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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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Larkhaven Golf Club

  • 11/4/18 - Msg Board Posting
    One month left to play Larkhaven   The B-Man
    In case you missed this message, here's the final note from Larkhaven Golf Club:

    As many of you already know Larkhaven Golf Club has been under contract to sale. The final day of business will be Sunday, December 2nd. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Larkhaven for the past 60 years. It has been a golf course that many of you started playing when you were just a kid and have gone on to make many memories here. Come out and help us celebrate the final few weeks of Larkhaven!

    We will be having a sale in the pro shop to help clear out merchandise. Everything will be sold at cost starting today. That is a savings of 25% on all merchandise.

    Thank you again for all the support!

    >Larkhaven Staff
  • 5/11/18, Review by Acgolf - Larkhaven is not good. I will leave it at that. Luckily, the price is very cheap, but do not expect anything good here other than friendly service.
  • 4/15/18, Review by DriveCannon - As I understand they are closing down the course at the end of this season, there is still is no excuse. After reading comments that the course has significant construction throughout, I followed up by calling into the club house to hear first hand. The staff did not fully describe how bad the construction actually is. There is some type of pipeline being run through the entire course almost toughing every other hole. This mud path is 20ft across and extremely affects holes 1,10,11,12,18 to the point of being un-playable. Needless to say I will not be back, and I would think the course would deeply discount their prices due how bad these conditions are. I use to really enjoy this course, it sucks they are closing.
  • 2/18/18, Review by GinMillDJ - I'm giving it 3 stars because the greens are in excellent shape. They are digging sewer lines in through much of the course, so several holes are affected. There are ditches and netting/tarps across # 1 Fairway, #10 end of fairway, beginning of 12th hole (tee boxes are pushed up); 17 in front of the pond and 18 is now a par 3. Some of the bunkers had hard clay/dirt in them instead of fluffy sand. Luckily it was only $25 to play on a Sunday. Any more than that it would not be a very good value. Staff is always friendly, however the dress code is severely relaxed. Jeans, t-shirts and even a flannel shirt was spotted.
  • 1/30/18 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven to be no more?   BetterThanMost
    It looks as if Larkhaven will soon go the way of Eastwood, Crystal Creek, Charlotte Golf Links, and other former courses that are now housing developments:

