem with the attitude of a lot of the staff here. We have noticed that unless you are a 40+ rich old guy, they tend to get a bit..difficult...with you ( you meaning us younger guys 35 and below). We have all experienced it on different occasions, but in fairness they were pretty hospitable this time.
  • 6/5/14 - The course is scheduled for aerification June 23-25. The resort says "play can be affected up to ten days after aerification pending weather. Call for course conditions after aerification."
  • 3/1/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne Resort   dongtrgolfer
    Did not see a listing for Ballantyne Resort. Practice area very nice. Played on Saturday and greens are nice. Fairways brown but pretty good shape. Bunkers good. It was a little cool and cloudy and really few golfers out. I was with a friend, there was another single and the starter said we we were waiting for another single.

    I had been at the course hitting balls and putting for about 30 minutes. I saw one twosome go out during the 30 minutes. I ask the starter if we can go out as a twosome since no one else was around. He said no. I ask why a twosome with a later tee time was able to go out and he stated they paid full price. I guess we all paid the $45 discount rate so he was making us wait and sending us all out together (stupid). The fourth guy showed up and he sent us out a few m! inutes early (thanks). We played the first hole and then split up into two twosomes to play faster. Played a little under 3:00 hours. Good challenging course, but the starter is a a$@hole.
  • 9/9/13, Review by Hackerama - Excellent shape, fast greens and pins were tough.
  • 8/28/13, Review by FuzzyMulligan - Course was in excellent condition as always. Only problem today was the pace of play. Lots of singles out and many foursomes. This hampered pace to sometimes waiting 20+ minutes from the tee boxes, but since the click-it deal, it was worth the wait for $40 @ a great course.
  • 7/21/13, Review by Hackerama - The course is in great shape and they have a 110 for 2 coupon in Summe. FAST GREENS...
  • 5/25/13, Review by SmitteyB - This was my first time playing Ballantyne and from the reviews, I went in with high expectations. The facilities are top-notch, from the greeting to the putting greens- very nice. The range I thought was laughable due to its limited hitting slots, but that it nit picky. The putting greens were nice and rolled nicely as well. The tee boxes were very brown and crisp. The greens were rolling well, however the ranger said the course was under water Tuesday and Wednesday which would explain why they looked bad. Fairways were in nice shape, few dead spots. The course is somewhat tights and the small greens make for a challenging test of golf, especially if you do not know the course. Overall the course was in good condition, I don't see myself playing much very often due to the steep weekend prices, but $59 weekday rate is certainly doable. Certainly one of the nicest courses in the CLT area.
  • 4/28/13, Review by carp24000 - Best course in Charlotte, IMO. The fairways are 95% green and the greens are the nicest, truest greens I have played all year. The amenities and workers are top notch. Love this place!
  • 4/10/13, Review by The B-Man - Got back to Ballantyne yesterday thanks to a vendor outing. Conditions were perfect. Best shape of any course I've played since last season. Greens were immaculate, rolling well but not ridiculously slick (like they sometimes can be here). The bunkers are some of the nicest in town, with fine, white sand. Tee boxes were about the only thing not perfect with some thin spots, but that's a nit-pick. Fairways were very good. The biggest difference now is that most of the construction around the course is complete. So there are no distractions, no hole re-routing and no ugly mounds of dirt affecting play anymore. Pace of play was great and the halfway house at #10 was well-stocked. Great to see the course whole again. It's pricey but at least back to feeling like a treat when you splurge.
  • 8/17/12, Review by GungaGalunga - Course was in great shape. Greens rolled true all the way through. Love this course, just wish it cost less, but they take great care of it and it is very nice.
  • 7/17/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne Resort   estanwick
    FYI, Ballantyne Resort is running a special till the end of July. $40 for Sunday thru Thursday play. (after 3pm I believe).

    I played this past Sunday and they had a record amount of people on the course according to a few staff members. Needless to say, it was a 5+ hour round.

