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Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation
Posted by: Kyle Smith
on 6/11/19 7:11am
Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few...

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Eagle Chase Golf Club

  • 5/14/19, Review by The B-Man - Took a first timer out for his maiden round at Eagle Chase and he loved it. Greens were virtually perfect as they usually are. Carts were 90* despite weekend rainfall. A few bunkers had standing water but the maintenance crew was actively draining them on several holes (we teed off at 7:30am). So it was good to see them being proactive to quickly address it. Staff was very friendly to let us play through and did not interrupt our round.
  • 9/2/18, Review by The B-Man - Eagle Chase never disappoints me. While they did have some winterkill damage to repair over the past 2 months on a few greens, the problems are pretty much resolved. They resodded and mended a few (notably #9 and #17). Greens were a little slower than usual but still rolled true. Tees, fairways and bunkers were all fine. The rates and the views here are some of the best around. If the course were closer, I'd get a membership.
  • 7/21/18, Review by dischydo - First time playing Eagle Chase after hearing great things. Was not as impressed as other reviews make it sound. About ⅓ of the greens had been partially sodded and the rest were punched about 2 weeks ago. Overall good layout but the greens were slow and the sod really made it questionable. Give it a month or 2
  • 7/5/18, Review by Shankapotomous - Eagle Chase is always a welcome addition to the rotation of courses that I play. If it wasn't for the time it takes me to drive there to play, I would play there far more often. It's a completely different style of course than you will find any other place in the area. It gives you a mountain course feel with the elevation changes and slopes and is a test unlike other courses in the area. Having said that, they are making their way through some of the same issues that have plagued other courses in the area over the harsh winter. However they are handling the necessary recovery efforts better than most courses. Roughly 5 to 6 greens had some form of winter damage that they have worked hard to repair. Of those greens there were only 2 that I would call "damaged" currently. However the sod they replaced and the aeration and top dressing is taking well. All but 1 green should be 95% healed within the next 2 weeks with a little rain. Having said that, the course staff does an EXCELLENT job of placing the pins in unaffected areas of the greens and still making sure your experience is pleasurable. Fairways are very well maintained and course conditions are as good as any around. When the greens on this course are healed, they will be back to being some of the best (as they normally are) in all of Charlotte. It is well worth playing. If you are the type however that gets easily frustrated at conditions that are not pristine (even if due to acts of nature) then hold off for about 3 more weeks before playing it. But if you are the type of player who recognizes a good course, understands how conditions change and appreciates a staff that takes care of you and does the best they can to get the course back in the tip top shape it almost always is, then give it a shot and make sure to go in the clubhouse afterwards and tell Wally and the staff that they are doing a great job with the hand they were dealt. It is an excellent value for the course you always get. It's a great mix of holes and strategy that you don't use on most other courses. Appreciate the views and give it a go !
  • 6/3/18, Review by The B-Man - One of my top 5 favorite public courses in the area is in pretty good shape. They just have a handful of greens with areas they had to aerify recently due to lingering winterkill issues but the greens are large enough that they were able to put pins in spots where it did not affect play. They had a note posted on each cart listing the holes affected and asking you to play them as ground under repair. The only one I really noticed was #9 but the others (#1, #8, #17 and #18) were not that bad. All the other greens were immaculate and rolling well. This is a great course with beautiful views and it's very reasonably priced. I need to play it once a month at least.
  • 5/1/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is in good shape, greens are a little thin in areas but roll smooth, they had punched 2-3 greens but didn't affect play at all, course is looking beautiful tho, one of the best public courses around, just wish it didn't take me 45 minutes to get there! Honestly this course and Monroe CC have become my favorite 2 public courses around the Charlotte region, both are in good shape and you cant beat the price they charge!!
  • 12/1/17, Review by GetThere214 - Love this course. Course is in great shape for late fall. Did have some leaves on and around the greens which is to be expected. They got some new golf carts which are really nice. Can't wait to get out here again.
  • 10/27/17, Review by jaydee - Greens in great shape. I always find the course fun to play , every hole is different. Pace of play was a little slow but not bad considering it was a Friday afternoon.
  • 10/22/17, Review by MGOBLUE - This was my first time playing Eagle Chase, but after reading many good reviews over the years I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. The course conditions were near perfect,the layout was very challenging and the staff was very friendly. They even had a ranger on the course successfully keeping the pace of play at 4 hours. The drive from Ft Mill was almost 1 hour, but once you exited I-485 , the drive in the country was a great change of pace from typical highway driving in and around Charlotte. I will definitely be back.
