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Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation
Posted by: Kyle Smith
on 6/11/19 7:11am
Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few...

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  • 6/19/19, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - Weekday Senior rate $35, replay $15, Played 36, 80 and 83. Course is in great shape. They had dressed the greens not too long ago but they were putting great and the sandtraps showed issues from some recent heavy rain (ponds, etc. were bloated) but you could tell there is fresh sand in all of them and maintenance was out raking them back into shape. Tee boxes, save #10 that gets little sun, were for the most part great and the fairways, rough and fringes were very good. Well worth playing.
  • 6/11/19 - Msg Board Posting about Skybrook Golf Club
    Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation   Kyle Smith
    Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few years. Greens are converting and drainage is going to be addressed (thank God).
  • 6/10/19 - Msg Board Posting about Skybrook Golf Club
    Skybrook closing for greens renovation   The B-Man
    Another summer, another bent grass course closing to switch over to Bermuda. Got word today that Skybrook Golf Club in Huntersville will be closing next week to switch to a Bermuda Mini-Verde hybrid. While they are closed, they will be addressing other areas including some renovations to the clubhouse. They plan to re-open on Aug 30th.
  • 6/10/19 - Msg Board Posting about The Golf Club at Ballantyne
    Ballantyne Golf Course gone   IM4DHERD
    To be phased out. Holes 1,2 and driving range to become a "Town Center" area. Holes 3, 4 a park, hole 5 a buffer green area between further development and a neighborhood. Rest to be office space, retail etc.

    Ballantyne golf course to transform into new urban center
  • 6/7/19, Springfield Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - Some might rate it average, but am giving them credit for the work being done. Issues - Most tee boxes have little if any grass. On one, we teed up just outside the designated teeing area, just to have some grass. They are, for the most part, well sanded so they are definitely working on them. The rough is fairly thin and had been aerated maybe not so recently. Again, they are aware of it, working on it and ask they you drive the carts in the fairways not the rough. Fairways and greens are in excellent shape, no complaints whatsoever. I guess they re-did the greens since the last time I played. They used to be so crazy fast that if your approach was above the hole you were screwed. Rolling very true now. Great practice area. One thing, and this is becoming a pet peeve of mine - Not a single red or yellow stake or line anywhere on the course.
  • 6/4/19, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - As said earlier, the greens are severely pockmarked. I tried to repair several marks each hole, but it's a lesson in frustration as there are thousands. Fairways good, bunkers mostly good, but unraked, not sure why that was. I ran out of sand in 4 holes so the new carts will hopefully have 2 carriers. I didn't see a place on the course to acquire new sand, so played the last 14 holes without it. Obviously I'm obsessed with that. I love this course, but it kicked me this time. Tees were hard as a rock, maybe they could put a hammer in each cart. Should be good now with the rain.
  • 6/3/19, Larkin Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - The good, the bad, and the ugly. The good - Course is in excellent shape, perhaps in part due to lack of play because for what seems like forever they have had #10 either totally closed or at least shortened due to neighborhood construction. #11 was shortened for some time too due to rebuilding of tee-boxes. I know I avoided it for more than a year. Sister course to Stonebridge and Edgewater and it shows in it's condition. Greens are fantastic. Hardly a blemish. The fairways near perfect except for some approach areas with multiple divots that haven't grown in, maybe due to the recent lack of rain? Bunkers look to have been recently re-done and are in great shape. Tee to green as nice as anywhere around, or better. Best $25 conditions out there, for sure. Holes 5-11 are like playing a mountain course with elevation changes seldom seen around here. The bad - Afore-mentioned construction. Not on the tees, fairways or greens but they are building a surrounding neighborhood. Just a bit distracting. Have to follow a maze to get to #1 and #10. Really only affects #s 11 and 12. Didn't see any marks/designations for penalty areas. No red or yellow stakes or lines anywhere. There are a number of holes with areas of very thick vegetation just off a short area of rough that could/should be designated a penalty area to allow for a drop rather than stroke and distance for a lost ball. Or just hit it in the fairway, I suppose. The ugly - 12 on a par five with 5 penalty strokes.
  • 6/1/19, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club, Review by The B-Man - Verdict Ridge lived up to my own hype (I ranked it #1 for Charlotte's public courses in a recent article for Charlotte Agenda). Course was in immaculate shape tee to green. The greens in particular were quick and true, just about perfect. While the heat took a nice break on Saturday, they had a well stocked beverage tent set up on the crossing between 6 & 14, which was perfectly situated in the middle of both 9's. The only notable negative was the ground under repair on #7 at the end of the fairway -- my playing partner's ball rolled under the black plastic fence and he got a free drop. Not sure what the plan is for that area right in front of the hazard. The staff was super friendly and I should also mention the practice area has free range balls before your round -- not many public courses offer that. Needless to say, I'll be back many more times this year.
  • 5/30/19, Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park, Review by BetterThanMost - Played Sifford/Revolution in the heat this afternoon. Conditions were fairly good from tee to green. Tee boxes were a touch on the long side, but nothing too bad. Fairways had plenty of grass on them. Green surrounds were in excellent shape. The greens themselves were in great shape but were on the shaggy side. Bunkers were good. Pace of play was fine on a weekday afternoon.
  • 5/25/19, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - I just played the front 9 as the back 9 was closed due to a wedding and I only had 2 hours of daylight. I wanted to post this review though to say that Emerald Lake's bent grass greens are just okay. The course gets so much play from folks who you don't fix pitch marks that the greens are extremely pock marked. Most of the time, you can fix the marks in the line of your putt and it's okay, but this is going to take its toll. It's only the first of June. Emerald Lake is one of the last public courses remaining with bent grass greens (along with nearby Olde Sycamore which tends to suffer similarly in the summer). I'm not sure how much longer they'll go before converting to Bermuda. The rest of the course was fine as far as conditions. I've played a lot of golf here (I was member for two seasons several years ago) and so I really know and love the layout (especially the back 9). If you play here this summer, post a review and let me know how it holds up.
