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Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide...

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The Tradition Golf Club

  • 5/22/19, Review by IM4DHERD - So since I use these review so much, I determined to start writing my own. Why I have the three worst scores in a row of all year as soon as I do is embarassing. Tradition is in great shape. The greens are in excellent condition, a bit slower than they look but receptive a roll true. Some of the old Tradition broccoli is still in the fringe but it looks like they figured out how to hold it back. Fairways are all in great shape and most all tee boxes are as well with the exeption of #15 which has almost none for some reason. Seems Pinnacle Properties is doing a pretty good job of turning around the likes of Birkdale, Skybrook, Tradition, etc.
  • 4/28/19, Review by nstoudt - Course was in fantastic condition. Greens were perfect and were rolling a good speed. I havent played here since they lost the greens in '17 and was amazed at the difference.
  • 7/27/18, Review by jaydee - First time playing this course. Played with my wife and another couple we know. All of us loved the course and lay-out, fair but not to tough for us average golfers. We all thought the course was in great summer conditions. Greens a little slow , but that is expected. Fairways overall in great shape and rough not too long. We will be back soon.
  • 6/15/18, Review by The B-Man - Greens were just punched 10 days prior to our round and were mostly fine, just a little on the slow side still. No major issues and they will probably be in good shape with another week where they can cut 'em faster. Most of the tee boxes were spotty, but fairways and bunkers were in good shape. We played on the last day of the $25 aeration deal and it was a great value.
  • 4/22/18, Review by GolfNiners5 - I would say 75% of the greens are in decent shape. The other 25% had bumpy patches or were bare. Fairways were extremely bare, tee boxes were good for the most part. We booked a 1:20 tee time and didn't tee off until 1:40ish. The starter was pairing people together to create foursomes but it was a waste of time. There would be a one or two some mixed in. There was also no ranger to help speed up play. We had a group constantly hit into us when there was a four some in front of us. At one point a single (with his girl in the cart) drove in front of us while we were on the green. We then had to wait for him on the next 2 holes. They need someone out there to control the pace of play
  • 6/24/17, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course was in excellent condition. Only complaints would be about the greens on the first couple of holes. A couple of them had crab grass coming through that would interfere with putts. After about hole 4 the greens were in great shape. Course was very wet from the recent rain but was still playable. Very impressed with how far this course has come from a couple of years ago. I did have some complaints about the starter/ clubhouse. We teed off about 20 minutes late due to them being behind. There were multiple 4 somes in front of us but behind us there was 4 consecutive groups of 2 somes. They should have paired them up with each other so we didn't feel rushed, even if we let them play through they would have had no were to go.
  • 6/8/17, Review by Albert So - Just aerated, so got a reduced (senior/walking) rate. Great news for Tradition fans. After recovering from aeration the greens look like they should be in great shape.
  • 3/27/17, Review by nstoudt - Everything was in decent condition. The greens are coming back after being burned last fall. Not perfect but much better than what they were.
  • 10/13/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - Hadn't played in over a month, so I was not dissuaded from trying The Tradition even after having been warned that their greens were still in poor condition (seems they have not recovered from the summer heat and dry spell). But course management is up front about it, and are currently offering discounted rates to encourage play. Not all, but a good number, of the greens are affected, and they did present real problems for putting, especially for my playing partners who experienced obviously bumpy rolls and one, 45-degree angle carom. Players are invited to deal with the situation by limiting recorded putting strokes to a maximum of 2, re-positioning balls on the green when a significantly poor putting surface becomes an issue, or whatever accommodation you and your playing partners consider appropriate. The conditions did NOT spoil my outing. There was one, unusual hazard on the 17th - a coyote, that ambled off after we all had hit our tee shots, one of which carried right over the animal's head while it was stretched out in front of the fairway bunker. The only discouraging thing from my round was the fact that I did not achieve my goal of breaking 80 (didn't expect to after the layoff and the condition of the greens), but had insult added to injury when my 14-year old playing partner shot under par!