  • 9/17/17, Review by kuehbr - Course was busy but pace of play was decent. They had a hard time turning carts due to the morning play. The zoysia greens were in fantastic shape and rolling very fast for an afternoon round. I really do like playing this course even though it is a bit of a drive to get there. Cheap beer and a friendly staff makes it even better. Definitely worth the money and the drive to go play it.
  • 7/9/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are amazing, the fairways are great and the tee boxes were in pretty good shape. Bunkers could use a little TLC. Pace of play was a tad slow, but it was Sunday morning. The course is always well maintained. With no roads or houses near the holes, it's super quiet and and very tranquil. A demanding course with some fun elevation changes on several holes. Totally worth the drive from Charlotte. Definitely will be back.
  • 7/8/17, Review by The B-Man - This remains one of my favorite courses, especially the back 9 -- on which I broke par for the first time in my life. :-P The greens were immaculate. They simply don't mark up and roll really well. Tees, fairways and bunkers were all in fine shape. I know folks complain about the cart paths, but they let you in the fairway pretty early. So it's easy to avoid them for the most part. Late afternoon is a perfect time to play here when it's not very crowded. And $29 is a great deal. Can't recommend this course enough for when you can make the drive out there.
  • 6/23/17, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens still recovering from a punch but rolled okay. Everything else was good.
  • 4/30/17, Review by KyleSmith - The course is very green, and despite the rain last week it still had some run to it in the fairways. I love the lack of rough here, because the ball runs out a good ways but doesn't penalize you for it. The greens were a little slow, but that was probably due to the massive amount of rain from the early part of the week. The only gripe I have with the course is that the bunkers are bad. Some spots have lesser sand than others, and there are a ton of rocks/pebbles in every one. Saturday morning gets a little slow, but nothing out of control. I would recommend
  • 4/21/17, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in very good shape. Has greened up very nicely. Greens are as usual very good. I thought they were a little longer then usual but everything ran very true. course is getting a little dry in some areas but a good rain will soften everything right up. I love playing here and cant wait to come back.
  • 9/3/16, Review by jscum13 - Simply the best. I say it every time I play and review Eagle Chase. Greens were really pure, hardly a ball mark in sight. Fairway and rough lies were perfect. Bunkers were unplayable solely because of the previous day's hurricane storm so they held a lot of water. Usually they are well manicured on any other day. Group in front of us came to a screeching halt on the back 9 so the round took a little bit longer than we would have hoped but the gorgeous views help pass the time
  • 8/13/16, Review by ShooterMcGavin71 - Very challenging course from the tips. All greens firm, save 17, which is soft. Driving the ball accurately is key (I didn't do this). Greens were slower than putting green, which caused me to leave many putts short. Friendly ranger. I'd love to go back.
  • 5/30/16, Review by The B-Man - Played a Memorial Day late morning round with my Dad (also his birthday) and got paired with another twosome. The ranger was managing groups well and we had no problem with pace of play. $39 for a holiday morning tee time was great value. The course is in very good shape. The greens in particular were excellent, rolling very quick. It took me a few holes to adjust to their speed -- I've never seen them quicker at Eagle Chase. I was happy to see the bunkers raked since I was in several. They're not perfect around the edges, but the playing areas in the bunkers were very good. By the back 9, the sun came out and the views were spectacular (see my @charlottegolfer instagram for a pic). Eagle Chase is a beautiful course, especially the 11-14 hole stretch. The pro shop team is very friendly and helpful. I really enjoy playing here and will come back often this summer.
  • 3/27/16, Review by scrillthedeal13 - Overall the course looked good, greens rolled excellent. The only complaint I have is with the firmness of the greens. I hit a number of shots that would bounce 4-5 feet in the air once they landed on the green, and I have a very high ball flight. Almost like it was hitting a trampoline, very strange. Also the cart paths out here are terrible, definitely a must fix for this course. They will beat you to death is you don't slow down like you're going over speed bumps. Eagle Chase has a great layout and serious potential to be a 5 star course. There only problem is $$$, or lack of. In all, great local course and always interesting. # 2, # 6, # 13 are some of the best golf holes in the county!!!
  • 3/19/16, Review by jscum13 - As usual, the 45 minute drive to Eagle Chase did not disappoint. Once this course greens up, it's the best kept secret in the area. mini verde greens were fast, true and in great shape. Bunkers were all excellent as well as the tee boxes. Once the fairways grow in it should be mint. Love this track.
  • 3/12/16, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in great shape for the winter. Tee boxes were very good. Fairways were very good for the time of year. Bunkers were pure and greens were really good. Speed was above average but the putts rolled great. One of my favorite courses in the Charlotte area.