    Charlotte’s oldest public golf course is set to be replaced by a housing development
  • 4/15/17, Review by hotrod jb - Greens are great, the rest is pretty rough. Fairways are terrible
  • 4/3/17, Review by nstoudt - Fairways and tee boxes were spotty. Fairways have some dirt spots even. Greens were in amazing shape however. Pace of play was awful. Took 5 hours. Tee'd off just after 11am.
  • 2/22/17, Review by dad4204 - Larkhaven did not overseed this year and the fairways are dried grass and thin. Bunkers in need of sand. Greens are good and fast, but you can't hold a shot. A friend had a 12ft downhill putt, missed and had 60 feet coming back. When it greens up it will be much better with some bunker work.
  • 10/22/16, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at the Lark since they put in the new(ish) greens. This is such a quirky course. The most unique starting hole in all of Charlotte - I hit 8 iron, 9 iron on the short, uphill par 4. The greens can be maddening now for two reasons - they don't hold approach shots at all and they are silly fast. I saw 3 putts from within 15 feet go right off the green. Bounces everywhere are random and often penalizing - fairway, rough, green, everywhere. Tee boxes were not in great shape either. And the course was packed and play was slow. So overall, I'm not a huge fan of this course. For a short notice round on a Saturday morning though, the $34 price was a good value.
  • 9/8/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - I haven’t played this course in almost 3 years, but decided to give it a try in spite of the somewhat less than stellar review posted by GinMillDJ on July 31. Unfortunately, the course condition hasn’t changed since his review. Tee boxes were ragged and sparse, and the fairways were so-so (and noticeably narrow). Most of the bunkers were damp and firm, and almost all of them had weeds in the lips (and even a few had weeds growing in the near-center area). The greens are in good shape, but VERY fast and DO NOT hold approach shots at all. This presented a real problem for all in my group – it was impossible to hit a normal approach shot with any hope of the ball staying on the green, and we all started to try to land the ball just short of the green such that it could softly/slowly roll to the hole. The latter strategy was unsuccessful, and most attempts landed short and stayed short of the green! I also agree that the price ($25 Senior rate) was very reasonable, and helped to assuage some of the irritation about the greens. Bottom line opinion: there are worse courses in the Charlotte area, and there are many that are better, right now. If you want good opportunities for scoring go elsewhere, but if you enjoy a reasonably pleasant outing on a warm summer day for less than $30, try Larkhaven.
  • 7/31/16, Review by GinMillDJ - The only redeeming feature was the greens and the price. Greens were spectacular. Staff is always friendly as well. Fairways were really chewed up, and there were significant bare patches of dirt and weeds. Tee boxes were in horrendous shape, especially 9. That's a shame because 9 is such a pretty hole.
  • 11/28/15, Review by hotrod jb - The course is in pretty good shape as it normally is this time of year. The greens are in great shape as well as the tee boxes. To my surprise the pace of play was good for a Saturday morning.
  • 9/15/15, Review by scotth - I played 9 holes here after work with some peers of mine. Overall the course was in decent shape. During the winter this course is maybe one or a few that have green fairways. All in all I would recommend this course if you are out trying to get a round in but don't expect perfect or even good conditions. Definitely worth the money.
  • 6/13/15, Review by jscum13 - First time at Larkhaven. LOVE the miniverde greens. Great roll and ball marks don't damage them much at all. Tee boxes were good, rough and fairways were dry in some spots due to the heat but the course was in overall good condition. Only issues with the course is the layout itself. Blue tees were nearly unfair on holes 11 and 12 with the angles they provided to hit the shot. 18 is a cool finishing hole, but I could do without 1, little gimmicky for my liking. They overseed in the winter so I'll definitely be back in November-March.
  • 4/30/15, Review by joe-paris - Best course in Charlotte! The course was in great shape and looked amazing. The fairways were very green and extremely lush. Every ball in the fairway was sitting up! The greens rolled true on all 18. I visited this course last year and was unable to get a tee time... I now know why!!! I paid $26 and playing in less than 3.5 hours on a great course! BEST COURSE IN CHARLOTTE!!
  • 3/25/15, Review by panthersfann55 - fairways being green were a nice change of pace. the new greens were very slow and I couldn't read a putt for the life of me (most were straight but i couldn't believe it). Saw breaks that weren't there. for some reason i like to believe that 485 effects the wind around number 11 green. for some reason I am always a club short on that hole. anyway this course is a good play right now too bad a 6some was let out in the am to slow everyone up.
  • 12/26/14, Review by hotrod jb - The course is in great shape. The only issue is some of the bunkers but hell, stay out of them right? Fairways are the best any place any time of year. Winter golf at LH is the place to play. This course continues to kick my ass though.
  • 12/13/14, Review by hotrod jb - Fairways and tee boxes are great. The new greens are very hard and do not hold shots unless you go at them with a short iron. Overall it's about the best place to play this time of year.
  • 11/11/14, Review by dad4204 - Larkhaven is in great shape. Fairways and tee boxes really good. New greens can be very fast downhill, but roll really well. The problem was that pin placements were impossible, leading to a couple of 4 putts. If you missed the hole you went 15-20 ft. past with no hope of stopping it. This happened to me and on the way back I left my putt about 6 inches short and it rolled back to my feet. It was described as "gooney golf" by a player in our group. Otherwise a great place to play on one of my favorites.