  • 5/25/19, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by brinstone02 - I hadn't played here in over 10 years because of how far I heard it had fallen. Based off recent reviews we thought we would give it a shot. The fairways were in good shape, the greens were in good shape but fairly slow. You can tell the new management is trying to get this course back. However they need more water stations and they did not have a cart girl so your only opportunity for refreshment was at the turn. It is one of the harder courses in the area and can give you headaches.
  • 5/22/19, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - So since I use these review so much, I determined to start writing my own. Why I have the three worst scores in a row of all year as soon as I do is embarassing. Tradition is in great shape. The greens are in excellent condition, a bit slower than they look but receptive a roll true. Some of the old Tradition broccoli is still in the fringe but it looks like they figured out how to hold it back. Fairways are all in great shape and most all tee boxes are as well with the exeption of #15 which has almost none for some reason. Seems Pinnacle Properties is doing a pretty good job of turning around the likes of Birkdale, Skybrook, Tradition, etc.
  • 5/16/19, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - Better than good, but not perfect. Very impressed that most any area not just about perfect was well marked as ground under repair. Looks like they've been doing some work on drainage areas. Otherwise the greens and fairways are about the best I have seen all year anywhere.
  • 5/14/19, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Took a first timer out for his maiden round at Eagle Chase and he loved it. Greens were virtually perfect as they usually are. Carts were 90* despite weekend rainfall. A few bunkers had standing water but the maintenance crew was actively draining them on several holes (we teed off at 7:30am). So it was good to see them being proactive to quickly address it. Staff was very friendly to let us play through and did not interrupt our round.
  • 5/14/19, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - Really very good conditions, but not perfect. Some spots in the fairways that didn't make much, if any, difference. I think an earlier review mentioned a lack of sand? Traps were well sanded and full. Greens were in fantastic shape as were teeboxes.
  • 5/11/19, Harry L. Jones Sr. Golf Course, Review by nstoudt - The course was in decent condition. Greens were a little long so they rolled slow but overall not bad.
  • 5/5/19, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - First time playing here in years and I was very pleased with the course conditions. Fairways were lush and green , greens were smooth and fast. I only played the front 9 due to weather concerns, lightening in the area. This was always one of my favorite courses in the Charlotte area and I definitely will be back and very soon.
  • 5/4/19, Waterford Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - Let me start by saying that Waterford is one of my favorite golf courses in the Charlotte area. I have played this course several times this year and it has always been in good shape so I was shocked to see the condition of the greens and tee boxes. I am not sure what is going on with the greens but they were almost bare as were the tee boxes. Not sure if this is related to all the rain we have had in the past half year or what. The pace of play was 4 hours and 40 mins which is way too slow for me. When my threesome got to the twelth tee box there was the twosome that was ahead of us on the tee, in the fairway was a threesome and on the green was another threesome. I called the pro shop to ask for a ranger and was told no ranger was on duty that day due to only 45 golfers having signed up to play. I explained that all those 45 golfers were on the 12th hole at the same time. I had found out earlier that a tournament had been scheduled for May 4th but was canceled due to not enough golfers signing up. Maybe they saw the conditions of the greens and tee boxes? I hope the greens and tee boxes come back to their normally great condition as this is one of my favorite courses.
  • 4/28/19, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Course was in fantastic condition. Greens were perfect and were rolling a good speed. I havent played here since they lost the greens in '17 and was amazed at the difference.
  • 4/11/19, Tega Cay Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Course was in really good condition. I expected it to be wet but there was really only 1 hole that was soggy and it was near the water anyhow. Greens were in great shape and rolling nice.
  • 4/8/19, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Greens were recently aerated. Course was surprisingly soggy. But nothing too severe.
  • 4/7/19, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - I love Charlotte National, but I don't love the new greens. I understand why they made the change but I still miss the old bent greens. Played a late 9 yesterday and everything was good. I just found the greens to be too furry for my liking. They don't roll near as nice as the old ones used to. Hopefully once we are in growing season though they can cut 'em and roll 'em and get them rolling nice and true. Still worth playing though.
  • 3/31/19, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by nstoudt - Course was in pretty good shape. Greens were recently aerated however.
  • 3/16/19, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by brinstone02 - With it being so early in the season and all the rain the last 2 months we were skeptical of the conditions. The fairways were in great conditions and the greens were faster than normal and rolled very true! The only drawback was if you were unfortunate to get in a bunker. They were hard and soggy from all the rain. All in all we were pleasantly surprised at how great of condition the greens were in.
  • 3/9/19, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - After my last review I was not excited to come to Edgewater but I was signed up to play in a tournament. I had low expectations this time but was actually pleasantly surprised as I noticed a definite improvement over last time. They have done some work on some of the bunkers that were really bad my previous outing. They also have clearly been removing a lot of trees and vegetation to the betterment of the course. The greens were excellent. I take back what I said about not worth the drive from Charlotte, I am not giving up on this course yet and neither should you.
  • 2/26/19, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Some minor issues on tee boxes and some fairways with dead grass. Greens look great but need to be cut (can't blame them since it has rained forever). Worth playing- Should be in great shape once the season comes around
  • 2/7/19, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by BetterThanMost - Hadn't been to Birkdale in quite some time, and it will probably be a while before I go back. Course was not crowded at all on a nearly 80į day, which should've been the first clue. Had a coupon and it's a good thing, as the rack rate of $49 would have been way too much to pay for current conditions. Much of the grass was dormant, as to be expected, but the greens were in really rough shape. Bare patches and uneven patches abound. Low areas of the course are still really wet. Staff was great. Range was mats only. Range balls are a mix of old and new.
  • 2/6/19, Monroe Country Club, Review by jaydee - First time playing here. Fairways and greens in good shape for time of year, greens were fast and true. While playing back nine couldn't help but noticed excessive noise from major highway . Front nines greens are small and raised making for short shots rolling back off putting surface. All in all liked course except for "road noise".