  • 3/11/16, Review by tvrepairex - Greens good and Rolls true.Traps have good sand and were well raked.Fairways good ,will be great when they green up.Noticed they have been working on some "thicket"areas near some of the lakes and streams.
  • 9/13/15, Review by GetThere214 - Great morning of golf. Got out early on Sunday and played the round in just over 3 hours. Tee boxes were good. Had no problems finding somewhere to tee off. Fairways were almost perfect. Rough was high and thick. You really need to watch exactly where you ball went in. Almost had to be right on top of it to see it. I don't mind that though gives a good challenge and have to think about your shot out. Bunkers were very good and raked that morning. The best aspect of the course were the greens. They were perfect. Love this course and cant wait to come back.
  • 8/29/15, Review by JBenn76 - Getting new greens at Eagle Chase was the best thing the ever did. The new diamond zoysia putting surfaces are pretty good. They are definitely a little slow up the hill but I'm not complaining. I've always thought if they could keep the greens good and consistent, people would read enjoy playing their course. It feels like you are playing a mountain course with all the elevation changes and nice views. The tees were in really good shape and the fairways were next to perfect. The rough was a little bit high if I have to complain about something. But I know that the super has an extremely small staff. All in all, Eagle Chase was in the best shape I've seen it in a very long time! Highly recommended!!
  • 8/21/15, Review by panthersfann55 - went back to play one last round before i move out of state. after 2 days of down pours this course was almost dry. greens were slick but fair. tees and fairways in great shape. some bunkers did have water in them but ones that didn't were raked. the rough was very tough. since they have tightened some of the fairways put away the driver and play for position. the ball will sit down in it but you should be in the fairway anyway. found a lot of shag balls just off the fairways today. great test of golf. i'm glad someone bought it out a few years ago and invested in it.
  • 8/2/15, Review by The B-Man - I ventured out to Eagle Chase on a mid-Sunday afternoon for my first round here since last season. I really enjoy the layout and it's very reasonably priced ($24 this afternoon). I was surprised to see recent reviews complain about the greens. I literally could not find a bad spot on any of them. They are immaculate. They were very consistent and rolled true. Speed seemed fine to me. There are many sloped greens so the uphill putts are certainly slow, but those downhillers are quick. So it seemed about right to me. The bunkers I was in were in fine shape, though some players had not raked after playing them. The rough is definitely hazardously thick, but I didn't think it was unfair. My only frustration today was with pace of play. Even though my round was relatively fast overall and several groups let me play through, there was no marshal and really no guidance from the pro shop about who would tee off when. So the first 7 holes were very slow as we had to sort it out ourselves.
  • 7/27/15, Review by panthersfann55 - They verticut and sand the greens every monday morning. greens in great shape and consistent (tad on the slow side but its not fun putting on glass all the time). The rough is deep but that's what they do in the summer (have played here for over 10 years). Fairways in great shape could have been mowed today but I think they do that on tuesdays. Bunkers I were in were fluffy but others do tend to wash out. This is the first time I would complain on the proshop. 2 4somes were late for their tee time (710am and 720am) and back the rest of us up. We were a 2some that was supposed to tee off at 730 and didn't till almost 750am. somethings wrong with that when we were all in the shop at the same time. excuse was "they always play on monday and thats what they do". well we always play on wed and are 1/2 early and that's what we do. your late u forfeit your tee time especially when faster players are behind u. . I guess its time to move on. We tried to play through but they just looked at us so we jumped ahead to 14 (play started on 10) and finished our round on 13.
  • 7/26/15, Review by scrillthedeal13 - The best part of my recent round at Eagle Chase was the pace of play. We had 2 players and teed off around 3, we were finished by 6 so it was a very quick round. The course conditions were below average in my opinion. The greens are some type of Zoysia grass, they look nice buy were slow and very grainy. The rough was so high in places that it is difficult to find your ball, even 5 yards off the green. I double bogeyed 6 from 5 feet off the green. The Bermuda rough was so deep and the ball fall straits to the bottom. No joke the rough is close to 5-6 inches in spots. I don't think they have the personnel or funding to cut it. Bunkers have very little sand in them, wash out around the sides. Tees and fairways were ok, but who can't grow Bermuda fairwyas in the summer in NC ? Overall, course was average. Make the greens faster and cut your rough to a fair length.
