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Golf in Charlotte   Dave at 5/15/09 9:28pm
Just some comments on some of the courses I've played in the last couple of months.

Renaissance - completely disagree with the comments earlier. The only issue I had with this course is that it's sometimes hard to find a flat spot on the tee.

Emerald lake - completely agree with the last comment. Not going back.

Regent Park - played there Wednesday. Greens were a little fuzzy and slow but the course is in great shape.

Springfield - Always in great shape.

Cleghorn Plantation - made the drive and was dissapointed. Course is gorgeous. Great views, elevation changes, etc. Tees, fairways, bunkers all in great shape. Greens were terrible. They have something growing besides grass. It made them virtually unputtable and ruined the round.

Olde Sycamore - always in great shape.

River Oaks - greens were very good. Tee to green, not so much. Needs some work, Not worth the drive unless you're north of town.

Glen Oaks - I really liked this course. They seem to take a lot of pride in this course. Some really pretty holes and at least one where you tee off across a road. Worth the drive.

Deer Brook - I wasn't all that impressed but I was out there after some bad weather. I'll try it again before passing judgement.

Rock Barn - Played the Jones course and it was great as you might expect from a course that is a Senior Tour stop.

Charlotte Golf Links - It's horrible. Don't bother.

Moorseville Muni - You hear different things about hhis course but I liked it. A few of the tees needed a lot work but I thought the fairways and greens were very good. They seem to do a lot of 1st Tee/ Junior golf up there. There were lots of kids walking the course Mother's Day.

Have played Eagle Chase, Fox Den and The Warrior also. All were in good shape and worth going to play.

Playing Edgewater in the morning. I'll update my last comments about it.

A comment about Ballantyne Resort. They really aren't interested in attracting local golfers over there. It's all about packaging rounds with rooms and corporate outings.
Re: Dog Fights???   James Leo at 5/14/09 8:27am
Thanks for the update! Does anyone know of any dog-fights on the weekend?
Ballantyne Resort   Jamie at 5/14/09 7:53am
Haven't played Ballantyne in a few years. The last time I went there was three or four months ago to just hit a bucket of balls. They blatantly said I could only practice there if I played there. I regained consciousness shortly thereafter and promptly left. They have also raised their Fri-Sat green fees to $90. Either they think Charlotte is Pebble Beach, or they do not understand Economics 101. I know the laws of supply and demand still work, but if they continue to treat customers in this fashion, God help them.
Re: Dog Fights???   B-Man at 5/13/09 6:12pm
Just got this via email. Emerald Lake has dog fights on Wednesdays:

Wednesday shotgun 6:00 PM
Season begins next Wednesday May 20th

Different formats every week

Cost for non-members $25
Riding members pay $15, Walking members pay $20

The fee includes one drink of your choice (anything except liquor).
Charlotte VIM Clinic Charity Tournament   Donna Murray Lacey at 5/13/09 5:49pm
The Charlotte Volunteers in Medicine Clinic will host its First Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at Highland Creek Golf Club. Cost $75.00/$300/team.
All proceeds to benefit the care of uninsured patients in Mecklenburg County.
Shotgun 8:30AM.
Please see our website for details
phone# 704-350-1300
Re: Rocky River   Bill at 5/13/09 5:32pm
We just played there last week. Course was in good shape and fairways were just starting to green up and grow. Greens were in good shape and held well.
Rocky River   Jin at 5/13/09 12:15pm
Has anyone played Rocky River recently? Thinking of heading out there next week if the conditions are good. Thanks!
Re: Emerald Lake is GREAT   Chad Essick at 5/12/09 9:47pm
I do not agree with this guy one bit. I have been to Emerald Lake twice this year and both times I watched and listened as the Pro Shop Staff made fun of people as they walked out. They seem to be very arrogant over there for no reason. The course is in okay shape, but not nearly as good as other tracks in the area. I hear them talk badly about other golf courses as well. This course has fallen from everyone's grace. Four or five years ago, this course was very, very nice. Now, it is just average at best. Spend your money elsewhere.
Renaissance   fsquid at 5/12/09 3:49pm
I thought they were going to do some work at Renaissance when they got taken over? You are right, the front nine is just awful. I like the back 9, but it is priced way too high for the condition it is in.
Renaissance Park Golf Course   Sephlo at 5/7/09 11:54pm
4/19/09 - Played course for first time this year. Terrible condition, way overpriced. Fairways play like asphalt, greens are weak at best...
Re: Demo days   James Leo at 5/7/09 10:36pm
I believe there is a demo day at Birkdale on Saturday from 11-3. Go to the Edwin Watts website for more info. I get their e-mail updates about demo days, and went to the one last year at Birkdale. It was a pretty nice setup.
Demo days   Dwayne at 5/7/09 1:14pm
Anyone know of any golf demo days in Charlotte this weekend or next weekend
Dog Fights???   James Leo at 5/5/09 10:08pm
Does anyone know about any dog fights on the weekends at any of the local courses in Charlotte? I struggle to find playing partners, and have enjoyed these at courses in other cities. Thanks!
Re: Edgewater?   Dave at 5/4/09 5:47pm
I think Edgewater is as nice as any public/semi-private course in Charlotte. Green fees are reasonable but you make up for it with the drive. Course is not easy but is very playable. The one stand-out characteristic of this course is the greens. They are HUGE. If you feel like making the drive go play the course. The development around it isn't doing real great so who knows how long it will be open.
Course Updates   J.D. at 5/4/09 10:11am
Just some general course updates from a long weekend of a lot of golf...

Springfield is in great shape, but the practice green is rolling a heckuva lot faster than the real greens, so don't be fooled. (There's also a little bumpiness in 2-3 of the back 9 greens.) One more thing -- this course should have a lot more red stakes than what's out there. It amazes me that they spend so much money on course maintenance, but forget to put down $1 stakes. Frustrating.

Carolina Lakes is in great shape, with one exception. NOBODY seems to rake bunkers or fix ball marks here (except me and my playing partners). A shame.

Eagle Chase was in very good shape and a great value. I do think the course is a little gimmicky, though, with nearly EVERY shot on the course factoring in elevation.

One more note -- I've heard amazing things about Edgewater but have not yet played it. Several local golfers are saying "best public course in Charlotte area" so I'll have to check it out soon.
Edgewater?   James Leo at 5/3/09 11:18am
Has anyone played this new course in Lancaster, SC? I'd be curious for your feedback. Thanks
Ballantyne Resort   Scott at 5/1/09 11:41am
Agree with the latest assessment (5/1/09) and wanted to stress the conditions of the greens. I played 4/25/09 and these greens, on this day, were my favorite of any I've played in Charlotte, ever. They were super fast (ala US Open greens that won't hold approach shots hit with pace), yet soft and overall very fair. They weren't like concrete hard to the feel. Overall renovations are an improvement, as I played the last week the course was open in 2008. Having said that, this place remains a "treat" for me as I cannot justify $90 before 2pm on the weekends.

Looking for recommendations for a reasonable course with similar greens if it exists in Charlotte.
Quail Hollow tickets   B-Man at 4/30/09 1:09am
Hey everyone - The B-Man is in need of 2 tickets for any or all days, Friday - Sunday for the Quail Hollow Championship. If you have 2 to spare, please email me. I'll be out at the course on Thursday following Tiger around in the morning.

My Dad and I usually take advantage of the Mulligan Tickets available for $10 after 12noon each day, but this year, the tournament has discontinued the program. I don't get it. It brings more revenue to the tournament and it makes it affordable for a lot of fans -- including me! So why would they cut that program this year, of all years? Sigh...
Emerald Lake is GREAT   William at 4/24/09 10:07am
I don't know what the person before me is talking about, this course is one of the best around! The greens are PERFECT and the guys in the shop are always FANTASTIC to everyone that comes in. I feel like a member of Augusta when I go in. Customer service is A++++ and the course is even better!!!

Sorry you have a horrible attitude Robert Harris, maybe you should just give up the game because it seems like noone or anything can make you happy. If you don't like the guys over there, maybe you should go to Stonebridge, you'd love the folks over there, if you want to talk about bad customer service, try there.