  • 2/2/19, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Was inevitable I guess, but this course is going backwards fast. Greens are still good, everything else is just ok to terrible. The range balls were in terrible condition, half the bunkers are red clay. They are taking out a lot of bunkers as well so what is left are massive holes that look terrible with signs that say "GUR". Some of the "cart path only" signs look like they were created by children. The starter said they use red, white and blue flags to show the pin positions but some of the flags had been stolen so he said it is a mix. They have no other way to tell where the pin is (no pin position map on the cards or anything). I feel bad for the course as it obviously doesn't make enough money from rounds to make ends meet. For those who live in Charlotte this course is no longer worth the drive to play.
  • 11/25/18, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by hotrod jb - First time playing Skybrook and I must say I really like the course. Conditions were very wet from the rain but overall it was good. The greens rolled true but a few issues with weeds. Only issue was the price in my book.
  • 11/11/18, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by tpac - First time playing Olde Sycamore, and I think I have a new local favorite. The course itself was perfect, sans the marks on the greens the idiots in front of us were leaving. "Repairs yours and one other" everyone... Otherwise, the fairways were in great shape, the rough cut as should be, beyond the rough kept clear in case you need to retrieve an errant shot or two. and the green were FAST! Thought the course layout was great. The cart we had was also in great shape.. lots of power and quiet electric. The staff was welcoming and very professional. Practice facilities was also in good shape and offered plenty of space for everyone. All in all, I cannot wait to get back out to Olde Sycamore.
  • 11/4/18 - Msg Board Posting about Larkhaven Golf Club
    One month left to play Larkhaven   The B-Man
    In case you missed this message, here's the final note from Larkhaven Golf Club:

    As many of you already know Larkhaven Golf Club has been under contract to sale. The final day of business will be Sunday, December 2nd. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Larkhaven for the past 60 years. It has been a golf course that many of you started playing when you were just a kid and have gone on to make many memories here. Come out and help us celebrate the final few weeks of Larkhaven!

    We will be having a sale in the pro shop to help clear out merchandise. Everything will be sold at cost starting today. That is a savings of 25% on all merchandise.

    Thank you again for all the support!

    >Larkhaven Staff
  • 10/25/18, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - Played in the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Rub of the Green Golf Tournament and the course was in near perfect shape; the only issue I had was no one seemed to repair ball marks on the greens. This is one of my favorite courses in the area.
  • 10/15/18, Deer Brook Golf Club, Review by BRR - Iíve played twice this year, once in May (shot in upper 80ís) and the 2nd in Oct. (a 77 this time). Both times the course was in great shape. Green fee for seniors is $27.
  • 10/13/18, Springfield Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - Last played here in April, front 9 only, and thought the front was in pretty good shape. They closed the course for almost 2 mos to replace the greens and all I can say is that it they did a fantastic job. Fairways were lush and if there were any dead spots I didn't see them. The greens were immaculate and rolled great. I was only in one bunker but it had plenty of the white stuff in it. The tee boxes would be the only area not up to the same standard as the rest of the course.
  • 10/1/18, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - My first time back since they re-opened with new Bermuda greens. I liked them. Could not make a single mark all day on them, even with wedges, but they held shots just fine. They are not cut fast right now, but they rolled pretty true. There were a few that still had issues on the collar with bare dirt. I think once they grow in and can be cut faster, they'll be really nice. The rest of the course was not as good. Fairways were not cut, which was strange. They were lush but they would qualify as first cut rough at nicer courses. The tee boxes were also not cut and many were not in great shape. Rough was also thick and difficult. It's like they haven't mowed in a week. Assuming they cut the grass this week, the course is worth playing, especially at these prices.
  • 9/28/18 - Msg Board Posting about Highland Creek Golf Club
    Highland Creek closing next week   The B-Man
    Highland Creek sent a letter to its members this week that it is closing October 1st in an attempt to fix the greens. However, the letter did not say for certain whether the course will re-open. It simply said, "We will monitor progress and make a determination later in the fall whether reopening the course is a viable option."

    I'm not optimistic. Courses usually have a definitive plan to replace their greens (typically with Bermuda) when they reach this age and condition. HC's letter does not say they have the funding or support to replace the greens. So this sure sounds like the end of the line for what was once one of the more prestigious public tracks in Charlotte, in my opinion.
  • 9/23/18, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by StanTheCaddy - The entire course played slooooooow most likely from Florence. Rough was high but playable and fairways were pristine. Greens slow with a few scars due to people not repairing their marks. Some tee boxes were worn but nothing too bad. Pace of play was on par for Sat morning - a little slow.
  • 9/14/18, Charles T. Myers Golf Club, Review by jaydee - This is the first time I have played since the greens were redone. Much improved greens from when I played here over winter (they were real bad then.)Yes I did too have trouble getting out of the rough on a few holes.I have to believe that the course will only get better going forward. I hope the greens hold up over the winter. Looking forward to playing some more here.
  • 9/13/18, Warrior Golf Club, Review by BetterThanMost - Just want to echo IAM4HERD's review. New greens are great. Fairways are phemomenal! The other new feature is the removal of trees on just about every hole, mostly around the greens. Makes the course much more playable for all ability levels. They have grown the rough up to help combat the tree removal, but you can play out of it. GPS was working on my cart today as well. Definitely back in my rotation.
  • 9/11/18, Warrior Golf Club, Review by IM4DHERD - First time at Warrior since the re-do. VERY impressed. The new greens are as perfect as anything around. A little slower than you might think for the way they look, but not shaggy. Perhaps kept a fraction long to keep them healthy. 95% of the fairways are perfect, just a couple spots here and there. Traps look great. I was in a couple and they played well ... Not fluffy, but compacted and raked. I was afraid they were thin, but they weren't. All the tee boxes were as good as any. GPS wasn't on, but I use my own so didn't even ask about it. Might have just needed to flip a switch. For the most part there is a nice 2nd cut, but the third cut can be pretty bare or overly thick. I expect this to be the next priority. Definitely well worth the trip (40 mins) and even the cost.
