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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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The Divide Golf Club

  • 6/16/18, Review by The B-Man - The course is more playable than it was on my last visit (Labor Day last year). Conditions are still hit and miss. Greens were very soft -- likely aerated recently. Several on the front 9 had major problems with little or no grass in spots. These were mostly the shady greens that get little sunlight -- #3, #4, #7. This made putting very bumpy and unpredictable on those greens. The back 9 greens were better but I doubt they'll get the few (#12 was another rough one) greens I mentioned back this season. There were a few other head-scratching maintenance issues -- a giant patch of resodded fairway on #9 that was overgrown like rough but covered the left half of the fairway, unmown grass right next to the 16th green, and grass in the greenside bunker at #17. They are also doing work on #18 which has the cart path to the second fairway blocked -- which requires a long detour by the 1st green to get around the lake. All in all, the course is playable now and you might have a good round if you avoid those issues. They are clearly putting some work into the course. However, right now it's still overpriced. $34 for that late on a weekend afternoon was about $10 too high for those conditions.
  • 9/4/17, Review by The B-Man - I wanted to get a late afternoon round in on Labor Day and most courses were packed. This course is 5 minutes from my house so I took a chance, knowing conditions have not been good. Well somehow The Divide managed to not meet even my low expectations. The greens were atrocious. They *averaged* a 3 out of 10 -- meaning several were virtually unplayable due to long grass, sand and rough spots. Several bunkers were unplayable due to mud and dried riverbed condition. Fairways and rough were thick and not recently mowed. Tee boxes had also not been cut recently. The course looked very neglected. I fear for the future of this course, to be honest. We've seen Regent Park close a neighborhood course and turn it over to developers. The same could happen here if they don't spend money to get it back to playable condition. The best thing I can say about my round is that Kent in the pro shop was very nice and told me I could start on the back 9 so my pace of play would be good. That was very much appreciated!
  • 6/10/17, Review by TheClaw - First time back at Divide in a while and I was not expecting much, but conditions were still lower than expectations. Course was packed, pace of play was brutal and there was no ranger in sight. Played the blue tees, which were basically at the same place the white tees were. The tee boxes for the regular blue tees were all in disastrous shape. On my first hole I took a massive divot, I wanted to fill it with sand only to find the sand bottles on the cart were completely empty. The practice green was really good but some greens on the course were really bad. This course needs a lot of work still, and it needs to try harder. No excuse for no ranger, no sand in the bottles, and the regular tees are so bad that the course plays ridiculously short compared to its rating. Rather go play somewhere else before you play here, there are plenty of other courses around that value their customers more.
  • 11/12/16, Review by The B-Man - I only played the front 9 today but I wanted to post a more accurate review than the 2 recently posted. The Divide is very close to my house and I had to all but abandon it years ago when things went bad for the Carolina Trail. While it has come back to be in decent shape, it is nowhere near "perfect" as the previous 2 reviews noted. I found the greens okay, but noted that several were bumpy and had bare spots. In fact, #4 appears to have been vandalized or been the victim of a groundskeeper mistake. It had some track marks in the middle of the green that had been sanded but still affected play. Fairways were good, tee boxes, just okay though. Several had sparse amounts of turf to tee on. And while the bunkers have lots of nice fluffy sand, they were mostly moguls, like a black diamond ski slope. The ones I were in had not been raked at all - I'm guessing in several days. And those were just my observations of playing 9 holes. I can only rate The Divide as an average course around Charlotte and I still rank it last of the 4 closest courses to me -- Olde Sycamore, Charlotte National and Emerald Lake being the other better 3.
  • 11/6/16, Review by Love the game - Been playing the Divide for years and it's as good as ever was. From tees to greens, awesome. Ground keeper, great job. 5 stars
  • 11/6/16, Review by Scollier - Really good shape , greens are great , much improved conditions . Great desk staff and bar staff . Course is great clubhouse is fun .seems like more money being invested after tough times several years ago
  • 7/23/16, Review by metallikviper - Very impressed with the turnaround this course has made over the past couple of years. There still are some issues, but its nice to see the management is making the effort to fix it. Tee boxes needs some work and a lot of the tee boxes have been moved around to fix them. They should be good come fall. Fairways and rough were in decent shape, some a lot better than the rest. Greens were very soft and rolled true. Only downside was they left huge pitch marks. Lot of unfixed divots, but the patrons are more to blame than the course. Marshall came around a couple of times asking if we were OK with the pace of play. 4.5 hours on a weekend is not bad by any means. Water on a lot of holes and the beverage girl passed us a couple of times. Overall, very impressed with the course and management and will definitely come back and highly recommend for the price they charge. Nothing to complain about the practice range or the practice greens.
  • 5/28/16, Review by PYB - Greens nice and smooth. Scraggly in fairways and tees. Played in 2.5 hours at 7am for $43 so that was the payback. Far from great but worth a play if you get a good rate and can play quickly.
  • 4/9/16, Review by jscum13 - Gave it a shot. Oh well. Divide staff could care less how crowded the course is and how many 4somes they send out, just counting the dollar signs. We were a 3somd waiting on every shot and the ranger did nothing to improve pace of play . Tee boxes and fairways dry and beat up. Greens ok with winter freeze issues on the outside of them. Go to Waterford or the other courses, this one needs lots of work
  • 12/12/15, Review by notalentgolf - The divide is in good shape. They had a panther special for $13 off. Just glad to be playing in December. If you haven't played the course it's worth the price.
  • 12/6/15, Review by hotrod jb - The Divide is in decent shape. The greens are really nice except for a few on the front. Tee boxes and traps were in good shape for the most part. No one out for a Sunday morning, kind of surprised but it made for a quick round.
  • 11/15/15, Review by gatorthunder77 - The Divide was in solid shape. There were only a couple holes/greens that could have been in better shape. Overall it is great to see this place regaining its original form.
  • 10/24/15, Review by scotth - Played the Divide. Course is good condition. Tees were a little rough and grass thick. greens were in good shape and staff was nice. All in all I think it is worth playing. We played early 742am and finished before noon.
  • 10/20/15, Review by dad4204 - they have come a long way. Resodded some of the tees, most of the greens were great. Fairways good and traps good. I really enjoyed playing there and I wish I could have not had 10 chips not get on the green. I'll be back soon.
  • 10/19/15, Review by notalentgolf - Played The Divide on Monday morning and it was cold. The greens are rolling a lot faster now that the weather has gotten cooler. I got some balls for the driving range and they had new balls and over seeded the range it was a nice look. The Divide was in good shape and pace was wonderful. like always the staff is nice. Will be back soon.
  • 10/11/15, Review by bluetee72 - I played here on Sunday, had no problems going off, staff was friendly the pace was normal for a Sunday. A little slower than normal because of cart path only due to the rain the night before. However from the past years this course has definitely turned around! Will be going back for sure.
  • 10/11/15, Review by dyork - Great course IMO... The weather the night before had beat it up a little bit, but it was still in good condition. Super friendly staff... and the pace of play was decent for a Sunday. Will definitely be going back.
  • 9/23/15, Review by butterfade31 - The staff was very nice and always easy to deal with and talk to. They have a good practice facility with good range balls to hit before my round, which is always nice compared to the courses with worn out range balls. The fairways were plush and i caught good lies all day when I hit them. The two greens that had struggled all summer, numbers 3 and 4, had grown back in considerably. You could still see around the back edges mainly where those two greens had struggled, but that was it. I would by no means say that 3/4 greens were bad enough to avoid the course at all though, don't get me wrong. The other greens rolled very true and were a good speed, not lightning fast by any means, but nice to putt. I played very well, and moved around in under 4 hours so all in all I was very happy with the Divide. I had read some of the reviews over the summer, where people had bashed the place over 3/4 greens and basically told people that all the greens were bad, and honestly their maintenance staff has made long strides in the right direction to getting those two greens back in shape. It was a hot dry summer after all, this course has def come a long way from the management of years past no doubt.
