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Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte
Posted by: The B-Man
on 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots...

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Harry L. Jones Sr. Golf Course

  • 6/7/18 - I had a great chat with Del Ratcliffe this week about plans for all of his courses, including the Harry Jones course near Renaissance Park. Plans are not yet finalized but they have brought in Ron Garl (he designed the now closed Regent Park golf course) to consult on a likely redesign of all 18 holes. This municipal course has many holes built on the site of a former city landfill which presents many challenges for the maintenance and upkeep of good playing conditions. If the redesign proposal moves forward, the course would likely be closed for 18-24 months. This is one of the reasons Ratcliffe Golf Services is investing now in making improvements to their other courses -- Charles T Myers (new greens this summer), the Sifford Course at Revolution Park and Sunset Hills. I'll keep you posted as I hear more about the plans for this course.
  • 10/5/17, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at RP in several years. I do enjoy the uniqueness of the layout, with lots of elevation changes and hilly terrain, a few blind shots. It was very familiar even having not played here in so long. That said, the course is quirky. Lies will be hit or miss everywhere. Since so many holes are sloped and hilly even fairway lies will be iffy. The fairways were in good shape for the most part. The rough on many holes had not been mowed recently, so we nearly lost a few balls in it. The greens on the front 9 were really good and quick. The back 9 was like a completely different course and very disappointing. Most of the greens were nearly unputtable due to sandy bare spots. Count two putts and pick up your ball. That bad. Not sure why the front 9 and back 9 were like night and day. I will say that the pro shop attendant mentioned that they had aerated 2 weeks ago and gave us a coupon for $20 off our next round if we come back in the next 2 weeks. I won't have a chance to use it and the expiration was kinda short, but it was a nice gesture. I do enjoy the challenge of this course so it was fun being back, but I'd like to see the back 9 greens in better shape when I play next.
  • 8/12/16, Review by Swingandamiss - Played Renaissance this morning for the first time, and saw alot of what the previous reviewers were talking about. The course was in rough shape, perhaps due to the rain, and overall not a great experience. The course does have some interesting holes, especially in the back 9 though, which make it worthwhile. The staff in the pro shop were nice, as well as the Marshal, but the folks performing maintenance on the course were incredibly rude. We were followed for 4 holes by someone mowing the fairways, who kept crossing our shots seemingly on purpose. All that said though, $28 for 18 holes is a great bargain, and we expected the rough conditions. Overall I wouldn't play here over the weekends, but if you're looking for a course to practice on this will work.
  • 9/3/15, Review by carolinas_knife_guy - I have played Renaissance in the past and it was not a bad experience, however this outing was one where I was embarrassed to have taken out of town guests to a course representing Charlotte. I never received any pre warning when I booked the tee time on the phone, nor when I checked in and paid for my round about heavy equipment that was actively working tearing up tee boxes, requirements to tee off from the rough, and the greens with mange, fungus or algae death that has left them with 1/3 to 1/2 of the grass still on them. To add insult to injury, our 4-some was charged full rate for county residents and out of town rates for our guests! The final kick in the pants was a God-awful smell on the back 9 around a swampy par 3 that words cannot describe.
  • 8/21/15, Review by GinMillDJ - I understand that some of the poor course conditions were due to work that is being done, but to pay full price for a course that was in such poor shape did not sit well with our foursome. Tee boxes on some hole were non-existent. Many fairways were chewed up and some of the greens were absolutely atrocious. I would seriously check course conditions before playing there.
  • 7/3/15, Review by ISlayMySelf - I haven't had many opportunities to play Charlotte courses this year but I got a nice surprise with Renaissance this past Friday. I'm going to focus my review on the course condition because that is really all that matters when playing a muni course. They are repairing some fairways (#1 being the worst) for drainage I presume and their are some sod repairs on a few greens. Most shots will not be effected by the work and the sod looks like it is taking fine on the greens (will be seamless come fall). The tee boxes are in fine shape but not consistently level and the fairways are green with some fluff to hit off of. The traps are not white and fluffy but they are maintained and raked. Greens are cut a little high, play slow and are soft but that is most likely done intentionally to preserve them due to the recent heat wave. With the budget limitations of a muni course a lot of credit needs to be given to the superintendent and his staff. They have focused there efforts in the right places and it shows. I stopped playing here about 4 years ago because of the conditions and started going to Regent because of the location but no more. Only the sand traps and level tee boxes are better there. If you are like me and gave up on Renaissance then I suggest giving it a mulligan. I played for $36 last second on a Friday and it was great. Exactly what a muni course should be and with the work they are doing it will only be in better conditions for the future.
  • 6/2/15, Review by jscum13 - Played a twilight and walked 18 in 3 hours and 20 minutes. That was the positive. But the course is what it has been for years. Average at best. Definitely has nice character and I love the layout, but when the fairways are beat up, lies are tight and rock hard and then your greens are the complete opposite, furry and slow, not many will leave happy with course conditions. They were watering the greens as we played, but the course never recovered from the harsh winter and the winterkill of the Bermuda grass is everywhere as we are in to June! Maybe an easy winter and some work will help this track out for the future, but for now it's not worth the heavy greens fees on a weekend.
  • 5/16/15, Review by metallikviper - The course was playing like it always does. Like a better than average public course and should charge no more than $40 for the weekend. Most of the tee boxes were barren or tore up. Some of the bunkers were in bad shape. Fairways were mostly in good shape, but like always the greens are in great shape.
  • 1/21/15, Review by dongtrgolfer - Played Renaissance for the first time in about 6 months. Previous reviews showed problems with greens. I am glad to report there has been some improvement. The greens on the front nine were in much better shape than the last time I played. The back nine was more hit or miss with some ok, and some with issues. The tee boxes remain a problem. Many are not level and hard to find a level place to tee off. Most are pretty well chewed up. Fairways and rough are also hit and miss. Some ok, some with some issues. Hopefully improvement will come once the weather gets warmer. I got the senior member week day rate, so for the price I paid I am ok with playing the course. However, I would not pay full price for this course as there are much better courses around.
  • 9/29/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance & Emerald Lake & Tega Cay   Nancy & Fred
    Played Renaissance 9/28 and the greens are in terrible shape. Many dead spots and various lengths of grass on the greens. It's impossible to putt and feel that anything you're doing is going to make a difference as there is too much interference with the state of the greens for any putt to be accurate. The fairways were fine. The bunkers were actually very nicely kept and well-raked. I felt like someone there felt so bad about the greens being terrible that they thought they would at least make the bunkers playable.
    Emerald Lake, which we played two weeks ago had bad greens as well. Almost as bad as Renaissance. Lots of crab grass on them and the crab grass didn't get mown down with the other grass so many putts you're putting through pieces of crab grass sticking up. Plus, lots of ! dead spots. The back 9 was better than the front, but not great.
    It's a shame. These both used to be decent courses (Emerald Lake used to be really nice). It's been one of the rainiest and cooler summers in the 15 years I've lived here. If you can't keep your greens up this summer, when will you be able too? Plus, they were both way too expensive for what you get - even on tee off or golf now - I think we paid $70 bucks for 2 people for Emerald Lake and $50 for Renaissance. If we had just paid at the club house we would have given up and asked for our money back. Not sure how that works on the discount web-sites. They need to charge a lot less if their courses are in such bad shape.
    Tega Cay was really nice. Worth any extra money.
  • 9/3/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance Park review - response from the course   The B-Man
    I have a good relationship with Ratcliffe Golf -- they run Renaissance Park, Charles T Myers and Revolution Park, among other courses around town. Jason Rockhold from Ratcliffe responded to the recent poor review posted on this site. The full text is below:

    Dear Slowmofo,

    Thank you for your comments. We take our guest’s opinions very seriously and appreciate your candor in sharing any negative experiences you had. It is our goal to utilize your comments to make our golf course a better experience to all of our golfers that play with us.

    I would like to apologize for your poor experience with our fairways and a few of the greens at Renaissance Park. We are in the middle of some great projects that foc! us on equal coverage of water and leveling out some areas to make them more playable.

    I have included a couple of photos (Photo 1, Photo 2) of the sodding process that has started Tuesday September 2, 2014 that is covering the areas of dirt to level out some areas that have compacted. We are working with the county to continue to make Renaissance Park Golf Course a great experience for everyone who plays it. In addition, we have purchased some new equipment to keep the fairway and rough length consistent and playable. These new machines help the grass grow as it adapts to the consistent length of cut.

    In addition to the resodding, we have recently installed a new water pump house to get better water coverage on t! he course. We will be aerifying our greens next week to get th! e ultimate use of this new tool. With the new pump house, we will get a stronger and faster recovery of our bent greens. As you know, bent grass greens typically experience problems of heat stress and wear during the summer. The desired growing conditions for bent grass are soil temperatures between 50-65 degrees and air temperatures of 60-75 degrees. As soil temperatures and air temperatures continue to rise into early fall, there is difficulty keeping these greens at optimal condition.

    Knowing this, we offer bounce back coupons for $20 off your next round of golf during this time period.

    We expect after aerification, a short healing period, and cooler temperatures to see great results from our end of summer projects.

    Please come back in a few weeks as my guest, there is no doubt you will see the positive results from our labors.

    Have a great day!