  • 7/25/15, Review by GinMillDJ - Fairways were in great shape. Bunkers, tee boxes and greens were good. Greens played very slow. If it's your first time playing here, prepare for a lot of elevation changes! Challenging course
  • 7/18/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in very good shape. Tee boxes where very good and had no issue finding a clean spot to tee off. Fairways were very good. Rough was high and the ball seemed to be sitting down every time I was in it. Greens were very good and ran a bit slower then usual. Overall a great course.
  • 6/15/15, Review by panthersfann55 - found out they verticut every monday. Greens were slower then normal but it seems the norm. when u put across the cut hit the putt a touch harder. if you putt with the cut it's quicker. didn't really effect play once i figured this out. tee to green was in great great shape as were the bunkers.
  • 5/26/15, Review by panthersfann55 - Greens starting to show stress (they were verticuting today. very slow (more then normal) putting across the cut. fairways starting to get thin and hard. Still a good value just couldn't putt today. pace of play slowed to a crawl on the back side with 2 foresomes in front of us that seemed to like the woods.
  • 5/26/15, Review by Jan - Tee boxes were in very good shape for the most part. Greens were hard to judge the correct speed. Course is extremely hilly, almost like playing in the mountains. The cart paths are a real teeth-rattling adventure. My partner were paired with 2 very pleasant gentlemen and had a great time. I really like this course and will definitely play again.
  • 4/30/15, Review by joe-paris - The most scenic course in Charlotte! There are so many beautiful holes on this course it is hard to have a favorite! Great course, amazing layout, and very inexpensive! If you have time to play, you must play Eagle Chase!
  • 4/26/15, Review by BetterThanMost - Based on recent reviews of Eagle Chase, I decided to play here for the first time in about 10 years. The course was in great shape. I was surprised at how dry it was after the all-day rain on Saturday. Tees, fairways, and greens were all lush, and bunkers were well maintained. Pace of play was a little slow. I played with a member who said that folks usually get around quicker than the pace on Sunday. I will definitely go back.
  • 4/24/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in very good shape. Has greened up nicely. Greens were the real pleasure of the course. They rolled true and speed was great. Took us 3.5 hours to play and did not have to wait on any hole to play out next shot. Really enjoy coming out to Eagle Chase and always look forward to my next round out there.
  • 4/22/15, Review by panthersfann55 - it was like it never rained last week. green grass coming in on fairways was nice. windy day made it tough to score but it was a good day on the course. greens were soft enough to hold high shots. love this place.
  • 4/5/15, Review by jscum13 - I love this course. A hidden gem. I'd play it more if it wasn't 50+ minutes from Charlotte. Looks like the fairways are just starting to grow in grass, greens were picture perfect and the layout is as good as you'll find anywhere. No one was out there as it was Easter so we were able to take our time, hit extra shots and enjoy the view.
  • 3/17/15, Review by panthersfann55 - I can't wait till the green grass grows in. It looked like they were starting to use pre emrge to get it going. Greens in one word awesome everything else was brown. Bunkers were raked. Can't beat a free birthday round on an 80 degree spring day!!!
  • 1/21/15, Review by panthersfann55 - Course in great shape. Greens will hold a high shot but one with a lower trajectory not so much. The bite gets better with these greens when warmer (like red bridge) weather is around. The only issue today which is rare was a 3some that was 30 minutes late was put in front of us 2 minutes before our tee time and took 30 minutes (we timed them) to play the 1st hole. It was bad to watch. we finally skipped a hole to pass them because whenever we got close enough to ask they would take off. Like I said it was rare but golf etiquette is a thing of the past. Word of advice its winter pick up if you are at triple bogey or worse.
  • 1/2/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in good shape even with all the rain. Greens are really good! Its a little bit of a drive but always worth it.
  • 10/30/14, Review by panthersfann55 - Greens in good shape. fairways/tees are becoming dormant and thin again. bunkers are soft. great pace of play and the trees are turning their colors. at one point it was so quite you could hear a pin drop.
  • 9/17/14, Review by panthersfann55 - Even after getting hit with 2 storms yesterday this course was in great shape. I don't know why I play anywhere else.
  • 9/12/14, Review by malamute - mr wally's course is in excellent shape! (please excuse if posted before) they have new carts, scorecards, yardage markers on range and reworked the short game green. hard to find anything wrong here - greens were great / bunkers very good.
  • 9/2/14, Review by FrankGolfs - Great day out on the links. Can't beat the $19 rate from Golf Now. The course is in good shape with the greens just a tad on the slow side today (usually fast). Its always a good day at this course and worth the drive.