  • 9/10/14, Review by panthersfann55 - The greens were great. Haven't played here in 5 years because the greens were always horrible. Now that being said it's too bad the rest of the course is just average or maybe they are getting ready to overseed. Tee boxes were barren. #9 gold was a beach. The rest patchy at best. Fairways were very thin and lots of weeds except for a few holes but it would have been nice to hit from some grass. That's why I tried to play from the rough. Bunkers were soft. $26 was a great deal but I think the rest of east charlotte showed up. Must have been a full tee sheet on a wed and it played like it. 4 hours for a twosome is too long. Waited on every shot. It may be another year or 2 before I go back and play, in the afternoon. Always hated the first hole with it next to the clubhouse and the loud social hour that commences behind you while you tee off.
  • 8/26/14, Review by YoMama111 - Larkhaven is open again. I remember years back saying, "If only they had good greens"....well, they do now! They have replaced them with the new mini-verde, and they are GREAT!!!! If you haven't played it since they reopened, go do it, you won't be disappointed.
  • 8/26/14, Review by IntheFairway - The new Mini Verde Greens were Great!!! We were very surprised at how well the approach shots were holding and lack of grain. They were not to hard or firm at all and rolled great. Also they are not grainy like many of the other courses with Mini Verde Greens in Charlotte. I am one of those who always said "If Larkhaven only had good greens" too, so I am very happy. They rolled excellent, nothing bumping off line at all and very consistent speed. The rest of the course is in good shape as well and they will overseed the fairways and Tee boxes this winter.
  • 8/19/14, Review by dad4204 - New greens roll well, Not too fast or slow. The pins were in some tough spots today, you could roll way past if you were just a little too hard. I only left one ball mark though, so they are hard. I didn't hold the ball as I usually do. Fairways thin in spots, as usual. Traps looked good, but I never hit out of one. Had fun and enjoyed Larkhaven as usual.
  • 5/31/14 - Larkhaven will be closing for 2 months starting June 8th to renovate their greens. Here are the details from the course website: "After thirty years of use since the last renovation, Larkhaven’s greens are scheduled for replacement and renewal. We have made the decision to replace our current greens with a new, modern, dwarf bermuda variety, Mini Verdi, that will place our golf course on par with any club in the Charlotte area. Due to the extensive work involved, we plan to close end of day June 8, 2014 and remain closed until approximately August 8, 2014. Weather conditions could dictate changes in the reopen date. We undertake this new greens project with the expectation of genuine enhancement of our golf course, with excellent putting surfaces year round. Check back from time to time for updates."
  • 5/28/14, Review by gopher.birdies - Course is usually a perfect with 5 stars. It was a little beat up but with the amount of play this course gets it's not surprising. They are closing to re do the greens after business on June 8. Current greens were not as good as they usually are but that is understanable. Still a great course and very friendly staff. Looking forward to see what the course is like after being closed to put in new greens, the time off should let the course grow in very nice.
  • 5/25/14, Review by bneuman1 - I hope it takes the four stars that I rated it. The course was amazing. I take away a star because it wasn't perfect, but it was awful close. The course is unique, no two holes are alike. It makes you think from start to finish and rewards smart, accurate play. It's a beautiful course. I wish the greens were a little faster (I three-putted for bogey four times on the front nine) but I understand they are upgrading those later this summer. I'm from the coast of NC and really enjoyed the intelligent use of the terrain and the challenge it provided. I hope to be back before the greens are upgraded just so I can have so much fun again.
  • 8/23/13, Review by Gin Mill DJ - Greens are horrible. Dirt patches all over the place. Fairways for the most part were above average. Sand traps were poor as well.
  • 8/23/13, Review by Gin Mill DJ - Greens are horrible. Dirt patches all over the place. Fairways for the most part were above average. Sand traps were poor as well.
  • 5/31/13, Review by GolfNiners5 - While the course is not very difficult it is a great course to play. Fairways were almost perfect, green and very well kept. The greens were great but had minor issues. It looked like the pin placements could have been changed to avoid little spots. All greens were in good shape and very green, couple had burns on the fringe. Tee boxes were in great shape and had plenty of grass, not spotty at all. Course is trying to grow in rough and it is finally coming in but it is still mainly weeds. Great course to play and very good conditions!!
  • 5/2/13, Review by Wrkn4SingleDigits - I usually play Larkhaven 2x a month. The greens are probably the best they've ever been. The fairways are in pristine condition. The only negative about this course is the lack of driving range and the lack of a true rough.
  • 4/17/13, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course was in pretty good shape. Never a bad lie in the fairway and they were very green. Greens were in great condition and very green but a little shaggy. Rolled very slow. Rough is in bad shape. They have you ride the fairway for the entire round as their rough is bare. Played as a two-some and the course was very busy for a weekday round. Normal pace for play for me is around 3-3.5 hours and this took about 4 to 4:15
  • 4/12/13, Review by dad4204 - Played Larkhaven today. It had rained a bunch about 1 and 1/2 hours before our tee time and we had to do cart path only, but the good news was we only did it for nine holes. Fairways and greens are excellent. Pace of play was OK, but there was a 5-some in front of us. They slowed us up some. Pace maybe was closer to 5 hours because we started earlier than our tee time. I would highly recommend this course in it's current shape. Played with my son and he was astounded by how good it was.