  • 8/26/15 - The Divide is aerating tomorrow (8/27) and Friday (8/28).
  • 8/2/15, Review by notalentgolf - Played The Divide on Sunday morning with the new queen city card i received a few weeks ago. The card saved me $10 dollars off my round, so the price was good. The course has some problems on the greens from the heat and the tee boxes are getting beat up. I noticed they are resodding a few of them and once the weather changes the greens will return. The staff made me aware of the greens once again, so i appreciate that. i wish more courses would be that honest.
  • 7/29/15, Review by psychgunny - Played this course about a month ago and found it to be in the best condition I had seen it for some time. Unfortunately things have changed for the worse. Fairways are decent but the tee boxes and greens have gone down hill. Every green now has dead spots especially around the edges. Numbers 3 and 4 are not even being cut at this time so we had to take automatic two putts. I know everyone this summer has used the excuse that the weather has been too hot, but if they watered just the greens maybe they could save some of them.
  • 7/26/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - Wrote a review a few weeks ago from my previous two outings at The Divide. Unfortunately things have drastically changed. Greens have significant issues. Some on the front 9 are unputtable (we used a 2 putt maximum on a few holes). Green speeds were very slow. Almost all have some issues but hole locations were away from problems. Back nine better than front. Tee boxes pretty beaten up. Fairways were spotty and we not fully filled in with grass creating some issues. Pace of play was great and staff was friendly. I hate to see these problems as I really like this layout. Hopefully they can correct the problems with the greens.
  • 7/2/15, Review by notalentgolf - I played The Divide the other day with some friends and the course was in good shape. We had a few issues with a couple greens,but they still rolled fine. I can see they are doing work to improve the conditons. The staff was exremely nice and helpful with letting me know about a couple greens before i played. I appreciate the honesty.
  • 6/27/15, Review by Oakpar92 - I haven't been back here at the divide since they've put money into the course. However I gave it another try, the greens were aerated, but still rolling great. Definitely going start coming back more often.
  • 6/25/15, Review by freeballer76 - played there this Thursday and was pleasantly suprised about the turn around the course has made! even though the greens had been punched earlier that week they were still rolling decently and i could tell they had put a lot of work into the course. always been one of my favorite designs and will be returning frequently
  • 6/14/15, Review by metallikviper - I'm playing this course after almost 2 years after hearing good things about it. This course is in the best shape it has been in over 5 years. Great job by the new management. Bunker and greens have made a real turnaround. Fairways were a bit thin, but not too bad. Tee boxes definitely need some work. Good value if you have the Queen City Passport card.
  • 5/9/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - I played on Saturday morning with three of us. No issues on pace of play as we were out early and finished in under 3 1/2 hours. Greens were in good shape but seemed slow. On uphill putts I could not get the ball to the hole. Many tee boxes had issues as not a lot of grass, but teeing it up it really did not matter except it looked bad. Fairways were pretty hard but greening up. No issues on any of the bunkers I hit out of. Overall a nice day. Only thing keeping me from giving a 4 star were the tee boxes, pace of greens, and fairways being pretty hard (but the ball did run well).
  • 10/23/14 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Jamie
    Played The Divide on Saturday 10/18. The recent reviews are accurate - the course is really showing signs of dramatic improvement. Good job by new management to turn things around. And the green fee was only $40 for prime time. Time to put this course back on my play list.
  • 10/17/14, Review by GetThere214 - Course was in overall good shape. Greens and bunkers were in very good shape. Can tell they have been putting time and effort into the course and it shows. Staff was very cordial and accommodating. Will definitely be coming back and try not to loose as many tee shots.
  • 10/13/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - I saw the previous review and thought we would give it a try. I have to admit I was expecting the worse and pleasantly surprised. The course was in good shape overall. As the previous review stated the greens are in really good shape, probably the best I have seen these greens. Bunker work was noted on several holes. Some of the tee boxes pretty beat up but a guy was seeding them as we played. Also, it appears they are moving their tee placements around on some hols trying to allow tee boxes to heal. We will be adding this course back to our rotation given it's current state and affordable price.
  • 10/12/14, Review by TheClaw - The greens were easily in the best condition I have ever seen them. It really was a treat to see Divide in such good condition. The course is still a work in progress and is only going to get better from here on out. They have some great deals on clickit, so I recommend cashing in now and giving it a second chance (for those who gave up on it from the Trail Days like I did). Great job Divide, keep it up!!!
  • 9/29/14, Review by Luv2golf - Wow!! Is all I can say. The greens at the Divide were fantastic. They honestly could not have been rolling any better. The rest of the course looked good as well and the progress they have made with the bunker renovation is moving along great. If you want to have fun golfing I highly recommend The Divide. A Great Value
  • 8/22/14, Review by YoMama111 - ok, so went back out to The Divide, to give it a shot since the Trail isn't controlling them anymore.....they have made leaps and bounds since I played last. They are actually working on the greens!! You can see marked improvement in the bunkers, they actually have sand in them now! The tees on a few holes were moved WAY up, walked back to check them out, and they were re-soding them. So, they are trying. I give it 3 stars, for the price, its worth playing. Don't expect perfection, afterall, it is the Divide, but its a great little track, and I'm crossing my fingers that they keep up the improvements. I would love to see this track back in the shape it was in years past.
  • 7/19/14, Review by kincaid82 - The course is still rough and not worth the 38.00 I paid to play, but I also realized I was never crazy about the layout. I would rate it like this, greens I would give them a 4/10, fairways 6/10, tee boxes 3/10. This course has taken a beating for years at the hands of the previous owners, so it will take time, and some day I will play it again, but not any time soon with better options. I still pick here to practice, as I would like to give them some money, but when it comes to playing a around I will pick Charlotte National, or Emerald Lake nearby instead.
  • 7/14/14, Review by golfguy - If you want slow play you can find it here at this course. The course is filled with people taking strolls on the paths with their kids, dogs, skateboarders, bicycles talking on cell phones as they stroll! AND the funny part is the Management does nothing about it! Save your change and play Old Sycamore or Emerald Lakes!
  • 5/25/14, Review by kincaid82 - I hope this is not against the rules, but this is more a update on the club it self. I live about a mile from the divide, and yet have not played it in 2 years and as we all know it was in BAD shape. I still practice there on a weekly basis, and in talking things over seems about 28,000 has been spent on the traps, and i know the bunker on the practice area is all nice and new. New Range balls came in a few days ago, and the gentelman working there thinks things are really going to turn around and in a few months The Divide should be better than it has been in years. From the few holes i can see from the practice area things look better, and greener, but i will try and get out in the next week and play my first round these in years.
  • 4/26/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Statement from the new owners of the CT courses   The B-Man
    In case you are not on Clickit's mailing list, they sent out this statement from the new management company of the Carolina Trail courses. I'm not sure why it doesn't mention Waterford. We already know Charlotte Golf Links is closed for good and Skybrook has got a new owner.

