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Re: Tillery Tradition Status
Posted by: kuehbr
on 10/10/17 11:25am
Thanks for the update! One of my favorite area courses and happy to hear that they are putting in the time/money to make that place great again, looking forward to playing it in the upcoming months

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  • 12/1/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by GetThere214 - Love this course. Course is in great shape for late fall. Did have some leaves on and around the greens which is to be expected. They got some new golf carts which are really nice. Can't wait to get out here again.
  • 11/29/17, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by BetterThanMost - Wanted to post an update, particularly about Olde Sycamore's greens. They were in much better condition than the previous post. The cooler November weather seems to have served them well. Tees, fairways, rough, bunkers all in excellent shape.
  • 11/19/17, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Giving them 1 star for pace of play. Course wasn't that busy, but they sent out a 4-ball and 3-ball of beginner golfers. By the time they finished they were 5 holes behind (and never caught up). No ranger in sight. In addition to slow play these guys were tearing the course up with massive divots, not raking bunkers (even taking practice swings in the sand). If there had been a ranger we could have told him/her to explain how golf works to these beginners (they don't know any better). The course was happy to take our money, and not care about customer service after that.
  • 11/4/17, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by kuehbr - Teed off at 12:30 on Saturday and it was probably my least favorite experience at Olde Sycamore. The pace of play was extremely slow, consistently had 3 to 4 groups waiting in front and behind us for a 4some that didnt know what ready golf was. The greens are shot right now. They are in a world of trouble for next summer if they can't get the roots to grow deeper and some spots were basically sand/dirt around the holes. Tee boxes are similar to greens. Fairways were nice and they have new carts. But for $70 dollars this place did not come close to expectations.. Would expect it from a $30-$40 dollar course.. save your money or look for deals to play this course right now. BirdieBug or GolfNow usually runs a couple of them.
  • 10/27/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by jaydee - Greens in great shape. I always find the course fun to play , every hole is different. Pace of play was a little slow but not bad considering it was a Friday afternoon.
  • 10/22/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - This was my first time playing Eagle Chase, but after reading many good reviews over the years I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. The course conditions were near perfect,the layout was very challenging and the staff was very friendly. They even had a ranger on the course successfully keeping the pace of play at 4 hours. The drive from Ft Mill was almost 1 hour, but once you exited I-485 , the drive in the country was a great change of pace from typical highway driving in and around Charlotte. I will definitely be back.
  • 10/20/17, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - played tega cay and found the course to be in perfect conditions. ball sits perfect in the fairways, tees are well kept. greens rolling wry true and quick. one of the few public course that is not only keeping the course in good shape but actually improving and making it better. best value in town for the quality
  • 10/18/17, Tillery Tradition Country Club, Review by tvrepairex - Played this course early morning, first time on the new greens. The greens themselves were very good,smooth,medium speed.There were some areas on a few greens that had been sodded at the edges near the fringes.These did not affect our play and I had heard about these in advance through their emails.Fairways were great and the tee boxes for the most part very good.The rough seemed a little thicker than in the past ,but not as bad as some other area courses. The traps on the other hand had not been raked and this had usually been a strength of the course.Maybe because we were out before they got a chance to do them? Overall very good course but they have raised their rates somewhat,thirty five dollars for senior rate in the weekdays.I love the course,but can do better price wise and closer than a 45
  • 10/14/17, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by Opow - All I can says is that this place is in great shape as it always seems to be. The price is a little more than I like to spend but it was worth it. Greens are always fast and true. I still don't like the bunker because of stones in some of them but other then that I would always recommend playing here.
  • 10/13/17, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by Opow - Six years later and this place is still in bad shape. I wish the would get a real management company in hear to fix the place. Nothing is worse than hit a ball on the first green about ten feet away and when you walk up on green you see that there is no way you can make the putt because of clumps of crabgrass and bear spots in your line. It also looked as if the just cut the rough because the clippings were everywhere and we lost two balls under it. I said six years ago it was crap and I would not be back and I should have stayed away.
  • 10/13/17, Waterford Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - course was in great condition balls sits perfect in fairways greens rolled smooth. Great shot variety and most bang for your buck too
  • 10/5/17, Renaissance Park Golf Course, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at RP in several years. I do enjoy the uniqueness of the layout, with lots of elevation changes and hilly terrain, a few blind shots. It was very familiar even having not played here in so long. That said, the course is quirky. Lies will be hit or miss everywhere. Since so many holes are sloped and hilly even fairway lies will be iffy. The fairways were in good shape for the most part. The rough on many holes had not been mowed recently, so we nearly lost a few balls in it. The greens on the front 9 were really good and quick. The back 9 was like a completely different course and very disappointing. Most of the greens were nearly unputtable due to sandy bare spots. Count two putts and pick up your ball. That bad. Not sure why the front 9 and back 9 were like night and day. I will say that the pro shop attendant mentioned that they had aerated 2 weeks ago and gave us a coupon for $20 off our next round if we come back in the next 2 weeks. I won't have a chance to use it and the expiration was kinda short, but it was a nice gesture. I do enjoy the challenge of this course so it was fun being back, but I'd like to see the back 9 greens in better shape when I play next.
  • 10/3/17, Glen Oaks Golf Club, Review by tvrepairex - Played today and the course was in great shape,even with the drought.The fairways and tee boxes were good.The traps had good sand and were raked perfectly.The greens were good and a little faster than they appeared.Some of the pin placements were a little tough,such as on the edge of a ridge,but they were having a captains choice tournament after lunch so this probably led to some of the placements.I live in Concord so its about an hour trip up there ,but we love the course so we go monthly.
  • 10/2/17, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by hotrod jb - Course is in great shape! Greens roll really quick and true. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is the price.
  • 10/1/17 - Msg Board Posting about Tillery Tradition Country Club
    Re: Tillery Tradition Status   BetterThanMost
    They have reopened the course for play. Here's part of an email the club sent out regarding current conditions:

    Golf Course Update!