  • 4/9/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - As others have noted, the greens and fairways were great, but the pace of play not so great. The 4-1/2 hours seemed much longer. The course was crowded what with this being a truly great, Spring day, and that contributed to the slowdown (However, it extended to the pro shop activities as well, and it took 4 phone calls over the space of an hour to get anyone, or anything, to answer the phone). A yardage book was a good deal at $2, but playing with experienced, long-time patrons obviated the need for one. A good, and fair, course that rewards good shots and does not unnecessarily penalize for not so good shots. I will definitely play it again.
  • 2/10/13, Review by Gin Mill DJ - Fairways and greens were in pristine condition. Rough is still dormant and very short. Unfortunately Larkhaven has the very annoying rule that members can play in 5 somes which slows down the pace of play to an absolute crawl. Many of the 5 somes are seniors. Average round will take 5 hours on weekends unless you are first out of the gate.
  • 2/1/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven   slowmofo
    I have to agree about Larkhaven's conditions. They are awesome. It feels good to play a course with green grass and full plush fairways and Greens. The only problems are its an older style course ( though its not the best layout), the greens are slow, and they allow fivesomes. Why any ranger would let five people play together blows my mind.
  • 1/26/13, Review by Porterhouse07 - For the time of year and icy conditions the day before, this course was in great shape. The rough was dormant and a little soggy but you aren't supposed to be there in the first place but still playable from there. The fairways and greens were all green and very well kept. I was very impressed with this course for the price that they charged
  • 7/8/12, Review by The B-Man - Thought I would take a chance on Larkhaven since a recent review was kind. Bad choice. I was not impressed. There are some good holes here from a challenge and risk/reward perspective but the course conditions give you all sorts of bad lies, bad bounces and difficult putts. So you might shoot 80 and you might shoot 95, depending on your luck. The first hole is the quirkiest one in all of Charlotte -- you can either try your shot at driving the green (it's about 250) or you can hit wedge-wedge. As for conditions, most of the tee boxes were terrible. Fairways were fifty-fifty at best, some okay, some no different from the rough. I do like the bunkers -- nice fluffy sand. Most of the greens were fine -- though the speed is tough to get used to (super slow on anything uphill and average speed downhill). Some had several bare spots. In particular, I was most disappointed with #9. It's supposed to be this picturesque downhill, over water, long par 3, but the tee had no grass at all, just bare dirt. And the green was one of those with bare spots. There are so many quirky holes here -- like #4 with a severely sloped fairway and a perched green. Overall, I was not impressed and won't be back anytime soon.
  • 6/9/12, Review by esb - Green fairways and excellent greens. The cool June weather has been kind to Larkhaven. This course stays the best during the winder and spring seasons but is doing well with the cooler weather. I play all of the Carolina Trail courses and they can not compete with the conditions at Larkhaven right now. I will play Larkhaven a few more times before the summer heat takes its toll.
  • 3/25/12, Review by slowmofo - Wow, night and freaking day. Last year I played this course this course mid summer and said to my friend that I probably wouldn't be back here. This was my first time playing this year and I am glad I picked Larkhaven. The fairways and greens were in amazing shape. I was completely shocked how great the conditions were. It rained, so the greens were slow. I decided to play this course again on Sunday. I felt like they cut the greens and they were ten times faster. The only problem was that on Sunday there were so many people that it took us near 5 hrs to finish. I think I will keep coming back here until the conditions turn to crap.
  • 3/13/12, Review by izzyf150 - Played Larkhaven yesterday. This is the best public golf course in Charlotte right now. The rye grass is just as lush and green as can be. The course is always busy for that reason. Got an 11:16 tee time on a Tuesday and was lucky to get that. Happen to be golfing with a guy who was a member at a private club and he said most of that course’s member were golfing at Larkhaven for the time being. The tee boxes show some wear (obviously) the fairways are great and the greens are slow (because it got a full head of nice green grass) but not bad slow. Larkhaven doesn’t have a problem with you driving carts on the fairway but have lots of signs posted about not driving in the ruff. (Uh ok). Any way we played a round in 4 hours, we figured that is faster than you can get on a weekend there, because all of the bad golfers are out on weekends. My dad said it was like golfing in a picture, which I agree, after golfing on dormant golf courses all winter, it was fantastic. Too bad when the weather heats up real good all that rye grass is going to burn up, Larkhaven will probably go back to its normal self. (which I always felt was not as good as most other public golf courses) For now, Good Job Larkhaven!!
  • 1/6/12, Review by phatdba - This winter Larkhaven has by far the best fairways, and some of the best greens. While most fairways are now brown and thin, theirs are somehow very green and lush. On a beautiful day with a morning frost delay and good rates, it was understandably crowded and backed up, our 12:58 group didn't tee off till 1:30 and we were on the 17th when it got too dark to see (turns out I play better when I can't see!). Great variety of holes on the layout. My only complaint is that overscheduling seems to be chronic - I hadn't played there for several years because of that. B-Man's Golf, IMO, is the best local guide to Charlotte golf, and I have enjoyed your reviews for several years, so thank you! Time to give back, so I finally registered and this is my first review.