    "As you have probably heard, a foreclosure process was recently completed with respect to Birkdale Golf Club, The Divide Golf Club, Highland Creek Golf Club and Tradition Golf Club. As a result of that process, effective April 8, 2014, Romspen Birkdale LLC / Romspen Divide LLC / Romspen Highland Creek LLC / Romspen, The Tradition LLC is now the owner of the respective courses.

    The new owners are committed to returning the golf courses to their r! ightful place as some of the best daily fee facilities in the Charlotte area and have retained the services of Traditional Golf Management to operate the day to day business. We understand that this has been a very volatile environment and we are confident that the new ownership and management will provide the much needed stability that these clubs need. We are currently working on both operating and capital plans that will allow us to show continuous improvement in the facilities and service levels at the clubs.

    New membership programs are in place and special considerations are being given to those that held memberships under the previous ownership. Please contact the respective golf club for more information on the membership details (including the revised pricing for weekday sports members).

    We are excited to begin the process of restoring these courses to the quality that was enjoyed years ago. We look forward to earn! ing back your business and seeing you on the golf course."%3! Cbr />
    -Traditional Golf Management
  • 4/8/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Trail Has New Owner   Wulfpack
    A Canadian lender has taken ownership of four Charlotte-area golf courses that were part of the troubled Carolina Trail group, according to letters from the company.

    After the foreclosure process, Toronto-based Romspen is the new owner of the Birkdale, Highland Creek, The Divide and The Tradition golf clubs, the letters say. The new ownership is effective as of Tuesday.