  • 8/24/14, Review by The B-Man - My 3rd time here with the new greens. Love 'em. All are pretty much immaculate. Even #12 is now redone and back in shape with the rest of them. The 3 hole stretch of #11-12-13 is one of the most scenic and best risk-reward series of holes around. It's only about 30 minutes for me (would be 25 but Hwy 218 is still closed between me and 601) but I wish it were closer. It's affordable and now in great condition year-round.
  • 7/31/14, Review by hotrod jb - First time playing E.C. and I really like the layout. I know a lot of people don't care for the mountain feel of this course but I really liked it. It's in good shape and the greens roll true. Some holes are pretty hairy as far as the cart path. If you don't pay attention to could seriously die!
  • 7/29/14, Review by dad4204 - Eagle Chase is a fun course in very good shape. The fairways are growing in well, tee boxes a little torn up, but players could help this with sand. Greens have been sanded and did not hold a shot, therefore you had to play short. Part of the game. they putted well though. Maybe a little slow. I loved it there and will go back.
  • 7/23/14, Review by panthersfann55 - Finally grass in the fairways kept me from thin shots. rough is getting thick in spots. some greens with a little sand on them but didn't affect the putts. #12 is getting better. bunkers being worked on due to rain. Still a great value.
  • 7/9/14, Review by panthersfann55 - greens showing heat stress but holding up. #12 I think was resodded again. bunkers raked and in good shape. fairways thin, the ball will bounce and roll a good distance.looks like they had equipment in the parking lot to start working on the cart paths and chop down some trees. overall as always a good experience.
  • 6/19/14, Review by panthersfann55 - fairways hard and fast, clubs will bounce. green speed medium but consistent. This course has come back and holding up against the 90 degree elements. 4.5 for me just because i like a little grass under the ball in the fairway.
  • 6/4/14, Review by panthersfann55 - Bunkers raked, tees growing in, fairways finally are green, greens are in better shape from what they were a few weeks ago (#12 still having issues). Overall wish I could putt. Have to learn all the new breaks, just glad my ball has stopped backing off #3 green.
  • 5/21/14, Review by panthersfann55 - greens healing up, fairways thin but green, rough, bunkers, tee boxes in good shape. brand new golf carts delivered today
  • 5/18/14, Review by kincaid82 - Well i finally got a chance to get out to Eagle chase and play. The best thing i can say about this course is i can't wait to get out there again. All but one Green in GREAT shape, fairways greening up nicely except maybe one or two holes. Back nine is tougher than the front, but i enjoyed every hole except 15. Tough uphill par 4 that plays like a par 5 even though it's only about 370 yards. You hit a solid drive and chances are you are at the bottom left had side of the fairway, looking at a green that's 50-60 feet above your head. I was 135 out, and tried a 7 iron (155-160 for me) and came up very short. Then just as a learning experience i try a 6 iron (175-180) and it looks like i barely gets up to the green. I get up finally to the green and can't find my 6 iron shot very tough, and next time will just keep with the 7 iron short of green.
  • 5/12/14, Review by panthersfann55 - greens were lightly top dressed but you could still putt. the fairways can't grow in fast enough. rough, tees, bunkers still in good shape.
  • 5/10/14, Review by The B-Man - My first time back since they redid the greens in Diamond Zoysia last year. I like them. They seem to roll well, maybe just a tad bumpy, but pretty solid. A few of them have some thin spots, though. Hopefully that's not a sign of trouble. The course was in good shape and the $26 deal off their tee time web site (which I grabbed 2 hours before playing) was great for a Saturday afternoon -- can't beat that for a course like this. I do love the layout here and that hasn't changed. Neither have the rough cart paths near some greens. Ha. We ran into a bit of thunderstorm halfway thru (see my pic on Twitter), but it went thru and we went right back it after maybe 20 minutes. The course soaked it up like it hadn't rained in weeks. This course is worth the ride out to Marshville.
  • 5/9/14, Review by malamute - course is in nice shape no concerns here tree in 13th fairway has been removed best value around
  • 5/7/14, Review by panthersfann55 - tees and fairways greening up, bunkers in great shape, some greens are starting to struggle (2 or 3 reairifed due to disease) others getting thin. hope they can turn around. looks like weekday play picking up a lot.
  • 4/28/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Eagle Chase   panthersfann55
    biggest thing is to take an extra club or 2 on certain holes. on #4 1 extra, #5 2 extra to the middle, #6 go with your gut its all downhill it does play it's true yardage, #9 one extra from the fairway, #11 go for the green in 2, #15 2 extra, 17 1 extra if u end up by the drain on the right. played this past fri and greens were quick. don't over think it focus on speed. the practice green reflects the course greens which is very rare.