  • 8/31/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - The greens are in distress (heat), but the pro shop was up front about it when I called for a tee time, and they discounted the green fees accordingly. I wish that I could say that the abundance of near misses and lip-out putts that I experienced were due to the conditions, but I'm not sure that is completely true. For the most part, balls rolled true even on the most affected greens. The fairways had been cut recently, and some of them had obviously clumps/collections of clippings. The worst part of the course was the rough wherein even the first cut was a little long and made finding the ball rather difficult (I played through a couple of foursomes who shared that same sentiment, and apologized for their resultant slower play). Unfortunately, I found a couple of bunkers in my round, but the clean, fluffy sand allowed me to look like a pro in getting the ball out (bunker conditions are one of my usual gripes, and in my opinion, The Tradition course is currently one of the better ones in this regard). All in all, the round was definitely a good deal/bargain for the reduced rate.
  • 8/15/16, Review by BetterThanMost - Played The Tradition for the first time in just under 2 years on Monday. I played in the late afternoon and the course was virtually empty. A few twosomes or singles here and there, but that was about it. The teeboxes were OK. Some were shaggier than others. Fairways were in great shape, as the bermuda has thrived in the hot weather this summer. The rough is thick and lush. A shot just a couple of yards off the fairway is in hack it out territory. The bent grass greens are starting to struggle. I'm puzzled at how a course that is basically cut out of trees only has fans on 1 hole. The greens still rolled fairly well, but the grass was beginning to die in several places on each hole. They were actually punching the 13th green as I was playing. Bunkers were hit or miss; some in better shape than others. What really struck me were some of the ancillary things; bunker rakes with missing handles and a good number of the pins were broken to the point where the flag itself had slid 1/4 of the way down from the top. The staff was friendly. I didn't use the range or putting green.
  • 4/10/16, Review by Fearlessgib - First time playing Tradition this year, greens had been punched several weeks ago but weren't to bad a little bumpy but rolled well. Overall in good condition considering the time of year. Staff friendly and accommodating. Overall a nice day. Will return
  • 10/17/15, Review by Fearlessgib - Always enjoy Tradition, especially when I drive it straight. Course is in very good shape.The greens were firm and had good speed. Bunkers well maintained, fairways and tees green and lush and the staff friendly and accomadating. It was a good day, I'll be back.
  • 6/20/15, Review by Parbuster - Last played here in early May, fairways & tees much improved. Had a chance to speak with the superintendent briefly on the 7th tee and was informed that they had recently resoded 7 tees. Winter kill areas in fairways were heeling as well. The greens were as good as you can get and the bunkers were raked and edged. Second time playing Tradition in over 2 years sense the new management took over, I like what I saw. Definitely be back.
  • 6/20/15, Review by metallikviper - Great course, nice layout and back to being in good condition. Greens are in really good shape like all the other trail courses. Bunkers and fairways are being worked on which is a good sign. It should be in really good shape this fall if they keep up the good work. Looks like the management is working on the tee boxes the least on all the courses. This course was no exception and the tee boxes needed some work done. Good deal if you have the Queen City Passport.
  • 5/9/15, Review by The B-Man - Played Tradition with some old friends on Saturday morning. We had two groups and played best ball in our groups. So I'll couch this review with the caveat that I probably did not get to sample conditions outside of the tees, fairways and greens. It seems like many of the reviews I've read on the site recently have remarked that tee boxes are torn up. I can't remember the last review or even the last round I've played where the tee boxes were any better than average with many in bad shape. Why is it so difficult to maintain grass tee boxes? The ones at Tradition were hit and miss but the majority were spotty, making it difficult to find a good tee spot. The fairways were the big problem, though. Many of them, I'd say more than half, were 50% dead grass -- like the course had "lost" them. So the