  • 7/19/11, Review by stonecold - course was in great shape but greens were very slow probably due to the fact of not cutting them because of the heat!! also 2 coolers were bone dry no water on a very hot day!!overall a good course for the price just cut the greens soyou can improve the speed by cutting them lower!!
  • 6/26/11, Review by pga5f - I have wondered about "the Lark" for a while and finally played it. Goat track. For $43 you can play about a 5 courses around town that are better. Tee boxes were terrible. Fairways were mediocre. Greens on the front were terrible, only decent on the back. Traps mediocre. Glad I have seen it, and will not go back.
  • 6/23/11, Review by Ironcitybrewery - The greens are struggling. However I did see 8-10 guys working all over the course. They said the greens are coming around and should be back to normal in the next couple of weeks. The back 9 had nicer greens than the front by far. One thing I really didn't understand is about the pin placements. IF you have a green that is 50/50 good/bad, why would you put the pin where the green is bare/sandy/junk when the back of the green is perfectly fine? This happened on almost every hole we played. I would use the good part of the green so people have a good putt instead of making people putt through the Plinko Board.
  • 6/10/11, Review by esb - The early summer heat is taking it's toll on these greens. When I last visited this course just 15 days ago I reported that it was in excellent condition. That is no more. Several of the greens have been punched and are mostly sand. Others are browning up from the heat. This is especially true on the front nine where it is difficult to get any roll on your putts at all. Back side greens are in better shape. Fairways are still goood. Still a good value for the money.
  • 6/8/11, Review by Matt - Layout is great, Course is awful! The fairways and tee boxes were average but the greens were absolutely awful. They looked patchy and were not green at all. You could see the ground and dirt underneath them. On some greens there were plugs from punching them on or next to the green but on some there were not so I could never figure out if the greens had just been punched or were just ridiculously awful! They didn't look punched so I honestly don't know which it is. The clubhouse mentioned they were working on two of the greens so we couldn't even play one of the holes. They need to be working on more than just two of the greens! All in all, it was a fun day but a poorly conditioned golf course. It is the oldest in Charlotte and unfortunately it shows. I must say that the staff was extremely friendly though and the rangers did a great job moving people along. We never saw the group in front or behind us after the third hole. Last thing, their golf carts are gas and are extremely slow. For some reason they are extremely strict about driving in the rough and when and where you are allowed to enter and exit the fairway. A little annoying but not a big deal. In conclusion, if course was in as good of conditions as Springfield, I would be a regular golfer there; however, it is nowhere close so I will continue paying $25 for junior rate at Springfield until another course proves to me it is worthwhile me playing there consistently.
  • 5/30/11, Review by Fattyhoon - Tee boxes, Fairways and rough are in great shape...greens not so much. They are slow, bumpy and have barren patches all over them. I really enjoy the layout of this course, and if there greens were in better shape, I would play here every week. also, pace of play was SLOW. I played as a twosome, and it took us 5 hours to play. Waited for every shot. Went into the proshop at the turn to make the problem know, and was told that we were playing behind the owner. We passed him on the 14th hole(skipped the hole) and never saw another group in front of us. Unfortunately, it was a log jam behind us...
  • 5/28/11, Review by Ironcitybrewery - I liked this place, but it is somewhat out of the way for me. The price makes it worth the drive. I'm playing there tomorrow and am somewhat nervous after reading the reviews about the greens. In the past 3-4 years of playing here, I thought the greens were crap. After playing there last month, I was very impressed with the improvement. I'm hoping tomorrow that they haven't lost them. Their fairways remind me of a lower tier course. It's just like hitting off a well mowed lawn.
  • 5/3/11, Review by esb - This course is truly a hidden gem. Fairways, greens, and tee boxes are in excellent shape....some of the best in the Charlotte area right now. The second cut and green fringe areas are very well maintained....again excellent. This is an older course, so you may get the occassional dirt patch in the rough but this is a very minor issue. Also, to me it's nice to play a course without houses stacked up side by side, as you will not find a single house on this course. Overall, a great layout with reachable par 5's and a beautiful finishing 18th....a very nice view from the clubhouse!
  • 4/10/11, Review by Tom S. - Greens, fairways, and tee boxes in good shape, few if any problems. The rest looks like my backyard. For 28 bucks, you get a little more than what you pay for, but I like the old school feel to this place. A few too many blind doglegs for my liking on the front 9, but on the back you can air it out nicely and see where you are going. Had an issue on 12 where the tee box is set left and requires you to play a draw to avoid trees that stick out.
  • 9/25/10, Review by metallikviper - One of the few Charlotte courses that is still in good shape and not taken a hard beating from the heat. Greens were in good shape and well maintained, however they were hard and it was tough to keep the ball on the green on approach shots. Fairways look to have some wear from heat and play. Two of the holes were shortened. Hole 9 which is beautiful Par 3 over the pond was converted to a 90 yd chip shot. Could not drive on most fairways and some roughs, had to walk. Is-spite of having marshals driving around it still took us 5 hours to get through the round.
  • 8/19/10 - Msg Board Posting
    5th Annual Larkhaven Founders Tournament   The B-Man
    Got an email on this today and thought I would share. Also, I have not received any updates recently on Larkhaven. I'm curious how it is holding up this summer.