  • 4/17/14, Review by panthersfann55 - I remember the days of pulling in the parking lot and 1 car being there. I'm glad the new owners made the green change. This will be year 2 of the new greens and there are no complaints here just fast very fast. bunkers great shape (repairing one on 14). red bridge went up to $37 here still $28. can't beat the price. Wally the head pro is great. fairways greening up. looks like the cart paths are going to be the next project.
  • 4/8/14, Review by panthersfann55 - Fairways are starting to green up. Greens are in excellent shape. Great drainage after yesterdays rain. Bunkers still had water but were raked for play. Some tee boxes are getting chewed up. With warm weather on the way this course will get more business.
  • 2/20/14, Review by panthersfann55 - wow this course will be awesome once spring hits. you can tell money was invested in saving it. this was always my "home" course but stayed away last year while the redid the greens. fantastic greens. they held high wedge shots very well. they were fast too. many 3 putts on the front side but figured out speed as the round went on. Bunkers in great shape very little water if any. fairways still brown and thin but with warm weather on the way in a few weeks that will be taken care of. as in other posts very little wet areas around the course (low lying around the drains). clickit has a $19 deal going on right now for any day any time. take advantage of it.
  • 1/17/14, Review by tvrepairex - Good conditions in spite of all the rain.A little water in one or two traps but most of them were raked and in good shape.Fairways drain well there and greens were very fast.Some pin placements were tough- side hill ,on ridges-but not overly unfair.Course was NOT cart path only like most courses that we checked with.
  • 11/10/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens and other conditions perfect, except 1/2 star off for the cart paths, although they are doing some work on them. The greens are fantastic right now, and the fringes around most greens really good as well.
  • 10/11/13, Review by malamute - ok i play there a lot but you can't bear the value - greens are A # 1 / nothing but pure golf here / like doc said it will never be a country club - however if you want to play a nice course where the employees treat you well and the conditions are in great shape - you can't beat the MIGHTY EAGLE!
  • 9/27/13, Review by DrSchteeve - The big news is that they are working on the cart paths. Eagle Chase will never be a resort, but for a fantastic layout, great people in the clubhouse, and great rates it is up there with the best places to play.
  • 8/29/13, Review by panthersfann55 - Amazing. just amazing. This was a course that i would play all the time spring and fall but forget about the summer greens would always die. What a value. i have waited a long time for this course to redo the greens and its nothing short of awesome. i like that they have also fixed some contours on 3,12, and 16 because my ball would always spin off those 3 greens. will have to relearn the greens since i have stayed away for so long. Fresh sand in the bunkers. new tee box on 12 makes it more playable. love the course. i have always liked tom jackson designs too.
  • 8/28/13, Review by HittOD - This was my first time playing at Eagle Chase. I had heard that it was a much better course since the greens had been converted to Diamond Zoysia. I found this to be a very good layout, with the course well maintained. The greens putted very well even though they were just renovated in April. The one big problem with this course is the condition of the cart paths. The cart paths are in terrible shape, mainly from tree roots raising and damaging the paths in many areas. This has nothing to do with the playability of the course, but it is somewhat of an annoyance having to either go very slow in many areas, or go normal speed and, self and clubs, be well shaken. Another con to me is that the course is not very walkable due to elevation changes. I purchased this round via an online golf website at a very good price. If I didn't live quite far away, I would definitely play this course again due to the great value.
  • 8/18/13, Review by YoMama111 - If you haven't played eagle chase since the re-open with the new greens, go play it!! The greens are GREAT! Only other zoija greens I've ever seen are at the golf links. We all know how those are....awful! So I didn't have high hopes, but these things are amazing! Like they've been there for years! Do yourself a favor and go play it!
  • 8/15/13, Review by malamute - greens in super shape - little sand on 12 / 13 rough is not high but brutal some bunkers had standing water
  • 8/2/13, Review by malamute - greens in very good condition except one or two that had some sand / bunkers on #6 were GUR and the bunker on #13 was messed up / lot of people playing which slowed things down somewhat / staff are the nicest people you will find working at a course
  • 6/27/13, Review by malamute - course is in good shape / after new sod on greens was a bummer that they are so so - putts rolled well but were not as nice as i expected / still a great value for a decent track
  • 6/23/13, Review by PT3040 - Played Eagle Chase for the first time in more than 7 years. I had forgotten how tough this course can be. I was impressed with the shape it was in. Fairways were great, greens were good but slower than I am used to. This is from the recent resodding that was done. They should be great after they grow in. Staff was very friendly. I am looking forward to playing here alot more in the future.
