Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: stonebridge   Dan at 10/28/10 12:56pm
I doubt that B-Man or anyone closely related to golf courses in this area will admit it, but it seems like there is a common theme around here of how crappy the courses treat their customers. I moved down here from West Michigan 1 1/2 yrs ago and personally think the golf scene here in Charlotte sucks. I have been truly disappointed to say the least of both course conditions and The attitude of the course personel. Maybe they don't realize it, but they give off a HUGE negative vibe that they really don't care if their customer is happy or not.
stonebridge   malamute at 10/27/10 4:07pm
can you provide more info regarding treatment, pt?
Stonebridge   PT at 10/26/10 12:32pm
This course is in great shape. One of the best in the area that I have seen.That being said...The staff has alot to be desired. I have played there numerous times and have friends that play there weekly and none of us have ever been treated so rudely as this past weekend. I will never set foot on their course again and neither will any of the others. I have no words to explain how bad an experience it was.
Revolution GC   Russell at 10/25/10 2:01pm
I am not sure if anyone missed playing at Revolution GC but it has been closed for a little over two years to be renovated.

I heard from someone at Park and Rec that it will be reopening this Friday with a reconfigured course. There is also a large putting and chipping green and a driving range that are shared with First Tee of Charlotte.

It is operated for the city by Ratcliffe Golf Services (CT Myers, Sunset Hills, Rennassance) so that should give you an idea about the quality of the conditioning that should be expected.
Cramer Mountain   Jamie at 10/16/10 4:13pm
Played Cramer Mountain today (10/16) for the first time. We were told when we booked the tee time that the greens were punched two weeks ago, and that they would be "just a little bumpy". Here is the REAL deal: they were possibly the worst greens I have ever seen in 30 years of playing golf. About 2/3 of the greens were literally unplayable - grass at least 1/2" high, large portions of the greens dead, heavily sanded in many areas. The three os uf were completely stunned by their poor condition. The greens need a lot of work, or total replacement, to make them puttable. The course overall is a good layout, and the fairways were in good shape, but general maintenance has been lacking there for a long time. Basic things like cartpaths, bunkers, etc. need a lot of work just to get to "public" course! standards. My advice - stay away from CM for a while, maybe try it in the spring. It really needs some serious maintenance.
eagle chase   DrSchteeve at 10/10/10 9:55pm
Greens punched about 2 weeks ago. By October 27, they should be in great shape. You will love this course if the layout suits your game
eagle chase   malamute at 10/10/10 9:06pm
greens are fair at best - first 6 are poor / rest of course is ok
eagle chase   piversen at 10/10/10 11:56am
I have tee times here on Oct 27....anyone played recently? coming from canada...returning to charlotte from pinehurst....stopping to play here. looks ok....great price....any comments? thx
Mom's Lemonade Fund Golf Tournament at Emerald Lake 11/08/10   The B-Man at 10/8/10 10:16am
First Annual Tournament for Ovarian Cancer:

Mom's Lemonade Fund Golf Tournament
Emerald Lake Golf Club
Monday, November 8th, 2010

The mission of Mom's Lemonade Fund is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, assist with frontline emotional and medical needs and to provide comfort care items for patients, their family members and caregivers battling the disease.

Registration: 9:00am
Shot Gun Tee Time: 10:00am
Cost: $70
Includes: Green Fees, Cart Fees, Range Balls, Lunch, Two Beverage Ti! ckets, Tournament Awards, Door Prizes
Sign-up and payment deadline: November 1, 2010

Help make our outing a success: we are looking for Hole Sponsors, Door Prizes and Players!

Contact the tournament coordinator Patty Miles at 704-882-7888 ext 3 or via email,
Junior Tees   j&c at 10/4/10 12:56pm
I played Charles T. Myers for the first time in 15 years this past weekend and the course was as rough as I remembered but fine for my purposes. I was playing with my 6 year old for her first time on a "real course with golf carts". I had planned on picking spots for her to tee off close to the green and was pleased when finding the junior tees. She loved having her own tees close to the green. It was also nice that she played for free after 1:00 (which is why I picked the course). Does anyone know of any other courses in the area with a similar set up?