    Carolina Trail golf courses have new owner
  • 1/1/14, Review by TheClaw - 2 years ago, after dealing with the same old shocking conditions, I swore never to play any Carolina Trail course again. Now that the IRI golf group cancer is out, I will try and support these courses again in the hope that they are restored to their former glory. First time back at the Divide, and I really didn't expect much. The greens were in rough shape, really really bumpy. I think they are supposed to be bent grass, but they look like they have 5 different types of grass on at the moment. They were also really bumpy in patches. They were not bad to the point of being unplayable, but they were not good. The bunkers were horrendous. Luck of the draw to land in one and find it dry/raked/filled with sand. The biggest disappointment to me is that it still appears there is a lack of effort. Case in point, the bunker on the right hand side of the 15th green. 2 years ago when I played Divide, there was NO sand in that bunker, just rocks and vegetables growing. Sadly it was the exact same again. The aggravating thing is that the course does not even go to the effort of at least marking it as GUR. Obviously it is going to take time for these courses to get better, but it starts with TLC from the course staff. Hope they can turn the courses around. For now, don't expect much from these courses for a while.
  • 10/30/13, Review by syncgolf - Best Course in town for $20. I played last Wednesday for only $20. The course was in great shape. I am from the northeast so I like to putt on the bent greens! The fairways are in perfect condition, greens rolled true with generous speed and the pace of play was under 4 hours! This course is fun to play with a great mix of long and short holes! It's a fair course that you can score well on if you are playing well! I strongly recommend it!
  • 9/28/13, Review by The B-Man - I played in a scramble here on a Saturday morning. Despite this course being 2 minutes from my house, I rarely play here anymore due mostly to the typical Carolina Trail issues of poor maintenance, green conditions and price. So I went in with low expectations. About all I can say is that it met my expectations. The greens, while some had weeds or bare spots, were cut low and actually rolled fairly well. We only had a few putts disrupted by bad spots. Tees and fairways were okay, nothing terribly bad and nothing spectacular either. The worst part was the bunkers. Now, being in a scramble, we never actually played from a bunker, but the poor conditions were noticeable on every hole. None appeared to have been raked, which meant that many had that dried-up river bed look or actual standing water. On one hole, as we looked from the tee, we could see three different shades/varieties of sand in the fairway and greenside bunkers on the same hole. Needless to say, had I been playing my own ball and had to play from those bunkers, I would not have been happy. I've never particularly enjoyed the layout or aesthetics of this course and with Emerald Lake, Olde Sycamore and Charlotte National within 10 minutes of The Divide, I never have to settle for it. I can't recommend the Divide and would not pay more than $25 to play here.
  • 7/6/13, Review by carp24000 - Well, its the Divide. Only reason I played is because we got a $25 online deal. For all of the rain, I was surprised how well the fairways held up. There were some bare spots on the green, but most ran true. Bunkers were non-existent...mostly weeds. The range wasnt open for some reason. The pace of play was quite good, probably because it wasnt busy. I would play here again if I get the same price, but wouldnt spend any more than $25.
  • 6/5/13, Review by dad4204 - As is the usual comments for trail courses, The Divide is in rough shape. The fairways are thin, maybe no fertilizer, who knows. The greens had be punched and had a ton of sand on them. Surprisingly I putted well. The traps had no sand. You were chipping off dirt or were in a pond in the trap. I has the trail pass, so I'm committed to playing them before Nov. I'm hoping for better, but I heard today that they hadn't been paying employees. Who wants to work for no pay.
  • 5/11/13, Review by YoMama111 - Well, it's the divide, but we went through two carts that both died on the course. That is just ridiculous. First cart made it 8 holes. The second cart made it 4 holes. Uncool. The course was pretty much standard for IRI, greens were not good, there wasn't any rough to speak of, the tee boxes were baron, but hey, you get what you pay for. Probably wont be back for quite a while, they really need to do some work out there. It really needs it
  • 4/25/13, Review by Cant3Putt - If you like The Divide and were afraid to play it, like me, (because of all the bad news on Carolina Trail mgmt), now is your chance to go back, at least for one round. I picked up a single tee time on Clickit for $27 and a 9:50 start, knowing full well I'd go out earlier. I went off at 9:20 with a older twosome (Trail members) that plays the Divide several times a week. It seems like the course is serving mostly members these days, at least on the weekdays. The course was in really good shape. The fairways were about 80 percent in, the rough still needs to grow a few inches. The tee boxes were good. most of the tees were up, I guess, so the regular tees could finish growing in. The bunkers had sand, yep I said it...the Divide bunkers actually has sand. I even tested a few myself. The greens were playable for sure. they were punched about two weeks before I played and only a few green still had the remains of some punch marks. They cleared a lot of the underbrush out which made it easier to find wayward shots. I was also pleased to see water in the lakes. They were actually full. Nice to see. One of my playing partners informed me that drainage isn't great so keep that in mind after heavy rains. The carts no longer offer GPS, it probably been like that for a while. I reccommend anyone who likes to play this course to get out there in the next 4 to 6 weeks before the Summer heat hits. The greens will probably not do well, so get there before they are lost.
  • 4/15/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: The Divide?   pt3040
    Played this course on 4/7. This is the first time I have played it in several years. I found it to be in the usual winter shape like most courses in the area. Thin fairways but the greens were in better shape than what I remembered them to be in. I really enjoyed the round. Although not my favorite course I enjoyed it enough to want to play it again when things green up. Pace was good and the staff was very friendly
  • 10/23/12, Review by Chunker - Not bad for the price. Fairways in good condition. Greens slow but no bald areas. Tee boxes need to be moved, pretty beat up. Clubhouse not so good, specifically the bathroom. Unkept is putting it nicely, about what I would've expected at a bus stop. Worst one I've seen at any Charlotte area course.
  • 9/3/12, Review by metallikviper - I really like this course for its layout and really wish The Trail would bring it back to where it belongs. It looks like the work they have put into some of the places is paying off, but they still have plenty of issues. About 10% bunkers have real sand in them. Fairways, tee boxes and roughs seem to be doing OK. Greens were very disappointing. Couple of the greens were almost bald and diseased. Its just about OK for the price you pay.
  • 7/8/12, Review by TheClaw - I enjoy playing this course when it is in good condition as I really like the layout. Another plus is that out of all the Carolina Trail courses, I have always found pro shop staff here to be the most friendly. The greens were all nice and green with decent grass coverage (considering the heat) but a little on the slow side. I have posted this before, but the greens have a mix of 2 different types of grass on them. Most of the greens are 60% bent grass and 40% some type of grainy grass. Unfortunately this can make them really 2-paced. If you have all bent between you and the hole they roll smoothly. But if you hit a grainy patch they slow up quick and bounce around. I found myself having a lot of 3-4 foot 2nd putts because of that fact. The biggest minus about the Divide right now is that half of the traps are almost totally devoid of any sand and play like hard-pan. I was in the right greenside trap on 15 (the worst of the bunch), and literally had to play a pitch shot off my back foot as it was the only shot possible out of there. Fairways and tee boxes were ok, I didn't expect them to be good because of the heat of late. To summarize, a fun course, but I would not drop more than $35-$40 right now to play here.