  • 5/31/13, Review by malamute - Much like the doc said course will be great in a month. Lot of brush has been cut down on course and some holes in the cart path filled in. #12 green the roughest but grounds crew was working on it most of the day. When the greens smooth out course will be excellent and you cannot beat the value.
  • 5/29/13, Review by DrSchteeve - Course open, 17/18 holes - finishing #12 today/tomorrow. The front side greens are one week ahead of the back: all the greens are puttable, but certainly not smooth, with some of the greens on the back still showing the lines where the sod was laid, and many green collars are also showing sod lines. In a few weeks they should be in fine shape. The contours of several holes were softened/flattened, which should improve playability. Other conditions were great - fairways with mostly good grass, bunkers raked, teeboxes fine.
  • 3/11/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Eagle Chase   DrSchteeve
    Eagle Chase will be redoing their greens in April. Changing to some type of zoysia, which supposedly does well in heat, requires little watering, grows in both shade and sun. They will be softening the contours of 4 greens - 2,3,12, and 14. Supposedly the whole process will take only 32 days. Now if they could only do something with the cart paths...
  • 2/8/13, Review by malamute - Eagle chase is in very nice shape – greens are nice and fast / 16 was a little bumpy / they are doing renovations on the greens starting in April - front nine first then the back nine – one side WILL BE OPEN for play each time during this project – completion expected by mid May – some of the greens are going to be reshaped as well – this is great news because these greens have had problems in the summer heat - should make the course much better and will be interesting to see the greens once they are completed
  • 12/9/12, Review by YoMama111 - This could be such a great course if they would just fix the greens. All but 3 of them were awful. A ton of Bermuda and patch marks (which they put the pins right in). If you have bad areas on your greens, don't put the pins directly in them. Tee boxes were good, rough was fair, but the greens need major work. If your greens are over 70% Bermuda, just let it go and make them Bermuda. If they switched like alot of other courses have, this course would live up to its potential
  • 12/4/12, Review by malamute - some of the greens were bumpy but most were in good shape - out of the way but a great design and worth playing
  • 10/17/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Eagle Chase is OPEN! OK, let's be clear. Eagle Chase is not: upscale. No cart girls. No ranger. Modest clubhouse. Conditions will never be great unless or until they redo the greens, repair the cart paths, and maybe redo the bunkers. Eagle Chase is: a great layout, nice people in the clubhouse, inexpensive. The greens are back to very playable - not perfect, still some rough spots, but not bad. The fairways are great, the traps OK, the rough difficult but fair. The course will be back in our rotation, although granted there is a lot of competition this time of year.
  • 9/21/12, Review by malamute - greens are starting to come back 1/9 still need work / rest of the course in nice shape / sign posted about new management taking over
  • 9/4/12, Review by izzyf150 - EAGLE CHASE IS CLOSED FOR THE YEAR. Well not officially, there is a guy out there that will still take your money and let you get a golf cart. This is the worst golf course I think I ever played on. This golf course make the worst Carolina Trail course look like Pebble Beach. I went out there because somebody had reported it was a good wet weather course because it drained well. LIAR! I needed a canoe to get to #10 tee box. 90% of the sand traps were full of water. I actually lost a ball in a sand trap because the water was too deep to see it. The other 10% hardly had any sand in them. The greens were terrible. I could count the number of greens in okay to good condition on one hand. The fairways were the only thing is decent condition but because of the wet weather the farmer wasn’t able to bail the mowed grass. I would give them at least a couple of days for them to get it bailed up and hauled off the course. Cart paths are all rooted up, I hope you like hearing your clubs beat off each other because that noise don’t stop until the cart does. Did I mention the greens were horrible, well its worth mentioning again. Yeah big patches of grassless areas, nothing but dark dirt and white sand. They were also bumpy (go figure) It’s going to take a ton of good reviews by a bunch of different people before I even think about this course again. If you want to see for yourself be sure to save your receipt you can deduct it from your taxes as charity. I gave it one star for nice parking lot, plenty of empty spaces too.
  • 8/20/12, Review by malamute - some greens on the front are in bad shape / back 9 better unless you want to play all day for $35 you may want to wait until they rebound some (crew was working on them) / still a fun course to play
  • 7/24/12, Review by panthersfann55 - The heat is now taking it's toll on the greens. I love playing here, but stay away during July and August because the heat just beats up the greens. I decided to give it a try since we have had so much rain lately. The greens held very well but after reaching the first green I knew I was in for a 2 putt max on each hole. Some had weeds growing others were burning up. Bunkers were shot but I think it rained the night before. Fairways, tees, and rough were all in great shape. With all that said I was told that they do have new owners who may install mini verde greens next year, fix the bunkers, and repair the cart paths that so many people complain about. I hope they do. Wally and his team are top notch and kudos to the staff for trying to keep the greens alive, but alas it's time for change. Bent grass just can't survive the heat we get for 2 months. Will be back in Sept.