  • 9/5/18, Charles T. Myers Golf Club, Review by dad4204 - Just coming out of renovation. So it's still rough. The greens have been completely redone and are going to be nice once they get really flat. We putted over some bumps and there are still areas growing in. But a great improvement. Tees have been replaced or are being replaced. You need tall tees for the new ones because the grass is tall. Again, the process is underway. Some traps have been reworked but others have no sand and are playing as ground under repair. Fairways are overall good. The rough is high and the fairways skinny, at least for the 15-18 handicappers we are. Some of our group became frustrated trying to get it out of the rough. Course is on the right path, I'll go back in a month or so and see how its coming.
  • 9/3/18, Monroe Country Club, Review by The B-Man - My review may be slightly biased by my score. I shot a career best 73 with 4 birdies. I was a little worried before I teed off because the putting green was not in great shape. The greens on the course were fine though. Not perfect but they rolled pretty well and I was able to make some putts. Some were tricky to read as the bermuda blades have dried out in the summer heat. Tees and fairways were fine. I was only in 2 bunkers and they had no issues. The rough in a few places was pretty penalizing and deep enough you might not find your ball unless you step on it (raises hand). I won't say too much though because the thick rough kept one errant tee shot in play for me. This course is very reasonably priced and now has tee times online. The starter was friendly and offered to let me go off #10 as a single so I wouldn't be held up. I ran into a maintenance worker on several holes who was filling fairway divots with sand and generally checking things out. That was good to see. Nick Jacobi runs a great course and you should check it out when you can!
  • 9/3/18, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by KyleSmith - Overall, this course is worth playing, especially if you can find a deal online. The greens are perfect as usual- quick and true. The fairways had some spots throughout the course, which is pretty typical from what I have experienced. Tee boxes were pretty decent, although I played the tips for the first time and they don't get as much use. This course plays completely different from the tips- multiple 200+ yard carries and different angles when you have to hit driver. Still a fantastic course. Worth the trip.
  • 9/2/18, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Eagle Chase never disappoints me. While they did have some winterkill damage to repair over the past 2 months on a few greens, the problems are pretty much resolved. They resodded and mended a few (notably #9 and #17). Greens were a little slower than usual but still rolled true. Tees, fairways and bunkers were all fine. The rates and the views here are some of the best around. If the course were closer, I'd get a membership.
  • 8/26/18, The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Review by The B-Man - I came back again for the 3rd time in 2 months. The course is now in just about perfect shape. The greens were nearly immaculate and rolling very fast! Tees, fairways and bunkers were all in good shape. The bermuda rough was the only knock. Seemed like it had not been cut or they are keeping it high. The ball tends to sink down in it so you can't find it unless you walk right over the ball. This makes it very easy to lose a golf ball that's just a few yards off the fairway. So definitely keep a couple pairs of eyes on your ball if it is headed for the thick stuff. I played with a member so perhaps I got a guest rate. I paid $82 in July - so this was much better.
  • 8/22/18, Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club, Review by dischydo - Fairways and tees are in great shape. Greens were running at US open speeds. If you hit the green in the wrong spot above the hole, there are times were your next putt will be off the green. So fast, but a little bumpy/wavy. overall good
  • 8/17/18, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by RJH6 - Not sure why the ratings here are so low. Thought the greens were some of the better greens Iíve played in Charlotte especially for the cost. Some of the bunkers could use some work, but everything else was great. Iíll be back for sure.
  • 8/8/18, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by jaydee - Been a while since I have played here. I've been missing some great golf. Fairways and most all greens in excellent condition for summer. A couple of fun holes. A challenging but fair course. Will be back soon.
  • 8/8/18, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course is in excellent condition. Found a late deal on Golfnow for $25 and it was well worth it. We cruised around the front 9 with no problems, the only complaint would be that they were starting everyone off on 10 but people who only played 9 started at 1. We went to play our back 9 and were held up on almost every shot. Still completely worth it
  • 7/29/18 - Msg Board Posting about The Revival Golf Club at the Crescent , Warrior Golf Club
    Couple of Updates   BetterThanMost
    Warrior is reopening on Friday, August 3rd for public play. You can now make tee times on their website.

    Revival/Crescent is dealing with some issues on their greens due to a bad batch of chemicals they got earlier this season. They are interseeding their greens with Pure Distinction bent grass, but are still open for play. Additionally, they have cut down several trees around the 3rd green, and are laying sod to bring it back to its original size. If you've played the course, you know the 3rd green has been a problem for several years, so it's good to see that they are remedying it.
  • 7/29/18, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Been meaning to get back out here and finally made it late Sunday afternoon. I really enjoy this course because it's straightforward and a place where you can post a good score (like I did today!). It's a bit of a drive since it's situated in the middle of Union County halfway between Monroe, Indian Trail and Waxhaw. They've really picked up the construction on the neighborhood now. So the landscape has changed, especially behind the par 3 third and to the right of number 4. Right now, the trees have been cleared and so it's just dirt piles. Besides that, they are working on the tee boxes everywhere but especially the front 9. They've chopped down lots of trees on the front 9 too. Hole #5 needs some love. I think they intend to sod around the areas where they cleared trees but right now it's rocks and dirt all along the left side of the hole and up to the green. If you stay on the fairway around this layout, you'll love the conditions. If you get off the fairway though, you will have some difficult lies on dirt and rocks. The greens and bunkers seemed to be in good shape. The bent grass greens have held up well and they were not too many unrepaired ballmarks. I thought the speeds were average but putts were rolling true. All in all, very good conditions for late summer. I will complain a bit about the rate though. $54 for a Sunday 4:30 tee time? My partner said he asked for a twilight rate and got $29. Why was I charged $25 more?? I'll be sending the course a note. Assuming the price is right, I'll be back here again soon.