Don't believe what Mr. Harris says, this place is top notch!!!!
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Robert Harris at 4/23/09 11:24pm
This course has become a laughing stock. They have jerks behind the counter, jerks running the course, and horrible course conditions as a nice little cherry on top of that sundae. Absolutely no customer service. They just promoted their assistant pro to head pro, and he was the worst one of them all! Stay away, and play somewhere that appreciates the hard earned money you are spending. With 90-some-odd courses to choose from, why go somewhere that acts like they are doing you a favor by being open?
Practice   Dan at 4/23/09 7:07pm
Does anyone know where there is a good practice facility around Charlotte? I have been to a couple of driving ranges that were not very good. It seemed very expensive for the amount of practice balls you received. I just moved down from michigan and would like to find a nice place to practice. Up in michigan, there were a couple of places that had unlimited practice.
golf outing   John at 4/20/09 12:30pm
Planning a golf "tournament" does anyone have any suggestions for a course to hold about a 30 person event on a Saturday this summer? Has anyone planned one before and have any suggestions.
The Joe Martin ALS Foundation Golf Tournament   Rusty McDonald at 4/17/09 2:56pm
Entry fee includes a moisture management logo golf shirt, goodie bag, and lunch. First place prize is a chartered fishing trip for the winning team of four. Prizes will be awarded for longest drive, straightest drive, longest putt and closest to the pin. You can enter the hole in one contest for a chance to win a BMW Z4 Roadster. All proceeds go to help support the Joe Martin ALS Foundation and their effort to provide free home care to families facing the challenge of living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Please register by visiting the tournament website at
or by calling 704-332-1929.
Play the Private Courses   Powerpig at 4/17/09 11:10am
Anyone used services like the It lists many private courses here and somehow sounds fishy to me...
Re: Demo days   B-Man at 4/15/09 10:34pm
Leatherman Golf has a Callaway demo day next Thursday, April 23rd - 3pm-7pm.

LEATHERMAN GOLF LEARNING CENTER - 5845 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28217 - 704-527-1123
Demo days   Dwayne at 4/14/09 12:11pm
When is the next Callaway or Mizuno demo day in Charlotte?
Olde Sycamore   Jin at 4/13/09 9:28am
Played 4/11 for the first time and pace of play was good. we used coupons off their website for a discount. wet from the t-storms on fri, but it wasn't bad. greens were a bit slower and holes were still visible from aeration... should roll better in the next few weeks. the par 3 4th green really is a monster. well, i think it depends more on pin placement. it didn't look too intimidating off the tee, but once we started putting it was nearly impossible. the pin was cut about 3 ft from the tier in the middle of the green. a few inches past the hole and you roll 20 ft down, and if you roll it a few inches short it'd roll right back down. i was lucky enough to 2 putt and get out. the layout was fun, a few dogleg rights in the beginning. fairways are greening out and bunkers were clean for the most part.
Charity Golf Tournament at Highland Creek on May 8   B-Man at 4/9/09 2:06am
The 2009 Bethany Open is being held at Highland Creek on May 8th. It is a charity fund-raising event for Bethany Christian Services. The cost is $120 per individual or $400 for a foursome. Click on the link above for more information.
Highland Creek   Randy at 4/8/09 11:30pm
Just got back from Highland Creek and am quite happy. With the course, not my game. But compared to most courses I have been playing, it was in great shape. You could really see the green starting to grow in. It was nice to have a little grass to hit off of in the fairways. Tees were goood. Bunkers were great, minus 2 being in terrible shape. Not bad considering how many there are. And the greens were in good shape. Could still see the holes from aereating, but rolled true, no bouncing. Plus they would hold shots. Not in mid-season form by any means, but better than most around right now.
Emerald Lake   Jamie at 4/6/09 7:50am
Played Emerald Lake on 4/4. Fairways are starting to green nicely, but were wet. The greens are in good shape after March aeration, but were unusually slow...don't know why. Very odd for that course, greens are normally much faster.

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