    Anyone that has played since we have opened knows we have had a slow growing season for our new greens and they have not quite fully grown in. To improve this and give our members and guests a better playing experience we will be Sodding in all the areas that have not grown in within the next 2 weeks.
    We will also be overseeding all of our tee boxes next week with Rye Grass to give them a good coverage for the fall, winter and spring. New Rakes, cups, flags and flagsticks have been ordered to inhance our facility and we exepct those to be delivered next week.
    The ownership and managem!
    ent are committed to do everything we can to create a great experience for our membership and we appreciate your patience through this process.

    It does look like they do not have a website any longer, although their mobile website is still active, but not current. It also appears as if they aren't on any of the tee time services any longer, either. Published rates are $38 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. Twilight rates are $28.

    Also in that area, Badin Golf Club closed suddenly at the end of August. Little to no information is known as to the future of that course.
  • 9/24/17, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by HittOD - Greens 2.75/5 (some spottiness due to being bent grass coming out of hot time of the year, and aeration recently)., Fairways 4/5 (nice), Traps 2.5/5 ( many need more sand), Clubhouse/Staff 5/5 (always great). Course Layout 4/5 (nice mix of holes) From my experience playing bent greens, I expect the greens at Edgewater to be much nicer by the end of October after some cooler nights.
  • 9/24/17, The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Review by kuehbr - It is always a treat playing Ballantyne. The course was in gorgeous shape. The greens were very quick and they were holding any shots into them. Pace of play was quirky since they allow 2somes out in the morning in between foursomes. The beer special on sundays are great, $1 dollar beers and they start serving at 10am. Staff was very friendly as well.
  • 9/21/17, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by aimtobreak80 - Good news and bad news. The good news is that, now, carts are permitted on Nos. 1 and 6 holes where such access was desperately needed. The bad news is that the course renovation/rejuvenation has apparently stalled, and several issues that had been addressed earlier in the year have regressed somewhat. The biggest disappointment is that there has been no improvement in any of the bunkers contrary to what I was led to believe was in the offing back in June - no evidence of any work whatsoever - and the only improvement was no standing water (but we haven't had rain for over a week, so that's not saying much). Several greens were stressed either with bare spots and/or mower scrapes, and the ball didn't roll exactly true. The fairways were good-to-average, but my biggest complaint remains: too many uneven lies. Finally, I was playing as a single, and soon ran up against another single who was playing behind a foursome which was playing behind a fivesome! This made for an extremely slow second nine that ruined any playing rhythm, or momentum. I likely will not play Skybrook again until next year in order to give the new management one, last chance to make the course worthwhile.
  • 9/17/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by kuehbr - Course was busy but pace of play was decent. They had a hard time turning carts due to the morning play. The zoysia greens were in fantastic shape and rolling very fast for an afternoon round. I really do like playing this course even though it is a bit of a drive to get there. Cheap beer and a friendly staff makes it even better. Definitely worth the money and the drive to go play it.
  • 9/4/17, The Divide Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - I wanted to get a late afternoon round in on Labor Day and most courses were packed. This course is 5 minutes from my house so I took a chance, knowing conditions have not been good. Well somehow The Divide managed to not meet even my low expectations. The greens were atrocious. They *averaged* a 3 out of 10 -- meaning several were virtually unplayable due to long grass, sand and rough spots. Several bunkers were unplayable due to mud and dried riverbed condition. Fairways and rough were thick and not recently mowed. Tee boxes had also not been cut recently. The course looked very neglected. I fear for the future of this course, to be honest. We've seen Regent Park close a neighborhood course and turn it over to developers. The same could happen here if they don't spend money to get it back to playable condition. The best thing I can say about my round is that Kent in the pro shop was very nice and told me I could start on the back 9 so my pace of play would be good. That was very much appreciated!
  • 8/29/17, Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park, Review by The B-Man - I've been playing the Sifford course just about every week on Tuesdays as part of a small work golf league. Looking at the last review from November, I decided I should post an update. I've gotten accustomed to the course now and really appreciate it for what it is -- a friendly, inexpensive, fun place to play. The course itself is kept in good shape. The bermuda greens are pretty consistent -- they've been kept at normal speeds, maybe even a little on the slow side, but they could easily cut them a little lower and make them lightning quick. So it's a good idea to stroke some putts on the practice green before playing. The course is only 9 holes but offers a good mix of challenges. It plays to beginners as well as seasoned golfers. It can play short, even from the back tees, but makes up for that with doglegs, elevation changes and a few undulating, sloped greens. I managed to shoot even par for 9 holes in my round today. So I definitely think your scores and appreciation for the course will improve as you play it more. The pro shop is very friendly and accommodating -- the beer selection and prices are the best around the local golf courses. And the practice area is extensive, one of the best public facilities for practice and learning in the area.
  • 8/25/17, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by MtnIsland - Great Layout, course in very good condition. Greens rolled true but are a bit chewed up. Bunkers still unplayable. Course will be excellent when they get the bunkers cleaned up.
  • 8/19/17, Lancaster Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Nice layout. Greens were really nice. Fairways very good. Bunkers were good. Many of the fairways are wide and very open, however the rough if almost non-existent. Any ball that rolled through the rough, either ended up in the woods and lost or ended up on rocky dirt patches. I probably lost 3 or 4 balls that would have been normally played out of the rough. Good course though. Maybe the rough will come back in the fall.
  • 8/15/17, The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are lightning quick and very well maintained. Fairways are also in really good shape. Some of the bunkers are not in the greatest shape, which is the only reason I didn't rate it perfect/5 Stars. Course is definitely worth playing.
  • 8/6/17, Monroe Country Club, Review by The B-Man - This was a tale of two nines. The front nine caters to members, walkers and families. So even teeing off at 4:15, it was a very slow front 9. The front 9 is also the more difficult nine with small tricky greens and elevation changes that can make it difficult to get a good lie. I breezed through the back 9 in about 75 minutes with almost no one playing the full 18. I came within inches of an eagle on #12. All in all I had a fun round and the course was just how I remember it and expected it to be. The greens will not make a mark so they are all in good shape and rolling quick. And man was it cheap for a Sunday afternoon!