    Course in good shape. Greens were in good shape as well.
    Staff was excellent. Only downfall...speed of play. Brutal.
  • 7/15/12, Review by TheClaw - Managed to play Ballantyne at 9am on Sunday for $40 thanks to the ClickIt deal. Best deal of the year in my opinion. Love this course, hope they keep the deals coming. The course is always in near perfect condition. Tees, fairways, greens and bunkers were all great. A guy even came around with ice towels for everyone to help keep cool. I wish the greens were bent grass though, I find that the greens here can be tricky because of the grain. But don't let their appearance fool you, they are still lightning fast. However the only real issue (small one) I have with this course is that the greens are very hard. Bring your softest, highest spinning Pro V1s if you want to go flag hunting at the back pins.
  • 2/20/12, Review by ammo55 - So it probably wasn't the best idea to play the first round of the year at Ballentyne, but it is such a great course I couldn't pass it up for $39. It had rained the day before so the fairways were a little "thin" but the greens were as quick as ever. Can't wait to play when the course is in perfect shape.
  • 9/14/11, Review by The B-Man - I was invited to play here on media day and see the improvements they have made and the shape the new greens are in now. I must say I was impressed. My last experience here back in May was not great because they had just started the construction behind #2 tee and the renovation of #8. While the building construction is still in progress, the #2 tee has been moved closer to the 8th green and now makes the hole play as a more difficult dogleg right. For #8, they have built a new green in front of the creek, shortening the hole and softening the slope of the green. They are still filling in the old temporary green with sod in the middle of the new fairway. So that played as ground under repair. They said the sod should be finished within the week. Everywhere else the conditions were impeccable, especially the new Champion Ultra Dwarf greens. The course recently hosted an LPGA championship and the greens were cut extremely fast -- as fast as any I've ever played. That made the course play more difficult than usual. I realize it was media day and all, but I was treated extremely well by the entire staff and had a great experience. I look forward to going back soon.
  • 8/26/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne green fees   HateSlowPlay
    I played yesterday at Ballantyne for the first time. Really enjoyed the course and would love to play there again. Which leads me to my question.

    Does anybody know when the best time to play there is on the weekend to get a good rate? Do they have a twilight rate after 2pm or 4pm or something like that?

    I can never find any online discounts for this course on and the like.
  • 6/2/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne update   The B-Man
    Remember my review from 4 weeks ago and how I was upset that the regular email updates gave no warning about the renovation? Well, it finally came in their latest email, but if you ask me, it's too little too late. And, I don't agree that the renovation causes "no significant disruption in play" or that the temporary 8th hole setup is "very playable". Judge for yourself:

    The Golf Club at Ballantyne announces work is underway to redo its 8th hole. Due to the construction of a new office building adjacent to the existing 8th hole green and 2nd hole tee boxes, The Golf Club at Ballantyne is making the following improvements:
    • Relocated and enlarged 8th green
    • New tee boxes on 2nd hole
    • Additiona! l fairway bunkers & extension of existing 8th fairway bunker
    • Additional 8th hole tee box

    We look forward to featuring a more approachable 8th hole putting surface with more pin locations and increased playability. The enhancements are due to be completed in late July. Meanwhile, no significant disruption to play is anticipated during the renovations due to the availability of a shortened but very playable 8th hole.
  • 5/5/11, Review by The B-Man - My first round here in almost 2 years. I was disappointed. I was surprised right away as we headed to the 2nd tee to see that #2 and #8 were being torn up and renovated. I'm on Ballantyne's golf e-mail list and I get messages about once a week. Nowhere in any of these messages has it mentioned any renovations. The work was going on while we were playing, including very loud equipment. #2 was not much affected, but #8 had been shortened to a 250yd par 4 with a temporary green. Not cool. Elsewhere on the course, conditions were very average. Several greens had bare spots covered with green sand. Several fairways had bad patches. The greens were extremely hard and slick. It was a difficult putting day. Overall, I was sorely disappointed since we paid $60 for an afternoon tee time. If I'd paid $30 or even $40, I might have let it go. But when I play a resort course, it should be immaculate. I can't recommend this course right now.
  • 3/18/11, Review by JD - I never liked the layout of this track, but it is in good condition. If you're player who works the ball from left to right, you're dead here on at least 6 holes.
  • 9/22/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Where to play?   DrSchteeve
    Ballantyne is a decent layout and most consistently offers "resort" conditions in Charlotte. They punched their greens back in July so they should be in good shape. It's all relative, but they are at the highest price point for daily fee courses in Charlotte, usually $75 or so. Especially given the greens issues that most courses have suffered, if the greens are in good shape the premium may be worth it. I would call and specifically ask about greens conditions.
  • 8/10/10 - Msg Board Posting
    HeartBright Golf Invitational September 17, 2010   Whitney Urschel
    The HeartBright Foundation makes an enormous impact on its surrounding community by filling the gaps for chronic care patients. This is done through resourcing individuals by increasing their awareness of their chronic care issues and helping them to reach health goals through consistent care and access to providers. When you donate to HeartBright you sustain programs that educate all ages in cardiovascular health, from teaching children battling obesity better nutrition and exercise, to the elderly new ways to self-advocate. HeartBright reaches over 4,500 men, women, and children weekly in the Greater Charlotte Area and with your support we can continue to improve the health of our community.