  • 5/29/12, Review by izzyf150 - I thought I would give the Divide a chance despite the many poor reviews this place gets. The reviews were right. The greens are slow and bumpy. You cant judge speed of putts because you dont know how many times the ball is going to hop. The fairways are a little thin. I did like the layout of the course. There was a couple of narrow fairways but most of the time you could just let the driver rip. This course is still below average compared to the many other courses there are to choose from.
  • 4/7/12, Review by metallikviper - I really like the layout of this course and have played it 4 times in the last 3 years. Right now, this course is the best it has been in 3 years. However they still have a couple of issues that needs to be fixed. Tee boxes and bunkers need some help. Fairways are in good shape and the roughs are cut to a decent height. Greens were a little disappointing, but have come a long way. Greens seemed to be a mixture of multiple grasses and putting was rough. More than a couple putts bounced around before starting to roll. We had a slow 4-some in front of us and we almost had to wait on every hole. However, 4.5 hours on beautiful Saturday is acceptable. I hope this course holds the summer heat.
  • 3/11/12, Review by TheClaw - I am not sure if their greens are supposed to be bent grass or bermuda, because there is an even covering of both types of grass on every green. Seems like the Bermuda is taking over though so a lot of the greens are really bumpy in the areas where the 2 grasses meet. Had a lot of putts that got knocked off line in our foursome. Having said that, they still roll pretty well if you have a highway of one grass type between you and the hole. Fairways were ok and tee boxes also fine. I love the layout of the course, and had a fun round despite the bumpy greens. However, I would not pay more than $40 to play here.
  • 10/24/11, Review by YoMama111 - Played the Divide this morning, the course was in good shape, the greens were much better than all of the reviews I had been reading lately, so I didn't really see any of the issues that people had been talking about. A few did have some minor issues, but that was only 2 of them. Other than that, the course was in good shape. That is all for now.
  • 10/10/11, Review by stonecold - greens were covered in sand with no aeration also not alot of grass on the greens it was like putting on concrete also putting was atrocious as ball would bounce all the way to the hole tees were in bad shape and some bunkers had no sand in them driving range was like hitting off concrete no grass i just dont understand the theory of charging these high prices for bad conditions will not be back until i hear of different updates
  • 10/2/11, Review by BOOMCB - Greens are recovering - only 2 or 3 are bad. The recent rains have helped.
  • 8/28/11, Review by ezndat - Divide Greens are better than they were a month ago but still pretty rough....
  • 8/21/11, Review by KPK704 - Worst course I have ever played in terms of conditions! I have played over 200 courses as well. The greens were hands down the worst I have ever putted on. Fairways at a private clubs are miles better. Just basically dirt with weeds and bumpy dirt at that. I have never played here before and I was not expecting much. But after 4 holes I was ready to go in and get my money back. Why play when you have a 6 footer for birdie and have to get lucky to make it! My membership just ran out at Emerald Lake and I was thinking about this place instead and they could not let me play there for free. I would choose to pay to play elsewhere, that's how bad it is. STAY AWAY! Unless you want to waste your money.
  • 7/15/11, Review by dongtrgolfer - I like the set up of this course but I am afraid they are losing some of the greens. The greens seemed to get better as we progressed on the course but the front nine has a lot of issues. I almost hated to walk on some of the greens. Many have the fans going so I am sure they are trying to keep them through the heat but they are on the edge. There were a lot of bumps on the putts making the round more difficult, Finally figured out to hit it firm at the hole and that helped on the back. Fairways were fine, no major issues on the tee boxes. Pace of play was great for a Friday morning. I like the practice area because of the chipping area. Staff are friendly and helpful and gave me a better rate than I expected (may be because I practice there a lot),
  • 5/23/11, Review by The B-Man - Not my favorite course, but it's the closest course to my house (<5 min) that I play it once or twice a year for variety's sake. So I guess it's just my luck that they aerated the greens last week. The greens were slow and had a top dressing of sand. So you had to nuke your putts to get it there. A few tee boxes were not in great shape and the fairways were just okay. Didn't seem like the rough or fringe around greens had been cut recently (even though we saw guys mowing). And then there's the bunkers. Half of them are fluffy white sand and half are orange dirt / clay. No consistency. Pace of play ended up 4.5 hrs, but it felt very slow. Backed up for all of the last 12 holes. No rangers. This kind of experience is why I don't play here much. Emerald Lake, Charlotte National and Olde Sycamore are within 10 minutes of here and they are miles better.
  • 5/21/11, Review by QuitYourWhining - seriously? people pay money to play this crap hole of a golf course? They need to shut this thing down!!!!! The worst conditions I have EVER SEEN!!!! Will never go back.
  • 11/13/10, Review by metallikviper - The last time we played this course it was in August and it was for only $29, so it was worth it. Back then the greens were in bad shape and the fairways badly beat up. Now it was $45 so we assumed it would be in better shape, but seemed to be about the same. Some of the greens were in bad shape and in need of repair. Fairways were tore up and needed work. Worst part about this course were the roughs. Cut high and had turned yellow so it was virtually impossible to find your ball if you strayed away from the fairways. We lost about 6 balls that should have been found. This is a great course in terms of layout and I really hope they get it back in shape for next season.
  • 9/24/10, Review by - Pretty fair test except for some, unfair first cut rough. The greens were in great shape, compared to some.15 out of 18 in good shape. I'll go again.
  • 3/18/10 - Played on 3/18. The course was a little soggy and so it was cart-path only. I think they are a bit stingy when it comes to that. Twice in the past month they've even had the driving range closed because it was supposedly too soggy. Say what? At any rate, The Divide was my last resort today because my first two choices had no room for me this morning. That's about how I would describe The Divide -- play only as a last resort. The greens had been aerated and were not very good. The tees and fairways were splotchy with muddy spots. Another thing that bothers me is that the GPS was measuring to the middle of the green and not to the pin, which makes it little better than the yardage markers on the ground. Overall, I might play here 2 or 3 times a year, but I can't recommend it.
  • 10/5/09 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Jin
    Played yesterday (10/4) and the greens look like they're about to go bad. At least half have spots that have been colored green with fertilizer or something. They seemed a bit dried out and super fast. Fairways and rough were good though. Rough is nice and thick... lost a ball on one of the par 5's b/c the rough was so dense. Bunkers are 50/50... some are hard with rocks and some are nice and soft. Pace of play was great! Hope something can be done about the greens...
  • 9/23/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide   Jin
    Played there last week and I forgot to post a review. I agree with John, the greens were great (color was good and they rolled well)! Haven't played there since March when the greens had brown spots. Def will go back for a round soon.