  • 8/5/17, Mooresville Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - My first time getting out to Mooresville to see the renovated layout and new amenities. The clubhouse is complete and open, though the snack area and restaurant were not fully functional yet. The practice facility is as advertised and very extensive. I made a tee time the night before and got a decent weekend afternoon rate. I loved the course! It's in great shape. The bermuda greens are very challenging but very consistent. With 5 par-5's and par-3's and a couple of short par 4's, scoring opportunities abound. It definitely helps to have some local knowledge to pick good targets, especially on approaches into these young greens -- which don't hold approaches very well. There are some picturesque holes and quirky ones (be careful with your approach into #4!). Conditions were pretty immaculate tee-to-green, but don't venture off the first cut of rough. I lost two balls in thick pampass grass/weeds just off the cart paths on two holes, which was very frustrating. The beverage cart was out on the course and we saw it frequently - which seems to be a lost art these days with other courses. All in all this is course that's worth the long drive for me (50+ min) and I will make the trip again soon!
  • 8/5/17, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are getting a bit chewed up from the heat. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the greens about a 6. The grounds crew are working hard to keep the greens playable. Fairways were in almost perfect condition. Traps were good as well although I was only in 1 on them all day. My fellow golfers didn't seem to have any issues with the bunkers they were in. Staff is friendly and the rangers do a nice job going around the course, keeping groups on time without being too pushy. Definitely a course worth playing.
  • 8/4/17, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - As with other bent grass greens around town, Charlotte National's are having some issues. Several had bumps and bare spots, while almost all suffered from unrepaired ball mark scars. While green speeds were still good, well stroked putts could bump offline and that was occasionally frustrating. The rest of the course was in good shape. This course remains one of the best golfing values around town and the pro shop guys are the nicest around.
  • 7/30/17, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - I enjoyed my visit back to a layout I enjoy and that lends to good scores for me. Course conditions outside the greens were pretty good. The bent grass greens are struggling as the summer winds down though. The pro shop gave me the heads up that 4 of the greens needed to be punched -- 3 on the front, 1 on the back. So those will need some time to come back. The others were fine, though the green speeds were fairly slow, as I think they are reluctant to cut them low due to the heat stress. I'll probably give the course a break until the fall, but I'll be back.
  • 7/28/17, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by TPX - Nice course, good price especially. A few greens are struggling a bit in the heat, but otherwise in good shape. Fairways and tees are good. Rough and bunkers are just ok. The only problem we had is that the group behind us came up to us on the 9th tee and more or less asked us to speed up. We were waiting on the group in front of us most shots and we played in just under 4 hours. I'm not sure what else you can expect. The rest of the round the stayed right on us. Very distracting, rude, and uncalled for. Put a damper on an otherwise great day to be on the course!
  • 7/26/17, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club, Review by GungaGalunga - Really great course. Greens were a little slow, but recently punched and growing back well. Balls rolled true. Fairways were perfect. Course is beautiful and well landscaped. Time spent driving to this course is saved by the ability to play a round much faster. Guilties bar/restaurant inside is really nice.
  • 7/20/17 - Msg Board Posting about Larkin Golf Club
    Larkin Golf Club   BetterThanMost
    For anyone who is interested, Larkin's 10th hole will be reopening for play on July 28th. The club has been using only 17 holes for the better part of the last year while houses were built around the 10th hole.
  • 7/19/17, The Revival Golf Club at the Crescent , Review by BetterThanMost - Wanted to give an update on Crescent, as my review over 2 years ago was the most recent review. The club has new ownership and a new name in 2017. It is officially called The Revival At The Crescent. The new ownership has put a lot of resources into bringing the course back from the edge of death (see my previous review). I found all but one tee box in great shape. They were as lush as any I've seen this summer. The fairways as well, save the 6th, have finally recovered from the winter kill of '15. The weather has allowed the bermuda to thrive. The greens have never really been an issue at Crescent, other than the 3rd, and that is still the case. The greens were spongy underfoot and rolled pretty true. The club has done a lot of work on all green side bunkers. They have redone the drainage in the bunkers and added new sand to them. It appears as if they are letting several fairway bunkers that don't really come into play transition into grass bunkers. There are new carts with usb charging ports. Additionally, there were coolers of cold water at several spots around the course. Sprinklers had distances on them and their was new signage everywhere. The club still has work to do. The front half of the 3rd green has been transitioned back into fairway, leaving a really small target. It sits so far back in a wooded area, that I don't see any way they can get air back there other than bringing in fans. The 5th tee, green and 6th fairway also need work. They sit down in a low area and don't much airflow. The club never had complete cart paths, and while it wasn't a problem 15 years ago, the lack of maintenance of the dirt cart paths over the years has made them almost impassible. The edges of bunkers need to be worked on as well. Areas of the course that aren't directly in the line of play, but could see an errant shot are the last piece of the course to come back. All in all, the club has made great strides to make the course playable again. Continued efforts in that same vein will bring it close to the condition it was in during the mid-'00s.
  • 7/11/17, Glen Oaks Golf Club, Review by tvrepairex - Great course.The fairways are lush and green,the tee boxes are good except for one I noticed on gold tees.The greens were smooth but a little slow.The only issue was that the traps had not been raked.In fairness to the course,they were hit with a severe storm three days before and they lost approx.30 trees,so they were busy with that clean up and I'm sure that put the raking and mowing a little behind.Even with that,there was no problems with the trees around the course,only saw a few twisted sumps and some piles of brush far enough back in the woods that you had to look to see them.
  • 7/9/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are amazing, the fairways are great and the tee boxes were in pretty good shape. Bunkers could use a little TLC. Pace of play was a tad slow, but it was Sunday morning. The course is always well maintained. With no roads or houses near the holes, it's super quiet and and very tranquil. A demanding course with some fun elevation changes on several holes. Totally worth the drive from Charlotte. Definitely will be back.