    On September 17, 2010, at the Golf Club at Ballantyne, we are going to hit the ball for HeartBright! The HeartBright Foundation is holding an invitational golf tournament and we wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity to play and/or sponsor the event. The sponsorship options are numerous and the benefits to the Foundation will continue long after the final shots are made. This is going to be a fantastic day for HeartBright starting with an 11:00am registration; 1:00pm shot gun start/scramble format, and a 5:00pm after party. Please visit our web site at: for more information and various sponsorship opportunities.

    Come out and have some fun for HeartBright! Friday, September 17th, HeartBright Golf Invitational! We look forward to seeing you at what will prove to be a great fundraiser for the HeartBright Foundation. This will be one tee time you will not want to miss!
  • 6/29/10 - The course will be closed July 8-9th for aeration. So get out and play it in the next 10 days or wait for it to heal.
  • 8/26/09 - Got this email blast from Ballantyne today: "The Golf Club at Ballantyne will reopen on September 2nd after completing a major greens renovation project. The bent grass on all 18 greens has been replaced with Champion Ultra Dwarf grass. 'The Champion grass is used at several courses that hold PGA Tour events and offers a much more resilient putting surface throughout the year than the bent grass which often struggles in the southeastern climate,' says Woody Allen, director of golf at The Golf Club at Ballantyne. 'During the conversion we were surprised at the number of inquiries we received from professionals at prominent courses in the region who want to monitor the results. The Champion grass has been used for over a decade now in hot and warm weather climates and provides an outstanding putting surface.'" If you get out in the next few weeks to play Ballantyne, please send me a review.
  • 7/12/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne Resort closed until September   B-Man
    I drove past Ballantyne today and saw that the 2nd green was all dirt and knew something was up.

    Sure enough, the course is closed during July and August for the second summer in a row. After renovating and rerouting a couple of holes last year, now they are completing reseeding all 18 greens with Champion Ultra Dwarf grass, known for its "durability and consistent playing conditions throughout the year."

    Seems like an odd decision. Why didn't they do this last year?

    Here are quotes from the press release:

    “We made this decision because of recent problems with the current putting surface. After careful study, we did not like the prospects for recovery in a time frame that would enable us to provide our golfing guest with a putting surface that meets our quality expectations, and, more importantly, because we believe the end result will enhance the quality of the greens in the future,” said Joe Hallow, President, Bissell Hotels.

    “We chose the Champion product after extensive consultation with agronomists and experts from the USGA, PGA and nationally prominent members of the academic community. The Champion product is known for providing a firm, fast and true rolling putting surface and is used extensively by leading golf courses in the Southeast and other areas of the country,” said Woody Allen, Director of Golf, The Golf Club at Ballantyne.
  • 5/15/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Golf in Charlotte   Dave
    Just some comments on some of the courses I've played in the last couple of months.

    Renaissance - completely disagree with the comments earlier. The only issue I had with this course is that it's sometimes hard to find a flat spot on the tee.

    Emerald lake - completely agree with the last comment. Not going back.

    Regent Park - played there Wednesday. Greens were a little fuzzy and slow but the course is in great shape.

    Springfield - Always in great shape.

    Cleghorn Plantation - made the drive and was dissapointed. Course is gorgeous. Great views, elevation changes, etc. Tees, fairways, bunkers all in great shape. Greens were terrible. They have something growing besides grass. It made them virtually unputtable and ruined the round.

    Olde Sycamore - always in great shape.

    River Oaks - greens were very good. Tee to green, not so much. Needs some work, Not worth the drive unless you're north of town.

    Glen Oaks - I really liked this course. They seem to take a lot of pride in this course. Some really pretty holes and at least one where you tee off across a road. Worth the drive.

    Deer Brook - I wasn't all that impressed but I was out there after some bad weather. I'll try it again before passing judgement.

    Rock Barn - Played the Jones course and it was great as you might expect from a course that is a Senior Tour stop.

    Charlotte Golf Links - It's horrible. Don't bother.

    Moorseville Muni - You hear different things about hhis course but I liked it. A few of the tees needed a lot work but I thought the fairways and greens were very good. They seem to do a lot of 1st Tee/ Junior golf up there. There were lots of kids walking the course Mother's Day.