    Tega Cay update: not sure if anyone goes out there from this site but they are almost done resodding all 18 greens and are hoping to open back up early November. They are using Mini-verde, a bermuda hybrid which allows them to cut the greens short to allow them to roll fast. Hoping for the best... Also, they are making changes to a few greens to make them wider and more playable than before.
  • 9/22/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: The Divide and Birkdale   John N
    Played The Divide on Monday Sept 20th and was pleasantly surprised. The greens are in the best shape they have been in for a while. However alot of the greenside bunkers are still like hardpan. I have avoided this course over the past 6 months but if they can get the bunker issue resolve it will get some of its luster back.
  • 9/9/09 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide and Birkdale   Jin
    We're planning on playing both courses next week and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. Last I heard about Divide was that it was a mess... hoping it got a little better. Thanks!!
  • 6/18/09 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Graham
    I played The Divide on June 13th. We were delayed by 20 minutes from our original tee time and the groups were stacked up all day. All in all we had a 5.5 hour round and the conditions were pretty bad. The greens were soggy and were really tracked up around the holes. The tee boxes were horrible-- what little grass was growing on them desperately needed to be cut. The bunkers were among the worst in Charlotte-- some with standing water, some with 2 feet of course beach sand to slog around in, 1 with perfect white fluffy sand, one that had gravel in it, and the rest of them were thin and crusty. Several of the holes were double cut so that there was a rim of loose dirt around the edge. Fairways were okay but a bit shaggy. The only positive was the ranger and beer girl. Ranger was really nice and helpful with our disfunctional GPS-- the beer girl was an 11+ on a scale of 10 and charming to boot. I get the feeling that someone has cut the maintenance budget at this track by 50%.