    Jason Rockhold, MBA, PGA
    Director of Marketing/PGA Instructor
    Ratcliffe Golf Services, Inc.
  • 9/1/14, Review by slowmofo - I don't know why I gave this place another chance after last year. Tee boxes, horrible. Fairways, they ripped up most and the ones they haven't were unplayable. Greens, suffering from severe root rot ( overwatering ) and the ones that weren't did have any grass. Not a good experience.
  • 7/14/14, Review by dongtrgolfer - I really like the layout and I typically score well here. However, the conditions were average at best. Some fairways are ok and others have large dirt areas. Some drives had some very big bounces and a lot of roll. Bunkers were spotty with some raked and others not in good shape. The greens appear to be on the edge. Lots of ball marks and spotty areas. The heat must be getting to the greens since they are bent. The putts rolled ok but I could see problems in the future. Many tee boxes are not level and they were pretty torn up. Overall I was disappointed and probably will not return for a while.
  • 6/7/14, Review by metallikviper - The course is playing well from tee to green. The greens are in great shape and so are the fairways. The tee boxes and bunkers could definitely use some help. What they really need to work on is the pace of play on the weekends. Over 5 hours will really drive people away from golf.
  • 5/22/14, Review by gopher.birdies - Tee boxes and fairways were a little beat up. Greens did have a few scuff marks but would hold approach shots and putts rolled smooth and true. Play this course fairly frequently and it is in good shape for what it is.
  • 4/26/14, Review by magriff1 - Calling around Friday for an early morning tee time left me with playing renaissance for the first time. Greens were actually pretty good, a little bumpy but in decent shape. The fairways were nonexistant. Looking off of the tee box i couldnt tell where the fairway was, looked like a field, closely mown and dead. $50 was a joke for this place, won't be back.
  • 4/26/14, Review by metallikviper - Course is looking really good in the spring. Tee boxes could you some work and some bunkers were unraked. The fairways are getting slicker and the ball seems to roll forever. I was playing approach shots out of places I've never been before. Only big problem I had was the pace of play. I can understand a 4.5-5 hr round on a weekend morning, but having to wait on every shot is just painful. This is the second time this has happened where we've gone over 5 hrs.
  • 3/2/14, Review by metallikviper - Everything looks good for this time of the year. The course was a little wet from all the rain so muddy conditions were expected. The roughs need to be trimmed a bit and some of the tee boxes were chewed up. Green were firm and fast. Should be good for the golf season.
  • 9/29/13, Review by esb - AWFUL in every regard. GREENS: 4 decent and 14 unplayable. Bounce, bounce, bounce. FARWAYS: AWFUL: Ridden with fire ants. I suffered 8 bites on my hand and arm after a handful hitch-hiked on my putter (I guess I laid it down on a nest). Escaped a second encounter when 10 or more hitchhiked on my shoes. Thank god I saw them before they got to work. My playing partner had 4 bites on his ankles. SAND TRAPS: A sand. TEE BOXES: Barren. Conclusion: Why would anyone play here other than for the price?
  • 9/8/13, Review by slowmofo - Stay away from Renaissance right now. The greens are punched with holes about the size of a baseball bat and what green is left is horrible Putting I would have to take a driver swing to get it to the hole and then if it actually rolled shiz. Renaissance has never been a great course, but it has always been on the lower end of the mid tier list. Price and proximity are the only reason I golf there occasionally. These greens though were just dreadful
  • 8/11/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Played Renaissance at 6:30 AM. First off and a nice fast round. Rough was high and fairways in ok shape. Didn't get into bunkers so can't comment but with all the rain most courses have problems with bunkers now. The front 9 greens were fine. The back 9 greens seemed to be under stress. No impact on how the ball rolled but I did notice they looked to be in trouble. Speed a little slow on the greens but fairly typical for this course. Pro shop staff friendly and efficient.
  • 7/30/13, Review by oneputt - Amazing! The greens went from spectacular to really poor in just three weeks! Every green had bare spots and burnt areas. The poor weather has really had an impact. Fairways were good and drying out. Traps had been worked on and were good. The rough was rough. My playing partners lost several balls in the long and unruly rough. Pace of play for a Tuesday morning was very slow. No sign of a ranger or a cart person the entire round. I really like layout and will keep on coming back. Overall, pretty good experience.