  • 7/28/18, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course is in great shape, greens were slow and you could tell they had been punched within the last couple of weeks but hey rolled true. My main complaint and reasoning for not giving it 5 stars was the pace of play. They piled people up even though they had a starter. We waited pretty much on every hole and probably every shot. It had to be the longest round of golf in my life. They have 3 to 4 rangers driving around but they don't do anything to speed people up. If I wasn't playing so well we probably would have quit early.
  • 7/27/18, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by jaydee - First time playing this course. Played with my wife and another couple we know. All of us loved the course and lay-out, fair but not to tough for us average golfers. We all thought the course was in great summer conditions. Greens a little slow , but that is expected. Fairways overall in great shape and rough not too long. We will be back soon.
  • 7/25/18, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by GungaGalunga - Reviewed this earlier in the year and was harsh in my comments to the course...and it still needs work regarding the greens...most have significant issues around the edges of the green and a few are really bad...also noticed higher than usual ball marks not repaired on the greens. Shame for a nice layout. Bunkers need sand added...hit one shot and saw the liner of the bunker. there was probably 1/2 in of sand only. Fun course when it's in better shape, but this is not it's year. Hope they can turn it around soon.
  • 7/22/18, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by Drewpac - Similar to some recent reviews, there are still challenges but it seems the course is improving. There are some issues with some tee boxes (just tee off around them), there are some issues with the greens on a couple of holes (yes 10 is bad), and probably the one that's the most confusing is the amount of weeds in some of the bunkers (easy fix). But overall, the course is in an improved condition. Its such a unique layout that seeing improvement is encouraging. As i said, there are issues, but $55 for a weekend round is unfortuntely on the low end around CLT these days, and you do get a good challenge with overall good conditions at HC. *We did get a cart that barely worked, which is odd and indicative of the financial challenges they face. Traded it in before we started, moved on. All went well after that.
  • 7/21/18, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by dischydo - First time playing Eagle Chase after hearing great things. Was not as impressed as other reviews make it sound. About ⅓ of the greens had been partially sodded and the rest were punched about 2 weeks ago. Overall good layout but the greens were slow and the sod really made it questionable. Give it a month or 2
  • 7/20/18, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by jaydee - Played with my wife and another couple we know. Course in good condition overall. Now that we have played course a few times we are becoming more familiar with certain hazards you have to negotiate like knowing you have to lay up off the tee. Love the 14'th and 18'th holes.
  • 7/20/18, Monroe Country Club, Review by Jdog85 - From Tee to Green course in outstanding condition. Recommend a trip around this track staff does a good job keep this course looking good.
  • 7/16/18, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by GungaGalunga - Course is in great shape tee to green. Greens are left a little long for heat tolerance and therefore a little slower than usual, but roll true. Worth the drive every time.
  • 7/14/18, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Tee boxes still have not improved. Par 3's are the worst. Some fairways have bare spots but for the most part are in great condition. Biggest issue right now is the bunkers, they are not raked and there are weeds/grass growing in them. I feel this is an easy issue to fix but shows that they aren't worried or can't pay someone to do it. I booked on and had a discount code so for $35 definitely worth it.
  • 7/14/18, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by Jdog85 - Layout, fairways and tee boxes in good condition. Now the greens are a different story. Need to put the new greens in and also improve some traps. Greens are bad, too soft people not properly repairing ball marks. Great course worst greens in Charlotte. Dont be fool by the drive by.
  • 7/12/18, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by MGOBLUE - Played here for the first time since the fall 2016 and I was impressed by the course conditions based on past reviews. Some of the greens had bare/dead spots, but with the exception of #10(almost unplayable) and #14 , they were located mainly on the edges away from the hole. The course could use a good soaking from mother nature as fairways and tee boxes were very firm. Hopefully this is an indication that Highland Creek is on it's way back to the shape I remember in the late 90's and early 2000's.
  • 7/8/18, Crowders Mountain Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - My first time at Crowders and I loved it. Great fun and great views and a great price. I had low expectations for course conditions because of the price and the lack of amenities, but the key was that the bent grass greens were in good shape. A few collars had issues but the greens themselves rolled well and didn't have any issues - save one. Apparently a vandal took a 3-wheeler to the 17th green creating some nasty tire track damage. However, the green was big enough to put the pin away from the damage. Fairways were cut high so they were slow -- which helped on a few holes with sidehill slopes. The tee boxes were not manicured at all either -- a few were even cut in random spots that didn't look like a tee box (#6 and #11). That was kinda what I expected for the price and the rural location. Those course condition gripes aside, this was a ton of fun to play. It plays much shorter than the yardage on the card and many of the greens are flat and easy to read. The elevation changes provide much of the challenge. Almost every hole offers views of the namesake mountain. It's a very picturesque layout. My first meeting with "Young's Revenge" - the fabled "hardest par 5 in the world" - resulted in a double bogey, even though I was only about 15 yards off the green in 3. It is predictably overhyped, but does require 3 really good shots to get to the green. I look forward to getting my revenge the next time I play it. Take note that there is no driving range and the clubhouse doesn't sell beer. So bring your own cooler. I will be back again soon.
  • 7/8/18, Fort Mill Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - Ft Mill golf club is a Ross and Cobb design. Tee to green course was in best shape I have ever seen. Greens rolled true at medium to fast pace. Fun course to play and best value for your dollar. Proshop staff is always friendly.
  • 7/7/18, Edgewater Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - Greens were in awesome shape, a little sandy but still great overall. Fairways and tee boxes in great shape (which is expected as remote and quiet as this course is). The best thing about this course is standing on the 3rd green we could not see or hear another human being. Very tranquil and enjoyable place to play. My only grip is some bunkers are orange and muddy, while others are completely filled with new white sand. The course does not rake the new white sand bunkers though so you can actually get a worse lie in them than the orange bunkers cos the sand is so fluffy. Minor issue though. Overall though a great place to play, conditions always fantastic, pace of play is always great as it is so quiet. Definitely worth the haul from Charlotte.