    There are some good holes out there on this one but I would wait until they get there act together from a maintenance perspective before I played again.
  • 6/7/09 - Played Sunday morning 6/7. Not thrilled with conditions here. Greens were okay, not my favorite speed or break, though. I had several beefs with the course conditions, especially compared to other local courses. The fairways were fuzzy and had not been cut recently. As a matter of fact, it seemed the course had no maintenance in the past 24 hours or so. Several (at least 5 I saw up close and personal) bunkers had standing water and were not playable -- one had been marked ground under repair. So #1, they have a problem with drainage if the bunkers hold water more than 24 hrs and #2, nobody had touched them to either rake them or pump the water out. Other courses do this, why not The Divide? A few other problems I saw were some rough spots on the collars of a couple greens and overall poor grass on the tee boxes. The blue tee on #8 was completely overgrown, which put us on the back tee box and making for a brutally long par 4. And last but not least, the GPS had the wrong pin position on a couple of holes making us mis-club. Best grade I can give the Divide right now is C+ and that's probably generous. This is such a shame, being only 5 minutes away, but I can't seem to hit the Divide when it's in good shape.
  • 2/28/09 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide & Olde Sycamore   Scott
    Played the divide this week and the greens are a mess. I don't see how these greens will get any better all year in 2009. Save your money and play somewhere else! Also played Olde Sycamore this week. Course is always in good shape and you can get good deals during M-TH. Greens were fast and rolled great for Feb. They had some evil pin placements out there on Thursday.
  • 10/20/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide   Jin
    Been playing here quite a bit since it's cheaper. We get an email almost on a weekly basis. Played Sat for $39 at 11am. It was pretty wet from the rain on thurs/fri, but it wasn't bad. pace of play was slow! Divide is one of the worst about pace of play... their rangers need to monitor the course better. there were a bunch of 2somes which could've been joined into 4somes. but i also blame the cart path only rule... but still, we waited up to 10 mins on some holes. bunkers still have rocks scattered throughout them.
  • 10/4/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte Golf Links,The Divide   Rob Pappalardo
    Played there(Charlotte Golf Links) last weekend 9/28/08..VERY happy with the condition the greens were great and the fairways were good (My god though the rough was like the US open...Give us a chance guys)..Overall it was in great shape.
    Played the Divide 9/27/08 and was not as pleased with it..the greens are getting beat up in my opinion ..pockmarked and burnt in spots.
    I'm playing Mooresville tomorrow and I'll report on the conditions there... Its a Donald Ross track thats actually a REAL cool layout... the question there is the condition I have heard they aerated 2 weeks ago... so I'll report tommorow.
  • 9/22/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide   Jin
    Played the Divide yesterday (9/21). Pace of play was pretty slow, but they did have a best ball tourney right in front of us. The group in front of us tried to go for the green on 18 on their second shot... crazy (had to wait about 15 mins before they all dropped on the second landing area). Anyways, the greens were faster than expected... with a lot of brown spots on them. Rough was thick and fairways were okay, some hard spots on a few. Bunkers were in decent shape.
  • 9/4/08 - Played on 8/31. The course was OK, but I had a few beefs. I played late on a Sunday, teeing off around 4:00, and getting grouped with a twosome. The play was painfully slow. At the Divide, there are no on-course rangers. They use blast messages on the GPS computers in each cart to tell everyone to speed up. As far as I can tell, the messages can't be targeted to a particular cart. So all we got was one blast message halfway through the round saying if you couldn't see the group in front of you, you were playing too slow. That was it. And it didn't have any effect. We waited on every tee box. It was brutal. Then, late in the round as we neared darkness, the blast messages from the clubhouse came fast and furious. But not about the slow play. They kept reminding us that carts had to be in by 8:00 sharp. Then another one comes in about 7:30 -- they are removing the flagsticks due to recent vandalism. Then at 7:50, they turn off the GPS yardages. We were on hole 17. Great, thanks Divide. Recommendation: Avoid late afternoon rounds at the Divide. Course-wise, the greens were soft, bumpy and on the slow side for the Divide. It seemed that due to the previous week's heavy rains perhaps the course mgmt did not want to cut the greens short and fast. Also, several of the tee boxes were bare and torn up -- at least where they had the markers on this day. It was disappointing to see the markers placed near the bare spots when the rest of the teeing ground looked fine. One positive note was the condition of the bunkers. Considering the recent rains, I thought they were in fine shape. Overall, though, there are a few reasons I don't play the Divide much, even though I live 3 minutes away. This review covers most of them (the other being I don't particularly care for the layout, with so many hazards and OB).
  • 8/6/08 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Rob Pappalardo
    Played last week 8/2/08 ...Fairways nice..Greens pocked up from irons into them...Still overall not bad. I think this course is pretty easy. It's pretty much wide open and short. Nice course to score on.
  • 7/26/08 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Jamie
    Played The Divide today (7/25/08). The greens were slow again - I see a trend there. I don't know why they will not cut them to be faster. Maybe it has something to do with the heat during the summer. Very strange to have to really pound the ball to get it to the hole. Unless you have a downhill putt, you'll need a bazooka. I hit 13 GIR, 0 birdies. I probably left 10 birdie putts short of the cup. I once left a 15-footer 6 feet short. Next time I'll use a driver to get the ball to the hole!
  • 6/7/08 - Played on 6/7. The Divide is in good shape. The greens didn't have any problems and seemed to roll smooth and consistent. A few tee boxes need some grass, but the fairways were good. It was a slow round and they were 30 minutes behind by 9am, but I had a good time.
  • 12/20/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide/Charlotte Golf Links   Jamie
    I played The Divide yesterday, and it was fairly OK. The greens are in pretty good shape, but a little inconsistent with respect to speed. The course that continues to struggle somewhat with its greens is Charlotte Golf Links. I played there two weeks ago, and about 1/3 of the greens had been re-aerated! Putting was pretty tough that day.
  • 12/14/07 - Msg Board Posting
    The Divide   Notsogood
    12/14/07 Divide is in horrible shape. Emerald Lake, Old Sycamore and Charlotte National all look like Ireland compared to the Divide. $60.00 for no yardage in the fairways; very inaccurate GPS, slow carts,leaves everywhere and poorly maintained greens and tee boxes.
  • 9/3/07 - Played the front 9 holes on 9/3. This course is in average shape. I was not real impressed today. The greens were okay, but a few had some bad spots. The tee box on the tough par 3 #7 was in terrible shape, worse than the driving range tees. And to top it off, there were not 1, not 2, but 3 five-somes playing in front of me. I called the pro shop and the guy said they weren't holding anybody up because it was slow anyway. What?!? Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled and am in no hurry to go back.
  • 5/29/07 - Msg Board Posting
    More course updates...   J.D.
    1) The Divide was in decent condition, though the greens were long and slow. I always considered this a straightforward course, but on closer inspection, there are a handful of interesting holes here. But they keep the course in fine shape -- better then CLT Links (although Links finally improved the greens).