  • 7/4/13, Review by MGOBLUE - I haven't played Renaissance Park in awhile but it has always been one of my favorites . This course is in fantastic shape even with all the rain we have had. The greens were a little slow due to the amount of rain but very , very smooth rolling. Hole #17's green I remember being almost 50/50 grass and dirt was in great shape. My only complaint was pace of play , almost 5 hours due to a foursome who hadn't quite mastered the art of swinging and not missing on almost every shot. An employee ? came up to us on #6 in a golf cart and advised of a slow foursome ahead of us but just nodded and said "It's the Fourth of July, what are you going to do ?" I will definitely be back .
  • 6/21/13, Review by oneputt - Great, friendly folks. Walked the course....a challenge but doable. Greens were perfect! Fairways mowed tight and there were a few rough spots but golf as originally meant to be played was not in a pristine,perfect layout. Holes had character, 18 was a pleasant surprise! I have played many municipal courses in my lifetime and this was really a pleasant surprise. Will certainly go back soon. PS. I am new to the area, a senior golfer, playing to a 7. Would welcome any invites to come play golf.
  • 6/17/13, Review by zzazazz - The course is in the best shape I've seen since I started playing it a few years ago. The greens are a very nice surprise. Almost perfect for the whole course. The fairways are even great condition also. Overall, a BIG step up from last year. A nice surprise since my group and I had stopped going late last fall due to bad course conditions.
  • 6/1/13, Review by dongtrgolfer - Was first off at 6:30 AM. Greens in good shape but slower than other courses I play. Fairways in ok condition. The fairways were really hard and I got several big bounces. More rain would definitely help. Playing partner said bunkers not in great shape. Rough not that high, so not a big deal if you miss fairway.
  • 5/25/13, Review by metallikviper - Course is in good shape and the greens were in great shape. Tee boxes and bunkers could use some help. Fairways were very thin, but that did help me get my driving average up. I think it is playing about as much as you're paying for it.
  • 4/24/13, Review by robertgarris - I play this course about four times a month, they just aerified the greens a couple weeks ago, BUT they are rolling true, I absolutely had a great time.
  • 11/20/12, Review by 4amigos - Greens in bad shape, does anyone take care of this course?
  • 7/21/12, Review by dongtrgolfer - We decided to go out early and were the first off at 6:30. Course conditions were the usual. Terrible bunkers, some bad tee boxes but greens in ok shape. Cart path only but we got around the front nine in under 2 hours. Then on #10 there are several groups in front of us. I call the pro shop and they say no one should be in front of us. They said they will send some out. They didn't or it had no effect. We waited on every hole on the back nine. No course should put multiple player groups in front of their first tee time. I will not be back. For the money there are better deals in Charlotte.
  • 7/14/12, Review by metallikviper - This is the third time I have played this course this year. This is the closest course to where I live, but the course conditions are usually bad. I was very impressed with the conditions for the third time. The driving range which I used for the first time was very well maintained. Some of the tee boxes could use help. The greens were amazing considering the recent heat wave we've had. I would definitely recommend this course and for $40 I think it a priced just right.
  • 6/16/12, Review by Russell - It has probably been four or five years since I braved the conditions at Renaissance. Conditions had gone from marginal to poor since Ratcliffe took over management and there are just too many other good courses near by in this price range. So I had low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. The greens were in much better shape than I remember. They are not perfect - but it is all relative. Most surprising were the traps - much better than other courses in the area. Sure, the fairways are spotty and there are bare dirt spots and other maintenance issues like its sister courses CT Myers and Sunset Hills but overall not terrible. If they would lower the greens fee I would consider playing here more often.
  • 5/22/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Renaissance   weedwhacker3
    New here but I have played it twice in a week. Not bad. I would descibe green speed as medium. Can be aggresive without flying past the whole but not really slow. Roll pretty true. Greens a little hard so not going to be fixing very many ball marks. As for the course it's in okay condition but I am not terribly picky. Called last Sunday morning at 730 A.M. and got a 4 out at 9 A.M. because it was wide open. Could have teed off earlier so apparently not very busy.
  • 5/17/12, Review by phatdba - Renaissance has gotten mixed reviews, but no reviews recently, so they are due for an update. The greens are in very good shape, fast and true, the fairways are patchy. Got a great deal for a morning weekday round from and flew through the course in 3 hours. Love the challenge here, it is a long tough course, definitely would play again for a good bargain.