  • 7/7/18, The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Review by The B-Man - The good - greens were in good shape and rolled pretty well, though they were not as fast and smooth as usual for Ballantyne. Plenty of beverage access before, during and at the turn. The starter and cart crew were courteous and helpful. The bad - the price (!) -- this round was a terrible value compared to other local courses given... the bunkers, plain terrible. The majority had standing water but even those that didn't played like dried up river beds. Every one my group landed in had to be played as ground under repair and it was difficult to find a playable spot. This really looked like negligent maintenance, like they hadn't been touched in weeks. I was also not happy that it was cart path only even though the fairways were fine (I noticed the next morning that the cart rule was 90*). The tee boxes were also very bad -- many were very thin and muddy. Overall, these were course conditions I'd expect to see at a $40 course at best, not one that charges $82 for an afternoon round. I will not be back to play at those rates.
  • 7/5/18, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by Shankapotomous - Eagle Chase is always a welcome addition to the rotation of courses that I play. If it wasn't for the time it takes me to drive there to play, I would play there far more often. It's a completely different style of course than you will find any other place in the area. It gives you a mountain course feel with the elevation changes and slopes and is a test unlike other courses in the area. Having said that, they are making their way through some of the same issues that have plagued other courses in the area over the harsh winter. However they are handling the necessary recovery efforts better than most courses. Roughly 5 to 6 greens had some form of winter damage that they have worked hard to repair. Of those greens there were only 2 that I would call "damaged" currently. However the sod they replaced and the aeration and top dressing is taking well. All but 1 green should be 95% healed within the next 2 weeks with a little rain. Having said that, the course staff does an EXCELLENT job of placing the pins in unaffected areas of the greens and still making sure your experience is pleasurable. Fairways are very well maintained and course conditions are as good as any around. When the greens on this course are healed, they will be back to being some of the best (as they normally are) in all of Charlotte. It is well worth playing. If you are the type however that gets easily frustrated at conditions that are not pristine (even if due to acts of nature) then hold off for about 3 more weeks before playing it. But if you are the type of player who recognizes a good course, understands how conditions change and appreciates a staff that takes care of you and does the best they can to get the course back in the tip top shape it almost always is, then give it a shot and make sure to go in the clubhouse afterwards and tell Wally and the staff that they are doing a great job with the hand they were dealt. It is an excellent value for the course you always get. It's a great mix of holes and strategy that you don't use on most other courses. Appreciate the views and give it a go !
  • 7/4/18, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - The course was in very good shape, but the greens were still slow (as the last review noted). Once you adjust to the speed, it's fine because there are no problems with the greens. Very few ball marks -- which compared to other bent grass courses like Emerald Lake is an accomplishment worthy of note. They had us start on the back 9 - no reason given, but whatever. There were no marshals on the course -- it was the 4th of July afterall -- and so we ran into a roadblock with slow play on our 10th hole. There was also no cart girl on a 90+ degree day. Again, it's a holiday so I assumed they were just under staffed. The GPS touchscreen in our cart was non-functional so we couldn't really use it to check distances. I also noted that while the scorecard had up to date ratings for the tee boxes, they have not been updated on GHIN. So I couldn't post my score with the right tee ratings. Those are all little things, granted, but they added up. So this course has the potential to be a 5 star gem around Charlotte. For now, I gave it 4. Happy 4th y'all!
  • 7/1/18, Skybrook Golf Club, Review by dischydo - Course and greens overall in good shape. 3 fairways were beat up. Greens were soft and receptive with some ball marks but still rolled nice.
  • 6/30/18, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by TheClaw - I booked a last minute tee time at Carolina Lakes but was initially hesitant about it as I feared the greens would be under stress from the heat. Boy was I wrong. Every green had a perfect covering of pristine bent grass. The course was in perfect condition. Everything about it was great but the greens were a real highlight. They were a touch on the slow side for how good they looked but I understand they are keeping them long and well watered. I highly recommend you get out there and play Carolina Lakes and enjoy it while it is in such great condition.
  • 6/29/18, Deer Brook Golf Club, Review by Shankapotomous - Overall this course was in great shape. For those of you that haven't given Deer Brook a chance you should find the time to make the drive. Greens were in very good shape given the rough winter and the time of year for aeration. They aerated the first week of June so they have recovered very well with no signs at all of any punch marks. Fairways were in very good shape, and bunkers were well maintained. There really wasn't anything at all to complain about the day that I was playing, short of it being slow play. That isn't the courses fault though, just happened to be how it went, but still finished in the standard 4 1/2 hours. Overall given the many other courses I have played around the area recently, Deer Brook ranks near the very top for course quality, layout, and condition.
  • 6/27/18, Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, Review by Shankapotomous - I stumbled on this website recently and I firmly believe in first hand reviews. So since I play often and everywhere, I thought this might be helpful. First of all ... if you have not played Red Bridge or its been a while, do yourself a favor and go again. In terms of public courses in Charlotte, Red Bridge is absolutely one of the best I have played. It starts at check in with a first class staff (Mark Davis - Head Pro) is always extremely helpful and attentive. And it goes through the grounds crew who do a great job with the course. This truly is a hidden gem. It is always in top notch shape and is a true test to your game. The greens are very smooth and well manicured, and the fairways are green and great turf to hit off. The seeding of the course is consistent and flush and green throughout. The rough is fair and plays consistent hole to hole. The bunkers are well maintained and fair to hit from (actually true playing sand .... not the dirt or hard pan many courses have). There are 2 greens (12 and 15) which had small winter kill which is being addressed and rectified by the grounds crew. These greens were aerated and top dressed and are recovering appropriately, and they do a good job of placing the pins where you can still play the greens fairly so keep an open mind and be glad they are doing everything they can to have those back in tip top shape soon too. Several holes have some newly laid sod which seems to be a proactive course improvement to areas before they became an issue (so kudos to the grounds crew and staff for being proactive and not reactive). Weekday rounds (pay at the counter are roughly $35 but if you pay online you can get them as cheap as $25 in some cases). Pace of play is what you would expect and the course is a great mix of dog legs left and right, and is made up of 5 par 5's, 5 par 3's and 8 par 4's. All of which play tough but fair. All in all, if you haven't played here .... you are missing out. Do yourself a favor and go play Red Bridge and take a few friends as well, you will not be disappointed. This really is a hidden gem around the area.