  • 7/9/17, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Skybrook in over a year. I use to play here more often (5-10 years ago) when it was one of my favorites. I just really like the layout. Outside of Verdict Ridge, no course plays more like a mountain course than this one with its dramatic elevation changes and rolling hills. I had a nice chat with the superintendent, Dino Psaroudis, before the round. He's been at Skybrook since last Fall and has helped bring the course back from the brink. Conditions today were good with a few notable exceptions. The bent grass greens rolled really well and despite lots of ball marks from frequent play there were no other issues on the putting surfaces. Tees and fairways were in good shape too. The further you get off the fairway, the more weeds and brush take over. So rough lies can be dicey. The biggest issue right now is the bunkers and as my father has noted in his previous reviews (aimtobreak80), they are working on that. We basically played bunkers as a free drop outside the bunker. At a minimum, play them as rake and place. Most were overwhelmed with water or were dried up riverbed quality. Bunkers aside, the course is still a great layout and once again I enjoyed the closing 4-hole stretch that I think is among the best. I'll be back soon.
  • 7/8/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - This remains one of my favorite courses, especially the back 9 -- on which I broke par for the first time in my life. :-P The greens were immaculate. They simply don't mark up and roll really well. Tees, fairways and bunkers were all in fine shape. I know folks complain about the cart paths, but they let you in the fairway pretty early. So it's easy to avoid them for the most part. Late afternoon is a perfect time to play here when it's not very crowded. And $29 is a great deal. Can't recommend this course enough for when you can make the drive out there.
  • 7/5/17, Warrior Golf Club, Review by tvrepairex - Fairways good,tee boxes good,The traps had mostly packed sand,luckily I didn't test any of them,but a few of the more out of the way ones had no sand.The only other complaint was that they had lightly sanded the greens,but not punched them.They looked kind of bad ,but actually putted pretty well and had good speed.Without the sand the speed would have been almost too fast.Of course they didn't tell us of the sanding when the tee time was made or when we paid.
  • 7/4/17, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Greens, tees and fairways are still perfect. They just need to fix the bunkers and they would get 5/5 stars.
  • 7/4/17, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - First full round here in a while, though I practice here frequently. The new clubhouse and grill are now open too, making the course feel normal again. I really like the placement of the grill and patio overlooking the 2nd green, 9th green, 10th tee, 14th tee and 18th green. Great view of several holes. The course itself was in good shape. The greens were cut and rolled true and fairly quick. Most had lots of ball marks, but not such a crazy amount that they affected putts. I tried to fix several that were fresh on each hole. The 10th green had an odd blemish near the collar where there looked to be about 6 old cup holes filled in with sand. There were a few muddy and GUR spots, but nothing significant affecting play. All in all, tee to green, it's in really good shape. They've added these red, white and blue posts to most greens. I couldn't quite figure out the purpose - my partners seem to think it was to rest your clubs on. A few times they got in the way and we had to temporarily displace them. I would have been more concerned if I had hit an approach shot that ricocheted badly off of one. So golfer beware. Contrary to my experience at Rocky River the day before, the cart girl was seen early and often throughout our round. Pace of play was good and we had a great holiday round. I've played Emerald Lake more than any other course over the years since I had a membership for 2 seasons. So it's like an old friend to me and I'll come back often.
  • 7/4/17, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - I know I posted on this course about 3 weeks ago and said it would take a lot to get me back but unfortunately I was asked to be a 4th and after I committed I found out they booked here. Not much has changed. Rough hasn't been cut in weeks, weeds growing everywhere including the greens and fairways. Bunkers weren't raked and had grass coming through. On top of all this, the starter was a complete jerk. We had a 835 tee time and he tried to push us out at 820 when our entire group was just arriving. He told us to stop talking to the other group on the first tee as "someone needs to tee off." Then after 9 when we let a 2-some play through he again yelled at us for being slow when we were doing them a favor. I have played here a lot of the last couple of years and have never seen this guy before. The course was pretty much dead other than the group behind us and the 2 some we let through yet he still told us we were moving slow. I will not return to this course until I see a better review
  • 7/2/17, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Tee to green the course was in good shape. The bermuda greens were immaculate and rolling well but not super slick. The carts have pretty accurate GPS touchscreens and they were helpful. While I generally like the layout and enjoy the challenge of this course, the wooded areas that frame each hole have now overgrown to the point where they are virtually unplayable if hit an errant shot. While I realize that you're not supposed to hit it there, I'm just pointing out that the course is not as forgiving as it once was in that respect and it can make the round very frustrating if you hit some loose shots. Because of that, I'd characterize this course as target golf, with fairway accuracy a must to score at all. My other beef with the course on this 90 degree Sunday was that there was no cart girl at all. When my partner purchased 2 beers to start the round we were told that all the coolers were out on the course and were not given any ice - so we didn't have a cold drink after that first beer on the front nine. I struggled to make it to the 8th tee where they had a water bucket. Overall, the course is worth playing with those caveats.
  • 6/25/17, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by wesleyhieghtshacker - The golf course was atrocious. Greens were furry and seemed like they haven't been cut in days. Almost unputtable. The whole course is just poorly maintained. Clumps of clover and weeds intermittently throughout most fairways. Some holes there was no way to tell when the fairway ended and the rough began. Fairways and rough seemed like they hadn't been cut in days as well. Bunkers had grass growing in them on most of the holes. The layout is nice, but just not a great experience. It would take a lot for my group to go back.
  • 6/25/17, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by DrSchteeve - It was all good. Got out early, pace was great. There were a few soggy areas in some fairways from the deluge the night before, and hence cart path only. Certainly pricey, but a great course in great shape.
  • 6/24/17, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course was in excellent condition. Only complaints would be about the greens on the first couple of holes. A couple of them had crab grass coming through that would interfere with putts. After about hole 4 the greens were in great shape. Course was very wet from the recent rain but was still playable. Very impressed with how far this course has come from a couple of years ago. I did have some complaints about the starter/ clubhouse. We teed off about 20 minutes late due to them being behind. There were multiple 4 somes in front of us but behind us there was 4 consecutive groups of 2 somes. They should have paired them up with each other so we didn't feel rushed, even if we let them play through they would have had no were to go.