  • 8/10/11, Review by NLM - Wow, was the conditioning terrible at this course. There literally were patches of rough growing in numerous spots on the greens. Greens were super slow, sandtraps hadn't seen a rake in days. Rough was randomly cut so that there were bare stripes next to 3" grass. $15 would have been a fair rate today. I am sad to say that I was dumb enough to pay $39. Maybe I will check it out again in the fall, but these issues didn't just seem weather related.
  • 7/23/11, Review by ILL-INI - There is absolutely NOTHING nice to say about this goat track of a golf course. I mean literally this is the laughing stock of courses in Charlotte. If Charlotte golf courses had an illegitimate child, Renaissance would be it. Talk about a joke of a course. I am still steamed after playing this course Saturday. One of our foursome made the tee time without anyone knowing and it was too late to go somewhere else for the tee time we needed. I knew it was going to be bad but no idea it was going to be THAT bad. The rough is laughable...US Open type lenth that you can barely find your ball in. I bet we spent an extra 30 minutes trying to find balls that were a couple feet off the fairway. Fairways are complete shit, greens are long, short, long, short and complete shit. They really need to tear this thing down and return it to a landfill. This course is absolutely WORHTLESS.
  • 7/23/11, Review by dongtrgolfer - I really like this course. I got out first and played fast. Course is defintely showing wear and tear of a lot of play. Tee boxes okay and fairways in most places okay. I was not in the bunkers so don't know how they were but they have been hit or miss in the past. Greens were slow for me but it may be because I was ahead of the mowers for the most part. The greens were definitely showing marks from where people did not fix their ball marks. Fairly bumpy on putts.
  • 11/18/10, Review by sparky83 - Had never played this course before, but because it's close to my office, I figured I'd try it out. The city courses aren't often in the best shape, so my expectations were low. The tee boxes and fairways are in okay shape for this time of year, but I have to say the greens are in great shape. Balls roll true, and they have good speed. The layout is fun and challenging, and I'll be playing here again soon.
  • 11/7/10, Review by deadliftdaddy - Dodged this course for years due to the condition it was in; however, that has all changed. Ratcliffe is doing a great job with this place and the greens were some of the best I've played this year. Will definitely be going back.
  • 9/18/10, Review by - Best greens I've seen all year.They're tough but in great condition.Good course.
  • 8/22/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Biased?   Dan
    I agree with Karl......In fact, I think all of the courses around the Charlotte area lie about their conditions on a regular basis. I refuse to ever golf again at Emerald Lake because of their staff and cocky attitude. I just recently played Renaissance a week ago and specifically asked the guy behind the counter the conditions of the greens. His response......"excellent, best in the area". Well, the front nine was "okay" at best and the back nine had several greens that were in "sub-par" condition. I have heard all the excuses as to why the greens are suffering, but if you ask me, it is just plain ignorance. What else really upsets me is that the courses "play" dumb and make no effort to adjust their greens fees to make it a fair deal. I bet none of the course GM's would buy a new car with just primer on it...! ....I feel ripped off everytime I golf.
  • 9/12/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance Park   Jamie
    Played Renaissance today. It's in decent shape, about what you would expect. Not great, but OK for the money. Watch out for the cartpaths though. They are really in rough shape; you'll rupture a disc in your back if you go too fast.
  • 5/25/09 - Played on 5/25 for my first trip back to Renaissance in 5 or 6 years. I did miss the unique layout. I'll say the course is in decent shape but my expectations were low coming in. The greens were solid and smooth, but a bit on the slow side for me. A couple of holes bothered me today. Hole #7, while they seemed to have solved the drainage problem, there are mounds of red dirt along the left side that make no sense and haven't been seeded. The Black tee box on #13 is no longer elevated and is down with the ladies tee. Makes it a lame par 3. There are a ton of blind shots and hidden hazards, but you get no help from signs. They could stand to put in some plates that tell you how far to trouble on several holes. Lastly, they are still (?) building the new short game area. The pro shop guy said it probably won't be ready until next summer (!). If you've never played here (or just not lately) or are looking for a reasonably priced round, check it out. Otherwise, there are other better kept and fairer courses.
  • 5/15/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Golf in Charlotte   Dave
    Just some comments on some of the courses I've played in the last couple of months.