    Have played Eagle Chase, Fox Den and The Warrior also. All were in good shape and worth going to play.

    Playing Edgewater in the morning. I'll update my last comments about it.

    A comment about Ballantyne Resort. They really aren't interested in attracting local golfers over there. It's all about packaging rounds with rooms and corporate outings.
  • 5/14/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne Resort   Jamie
    Haven't played Ballantyne in a few years. The last time I went there was three or four months ago to just hit a bucket of balls. They blatantly said I could only practice there if I played there. I regained consciousness shortly thereafter and promptly left. They have also raised their Fri-Sat green fees to $90. Either they think Charlotte is Pebble Beach, or they do not understand Economics 101. I know the laws of supply and demand still work, but if they continue to treat customers in this fashion, God help them.
  • 5/1/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Ballantyne Resort   Scott
    Agree with the latest assessment (5/1/09) and wanted to stress the conditions of the greens. I played 4/25/09 and these greens, on this day, were my favorite of any I've played in Charlotte, ever. They were super fast (ala US Open greens that won't hold approach shots hit with pace), yet soft and overall very fair. They weren't like concrete hard to the feel. Overall renovations are an improvement, as I played the last week the course was open in 2008. Having said that, this place remains a "treat" for me as I cannot justify $90 before 2pm on the weekends.

    Looking for recommendations for a reasonable course with similar greens if it exists in Charlotte.
  • 5/1/09 - Played on 4/30. Course is in nice shape, especially fairways and rough, which are nice and green. The greens were solid and rolling quick (with the exception of #2, which is still a young green and cut longer). I liked the change to #2, more of a straight uphill par 4 now. #3 now plays as a par 4 but was more fun as a par 5. They supposedly redid the green on 8, but it's still tough, very sloped. #12 is a cheap par 5 now, but it still plays a little narrow and all uphill with a long, sloped green. So I guess it's not completely defenseless. Used to be a brutal par 4. And finally #18 has now got some real teeth to it, with the water on the right of the green now coming more into play, especially if you favor the right side of the fairway. Overall, it's still a lot of fun to play and they treat you well. But I only splurge when they have a reasonable deal ($49 after 2pm today when we played).
  • 3/11/09 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates   J.D.
    I've been golfing, but too busy to provide course updates, so here's a bunch from the last month or so:

    Fort Mill -- The improvements made here are all subtle and these have to be some of the fastest greens in Charlotte... at least at this point of the year. Great value. The course is in good shape.

    Charlotte Golf Links -- The greens and bunkers are in better shape than they've been in the past. Sadly, in an effort to speed up play they've made some changes that make the course a lot easier. Specific changes include slashing the thicket areas between holes #6 and 17, to the right of #7, between holes #10 and #18, and between holes #14 and #15.

    Stonebridge -- I played the same day as you, it seems! I think the course is in very good condition for this time of year. No changes to course layout there.

    Ballantyne Resort -- The changes they made to a few holes seem to be designed specifically to speed up play only. Nothing of any real note. Sad to see hole #2 get changed to a much less interesting hole.

    Olde Sycamore -- I'm growing tired of this course for one very nit-picky reason. The hole placement of the first par-3 (hole #4) is terribly unfair... and it screws up my entire round every time. The hole is perched atop a massive slope. If you're above the hole and you miss the putt by two inches... you wind up 20 feet away. If you're downhill and miss the putt by 4 inches... it rolls back down 20 feet. Sidehill putts are death. That's not the way golf is meant to be played. Rant over. The course is in so-so shape.

    Pebble Creek (Par 3) -- Yes, I'm not above playing a little pitch-n-putt. I know it's early in the season, but this place usually has nice greens and bunkers. Not so. It's in terrible shape, even for this time of year.