lies were bare, like hitting off of dirt in many cases. It struck me as very odd. Weather has been pretty favorable recently, but it doesn't look like the fairways are coming back anytime soon. The greens, in contrast, were quite good. I didn't notice any significant issues and my team was able to make putts on just about every green (we birdied 14 of 18 holes!). Putts rolled true with good speed. Overall, I had a good time. The beverage cart made the rounds several times during our play. The pro shop, snack bar and rangers were all nice and helpful. I also like the layout here. The strange poor condition of the fairways and tees just puzzled me. Last comment -- I bought the Queen City Pass for $50 since the first round was free -- this was actually $5 cheaper than paying the $55 fee for a Saturday morning round! You get $10 rack rate and other discounts. So it's a good deal for the former Carolina Trail courses.
  • 9/13/14, Review by metallikviper - Finally played here after 1.5 years and I'm amazed how much a new ownership changes a course. The last time I came here, I decided never to play a Trail course again. I really like what the new management is doing with the trail courses. Tee boxes, fairways and greens are in excellent shape. Some greens needed help and lots of fresh sod around the fairways. There was a downpour the morning before we played so the bunkers were soaked with standing water in many of them. All in all, great improvements around the course and I will definitely recommend playing here.
  • 8/21/14, Review by BetterThanMost - Based on the reviews I've seen of this and other former CT courses, I decided to give The Tradition a shot after not playing here for close to 10 years. I teed off just after noon on Thursday. There couldn't have been more than 10 cars in the parking lot. There was a twosome immediately in front of me on the front, but after passing them at the turn, I didn't see anyone else on the back. The course was in fairly good condition. Fairways had plenty of grass on them, and rough was thick in spots. The greens were in great shape for the most part. I saw a small bare patch here and there on a couple of greens, but they rolled pretty well for me. They do suffer the public golf scourge of people not fixing ball marks. Bunkers were well taken care of and had ample sand in them. Didn't hit range balls, but it looked as if they had fairly new range balls. I'll definitely come back to The Tradition, and if the new management company is making the same progress at the other former CT courses, I'll check those out, too.
  • 8/3/14, Review by GolfNiners5 - Havent been here in about 2 years because of how bad it was before. Hole 7 had a rough spot on the green but the pin made sure it wasn't in play. Honestly this is in great shape. The only reason i said Good instead of Perfect is because of lazy golfers that don't fix their ball marks. Tee boxes were great, fairways perfect and greens in excellent condition. Greens rolled true and were soft. Bunkers were also great but a couple I noticed had some wall damage, or they were collapsed. Other then that they were raked and playable. Would recommend this course again!
  • 7/12/14, Review by TheClaw - First time back since Carolina Trail exited. I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised by the course conditions. Tee boxes were good, fairways were ok, the greens were surprisingly good considering they are 1. bent grass in the middle of summer and 2.Tradition is a muni. They do have some other type of grass on them in some spots, so they can be a bit 2-paced, but they are mostly consistent, and roll well enough overall. No ranger out but we moved along at a good pace. The only disappointment was that there was no beer cart in sight, and it was a scorching summer afternoon with no threat of rain. So they definitely cost themselves some money there. But I recommend supporting this course again as I have always enjoyed the layout (hang on for your life for the first 4 holes...then it gets much easier after that). A good value at $40 or less
  • 6/15/14, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens great, fairways OK, perhaps a tad pricey even though it is a great muni.
  • 5/18/14 - Msg Board Posting
    tradition   scott
    Played the tradition Today, we were pleasantly surprised by the conditions, some teeboxes were rough. The genes were in great shape, esp. Considering the disaster they were in.
    Hope the new owner group keeps up the good work!
  • 4/26/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Statement from the new owners of the CT courses   The B-Man
    In case you are not on Clickit's mailing list, they sent out this statement from the new management company of the Carolina Trail courses. I'm not sure why it doesn't mention Waterford. We already know Charlotte Golf Links is closed for good and Skybrook has got a new owner.