    Renaissance - completely disagree with the comments earlier. The only issue I had with this course is that it's sometimes hard to find a flat spot on the tee.

    Emerald lake - completely agree with the last comment. Not going back.

    Regent Park - played there Wednesday. Greens were a little fuzzy and slow but the course is in great shape.

    Springfield - Always in great shape.

    Cleghorn Plantation - made the drive and was dissapointed. Course is gorgeous. Great views, elevation changes, etc. Tees, fairways, bunkers all in great shape. Greens were terrible. They have something growing besides grass. It made them virtually unputtable and ruined the round.

    Olde Sycamore - always in great shape.

    River Oaks - greens were very good. Tee to green, not so much. Needs some work, Not worth the drive unless you're north of town.

    Glen Oaks - I really liked this course. They seem to take a lot of pride in this course. Some really pretty holes and at least one where you tee off across a road. Worth the drive.

    Deer Brook - I wasn't all that impressed but I was out there after some bad weather. I'll try it again before passing judgement.

    Rock Barn - Played the Jones course and it was great as you might expect from a course that is a Senior Tour stop.

    Charlotte Golf Links - It's horrible. Don't bother.

    Moorseville Muni - You hear different things about hhis course but I liked it. A few of the tees needed a lot work but I thought the fairways and greens were very good. They seem to do a lot of 1st Tee/ Junior golf up there. There were lots of kids walking the course Mother's Day.

    Have played Eagle Chase, Fox Den and The Warrior also. All were in good shape and worth going to play.

    Playing Edgewater in the morning. I'll update my last comments about it.