  • 6/23/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens still recovering from a punch but rolled okay. Everything else was good.
  • 6/17/17, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are in great shape, especially compared to last year when they lost almost half of them. Fairways are in really good shape. Tee boxes were normal wear and tear.
  • 6/17/17, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - The only thing stopping me from giving a perfect rating is that the bunkers need sand and the carts have no sand bottles to fill divots with. Good news is that staff told me they are working on both. Apart from that the tees, fairways and greens were all perfect. Great staff in the pro shop as well. This course is in beautiful shape, it is well worth the drive from charlotte.
  • 6/16/17, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - I continuously looked for something to give them a 4.5 instead of 5 but came up with nothing. Course is in immaculate condition. Greens are excellent and roll true. Fairways, bunkers, tee boxes all in great shape as well. I haven't played here in a couple years but they also added a new GPS system to their carts that is easy to use and very helpful. I would recommend this course to everyone. Pace of play was slow but mainly because we were a 2 some playing behind a 3 some (2 older ladies and a gentleman), we caught up to them on number 8 and played the first 9 in 1:40 and the second 9 in about 2:20. If they would have let us through we would have gotten around in about 3 hours. Go play if you have the chance!!!
  • 6/14/17, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - Emerald Lake is a great place to play. The fairways were really nice, the greens rolled true even though there were punch holes. The traps need work as some had little sand still, same as my last review. Pace of play was slow due to us, there wasn't anyone in front of us. WE let several groups through. Couldn't repair divots though, there wasn't any sand on the carts either, they must be out of sand.
  • 6/11/17, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course needs some significant work. Bunkers were atrocious and some have grass growing in them. It seems as if they haven't mowed in a while, the greens were hairy and very slow. The rough behind greens, off the fairways and off the tee boxes have weeds and bushes coming in. Fairways and tee boxes are about the only thing in good shape. I normally play here monthly but will be looking to change that up after this experience.
  • 6/10/17, The Divide Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - First time back at Divide in a while and I was not expecting much, but conditions were still lower than expectations. Course was packed, pace of play was brutal and there was no ranger in sight. Played the blue tees, which were basically at the same place the white tees were. The tee boxes for the regular blue tees were all in disastrous shape. On my first hole I took a massive divot, I wanted to fill it with sand only to find the sand bottles on the cart were completely empty. The practice green was really good but some greens on the course were really bad. This course needs a lot of work still, and it needs to try harder. No excuse for no ranger, no sand in the bottles, and the regular tees are so bad that the course plays ridiculously short compared to its rating. Rather go play somewhere else before you play here, there are plenty of other courses around that value their customers more.
  • 6/8/17, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by Albert So - Just aerated, so got a reduced (senior/walking) rate. Great news for Tradition fans. After recovering from aeration the greens look like they should be in great shape.
  • 6/7/17, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by aimtobreak80 - I last played Skybrook about 9 months ago when it had seriously deteriorated, and was in ghastly shape. I had only had one golf outing so far this year, and decided to give the course a look, because it was under new management and I wanted to see what changes, if any, may have resulted. I am glad that I did. I entered the community from the eastern end, and had a good view of the No. 12 fairway and green – they both appeared lush and green from the road. The parking lot at the clubhouse was moderately full, which was somewhat reassuring, because it suggested that a lot of golfers were playing the course and conditions couldn’t be as bad as they had been in August of 2016. Checking in, I discovered that new management wasn’t exactly entirely “new”, because a former teaching pro was in the partnership that had taken over in February, and we talked at some length about what had already been done to restore the course, and what was in the immediate, future plans to continue the restoration. Those plans include a complete overhaul of the 61 bunkers on the course which were in very poor condition (and, he honestly and readily admitted, had been a big problem throughout the 5 years that I have played the course.) The plans are to start with the green-side bunkers, excavating to remove the clay that currently prevents drainage, and installing what I refer to as “the fluffy white sand” that (in my experience) is sadly absent from most public-access courses in the Charlotte area. He estimates that it may take a month-and-a-half to complete the process. My estimate, maybe naïve, is that it is such a major undertaking, it may not be completed before the end of this golfing season. Now to the playing experience – the green fee was $25 because they had just aerated the greens the day before, but that turned out to be a bonus because they had only punched small holes, and I noticed NO EFFECT upon putting (balls rolled smoothly and true). The fairways and tee bases were in good condition, although there were a few wet areas due to the recent rainstorms. The bunkers are a total disaster (just as we had discussed) and are in critical need of the planned attention. Probably 50% of the bunkers had standing water in them, and those that didn’t were severely caked and eroded (One bunker on the No. 6 hole contributed to a lost ball – I never saw the ball enter the bunker, but I never found the ball outside of it either, and repeated dredging with a rake produced no positive results, but the water was so deep I could not reach the center of the bunker). I read the most recent review by “dad4204” before posting this, and concur with his opinion. The course has rebounded from the disaster of last year. I hope that the bunker restoration will be completed in the foreseeable future. If it is, I believe that Skybrook could be one of the better courses in the Charlotte area. It is limited by topography, and will always have drainage problems, uneven lies, and cart-restricted holes, but good fairways, greens, and bunkers can make for a very enjoyable round in spite of these limitations. I wish them luck.
  • 6/7/17, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - Snuck out on a perfect day. Pro shop staff very nice. started on time. course condition is great. many upgrades and attention to details since I played last. Fairways were nicely mowed and bunkers were Mic. Greens were very fast and smooth. Great mix of holes. Great value based on cost to product condion.
  • 5/29/17, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by BetterThanMost - Tega Cay is in phenomenal shape right now. Tees and fairways are beautiful. Bunkers are full of soft, white sand. Greens are lightning quick. This public course has very much of a private club feel. Not the longest course in the world; club selection off the tee is key. Lots of elevation change as well.