    2) Stonebridge had everyone starting on the #10 hole and I'm convinced that is a better experience than normal (despite two back-to-back Par 5s). Conditions were okay -- greens were recently punched and also showing signs of wear.

    3) Springfield was in very good shape, but the greens were long, slow and bumpy. Understandable, given our current drought. Bunkers were in perfect condition.
  • 4/15/07 - Played on 4/14. Fairways are still dormant, but they played fine. The greens were rolling pretty well too, no complaints. Didn't see anything new for the season. So my opinion hasn't changed. This is a good course, but nothing to get excited about. You still need to find a good coupon deal to make it worth the price.
  • 9/16/06 - Played on 9/15. Course was nice and green. No visible defects due to aeration last month. The greens were pretty consistent, but I never figured them out. This was more me than the course, but I only made one putt all day. The course was still a bit wet. It made the greens super-soft (no roll and several approaches plugged) and there was standing water in several bunkers. Since it had been 24+ hours since the rain, I have to give The Divide a C-minus for drainage. One more problem -- the carts have GPS to show you pin locations. Today the pin positions were all wrong, which was frustrating. Thankfully they still use flag colors to indicate front, middle, back hole locations.
  • 6/18/06 - Played on 6/17. No major problems. Course was green and in good playing shape. Nothing special to report, though. Tee boxes were fair, not great. Greens were solid, but not exceptionally smooth or fast. I say this all the time about most Carolina Trail courses -- don't pay full price to play. Find a coupon or get the Preferred Players' Card.
  • 5/8/06 - Played on 5/6. Course was wet from previous night's rain, but very playable despite cart path only. The GPS system on the carts is nice because the clubhouse messaged us later in the round that we could drive in the fairways. I was impressed with the greens and second the opinion from the last update that they are in great playing playing shape now. This course is still pricey compared to nearby competitors, but it's in good shape.
  • 4/26/06 - Played on 4/23. The course is in good shape. The greens are well restored from the aeration. However they are running very slow....beware. Some tees were a little rough, but overall the course is in good shape. (Thanks Scott for the update)
  • 4/3/06 - Msg Board Posting
    Divide   Jamie
    I played The Divide on 4/1, and I was told the greens were aerated on 3/13. Dissapointing - they definitely did not putt like they were aerated almost three weeks ago. The greens are a long way from healing; they actually looked and putted like they were aerated a few days ago. They need at least another two weeks before they roll true.
  • 3/16/06 - Greens were aerated on 3/13 and need a week or so to heal up.
  • 11/26/05 - Played on 11/25. Fairways and rough in okay shape, yellow for the winter. A few bunkers were waterlogged. Greens were decent, but some had some rough spots. They're just okay in the month since aeration.
  • 11/9/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Vacation Golf   Jamie
    You might want to consider The Divide (704-882-8088). It's fairly forgiving off the tee, and has three sets of tees to vary the course length. It's one of the Carolina Trail courses, and usually in good shape. The greens are good, and very straightforward, without severe breaks on most of them. Some water holes and/or creeks, but not too many. Other possibilities are Emerald Lake (704-882-7888) or Charlotte National (704-882-8282). All three courses are within a few miles of each other off Interstate 485, and are considered good quality, semi-private courses. Charlotte National usually has great, but fast, greens. Check out the course reviews on this site to get a feel for what to expect.
  • 9/13/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Regent vs Divide   Jamie
    Regent Park is a little better than the Divide in terms of overall conditioning, but I think it is also more difficult. The Divide features slightly more foregiving fairways, but the greens are a little less consistent. Check with the courses about aeration, because September is a popular time for that. A few more courses you may want to investigate are Highland Creek near the university, Birkdale, and if you really want a beautiful but tough course, Verdict Ridge. Verdict Ridge may be the most scenic course, but it's a little bit of a drive.
  • 9/13/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Regent vs Divide   B-Man
    If money is no object, go for Ballantyne Resort. That's a great conditioned course with all the amenities and it's not all that difficult. I did just play the Divide last week and it was fine. They don't aerate til October. Generally speaking, I'd say the Divide is overpriced compared to others around town.

    Last I heard (a week or two ago), Regent was in OK shape. They had recent problems with burned out greens, but have mostly recovered.

    One last one to consider is Emerald Lake. I hear it's in great shape right now. It is very playable for all skill levels.
  • 9/8/05 - Played today and course was in decent shape. Some tees were bare. Fairways were fine (saw little of them, though). Greens were a mixed bag. Mostly good, but inconsistent. Tough to get a read on them from hole to hole. For most courses around town right now, they rank pretty good though.
  • 8/17/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Charlotte Golf Links/Divide   Jamie
    Thanks B-Man for the update on CGL. I suspect the greens will fully recover by the Fall. The Carolina Trail courses generally do a good job with issues like that. I played The Divide on 8/13, and their greens were in good shape, although the speed was somewhat inconsistent. Fairways were in good shape also.
  • 6/29/05 - Played on 6/26. It was raining off and on. Found the course to be in great shape. The tees were a little rough, but certainly playable. The greens and fairways are in great shape, so it makes the poor quality of many of the tees stand out. The staff was helpful, but the starter was neither helpful or informative. All in all a very nice course. (Thanks to Scott for the update)
  • 6/3/04 - Course is a little bit worn from the lack of rain, but not bad. A few tees were rough looking, but fairways and bunkers seemed ok. Greens were a little dried out but rolled fine, not too fast.
  • 2/20/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Moving to Charlotte   Jamie Archie
    The course you play depends on what type of course you prefer. Down here you will have a lot of choices. I have played them all, and here are my favorites:

    1) The Tradition - my favorite course layout, tight fairways, very wooded, good greens, solid overall course, accurate tee shots critical.
    2) Highland Creek - well maintained, wider fairways, excellent greens, a little pricier, but worth it.
    3) The Divide - bigger greens, comfortable fairways, not as tight off the tees.
    4) Springfield, Waterford (south of state line)- great layouts, a little tougher in terms of approach shots. Waterford's greens are about the fastest around.
    5) Fox Den (35 miles north) - one of my favorites since I shot 69 my first time there. Great diversity of holes.
    6) Verdict Ridge - the toughest course I have played in this area. Bring your A game, or you are in trouble.

    There are about two dozen solid courses within a reasonable driving distance of downtown Charlotte, so take your time in picking. Just check out the yellow pages when you get here. B-man web site is a good reference too. All of the ones I listed are semi-private, so the public can usually play anytime. Good luck, and welcome to Charlotte!
  • 9/2/03 - Very good shape for this course. Tees, fairways and greens are all nice and lush. Bunkers are still wet -- a few had leftover puddles. Greens were soft and smooth but on the slow side for my tastes.
  • 8/17/03 - Just played the front 9. Course seemed to drain okay despite the recent rains. A few bunkers were wet and not easy to play. Fairways and greens were in good, but not great shape.
  • 3/26/03 - Course in all around good shape heading into spring. Greens are especially good, rolling medium speed. Fairways are good, a little fluffy still. Tee boxes are spotty and need to grow in.