By the way, we were playing as a reward to her and I planned to play how ever many holes she wanted. To my suprise, we left after 17.
Re: Where to play   DrSchteeve at 10/3/10 6:29pm
Ballantyne will give you the nicest lodging and best restaurant options - I would strongly recommend that unless budget directs otherwise. You can still get to Verdict Ridge in less than 45 minutes from Ballantyne.

My strong recommendations for courses in the best shape and most memorable would be 1) Verdict Ridge, 2) Edgewater, 3) Olde Sycamore, 4) Ballantyne. Stonebridge, Carolina Lakes, and Emerald Lake are good courses, just not up there with my top 4. Waterford's greens are great, but after a 5 hour round there yesterday I won't be going back.

I would stay away from Charlotte National, Skybrook, and Eagle Chase because of current conditions. For me, Warrior is not worth the drive (while Verdict Ridge is).

I wouldn't worry too much about driving times; as long as you avoid rush hours Charlotte is pretty easy to navigate and you can get to every course mentioned from anywhere in Charlotte in less than 45 minutes.
Re: Where to play?   panthersfann55 at 10/3/10 5:36pm
this time of year be sure to call any golf course you choose to see if they have punched the greens. many do at the end of sept beginning of oct. takes about 3 weeks to heal. played fox den (30 min north of charlotte) great conditions and female friendly. great layout. don't let eagle chases pictures fool you. very fair course and the ladies tees will give you the advantage. open fairways no blind shots (no houses either). carolina lakes has huge fast greens, but if you don't get it on the right tier watch the score rise. use (via the links here on Bman's site) to buy rounds cheaper than at the proshop most times.
Where to play?   LaurenfromMA at 10/3/10 10:54am
Thanks for such great info on Charlotte courses! We're visiting for a few days, and will get to play 2 or 3 rounds of golf. "We" are a couple (over 50) - one with about a 12 handicap and a great short game and the other a struggling golfer who appreciates a significant ladies advantage. We're deciding where to stay, and it seems like we probably want to decide "north" (Verdict Ridge, Warrior, Skybrook or ?) or "east" (Old Sycamore, Emerald, Charlotte National, maybe Stonebridge) or possibly "south" (Ballantyne, Waterford, Carolina Lakes...)

Since we're on vacation, value isn't quite as important as a great experience. For us, great means good course conditions and layout, and fun to play on your first outing (not Red Brid! ge). I'm leaning toward the "east" cluster for us but would love input, especially regarding which courses to pick. Stonebridge sounds like it might be worth the drive, and Eagle Chase sounds like more of a challenge than I'm up to.

Thanks for any input on current conditions, now that it's cooler!
Re: Where to play?   tvrepairex at 9/24/10 5:41pm
CJ,If you want great carolina BBQ you need to try Gary's BBQ in China Grove ,NC on hwy 29N. or Lexington BBQ in Lexington ,NC off I-85.Both are north of Charlotte between 35 minutes to an hour.Also,Red Bridge in Locust,N.C. just east of Charlotte or the Warrior in China Grove are two good courses to try.
Re: Where to play?   CJ at 9/24/10 1:21pm
Thanks again for the information, I really appreciate it.

Sorta off topic, but do you have any good restaurant recommendations? I'm not a fine dining guy and I've never been to NC, but everyone tells me I need to eat Carolina bbq. A co-worker of mine said I had to go the The Penguin. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all of your input.
Where to play?   DrSchteeve at 9/23/10 8:14pm
Hate to say, as I was a fan the first time I played, but the conditions now at Cramer Mountain are not good - like many course, it's the greens: bare spots, poa anna (sp?), just not good.
where to play   malamute at 9/23/10 2:11pm
verdict ridge / red bridge / cramer mountain are some of the best courses in area
Re: Where to play?   wnb5th at 9/22/10 10:52pm
Carolina Lakes on 521 is a great golf... the nicest around in my humble opinion and over the past 10 years I have played the crap out of every course within 45 miles... edgewater is also great.
Re: Where to play?   DrSchteeve at 9/22/10 7:45pm
Ballantyne is a decent layout and most consistently offers "resort" conditions in Charlotte. They punched their greens back in July so they should be in good shape. It's all relative, but they are at the highest price point for daily fee courses in Charlotte, usually $75 or so. Especially given the greens issues that most courses have suffered, if the greens are in good shape the premium may be worth it. I would call and specifically ask about greens conditions.
Re: Where to play?   CJ at 9/22/10 6:20pm
Thank you for the suggestions. What are your thoughts on the course at the Ballantyne Resort?