  • 6/26/18, The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is in overall great shape, nothing wrong with the bunkers, fairways or anything, but they just recently punched the course tee to green within a week or less, so some holes here and there on the tee boxes and fairways, but greens are extremely bumpy from being punched but still rolling pretty quick! Overall you cant go wrong playing here, only thing I was disappointed to hear was they were only cutting off $10 the price to play while the greens were punched!
  • 6/24/18, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - Very surprised on the conditions of this course. It is a complete turn around from the last time I played it. There are still maybe 6-7 tee boxes that need significant work but the rest of the course is in great condition. I am not sure it is worth $55 but the greens roll true and are playable. I am happy to see the change here as this has always been a favorite course of mine. On the back 9 there are a couple of holes where they are doing some minor construction but it didn't come into play.
  • 6/24/18, Monroe Country Club, Review by aepfeiffer - I've said it a few times over the past few months, but if you aren't playing at Monroe CC you are not doing yourself a favor, the price, the conditions and everything are outstanding! They just punched the greens just over 2 weeks ago and the greens were in perfect condition and rolling quick!! Go out and play this course!!
  • 6/23/18, Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation, Review by GolfNiners5 - Course is in excellent condition with the exception of about 2-3 holes in which the fringe was burned off. We had no issues with anything else on the course. I would complain that they need a marshal out there to move people along. We had a group of 3 and were constantly waiting on a group of 2 that would hit multiple shots. Behind us they let out a group of about 6 and each had their own cart. Can't beat the price if you find a special online.
  • 6/22/18, Charles T. Myers Golf Club, Review by GolfNiners5 - I know the course is about to close but figured I would give everyone the heads up. Entire course is in great condition but the greens are 100% burned out. They charge walking rates since they are almost unplayable. If you are looking for a quick round to work on every aspect of your game except putting then it is worth it. We played the greens as an automatic 2 putt, it was like putting on a hardwood floor.
  • 6/20/18, Emerald Lake Golf Club, Review by aepfeiffer - Course is in great shape, greens had just been punched, so they were a tad bumpy in places and super slow, seemed and looked a bit fuzzy, but with bentgrass I think they didn't want to cut them right after punching them, but we played for a reasonable rate, so cant complain! Course should be good to go and back to normal conditions soon!
  • 6/16/18, Carolina Lakes Golf Club, Review by GinMillDJ - Aside from a few dead spots around some of the fringe areas near the greens, this course was in spectacular shape. Fairways were perfect, greens excellent. The carts have some nice features...GPS screens (That are pretty accurate) and USB charging plus for your phone. Nice job Carolina Lakes getting your greens back!
  • 6/16/18, The Divide Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - The course is more playable than it was on my last visit (Labor Day last year). Conditions are still hit and miss. Greens were very soft -- likely aerated recently. Several on the front 9 had major problems with little or no grass in spots. These were mostly the shady greens that get little sunlight -- #3, #4, #7. This made putting very bumpy and unpredictable on those greens. The back 9 greens were better but I doubt they'll get the few (#12 was another rough one) greens I mentioned back this season. There were a few other head-scratching maintenance issues -- a giant patch of resodded fairway on #9 that was overgrown like rough but covered the left half of the fairway, unmown grass right next to the 16th green, and grass in the greenside bunker at #17. They are also doing work on #18 which has the cart path to the second fairway blocked -- which requires a long detour by the 1st green to get around the lake. All in all, the course is playable now and you might have a good round if you avoid those issues. They are clearly putting some work into the course. However, right now it's still overpriced. $34 for that late on a weekend afternoon was about $10 too high for those conditions.
  • 6/15/18, Warrior Golf Club - Warrior Golf Club closed for a greens renovation on 5/29. The course is targeting an early August re-open. They are switching over from Bent Grass to Champion G12 Ultra Dwarf Bermuda. They've already removed ~2000 trees to maximize sunlight and airflow to the new greens. Further upgrades to the irrigation system and walk mowers will keep the course in great shape moving forward. They also have a new fleet of golf carts equipped with GPS -- which means they will keep you from getting close to the greens and tees. Mike Cagiano is the new superintendent who started last Fall -- he came over from River Run. The course should have a great setup once it re-opens in August.
  • 6/15/18, The Tradition Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Greens were just punched 10 days prior to our round and were mostly fine, just a little on the slow side still. No major issues and they will probably be in good shape with another week where they can cut 'em faster. Most of the tee boxes were spotty, but fairways and bunkers were in good shape. We played on the last day of the $25 aeration deal and it was a great value.
  • 6/10/18, Highland Creek Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - Overall, this is a good beginner course, but after playing Rocky River Friday, this course just about drove me crazy. A lot of bare spots in fairways, a lot of rocks in areas just off fairways, bunkers as hard as concrete, and greens that might have ran at a 7 on the stimp (if they weren't losing them). Overall, the conditions wouldn't bother me if the green fee/cart fee weren't higher than the majority of the other public courses in the area. But $52 to play, and another $10 for approximately 45 range balls, is a joke. I don't suggest playing Highland Creek, especially with Skybrook and Rocky River so close.
  • 6/9/18, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by aepfeiffer - Amazing course, great layout, kind of reminds me of the low country or Myrtle Beach if it wasn't in this area, pretty flat course overall, some creeks and water to play around, but was a great course and was in excellent shape! Only wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg to play there on the weekends, its a bit of a drive for me from north charlotte area, but was worth it! But if it was priced closer to Monroe price Id play it more!