    5th Annual Larkhaven Founders Tournament
    October 2 & 3, 2010
    $270 per team

    Larkhaven Golf Club cordially invites you to join us for the 5th Annual Founders Tournament on October 2 & 3, 2010. Entry deadline is Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

    Entry includes all cart & greens fees for tournament, Bar-B-Que Cookout following Saturday's round, lunch Sunday, Gift and CASH prizes for each flight, closest to the pin prizes and more. Optional team skins game held both days. Payment must be received by Wednesday, September 29, 2010 or the entry will increase to $300.

    Format will be two person Captains Choice. Women play red tees, seniors, 60 and older, play gold tees, everyone else play white tees.

    More information
  • 4/14/10, Review by The B-Man - Played just the back 9, but it was enough to tell me the course is in good shape. The greens especially were consistent and good, with no bare spots like I've seen here sometimes. They rolled true. The only issue is that the greens here are generally slower than other area courses. I also still have trouble with the pin locations because the flag colors are all the same and there is no hole location info on the scorecard. Still, this is a nice value for the area. It was $14 for 9 holes walking this morning and $23 to ride 18 before 9am. That's a deal.
  • 2/18/10 - The 39th Annual Larkhaven Men's Four-Ball Tournament will be held April 23-25. The cost is $300 per team. Entry includes all cart & greens fees for tournament, Bar-B-Que Cookout and Flighting Party following Saturday's round (with one guest invited for each player), lunch Sunday, prizes each flight, closest to the pin prizes and more. Optional team skins game held each day. Visit the Larkhaven web site for more information.
  • 10/2/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven   Don
    Played on 9/29 and the greens were very inconsistent. Some were cut and some were not. Made for very inconsistent putting from hole to hole. There seems to be two types of grass on the greens.
  • 9/22/09 - Msg Board Posting
    larkhaven   panthersfann55
    really surprised at what this course has done over the past year. fairways in great shape. greens pretty good (for bermuda). the bunkers had actual sand in them. looks like managment invested to make this course more playable. will be back next week to play again ($26 afternoon rate)
  • 7/7/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Larkhaven   B-Man
    Got a note from Terry at Larkhaven and he did say they had to punch the #3 and #8 greens about a week ago. He said they are coming along but still a little bumpy. He also said the rest of the greens were pretty good and invited me to come out and play their July special, $25 anytime Mon-Fri and after 12:00 on weekends.