  • 5/23/17, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by KyleSmith - Won't post a score/rate for this round since it was a tournament, but wanted to share course conditions. This was my first time playing Old Sycamore, and it was a fun track. Course is in great shape, especially considering the amount of rain we had leading up to the tournament date. fairways were solid, and greens were in great shape. Highly recommend making your way to play it.
  • 5/21/17, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Best condition I have seen this course in for a long time. Greens were superb to putt on. Everything else (fairways, sand traps,etc.) great as well. They also have new carts with gps systems in them which was good to see. Will definitely be coming back soon.
  • 5/18/17, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - I hadn't ever played here, but will definately be coming back. Tees good, fairways OK but coming in, greens really good. I couldn't read them, but they putted really true. Not too fast. It is a difficult up and down course and you don't want to stray away from the fairway, but some are really wide. Several blind tee shots. I liked it a lot.
  • 5/15/17, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club, Review by KyleSmith - First time playing it and loved it. If it wasn't so far from uptown I would play it more often. It was windy, so it made hitting fairways a little tougher, and they were a little soft so not much run. The greens were great- quick but receptive. Used to playing on hard greens with little reception so it was nice to get some check-up shots. I love the layout of the course, but wish the Par 3's weren't as long (three over 200yds from the tips) and there weren't so many short par 4s. Overall, I recommend everyone getting out and playing this one. In great shape right now.
  • 5/14/17, Mooresville Golf Club, Review by BetterThanMost - Played the redesign for the first time yesterday. Huge improvement over the old layout. Conditions for the most part much better as well. There are still a few fairways that are thin, particularly the 2nd. Greens are still concrete hard. Well struck shots did not hold a green as they would bounce over the back. Greens are also lightning fast. Construction on the new clubhouse seems to be progressing nicely, and the range and practice areas are really nice.
  • 5/10/17, Monroe Country Club, Review by dad4204 - Fairways were a little thin, but not too bad. The senior tees were way up near the reds on most holes. Tees Ok, Bunkers really good. Greens perfect. Rolled very true. Most divots were filled with sand, congrats to the people who play there.
  • 4/30/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - The course is very green, and despite the rain last week it still had some run to it in the fairways. I love the lack of rough here, because the ball runs out a good ways but doesn't penalize you for it. The greens were a little slow, but that was probably due to the massive amount of rain from the early part of the week. The only gripe I have with the course is that the bunkers are bad. Some spots have lesser sand than others, and there are a ton of rocks/pebbles in every one. Saturday morning gets a little slow, but nothing out of control. I would recommend
  • 4/29/17, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by Drewpac - Greens were in great shape. However it looked like the many areas of the course had not been mowed. Pretty much just the greens and surrounding areas were the only areas that were consistently mowed. Was hard to find balls even if barely in the rough. They're also suffering with large amounts of poa annua in fairways. Great track, but would like to see them have a bit better maintenance on a beautiful weekend day. Maybe last week's rain had to due with the struggles on the grounds side. Hopefully it is resolved.
  • 4/24/17 - Msg Board Posting about Tillery Tradition Country Club
    FYI - Tillery Tradition   BetterThanMost
    For anyone who ventures out to Albemarle to play Tillery Tradition, they are regrassing their greens this summer. The course will close on July 5th as they switch from Crenshaw Bentgrass to MiniVerde Bermudagrass. They anticipate reopening on Labor Day Monday.
  • 4/21/17, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by GetThere214 - Course is in very good shape. Has greened up very nicely. Greens are as usual very good. I thought they were a little longer then usual but everything ran very true. course is getting a little dry in some areas but a good rain will soften everything right up. I love playing here and cant wait to come back.
  • 4/17/17, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by KyleSmith - This course never fails. Its in great shape and the greens are the best in the area that I have seen (although I hear Mooresville and Monroe CC are great right now too). Well worth making the trip out, and I believe its the best value golf in the area.
  • 4/15/17, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Greens rolled well but everyone in our group felt the majority of them were hard. We couldn't get the ball to stop on the green from the fairway or even chip shots. Fairways were in great shape and most of the bunkers were fine. Bunkers were a little inconsistent with the amount of sand in them but no real issues. Tee boxes were the main concern, playing from the blues we felt most of them were chewed up or had minimal grass.
  • 4/15/17, Larkhaven Golf Club, Review by hotrod jb - Greens are great, the rest is pretty rough. Fairways are terrible
  • 4/14/17, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Fun "country" track. Some of the tee boxes were a little chewed up. Bunkers were decent. Greens were in pretty good shape. Fairways greening up nicely. Last 4 holes are really challenging. Especially 18 from the Blue tees (447 Par 4 - Sharp dog leg left around a pond and narrow landing area - requires a perfect tee shot) Really nice place to play, particularly for the price. Robbie at the clubhouse is a true southern gent.
  • 4/9/17, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - great condition on green's very pure and fast. they have continued to improve the course from tee to green and even all the small details you would see at a private club without the costs. give it a try
  • 4/5/17, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - Fairways good, Some bunkers thin, Tees coming in. Greens getting better after aeration. They were still spotty and sandy, but we had a good time. Needs a few more weeks to be great.
  • 4/3/17, Larkhaven Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Fairways and tee boxes were spotty. Fairways have some dirt spots even. Greens were in amazing shape however. Pace of play was awful. Took 5 hours. Tee'd off just after 11am.
  • 4/2/17, Olde Beau Golf & Country Club, Review by Swingandamiss - Great course, and played it the week it opened so still relatively quiet. The course is incredibly challenging, with some great views. THe course has a ton of elevation so expect to walk alot. Some of the holes have experienced some issues, but that's to be expected at the beginning of the season. Course would have gotten 5 stars had they offered a course layout or map on the scorecard, since alot of the holes are blind.
  • 3/27/17, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Everything was in decent condition. The greens are coming back after being burned last fall. Not perfect but much better than what they were.
  • 3/21/17, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - Still in winter condition, and the greens have a lot of sand from aeration 2 weeks ago.