  • 6/8/18, Glen Oaks Golf Club, Review by aepfeiffer - Found this course on GolfNow, played there relatively cheap, the guy inside asked how I found out and told him Id found it on golf now, he was like they had just started using them in the last little bit and has helped generate traffic to the course which is good to know. The course itself was in great shape, few greens had some isolated issues but most of them were in great shape, fairways were excellent, definitely a course you will want to play a few times to learn the layout and where to hit the ball, plays quirky in the way the holes are laid out, but ill definitely be visiting again to play!
  • 6/8/18, Rocky River Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - Got out of the office a little early and played a late 18 with B-Man himself. I had never played this course and have heard so many good things about it, so I was excited to get out. It didnt disappoint. The fairways were green and in great shape, and the greens were fast and true. There was a little bit of an issue on 17 green (not sure if its winter kill or what), but it seemed close to flawless other than that. Can't wait to get back to this course.
  • 6/7/18, Charles T. Myers Golf Club - Update on the greens renovation: The course will be closed from July 5th until the first of September as they switch over from Bentgrass to MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermudagrass greens. They'll also be leveling tee boxes and making other improvements. They will have a web page with status updates on the renovation and I will post it on the message board once I get it from Ratcliffe.
  • 6/7/18, Charlotte National Golf Club - Quick update from playing 9 holes yesterday - they've sprayed the greens to kill them off before the switchover to bermuda. That has made them very thin and lightning FAST! If you enjoy putting on glass or Augusta-style green speeds, go play Charlotte National this week. The greens probably have another week of playability and it was a fun challenge not to 3 or 4 putt! Also, they've mown down spots on a few holes for the temporary greens so you can sorta see how the course will play in a few weeks.
  • 6/7/18, Harry L. Jones Sr. Golf Course - I had a great chat with Del Ratcliffe this week about plans for all of his courses, including the Harry Jones course near Renaissance Park. Plans are not yet finalized but they have brought in Ron Garl (he designed the now closed Regent Park golf course) to consult on a likely redesign of all 18 holes. This municipal course has many holes built on the site of a former city landfill which presents many challenges for the maintenance and upkeep of good playing conditions. If the redesign proposal moves forward, the course would likely be closed for 18-24 months. This is one of the reasons Ratcliffe Golf Services is investing now in making improvements to their other courses -- Charles T Myers (new greens this summer), the Sifford Course at Revolution Park and Sunset Hills. I'll keep you posted as I hear more about the plans for this course.
  • 6/5/18, Stonebridge Golf Club, Review by hotrod jb - SB is in it's prime right now. The only thing I could see that needs some improvement is a few tee boxes. I highly suggest you give it a try. Great course in great shape.
  • 6/4/18, Birkdale Golf Club, Review by KyleSmith - Birkdale is the perfect example of why I hate the current state of golf. They charge $65 for a course that is very green, but plays pretty terrible. The course looked great- very green, not many issues in the fairways or tee boxes, and greens looked decent from the fairways. In reality, if you missed a fairway at all, you were probably not finding your ball because of isolated dirt patches that shoot your ball way off line, or thick bermuda rough that wasn't that thick at Quail for the PGA. The greens were incredibly soft and a hair furry (read: slow). I had heard a lot of good stuff about Birkdale, and later this summer I might give it another go, but I am not impressed with the $65 round Sunday.
  • 6/3/18, Eagle Chase Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - One of my top 5 favorite public courses in the area is in pretty good shape. They just have a handful of greens with areas they had to aerify recently due to lingering winterkill issues but the greens are large enough that they were able to put pins in spots where it did not affect play. They had a note posted on each cart listing the holes affected and asking you to play them as ground under repair. The only one I really noticed was #9 but the others (#1, #8, #17 and #18) were not that bad. All the other greens were immaculate and rolling well. This is a great course with beautiful views and it's very reasonably priced. I need to play it once a month at least.
  • 6/2/18 - Msg Board Posting about Charles T. Myers Golf Club
    Courses closed this summer   The B-Man
    Add Charles T Myers to the list of courses closing for some time this summer. They are replacing their greens with bermuda, just like Charlotte National. So they will be closed in July/Aug.

    Help me keep track of the courses closing for some time this summer:

    Charlotte National
    Charles T Myers
    Larkhaven (permanently)

    Did I miss one?
  • 6/2/18, Charles T. Myers Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Disclaimer: Charles T Myers is redoing their greens and closing in July/August. Today the course was in really good shape - except maybe for the tee boxes, but that did not affect play really. The greens in particular were very good. Play the bentgrass greens while you can since they're being replaced next month with bermuda. The course held up well today even with two ten minute downpours during our back nine. We did have to play through some puddles but many courses would have been unplayable after that much rain in such a short time. I did wish the carts had a pull down rain cover though! I may try to get back out here before it closes in July.
  • 5/27/18 - Msg Board Posting about Mooresville Golf Club
    The Hits Just Keep On Coming   BetterThanMost
    Mooresville is currently using 3 temporary greens and will close on June 11th for the remainder of the month to complete repairs to the course.

  • 5/27/18, Charlotte National Golf Club, Review by The B-Man - Conditions were fine - especially compared to other public courses in Charlotte right now. However... Charlotte National is replacing their 20 year old bent grass greens with Bermuda in July. So they will be killing off the bent grass in June and going to a reduced rate as they die off and are replaced with Bermuda. Then they will offer temporary greens in July while the new greens grow in. So you've probably got another 2-3 weeks to play the course as is. If I get out there to practice in the next month, I'll post another update.
  • 5/27/18, Chester Golf Club, Review by syncgolf - Course was in great shape. I love the new greens they roll true and fast. Fun course with generous fairways. Best value for your money only 33 min from my house Played in 4 hours on a Sunday. will be back again soon!
  • 5/27/18, Monroe Country Club, Review by mattc1323 - Fun little course. Greens are in great shape. They let a walker go off in front of us, at 8:00am, caused us to have a 5 hour round. Very frustrating, but the course is a solid play at a great price.
  • 5/27/18, Mooresville Golf Club, Review by BetterThanMost - Mooresville Golf Club is currently using 3 temporary greens and will close on June 11th for the remainder of the month of June to complete repairs.