Thanks again.
Fox Den   panthersfann55 at 9/22/10 2:03pm
Course in great shape. Greens healed nicely since they punched them 4 weeks ago. Wish the fairways were mowed on this visit but all in all still a great value.
Re: Where to play?   Dan at 9/14/10 3:52pm
I wouldn't get to excited about playing Cleghorn Plantation.
I was out there the last 2 weekends and each round took well over 5 hrs. The last round was 5 1/2 hrs. and when we voiced our displeasure......the guy working said "if you don't like it, then don't come back, we don't care". Who says something like that to a paying customer? I mean....all you hear about is how the courses aren't making money so the staff at Cleghorn says "don't come back"? Well guess what......I won't go back and neither will the other guys playing with me those times. Plus, they won't get any business from all of our other golf friends. Unbelievable!
Where to play?   DrSchteeve at 9/10/10 7:21am
Verdict Ridge (in Denver, NC, about 35 minutes north from down(up)town Charlotte).

Edgewater (in Lancaster, SC, about 45 minutes south)

A bit farther, Cleghorn Plantation (in Rutherfordton, NC, about 1 1/4 hours west)

Unfortunately, in my opinion, there aren't any "must play" courses closer in. However, if I was going to choose some closer courses, I would put Skybrook, Olde Sycamore, Red Bridge, and Regent Park on the list.
Out-of-state visitor - where to play?   CJ at 9/10/10 1:21am
I'm travelling to Charlotte in early October and am looking for some course recommendations. I'll be staying in downtown Charlotte but don't want to drive more than one hour to play.

What two courses would you recommend I play?

Thank you in advance.
Badin Lake   fran at 9/9/10 11:43am
I don't see Badin Lake Golf course listed here. Excellent course. Has undergone a tremendous amount of renovation in the last 5 years from the previously name Stanly Country Club. It is worth playing.
Re: Red Bridge review   egolfer at 9/8/10 12:59pm
yeah,hole 18 green may be the toughest green in charlotte area except for maybe the 9th at emerald lake.600 yards plus a severe slope to the front of the green makes pin placements tough.
Re: Red Bridge review   DrSchteeve at 9/8/10 10:33am
I agree that some of the pin placements are tough. However, if you practice putting on either of the two practice greens, you should be prepared as there are plenty of slopes and extremely difficult placements on the practice greens. It is difficult when you don't know the course really well, since where you place your ball relative to the pin(s) can make a huge difference in putting difficulty. For the most part, myself included, Red Bridge is a course that you have to play a lot before you really begin to appreciate it, even like it.
Re: Red Bridge review   tvrepairex at 9/7/10 7:06pm
Course is usually in good shape but they have a habit of making some pin placements almost unplayable such as the one at 16 you mentioned and also on the front of number 10 that is on a sever left to right slope.Another one is on the short par three over the lake.The green has a shelf and I've had the pins on the edge of the shelf.If you miss from the side or rear it rolls down the slope 20 feet away and if you are below the shelf and miss short,it will roll back to where you started.
Red Bridge review   t2green2 at 9/7/10 2:59pm
Bit of a hike from North Charlotte but well worth the drive. Overall the course plays firm and fast from tee to green. Bunkers and rough are well maintained. Greens? The greens? Well lemme tell you about those. They were excellent condition. Not as receptive bent which is acceptable and faster than the bernudas i have played on in the past.

My only copmplaints are a couple of holes (3 and 10) do not fit the eye as far as how or where to hit your drive.

The Green on 16. Well maybe not the green, The pin placement on the front is borderline nuts. I saw 2 putts from above and from the side of this pin roll off the fron of the green.

All in all it was a great course and should only get better. BTW we teed off early and were easily done in 4 hours.!
Kudos to Fox Den   Dr. Jones at 9/7/10 9:42am
Greens were recently aerated, but still the course was in really good shape.

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