  • 3/19/17, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by jscum13 - Where to begin. 3 hour front 9 so I walked off. From what I could tell they had just punched the greens and sanded over them as they were in horrific shape. There was no Marshall or ranger out there to enforce pace of play, the groups in front of us were playing to a snails pace. They were covered in denim too which is a terrible sight to see. We waited 5-10 minutes between each shot. It's kind of a nice layout and a positional golf course, too bad the slow play and lack of rangers on the course makes it easy not to go back.
  • 3/11/17, Charles T. Myers Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens were spotty on some holes, however for a county owned/public course, I've see much worse. Fairways were a little choppy, but hard to judge while dormant. For the price, this place is a steal to play.
  • 3/7/17, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by dad4204 - Red Bridge was in good shape, Fairways coming in, greens in good shape and rolling true. Bunkers the best I've seen this year, unfortunately for me. I like Red Bridge for the variety of shots you must make, even though I didn't make them this time.
  • 2/22/17, Larkhaven Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - Larkhaven did not overseed this year and the fairways are dried grass and thin. Bunkers in need of sand. Greens are good and fast, but you can't hold a shot. A friend had a 12ft downhill putt, missed and had 60 feet coming back. When it greens up it will be much better with some bunker work.
  • 2/19/17, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by jrpavone5 - Played this course a good bit in the past but haven't been back in a long time since I became a member at Waterford Golf Club. Course was great as I remember. Bunkers in great shape and the greens rolling ok. Not as fast as I remember in the past but still great. For a dormant course in February couldn't beat it. Looking forward to our foundations golf tourney here on 5/5 ( for more info). Worth the drive to the course from Charlotte.
  • 12/29/16, Mooresville Golf Club, Review by TPX - Loved the old setup, love the new setup. Really a great course for the money. Always crowded, so make sure to get a time in advance. For winter conditions, the course is great. New greens are very firm and fast. Along with the speed of the greens, the new greens have a ton of undulations to navigate. A very good test of your game.
  • 12/28/16 - Msg Board Posting about Mooresville Golf Club
    Re: Mooresville Golf Course   The B-Man
    I've added this course so you can all now post official reviews!
  • 11/28/16, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by Albert So - There is no such thing as an easy golf course. But if there was, Emerald Lake would be it. Yes, the par-5 #14 over water (twice!) is a challenge. Especially if you really should face facts and play from the shorter tees. But for the most part, the fairways are wide and the greens are large. Lots of bunkers, but (with the drought) the sand is super-dry. ONE COMPLAINT. Several greens with muddy areas just off the collars. Assuming it's a result of poor drainage. Speaking of easy, this is the easiest walking course in the Charlotte area. Never really had to "chug it" uphill. Greens are super-fast. Again, maybe, blame/thank the drought.
  • 11/25/16, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - I moved to the Charlotte area about two years ago, so maybe my fascination with this course is based on the fact that I didn't play it back when it was "in its prime" according to several people I have spoken to. With that said, I think this course is playing great right now. There are spots where if you miss the fairway, the rough will eat your ball up and you could lose it (we found 15 balls in the rough on 5). The greens are fast and true, and soft to hold approaches. The only knock I have is that its nearly impossible to get spin around the green because of the bent grass greens being so slick. I would recommend anyone play it right now. For the price, I don't know many in the area that are more fun to play.
  • 11/25/16, Warrior Golf Club, Review by aimtobreak80 - Played this course with the B-Man himself. Neither one of us had a particularly good outing, but the course was only partially responsible for the scoring. The fairways were brown, likely due to drought and early winter dormancy. The tee bases were very dry and hard, so much so that it was nearly impossible to insert the tee into several of them. One, or two, of the bunkers were a little ragged, but most were clean, fluffy sand. The two things that affected scoring were the narrow fairways (one of which I believe was only 20 yards wide) and the deep rough. The former, in my opinion, is ridiculous for a public course that caters to amateurs. The narrow fairways aggravated the problem of the rough. It was very difficult to find drives even in the “first cut” and, when trying to play a shot from the rough, it was difficult to get the club face on the ball and the grass grabbed the club face and altered just about every strike. This was my first time playing the course, but the few negatives experienced during this outing will not dissuade me from trying it again, probably next season.
  • 11/23/16, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by The B-Man - Olde Sycamore is in good shape. The greens rolled true and didn't have any problems. The bermuda fairways are just starting to yellow for the winter. Leaves are a problem if you're not in the fairway though. I hadn't played in a while but not much has changed. This track is still one of my favorites around town and is kept in good shape.
  • 11/18/16, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by tvrepairex - It's been over a year since I've played here but I will be back more ofter.The course for the most part is in really good shape,the greens except for a few unrepaired ball marks,are very good.The fairways good and the rough a little thick ,but fair.I am a senior and I didn't have any problem playing the white tees like a former poster,as a matter of fact I had the opposite problem,the whites on some holes were too near the reds.I also saw a former reviewer's problem with a lot of mushy areas around the greens and fringes from watering the greens,but I can live with that for good greens.Another concern were some of the traps.I was in only one,and while it was freshly raked and looked good,there was only a thin covering of sand and then clay.Hard to play out of that.
  • 11/13/16, Springfield Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Extremely slow play even with rangers on the course. Course itself is in nice condition. fairways and rough are beginning to go dormant.
  • 11/12/16, The Divide Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - I only played the front 9 today but I wanted to post a more accurate review than the 2 recently posted. The Divide is very close to my house and I had to all but abandon it years ago when things went bad for the Carolina Trail. While it has come back to be in decent shape, it is nowhere near "perfect" as the previous 2 reviews noted. I found the greens okay, but noted that several were bumpy and had bare spots. In fact, #4 appears to have been vandalized or been the victim of a groundskeeper mistake. It had some track marks in the middle of the green that had been sanded but still affected play. Fairways were good, tee boxes, just okay though. Several had sparse amounts of turf to tee on. And while the bunkers have lots of nice fluffy sand, they were mostly moguls, like a black diamond ski slope. The ones I were in had not been raked at all - I'm guessing in several days. And those were just my observations of playing 9 holes. I can only rate The Divide as an average course around Charlotte and I still rank it last of the 4 closest courses to me -- Olde Sycamore, Charlotte National and Emerald Lake being the other better 3.