    "As you have probably heard, a foreclosure process was recently completed with respect to Birkdale Golf Club, The Divide Golf Club, Highland Creek Golf Club and Tradition Golf Club. As a result of that process, effective April 8, 2014, Romspen Birkdale LLC / Romspen Divide LLC / Romspen Highland Creek LLC / Romspen, The Tradition LLC is now the owner of the respective courses.

    The new owners are committed to returning the golf courses to their r! ightful place as some of the best daily fee facilities in the Charlotte area and have retained the services of Traditional Golf Management to operate the day to day business. We understand that this has been a very volatile environment and we are confident that the new ownership and management will provide the much needed stability that these clubs need. We are currently working on both operating and capital plans that will allow us to show continuous improvement in the facilities and service levels at the clubs.

    New membership programs are in place and special considerations are being given to those that held memberships under the previous ownership. Please contact the respective golf club for more information on the membership details (including the revised pricing for weekday sports members).

    We are excited to begin the process of restoring these courses to the quality that was enjoyed years ago. We look forward to earn! ing back your business and seeing you on the golf course."%3! Cbr />
    -Traditional Golf Management
  • 4/8/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Trail Has New Owner   Wulfpack
    A Canadian lender has taken ownership of four Charlotte-area golf courses that were part of the troubled Carolina Trail group, according to letters from the company.