  • 6/21/12, Review by malamute - Course in great shape / greens running true / staff always nice / all they need is to fix the cart paths and have hooter girls serving lunch.
  • 6/1/12, Review by malamute - course in good shape / greens still showed slots from punching and were slow but in good condition everything else nice
  • 5/20/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Best conditions I've ever seen here.
  • 5/16/12, Review by turret - Nice challenging course for the price. If you dont catch one of the occasional retiree mini scrambles during the week, pace is great. Avoid the wkends unless you dont mind cut off jeans and abbott and costello green marshals around. Cart paths are root paths. I did mention the cheap price? Lots of water/elevation holes that offer stupid go for it opportunities to keep your mental game in check. Give it a try
  • 5/4/12, Review by Wulfpack - Played Eagle Chase today. A hike from Charlotte but worth the trip for a fun, affordable round of golf. They had some kind of small tournament going on when I arrived so Wally started me on the back nine. Shot +5 on the back and continued the decent play on the front. I was able to hitch along with a very nice member on the front, which was great for tips on the course. Hit some good shots that bounced awkwardly off the many hills on this course. Shot placement is key and you really have to factor the elevation for gauging distance. Was able to birdie a par 5 so I was pleased. Only complaint is the cart paths - almost like a roller coaster. But love the layout of the course and the staff.
  • 4/27/12, Review by malamute - greens are a #1 except small spots on #3 / played all day but got caught up in a tourny they were hosting / everything looks good for now - worth the trip
  • 4/8/12, Review by nolimt735 - The last few times we had played Eagle Chase the greens were only about a 6 of 10 but this time they were a 9 of 10. Love the course for the layout and laid back nature of the staff. They do need to work on the cart paths but I overlook that because of the great course conditions.
  • 2/22/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Eagle Chase??   PT
    I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Eagle Chase will be closing. I hope this isn't true as it would be a total shame to see this happen. Does anyone know if this is a truth or not?
  • 2/22/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Eagle Chase??   The B-Man
    I received a quick reply from Wally Moore, the general manager, and he simply said "We are not closing."
  • 2/10/12, Review by malamute - trying to knock off some rust so i headed to the EAGLE / course is in ok shape / greens are fair at best - when they are good this course is the best golf value around / not many players on a cold windy day
  • 1/25/12, Review by DrSchteeve - Best course I know of after heavy rain. Greens are not smooth - bumpy, kind of like Torrey Pines in the 2008 Open - well, maybe that's a bit over the top. Anyway, pace was good after getting beyond a walking 2-some with no clue. Fairways good for this time of year. Cart paths still miserable. Still, overall, love the course.
  • 10/9/11, Review by DrSchteeve - I am sad. This is among my favorite courses. I know the issues - in this economy, tough to afford anything...but...greens are being eaten by poa Anna, and there are still scars from a fungus...cart paths abysmal...without a white knight, I fear for this course...
  • 8/17/11, Review by malamute - greens are in ok shape - some rubbish but pins cut away from most of it - putts still rolled well / fairways good / still worth the drive to play
  • 8/3/11, Review by Motedog - This is the third time I've played this course in the past 3 months. The other two times I really enjoyed it. This time however, I was really dissapointed. I love the layout here and the big elevation changes are really cool but, the greens are absolutely terrible. Their weeds growing out of them and little bare spots towards the edges. Even when their was a green that did'nt look terrible the grass would be all weird and moving in different directions which caused the greens to be ridicoulsly slow. It's a shame becuase I used to really enjoy playing here and actually had my best round here (93) about a month ago but won't be going back anytime soon.
  • 7/30/11, Review by metallikviper - Course was in decent shape for this time of the year. Fairways were green with very few issues considering the recent heat. Greens had some issues with weeds and plenty of unfixed ball marks. Had a really hard time getting the right read on the greens. Sand in bunkers was very inconsistent and one them had pebbles and rocks. Cart paths were really bad. I doubt if I'll be going back especially considering how far it is for me. Time to play 18 was great with no one really holding us up.
  • 7/13/11, Review by malamute - course in ok shape / heat starting to impact greens a little / fix your ballmarks! / very few players in the heat that day / still worth the drive to play