  • 11/10/16, Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park, Review by aimtobreak80 - I finally got around to playing this course on "my dollar" (see 9/22/16 review). The conditions were almost perfect, weather and course, but I don't deal in superlatives, and gave it a "good" condition report. The only, slightly negative aspect was that the greens were very fast and slick,and didn't hold approach shots very well (I assume due to the local drought that is extending beyond 30 days according to the local weather guessers). This is a challenging golf course, especially for us seniors who are losing driving distance. The 9th hole is particularly challenging in that, from the tee, one must carry the ditch some 170 yards away (All three of my group had trouble doing so). It does help that it is a Par 5, so one could lay up on the drive and still have a chance for par. The only other negative is a personal one for me - it is a good distance from my home, and morning traffic is atrocious. The course does make tee times for singles, so that helps - one doesn't have to drive all that distance with a "hope" of getting on.
  • 11/7/16 - Msg Board Posting about Mooresville Golf Club
    Mooresville Golf Course   Albert So

    While it’s nice to see an old course renovated, the front is no longer by any stretch a Donald Ross course. Two complaints: The bunker walls are ridiculously steep with grass so long it holds the ball, keeping it from rolling into the bunker and they are too steep to stand on forcing a shot from the sand at a ball above the waist! Second: the course is just too popular. One o’clock on a Thursday afternoon and it’s packed.
  • 11/6/16, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by KyleSmith - I have heard alot of good stories about this course. Finally played it and can not wait to go back. The greens were amazing, multi tier and plenty of grain. If you can read these greens, you are a good putter (or play here way too much). As a long hitter, I liked having to take iron off of alot of tee boxes. Really mixed up my game. By far my favorite feature on this course was the bunkers. I dont know that Augusta has bunkers this fluffy. Its like hitting from a cloud. Absolutely can't wait to go back. This is now my favorite public course in the area.
  • 11/6/16, The Divide Golf Club, Review by Love the game - Been playing the Divide for years and it's as good as ever was. From tees to greens, awesome. Ground keeper, great job. 5 stars
  • 11/6/16, The Divide Golf Club, Review by Scollier - Really good shape , greens are great , much improved conditions . Great desk staff and bar staff . Course is great clubhouse is fun .seems like more money being invested after tough times several years ago
  • 11/5/16, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - Highland Creek used to be my favorite course in the Charlotte area but the last time I played there was in 2013 and the condition of the course was pretty bad. I Thought I would give it another try even after the bad September 2016 review. The course looked wide open on their website when I booked my tee time on Thursday but the front 9 took 2 1/2 hours where we waited on every hole. My threesome skipped the snack bar at the turn in hopes of getting in front of the threesome we had been playing behind but when we arrived at the 10th tee we found a foursome letting that threesome play through. I called the pro shop and they were very courteous and understanding and said the front 9 was wide open and we could play it again. We took them up on the offer and played the front 9 a second time in 2 hours and we let a single play through on #4 and ended up catching him on just about every hole after that. This course could definitely use a ranger especially on a Saturday morning. That being said I was pleasantly surprised by the course conditions. The greens were in pretty good shape except for #7 which I think has too many shade trees around it and had some bare spots and a bunker on #8 was being "worked on" . The rough was a little too deep and made finding errant shots difficult and time consuming. All in all I thought the front 9 was in good shape.
  • 11/2/16, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by aimtobreak80 - Both good news and bad news. The good news is that the new pro shop is open and operating, and the new clubhouse (currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in one month) shows promise of being quite impressive when finished. The physical layout of the structures is serviceable and the driving range extends from the parking lot to them with dramatic effect. The practice green, driving range, fairways, and greens were all in good condition and very “green”. In my personal opinion, Emerald Lake could soon become one of the top courses in the Charlotte area if they continue on their current track. Now, the bad news. The grounds superintendent evidently is taking the declaration of a drought to heart, to the point of over-watering the course. This was apparent throughout the entire course, but particularly on the back side of the No.1 green and the rough along the fairway and cart path leading uphill to the No. 9 green. With respect to the former, there was no immediate area for relief from casual water, and while “playing it where it lies” I suffered the expected result of soggy ground and my chip didn’t even make the putting surface. On number 9, neither my playing partner nor I was able to get our approach shot anywhere close to the pin because of the “fat” shot induced by the soggy ground. The other bad news is more of a personal issue where, once again, a course does not have a tee base in the middle range of my recommended Play-It-Forward yardage – the red tees are at the low end, and the white tees are at the high end. I chose to play from the latter, and felt further penalized when I discovered that five out of the eighteen tee boxes had the white and blue tee markers exactly coincident with one another. At least the weather and playing companions were pleasant. Otherwise, it would have been a very poor golfing experience.
  • 10/24/16, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - Course was playing well. When the wind picks up, this course is 5-10 shots harder. Greens were a little wet, which made approach shots easy. Can't wait to get back down there to play.
  • 10/23/16, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Greens are in awesome shape. The practice green is pristine. greens on course show a little wear and tear from traffic but are superb for the most part. Tee boxes a little beat up but you can see work done on them. Just wish they would add sand to all the bunkers now. Was great to see the new golf shop and the new clubhouse is coming along. $55 is a little pricey but if they can tend to the bunkers it will be well worth it.
  • 10/22/16, Larkhaven Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at the Lark since they put in the new(ish) greens. This is such a quirky course. The most unique starting hole in all of Charlotte - I hit 8 iron, 9 iron on the short, uphill par 4. The greens can be maddening now for two reasons - they don't hold approach shots at all and they are silly fast. I saw 3 putts from within 15 feet go right off the green. Bounces everywhere are random and often penalizing - fairway, rough, green, everywhere. Tee boxes were not in great shape either. And the course was packed and play was slow. So overall, I'm not a huge fan of this course. For a short notice round on a Saturday morning though, the $34 price was a good value.