    I'm a bachelor this week and next (family drove up to PA to see relatives). So I may try to get out for a late round one day next week and see things for myself.
  • 7/3/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven   Jeff
    Played Larkhaven today. The fairways are in good shape. Some of the teeboxes are rough with the worst being #9 (its totally bare). The greens are horrendous. Normally the greens here are a little hairy and slow but they must have aerated them or something (dont really see holes in them) there is sand all over. Very rough. I'd stay away for awhile.
  • 5/17/09 - Played on 5/16. I'll start by just saying I think Larkhaven is in great shape. I played just after the on-and-off rain showers ended early Saturday afternoon. There were several puddles in the fairways and some bunkers, but overall the course was in good playable condition even so soon after the heavy rain. The greens on the front side seemed a bit slower and maybe cut a tad longer, but all 18 were in good shape. The grain of these greens makes a big difference in speed. Some of your putts against the green require a big whack, while you can just get the ball started going with the grain, especially downhill. Larkhaven is one of the most unique courses in the area and takes getting used to. If you know what to expect, you'll feel satisfied with your round. If you get in the rough, your lies will be a crapshoot because of weeds and barespots. Keep it in the fairway as best you can. With several of the short holes, doglegs and blind shots, it's best to play safe, target golf. Being aggressive leads to lost golf balls. Last thing I'll say and I've said it before about Larkhaven -- they need to invest in different flag colors to give you some clue as to pin location. Many of these greens are large and have different tiers. With all white flags, you won't know what spot on the green to shoot for on your approach.
  • 2/16/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven Golf Course   Terry
    Played Larkhaven the other day. Course is in good shape with green fairways even in the winter months. Worth another play with early bird rates Mon thru Thur at $23 for 18 holes with cart.
  • 6/20/08 - Played on 6/20. OK, so I gave Larkhaven almost 2 years since my last round (see my last review). I was pleasantly surprised. The course was in good shape compared to expectations. The tees and fairways were good, not perfect, but no problems that affected play. The greens were solid but not spectacular. Several of them were in great shape and then several were a little bumpy with thin spots. The rest were fine. So it was a little inconsistent, but this is such a unique and fun layout that I'm okay if the greens are playable. And they were mostly fine. I still have trouble with yardages because there are very few markers, but overall today I had a good round with no problems.
  • 3/19/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven Golf Club   larry
    Larkhaven is in the best shape i've ever seen it! The fairways are great, its nice to play on green grass in the fall and winter, you can really tell this course is going to be one of best ones in town before long! They also have one of longest running tournaments in Charlotte coming up at the end of April. I think everyone should check this course out! Great conditions.
  • 10/18/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Larkhaven   panthersfann55
    played 2 weeks ago. not a bad round for the afternoon. greens were a little slow. at least the fairways had grass. even in this drought.
  • 10/17/07 - Msg Board Posting
    Larkhaven   B-Man
    Played with someone Monday who said Larkhaven is doing better and that management seems to be making a good effort this year to get it back in shape.

    Can anyone confirm or deny that report? How's Larkhaven looking these days?
  • 7/16/06 - Played on 7/16. Let's see... I'll try to be nice. The beverage girl was great, meeting us several times on both 9's and keeping us hydrated. The pace of play was 4 hours for my 2-some behind a couple of 4-somes, not bad. The cost for a Sunday afternoon was decent, $38 from Clickit. OK, there, I was nice. Conditions, though, are another story. The course was very dry, with the greens slow and grainy. Fairways were spotty and offered very mediocre lies for good tee shots. The rough was left tall and thick. If you didn't walk within 5 feet of your ball, you would not find it on most holes. Pin locations were a mystery because this course offers no pin sheets or flag colors to guide you for your approaches. And several holes were interrupted as the maintenance staff decided to turn on fairway and green sprinklers in the middle of the afternoon. Needless to say, someone will have to drag me kicking and screaming to play here again.
  • 8/23/04 - Greens were aerated last week and were a "7 out of 10" according the pro shop. They were taking $5 off greens fees for now, but you may want to give the course another week to even out.
  • 7/16/04 - A few greens were bumpy because they'd recently been aerated and sanded. Overall the greens ranged from so-so to good shape. Fairways, bunkers and tees were alright. No problems in particular and the weekday morning rate is twenty bucks -- tough to beat anywhere in town.
  • 6/13/04 - Only my second time ever playing here and first time in over a year. Greens have been vastly improved. They are now faster and smoother. I was impressed. The rest of the course was in fine shape. With the great greens to go with a fun layout, this course is definitely the best value in town. It's also now very accessible, less than 5 minutes off I-485 at Hwy 24/27 (Albemarle Rd).