Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte National   J.D. at 6/19/06 11:38am

Your review of the Charlotte National Golf Course was spot on. The greens were in the best shape of any course I've played in the area this year. And they're lightning fast and very tricky to read (better get a view from both sides of the hole!).

I'd rate this course a B+ overall. The conditions are "A" caliber but the course is a little visually drab and the layout could use a little more variety -- you have to use driver on almost every par 4 hole.

Thanks for your reviews and keep 'em coming.
Waterford   Jonathan at 6/18/06 10:31am
Made it to Waterford earlier in the week and was very impressed. Couldn't beat the $25 coupon considering the shape of the fairways and greens. The weather was not great when I played, but the course was in great shape.

Re: want to walk   B-Man at 5/22/06 9:46pm
"Close to Ballantyne" is somewhat limiting. Nearby (20 min or less) would be Charlotte Golf Links, Renaissance Park, Fort Mill Golf Club, Springfield, and Regent Park. Of those, Links and Fort Mill are very walkable. At Links you could get a Players Card that will get you discounts on regular play. You'd have to check Fort Mill's prices. Renaissance is also affordable for Meck Co. residents. Another place that I know is nice, quiet and affordable is Stonebridge. I think with backroads (check Google Maps) you could get there from Ballantyne in 20 minutes.

If they were closer for you, I'd say Larkhaven or Charles T Myers. Both are inexpensive and walkable, Larkhaven maybe a little more so. Other good ones are Monroe Country Club and Charlotte National, but they would be a haul from Ballantyne.
want to walk   TYLER at 5/22/06 5:02pm
I am looking for a rare commodity. I need to find a place to go out once a week, walk 9 or 18 holes, get a good workout and keep my game fresh. I don't get alot of time to play on the weekends, but I have decided that one morning per week I am going to take some time 'off' and go walk a round. I would really like to find something really slow in he mornings, quiet, solitude, that doesn't cost much at all. I am from Pittsburgh originally, we always had plenty of municipal cources (not the best, but great for weekly smacking the ball around) that you could walk and get a hot-dog for under $15. Any advice out there? Also, close to Ballantyne would be great!
1st Annual Golf Invitational   Team Technology, Inc. at 5/18/06 11:55am
Team Technology, Inc., is sponsoring a golf invitational at The Tradition Golf Club Monday May 22.

The fee is a $75.00 charitable contribution, per person with ALL proceeds going to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Currently, we have 9 teams and would love to have additional players.

The Leukemia Society is our corporate charity and we have raised approximately $50K over the last 7 years for this charity.

Call Claudia Toner 704/849-0266 x 62. It isn't too late to register!
olde sycamore and eagle chase   chaaooh at 5/14/06 11:35pm
Played eagle chase and olde sycamore over the past four days. Eagle chase was a really good round, reasonably priced and the greens rolled great. Some very memorable and challenging holes, esp. a few of the par 3s. The fairways were not in great shape however.
Olde Sycamore is a great round of golf, though I thought the greens were on the slow side.
Charlotte Golf Links   J.D. at 5/12/06 9:16pm
Played 36 there today -- the greens keep getting better, but still have more room to improve. In addition, they're pock-marked with ball divots (does anyone repair their ball marks on the greens anymore?!?). Fairways were in good shape. One gripe though -- you won't find any real sand in the bunkers here. Instead, it's more like packed, hard dirt. For the money, this course rates around a "B."
Golf Vacations   B-Man at 4/26/06 11:54pm
I've just posted a new guide to Golf Vacations in the Carolinas. It has links to the Carolina Golf Travel Guide, which provides great package deals for all the destinations. Check it out if you're planning a trip.
Re: Memberships   B-Man at 4/26/06 1:06pm
My 2 cents: The Carolina Trail offers a ton of membership options across its 5 courses (The Divide, Charlotte Golf Links, Tradition, Waterford, Highland Creek). They run specials throughout the year. I get email specials on memberships once a month it seems. Unless you plan to play 1-2 times a week for sure, with some weekends, golf memberships, in my opinion, are too pricey.

For the semi-private courses around town, you pay $30-$45 on a weekday (with many discount options if you check the paper or links off this web site) and $45-$65 on weekends. At 1 or 2 rounds a week, you're talking $150-$200 at any course you like, carts included. Typically, the membership dues are in the $175-$250 range and most don't include cart fees. Don't forget, too, that in the winter you may not play much at all, yet you're still paying dues.

With those caveats, Carolina Trail is a decent option around town, since you can get a package deal that includes all 5 of their courses. If you're interested, I can share the email deals that I've seen recently in case you need to negotiate.
Memberships   anonymous coward at 4/20/06 1:36pm
is the carolina trail golf membership any good? i'm looking at raintree and cedarwood because of pure proximity, but cedarwood's monthly dues are high, though the course is a good walkable course and my house is on it. what is a good deal around here for memberships, and when is a good time to grab one?
re:crystal creek   matt at 4/19/06 8:31pm
im an employe at crystal creek and theyre shutting down during the next off season- (winter)
crystal creek closing?   david at 4/18/06 11:31am
Heard a rumor that crystal creek golf course in pineville will be closing. Just wandering if this rumor could be verified.
B-Man's New Golf Blog   The B-Man at 4/5/06 12:45am
Golfing with B-Man in the Carolinas - my new blog for the site.