    Carolina Lakes (Sun City) -- Continues to be one of the nicest and well-maintained courses around. Not too tough off the tee, but the greens are sinister. They raised prices again and now it's not a good value... but it is a good course when you have some extra cash.
  • 9/20/08 - I got to play about 12 holes Thursday when the course re-opened to the public. My first impressions -- the changes they made will be for the better, but they're not quite ready yet. Two greens were completely redone -- #2 and #8. These greens are slow and hairy. They will need time to grow in. Also, several cart path curbs were redone and the dirt around some of them has not been filled in yet. Hole #2 got the biggest changes. Instead of a tricky dogleg right and uphill par 4. This is now a much more straightforward uphill par 4. I think this will be a good change. They moved the #3 tee up and took it from a par 5 to a par 4. The second half of the hole is still the same. So it will be tougher. They redid the green at #8, but I did not notice a huge difference in the size or shape of it. It still has 2 tiers, with a significant back to front slope. Lastly, the former long uphill par 4 12th hole was turned into a par 5, but the tee hasn't moved and the layout wasn't changed. I hit driver and 5-iron to reach it in 2. One thing I didn't like is that there is still a lot of construction along #12's left side. So it's not a very pretty hole and will likely be distracting for awhile. Overall, I think most of the changes will be positive, but it will probably be spring before they are really ready. Around the course, they've added a pavilion for outings behind the driving range. The putting greens are not ready and were marked off-limits when I was there. I'm really interested to find out what the rates will be. For my money, I would go a few more miles down the road and play Carolina Lakes for $67 right now. In the spring, it might be a different story.
  • 7/3/08 - Renovation Update 7/2: The resort has posted a detailed description of the updates they are making to the course. You can read about them here. While they are making enhancements to some greens and all tee boxes, the major changes will affect hole #'s 2, 3 and 12. They are re-routing #2 and building a new green near the current #3 tee box. They're going to move the tee on #3 up and change it from a par 5 to a par 4. To maintain their par 71 layout, they are also going to lengthen #12 to make it a par 5. They are also upgrading the practice area and adding more amenities for group outings. We'll see how it all turns on September 1st when the course re-opens.
  • 5/22/08 - Course CLOSING 6/16: I got wind of this a week or two ago and just confirmed today. The course is closing for 3 months for renovations. Here is the official note from the course: "The Golf Course at Ballantyne Resort will be undergoing enhancements June 16 - September 15, 2008. During this time the golf course will be closed, however The Pro Shop, Z Golf and Dana Rader Golf School will remain open daily. The enhancements will further improve the quality of the course as part of the continued efforts to provide an elevated golf experience." There are a few special deals available the last week before it closes. Check them out here.
  • 11/1/07 - Played on a Monday 10-15. Course was in great shape despite lack of rain. Greens held nicely and fairways gave nice divots. It's a nice layout and you will hit every club you got. For the $$$ it's as nice as any course in the city. Only downside is the constuction noise on some holes. (Thanks to I.Dillard for the update)
  • 7/6/07 - Played on 7/5. What can I say. It's Ballantyne. The conditions were fine, just what'd you expect. The greens were a little slow for my tastes, but rolled true. So no real complaints. Be aware that development around the course is changing the landscape and adding some OB areas as new buildings go up. And use Clickit for the best rate.
  • 4/4/07 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates....   J.D.

    C'mon, man, it's Masters Week! No 2007 course updates from you yet? Where's the love, man?

    Here are a few observations I had over the past few weeks:

    1) Ballantyne Resort course is in great shape. It's not a favorite of mine (especially at the price) but the fairways and greens (recently aerated) are in very good shape. It's still a mystery to me why they can't even out the tee boxes. It always seems like tee shots are from sidehill lies.

    2) Stonebridge has had great greens this winter/spring! In my opinion, Stonebridge and Charlotte National really keeps the best greens in town.

    3) Charlotte Golf Links -- I've heard that the greens are very long and slow...again. Why can't they ever seems to get the greens right? The place is always packed with have to believe they're making money. Yet, in my 2 1/2 years here, the greens are always terrible. What a waste of a Tom Doak design! I've also heard rumors that they finally sold the course to a condo developer. Not sure if that's true.

    4) Regent Park -- I've also heard that the greens were in bad shape at RP this year. Haven't experienced first-hand. If true, I hope that's not a sign of things to come from the new management that bought the place.

    - J.D.
  • 8/8/06 - Played on 8/4. Not as nice as my May round. Greens were again pretty well pock-marked from a ton of play and were not fast at all, which made them so-so in my view. Rough was rather thick and allowed wayward shots to disappear and become unfindable. I literally had to step on my ball one time to find it.
  • 5/12/06 - Played on 5/11. You get what you pay for -- in this case, very nice conditions. Everything was pretty green and lush and the greens were in good shape, despite many fresh, un-fixed ball marks -- the place gets a lot of corporate outings. No real changes since my last visit. Still a fun layout that's not too difficult from the Whites. My advice though is to find a friend or corporate vendor willing to foot the bill. It's now $60 during the week and pushing $100 on weekend mornings.