    A comment about Ballantyne Resort. They really aren't interested in attracting local golfers over there. It's all about packaging rounds with rooms and corporate outings.
  • 5/12/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance   fsquid
    I thought they were going to do some work at Renaissance when they got taken over? You are right, the front nine is just awful. I like the back 9, but it is priced way too high for the condition it is in.
  • 5/7/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance Park Golf Course   Sephlo
    4/19/09 - Played course for first time this year. Terrible condition, way overpriced. Fairways play like asphalt, greens are weak at best...
  • 8/25/08 - (Update from John R) I played at Renaissance on 8/21/08. The Conditions are much better than the prior review states. The course is now green. the greens are rolling very true and are of moderate speed. I talked with the Pro there and he said they now have taken care of the dreaded 5 hour rounds this course was known for. The dirt by the driving range where the chipping green used to be is going to be a new short game area. New chipping and putting greens will be installed. As well as 3 short par 3 holes for short game practice. Range tee will be multi tiered. Also building Impact Performance Golf Learning Center with indoor hitting bay with video analysis and launch monitors. Only dates I was told for completeion was the dirt for range and short game area should be completed by December. Then grass will go in.
  • 7/8/08 - Update from Russell: Like B-Man - I have stayed away from Renaissance for the past few years due to conditions. I thought that I would give the new management a few months and go out and check it out. Conditions have not improved. Greens are spotty and slow, fairways have some bare areas, tees are pretty chewed up and uneven. They are not any worse than they have been in the past - just not any better. Hole 7 has been a problem as long as I have been playing here and it is still being renovated down the left side of the fairway - but is playable. The chipping green has been removed and they are moving a lot of dirt in that area. On Saturday late morning the pace of play was almost 5 hours with long waits on most holes. On Sunday I went off a little earlier and did not have to wait much at all and was done in just over 4 hours.
  • 5/25/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance Park Conditions   Mike
    We played Renaissance Park today and to say the least were very unhappy in the course conditions. Fairways were washed out with a few under construction. Greens are hard and fast. They increased the fee's for the holiday, which should have been less than the everyday fee due to the condition of the course. The staff was nice and the hotdogs were good though.
  • 4/3/08 - Played 27 at Renaissance on 3-21-07. Even though we knew the grass was dormant, the course was in poor shape. They are filling in part of the driving range, and a couple holes had erosion damage, even changing one par 4 into a par 3 with relocated tee boxes. (Update from user Slice-o-matic)
  • 4/24/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Renaissance   Matt
    I played Renaissance Park Golf Course on 4/22/04 and it was awful. The fairways and roughs were in bad shape, bunkers full of mud, and blind shots galore. On many holes a perfect drive just falls sharply off the fairway into the woods. Our group also ran into three rats on the course (it used to be a landfill). I recommend turning this track back into a landfill.
  • 8/28/03 - The course is in better shape than the wet spring / early summer. The tees / fairways are nice and smooth and no casual water. Greens are so so. A little bare in spots. The traps are in very good shape for Renaissance. Number 7 is back to being a par 4 with the dry weather and there are no cart restrictions. Prices have been lowered slightly this year. (Update by Russell)
  • 5/9/03 - Recent heavy rains are keeping things soggy and muddy, but the course overall is in decent shape. The greens are all in good shape now. Note: Hole 7 has temporarily been converted to a par 3 while the fairway is repaired.
  • 4/15/03 - Course in average shape, a little disappointing for this time of year. Could be due to recent rains and aeration. Fairways and rough were just okay. Front nine greens were decent, back nine were patchy and inconsistent. Hole #7's fairway is in poor shape, as it doesn't drain well.
  • 3/13/03 - Aeration is scheduled for Sunday, 3/16. Courses are usually not fun to play right afterwards because of the fairway plugs and bumpy greens, so beware.
  • 2/13/03 - Fairways still very wet in places, some standing water. Today, cart path only rule was in effect for the front 9. Some of the greens were in pretty bad shape with bare spots, possibly due to winter. Sand traps were wet, heavy clay more than sand. (update by Russell)
  • 12/4/02 - Many holiday specials are available where you can buy discounted rounds good til March 2003. See their web site or call them for details.