    After the foreclosure process, Toronto-based Romspen is the new owner of the Birkdale, Highland Creek, The Divide and The Tradition golf clubs, the letters say. The new ownership is effective as of Tuesday.

    Carolina Trail golf courses have new owner
  • 3/20/13, Review by 4amigos - Bunkers were in good shape and the fairways were acceptable for winter. The greens were almost unplayable. Lots of damage,extensive bare spot. Putt bounced and wobbled on almost every green. They have not aerated or sanded which would have been an improvement over the existing conditions. Tee boxes did not have much grass either.
  • 3/20/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - I agree with 4amigos review for the same day of play with respect to conditions. I found the greens to be bumpy and pock-marked but, in all honesty, don't believe that affected scoring as putts seemed to roll true. The greatest challenge, as other's have noted (and as an employee in the pro shop opined, "The course is very tight".) is to hit it straight. That was my, personal, problem - hit 10 of 14 fairways, but hit too many erratic shots after leaving the tee. Hopefully, with the first day of Spring now gone by, course conditions will improve. I'm willing to give it another shot. The Yardage Guide is a good value ($1.86), but is not all that necessary for this relatively straightforward course.
  • 11/29/12, Review by dad4204 - Tee boxes pretty bad, greens in terrible shape. Had a lot of dead spots, and as others have commented, the players themselves are to blame. I repaired at least 5 ball marks on every green. The greens were really soft because they'd been watered. My score was high because I played from the tips on the front side for fun and shot 59. Sand traps looked good, but when you got in them, there was just a thin layer of sand, so it was like hitting from a bare lie.
  • 9/23/12, Review by estanwick - Overall I give it a C grade. Greens had issues with sand and marks. Not many true rolls at all. Tee boxes were below average also. I have never been a huge fan of this course but I tried it again. I would have never played it if I didn't buy the Carolina Trail special early in the year. Pace of play was 5 hours. LONG, long round. If you have other options, take them first. My next reive will either be Verdict Ridge or Warrior. Keep you all posted
  • 9/2/12, Review by Russell - Went out early Sunday morning and the pace of play was great. The greens were ok - I imagine they will be getting better as the weather cools off - a lot of unfixed ballmarks though. The biggest complaint that I have is that there is no indication of pin placement. The greens are deep and many are elevated so you can't tell where the in is. Normally it does not hurt me much but it can mean a 2 or even 3 club difference. Also, the tee boxes could of used a pass with the mower - very fluffy. The rest of the conditions were typical for Carolina Trail courses. Check out the algae growth on the lake in front of the club house - it is impressive. You may be able to walk on it.
  • 8/5/12, Review by DrSchteeve - I guess this is average for Trail courses, which means pretty bad by usual standards. My playing partner commented that the greens were easily the worst we have played on this year - pocked marked with ball marks, bumpy, poa anna, bare spots. Fairways were fine, rough high but fair, teeboxes hard but OK. Pretty unlikely I'm going to play anymore Trail courses after I finish Birkdale and Skybrook on my $129 card
  • 6/16/12, Review by ncboy777 - Greens were terrible considering they were punched several months ago, many ball marks from lazy golfers. Sand traps had not been taken care of recently (hard and not raked). Fairway were in good shape. I have been playing this course for years and I am disappointed of recent conditions.
  • 4/8/12, Review by ISlayMySelf - 2nd time I have played this course and I'm not sure I will be back anytime soon. Both times I've played the pace has been extremely slow. Not sure why but it is frustrating having to wait on every box and every approach. The conditions were ok. Greens have been aerated in the last month but were no real issue however some tee boxes were in bad shape and forget about the sand traps. Some rain the day before made the traps play like you were hitting off clay one was completely washed out. With recent weather I was expecting a nice green manicured course but that was not the case and I can't imagine it will get better as the weather gets hot. If it weren't for clickit I would not play this course but for $32 I got my moneys worth.
  • 3/21/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Overall, good conditions. Great pace of play. Aeration was last Tues/Wed (another that I was misinformed on) so the greens were quite bumpy. In 2-3 weeks should be nearly perfect.
  • 1/7/12, Review by metallikviper - First time playing this course and I wasn't disappointed. Course seemed to be in good shape for this time of the year. Tee Boxes and greens were in excellent shape. Fairways are basically dormant for this time of the year, which makes finding the ball a bit difficult. Roughs chewed up a few of our balls today. Only gripe about the course were the bunkers. Atleast 5-7 of the bunkers had stagnant water. Very few bunker had real sand. Also, did not appreciate the 5 hr pace.
  • 9/2/11, Review by Jova007200 - Played this course today and once again got chased off by weather. However, we made it to the 16th hole today so it wasn't that bad. The fairways are pretty chewed up in spots, but it is a public course and it gets its share of traffic. No issues there. The greens are indeed a bit beat up as the previous reviewer stated, but its not all that bad. I managed to 2 putt most of them from various distances. I might care more if I were a better golfer, but I'm not there yet. My main issue arose when we were leaving due to the storm. They shouldn't be letting people go out when a heavy storm with severe lightning has been sighted near by within a mile or so. Where I come from some places would send rangers out to round people up. Sure, golf at your own risk, but you can't be letting people start off or play through the back nine just because they want to tough it out. Administratively that is just irresponsible.
  • 8/21/11, Review by ISlayMySelf - First time I have played here and I really enjoyed it. Tee box and fairways were in good condition. The greens are soft, fast and a little beat up but they are better then a lot of the courses on the Carolina Trail. Keep the ball in the fairway and you will have a good day. Mounds on the edge of the fairways will shoot any missed tee shots into the rough or woods and they are gone because both are thick. Only complaint is the pace of play. We had to wait on every tee and approach shot because the course was backed up. Longest round I have ever played and started at 1pm. They also have a good chicken salad sandwich and some "talent" on the beverage cart.
  • 8/14/11, Review by Russell - It has been a few years since I have played the Tradition because I never felt it was well conditioned. Well, while conditions were not perfect they were better than some other courses I have played recently. The tees and fairways were in good shape. The greens were ok - definitely chewed up due to the soft conditions. They rolled pretty quick and very bouncy. (I guess this is the time of year to search out mini-verde greens.) The traps were a mess possibly because of overnight rain - but I doubt it. Pace of play was slow partly because of cart path only. Overall, pleasantly surprised - probably because I had low expectations.
  • 7/1/11, Review by Ironcitybrewery - I'm not a huge fan of the layout of this course, but everything was pretty good. The greens and rough were looking good. A couple spots in the fairway needed some attention. I think this is a solid course, but it's not very hard and is basically a bunch of holes that are straight.
  • 5/18/11 - Msg Board Posting
    More aeration!   DrSchteeve
    At least these 3 Carolina Trail courses are doing "light aeration" - 1/2" holes instead of 1", still top dressing with sand - apparently to try to avoid the fungus issues they had last summer and fall
    Highland Creek 5/18
    Tradition 5/23
    Skybrook 5/31
  • 2/18/11, Review by malamute - fun course only a few hard holes / greens not what you'd exoect this time of year - need improvement / gps removed from carts
  • 9/3/10, Review by malamute - greens have been punched recently - most in poor shape not worth playing right now
  • 4/10/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: April Golf   EA
    Love the site and knowledge B-Man