Just getting it started. Let me know what you think.
Divide   Jamie at 4/3/06 6:41am
I played The Divide on 4/1, and I was told the greens were aerated on 3/13. Dissapointing - they definitely did not putt like they were aerated almost three weeks ago. The greens are a long way from healing; they actually looked and putted like they were aerated a few days ago. They need at least another two weeks before they roll true.
N.C. National   Jim at 4/2/06 8:48pm
I played N.C. National Saturday for the first time. I liked the challenge of the course, the yardage books on the carts were helpful. But the greens was not what I expected, my home course is run down because of the working class image, but the greens were far better than those at N. C. National. I am glad I booked the course on lastminute golfer, because I would have hated to pay full price to play greens that was in that kind of shape.
Re: area courses   Jamie Archie at 3/13/06 12:02pm
Sounds like you might want a course with some bite in it. Old Sycamore is a shot-shaper's course, and a driver is not needed on most holes due to the high number of doglegs. Regent Park is a little tougher in my opinion, fairly long, but does not not have severe doglegs. Two other nice, fairly tough courses are Verdict Ridge and Skybrook.
area courses   Scott at 3/11/06 10:34am
I have two friends coming in on the 17th for two days of golf. I am scheduling a round at waterford and the Ballantyne resort. Any other courses that come recommended? They are both single digit and big hitters who would over power a small course. I have heard mixed things about Old Sycamore.
Re: Equipment Hire   Mike A at 3/7/06 11:14am
Thanks for your help on the club rental. I'll try Edwin Watts. Played Ballantyne last time I was over but they want $45 to rent clubs.
Re: Equipment Hire   michaels at 3/3/06 3:34pm
virtually any course that you will want to play at will be able to rent you clubs for your round - alternatively their is a chain of golf super stores here called edwin watts - look them up and they too can rent you clubs
Equipment Hire   Mike A at 3/2/06 5:40am
I'm visiting family in Charlotte in a couple of weeks time and hope to get a few rounds in. Travelling over from the UK but unfortunately don't think I'll be able to bring my clubs. Is there anywhere I can hire equipment from near Ballantyne.
Re: clubs and courses   TGreenway at 2/28/06 12:32pm
EFFORTLESS Golf is at the corner of Tryon and Tyvola, (about 8 min from airport)...with a nice driving range and full club fitting services. Good group of guys there, and competitive prices.
clubs and courses   mc at 2/24/06 10:15am
I'll be in Charlotte around March 24. I'm picking someone up at the airport, but I do have time to play golf that day and would also like shop around for a set of irons. Any recommendations on a golf course relatively close to the airport, as well as a golf shop to find a decent deal on clubs (I'm probably looking at Hogans or Mizuno).

Thanks so much!
Carolina Kick-Off Classic   Charlotte Golf Tour at 2/21/06 2:59pm
Join The Charlotte Golf Tour and The Carolina Golf Tour at the Pit Golf Links in Aberdeen, NC March 4th for the Carolina Kick-Off Classic!! Normal Green fees at The Pit are $109 in March. You can play this Golf Digest Top 50 Public Course for just $80 including the Prize Pool. This is a 2-person best ball event open to all men, women, and juniors who normally score 95 or less for 18 holes. You may sign up for this event as a four-some, a two-some or as a single, we will find you a playing partner. For more information and our complete 2006 schedule visit us at
Charlotte National   TC at 1/23/06 12:14pm
Played Char. Nat'l this weekend (1-22-06) and the course is basically under water. Greens are in good shape but need to really dry out. Course does not drain well at all, standing water on fairways and greens, 8th and 18th fairway were completely underwater. Before you play, make sure you inquire about the drainage and how wet the course actually is?
Re: Where to play?   JB at 1/22/06 11:45pm
Ballantyne is your best bet. Waterford in Rock Hill and Springfield in Fort Mill are also pretty good courses run by good people.
Charlotte Golf Links   Tom Cusick at 1/19/06 1:19pm
Plyed CGL on 1/7/06 and actually wrote to the Pro to complain about the conditions. Course obviously wet from prior rain (3 days earlier) so cart paths only. Course does not drain that well. Traps were poor and sand was like wet concrete. Greens were horrible and heavily spotted with Bermuda as well as disease, couldn't find a true roll anywhere. Still charging $52 for bad golf in dead of winter, play somewhere else.
Pawtuckett Golf Club Closing for Good   B-Man at 1/11/06 10:27pm
Got word tonight that Pawtuckett Golf Club has closed for good, as of 12/26. The note said "The oversupply of golf in the market and the poor location were the driving forces behind this decision." It also added that "The land is being divided up and sold to residential developers."

While my last round there (Sept) showed the conditions had gone downhill, I still enjoyed the layout. It had a unique feel to it, compared to other area courses and it was still one of the top 3 values in the Charlotte area. I'll miss it.
Waterford GC   Eap at 12/27/05 8:40am
Played Waterford yesterday and the greens are in great shape. Some of the fairways are a little soggy due to the past rain.Had a good time!!
Where to play?   Long Driver at 12/19/05 7:09pm
Been keeping up with your website for awhile as an out of towner. Im debating on Ballantyne and Highland Creek. I am looking for a good challenge and a very nice course. Any suggestions on these two, or maybe another top tier course?
olde sycamore   Nathan Helms at 11/23/05 7:11pm
I played olde sycamore today, because it was so cold the greens were brutaly fast. Most holes were not very muddy despite the heavens opening up two days ago. I played a horrible round but course was in good shape.

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