    Yes - I have played Skybrook, Highland Crk and Rocky River within last two weeks. I play Highland Crk, Skybrook, Rocky River and Tradition often because I live up here. I am not positive how they are comparing to other courses in the area as I stick to northern trail and this area usually.

    However with these courses - Rocky River had some serious issues with their greens last year but they seem to be much better now. Some of the greens were totally gone last year but they are back nicely, I heard they made some changes with the superintendent staff. Highland Creek I like because it is challenging, tough but fair course, relatively easy to get on, and people have a nice attitude. Highland Crk was in not so good shape last year but it seems like ownership was not investing in any of these courses last year much. It looks better this year. They recently aerated the greens but they are back to normal now. I like Skybrook the best but it is overpriced for what you get. They have had and have brown and bare spots in fairways. Rocky River does not have GPS / yardages on the carts which is odd in this day and age but I like the course, and it is typically in good shape - minus the green issue from last year.

    I am down on Tradition because it is over crowded, slow, and the staff have borderline rude attitude often. But I have not played there recently. I like Birkdale, the only down side is the electrical lines. It is a nice course in good shape.

    EA ratings of Northern Trail area courses below -
    Skybrook and Birkdale T1
    HCGC and Rocky River T3
    Tradition 5
  • 4/10/10, Review by El Supremo - Course was in pretty good shape. Bunkers need work. Much better shape than this time last year.
  • 4/6/10 - Update from Keith: I played the front 9 at The Tradition today for the first time. The course was in nice shape, the greens were smooth, not many ball marks, and they were much faster than the greens at Regent Park. They aerated about a month ago but I couldn't tell. The course overall was dry due to a few hot sunny days. The fairways were nothing to brag about but they were decent. Not a bad course for the rate, I would recommend a playing a round there. It's a fun course with large landing areas off the tee box and nice greens. I plan on returning to finish the back 9 soon and I'll leave another note then.
  • 8/9/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tradition   James
    Played The Tradition today. Can't argue with the price, but I have to say that I got what I payed for. Somehow, the course was super saturated even though there hasn't been any notable rain lately. Therefore, the greens were in TERRIBLE shape, and every putt bounced and wobbled it's way to the hole. Additionally, several bunkers were flooded and obviously haven't been maintained in a long while. The rest of the course was in fair shape, but I also suffered the fate of several mud balls, even with a driver in hand.

    Overall, I love the layout at Tradition, and wish they would put a bit of money into the course. It's a much better layout than Birkdale, Divide, or Charlotte Golf Links for sure.
  • 6/15/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Tradition   Jin
    Heard good things about the tradition so we took advantage of the coupon. Fairways were plush and the greens were fast. Great deal if you can make it out there... but the pace of play was horrible. Our 11:34 tee time was pushed back to 11:50 and we waited on every tee from 1-18. Obviously they are just trying to cram in as many tee times as they can for the business. if you have time to spare it's def worth a shot.
  • 3/2/07 - Msg Board Posting
    The Tradition   Chipper Green
    Played there this past week and this place has to have the worst drainage ever. It was soaked and it hadn't rained in at least 5 days. Very poor conditions. I have vowed not to return unless there has been a recent drought.
  • 8/25/06 - Played on 8/20. The fairways and tees are in good shape and the greens are like most at this time of the year, pockmarked. It is hard to get a good roll. Many of the green side traps were disasters, there is very poor drainage and the bottom of the traps were like a sandy mud. Even taking a drop it was hard to play from anywhere in the trap. To be fair most of the traps were playable but a few were completely unplayable. (Thanks to Scott for the update)
  • 8/18/06 - Msg Board Posting
    Tradition Golf Club   Chipper Green
    Just a minor gripe, but I played Tradition yesterday, which is usually one of my favorite courses, and they had the pin placements on the GPS system all screwed up. It wouldn't be a big deal if this were the first time, but the last several times I've been out there I've gotten bad info from the GPS. They should atleast color code the flags so you can atleast double check the GPS. I can't tell you how dissappointing it was to hit several "great shots" to front hole locations, only to get up to the green and see that I was facing a 40ft putt b/c the pin was in the back. Other than that, it was ok.
  • 6/18/06 - Played 6/18. My first time back in probably 5-6 years. After playing its sister course The Divide yesterday, I'd have to give Tradition the nod on conditions. Generally good across the board. A few spots here and there, like the rough patch on green #6, but greens were very good and fairways were pretty lush throughout. Not bad. Will bring me back.
  • 2/20/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Moving to Charlotte   Jamie Archie
    The course you play depends on what type of course you prefer. Down here you will have a lot of choices. I have played them all, and here are my favorites:

    1) The Tradition - my favorite course layout, tight fairways, very wooded, good greens, solid overall course, accurate tee shots critical.
    2) Highland Creek - well maintained, wider fairways, excellent greens, a little pricier, but worth it.
    3) The Divide - bigger greens, comfortable fairways, not as tight off the tees.
    4) Springfield, Waterford (south of state line)- great layouts, a little tougher in terms of approach shots. Waterford's greens are about the fastest around.
    5) Fox Den (35 miles north) - one of my favorites since I shot 69 my first time there. Great diversity of holes.
    6) Verdict Ridge - the toughest course I have played in this area. Bring your A game, or you are in trouble.

    There are about two dozen solid courses within a reasonable driving distance of downtown Charlotte, so take your time in picking. Just check out the yellow pages when you get here. B-man web site is a good reference too. All of the ones I listed are semi-private, so the public can usually play anytime. Good luck, and welcome to Charlotte!
  • 2/8/03 - Course in good shape and mostly dry, even with recent rain. The greens were smooth, quick, and challenging. (update by Russell)