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Cleghorn   DrSchteeve at 7/23/13 4:14pm
Cleghorn was a great track, but it is closed.
Re: On the way to Asheville   IM4DHERD at 7/23/13 2:10pm
Haven't played there, but Cleghorn gets good reviews. I will personally vouch for Deer Brook in Shelby.
Re: Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   slowmofo at 7/23/13 10:52am
I on the other hand do not care about the coolers. As I will just bring twice as much beer and not buy anything at the pro shop then. More beer = more fun
Re: Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   ILL-INI at 7/23/13 10:21am
I asked one of the Rangers while I was playing there why they didn't have any water coolers and he told me they were having theft issues with people taking the coolers. Really? Someone is coming out in the middle of the day, walking through the course, and carrying away a 50 gallon jug cooler? Like the Italian Job? I doubt it. I just don't think they want to pay anyone to fill up the coolers and take them out, bring them back in at night. What is it with these courses that have stopped going the extra mile for their clients? My theory...they want you buying all their powerades/water in the pro-shop. Has nothing to do with the coolers getting stolen. Just another trick to rid you of a few more of your dollars.
Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   Jamie at 7/23/13 7:43am
One of my favorite courses is Regent Park, I play there at least once a month, sometimes twice, always fairly early on Saturdays. For some weird reason they have stopped providing water coolers on the course now that we are in the hottest period of the year. The last five times or more I have been out on Saturday morningss, no drinking water anywhere. Plenty of stands for drinking water coolers, just no coolers. Also never anyone selling refreshments, I'm not sure why they have a refreshment stand in the fist place. Bizarre to say the least. Make sure you bring your own cooler or stock up at the clubhouse before you start play. Just an FYI.
On the way to Asheville   DrSchteeve at 7/22/13 11:00am
Deer Creek, in Shelby, NC, off route 74 always gets good reviews. North of Asheville Reems Creek is a fun tract.
Re: Asheville Route Recommendations?   panthersfann55 at 7/21/13 9:53pm
lake lure has 2 very different mountain golf courses. apple valley and bald mountain. played them some years ago but were very challenging.
Asheville Route Recommendations?   Sean at 7/21/13 7:21pm
I'm going to be heading up to Asheville on the 8th and was thinking about trying to play a round someplace along the way.

Most of the routes there (74 or 40) are about the same distance. Anything out in the middle of nowhere I might consider checking out?
Carolina Trail   DrSchteeve at 7/19/13 8:25pm
The sad thing is that even if the courses are bought by entities - such as homeowner associations - that will restore them to their former and potential glory, the curent owner may still escape without jail time.
RE: The Carolina Trail   Seran at 7/18/13 11:30pm
The fat lady is warming up her vocals....

Complaints of unpaid wages persist at Carolina Trail golf courses
Golf tomorrow?   tobacco_rd77 at 7/16/13 6:38pm
Anyone want to golf tomorrow? Some greats deals going on midday
Aerial footage of Revolution Park under water   The B-Man at 7/16/13 9:23am
This is amazing video of what Revolution Park looked like after the flooding rains last week:

This aerial footage was shot by the WBTV helicopter last Thursday (7/11/13).
walking   Fred C Dobbs at 7/11/13 7:33pm
Fort Mill is an easy walk.
Re: any courses to walk?   slowmofo at 7/11/13 3:34pm
I have seen people walking at Olde Sycamore and Larkhaven ( which is only worth playing Nov-Feb)
Re: any courses to walk?   slowmofo at 7/11/13 3:34pm
I have seen people walking at Olde Sycamore and Larkhaven ( which is only worth playing Nov-Feb)
any courses to walk?   tobacco_rd77 at 7/10/13 7:20pm
I much rather walk than ride. Are there any courses that allow walkers besides Rocky River that are worth playing?
Carolina Trail   ILL-INI at 7/10/13 12:06pm
I don't feel sorry for anyone that plays the CT anymore. If you're dumb enough to waste your money on these crap tracks, have at it.
Re: RE: The Carolina Trail   HateSlowPlay at 7/9/13 12:19pm
Say there was a restaurant in town, which had terrible food, and lousy service. You could however blame the lousy service on the fact that the restaurant was understaffed, and the few dedicated employees were horribly overworked and underpaid. Would you still support that restaurant so that the employees do not lose their jobs? Most people would answer "no, of course not". That is capitalism my friends. A business is not entitled to your money, it has to earn it. Why not rather support golf courses who are doing their level best, and reward them with your business.
Carolina Trail/Jeff Silverstein   abc123 at 7/9/13 9:25am
If anyone has questions, comments or complaints regarding any of the Carolina Trail courses or it's owner Jeff Silverstein, please contact the corporate office at (760) 289-4362.
RE: The Carolina Trail   Eric M. at 7/8/13 10:00pm
The employees will likely lose their jobs if everyone boycotts the courses. Bummer to hear about how the club is being managed...
The Carolina Trail   Jeremy Green at 7/8/13 8:58pm
Please Please Please do not support these local courses. They have not paid their employees in over a month, but somehow come up with over $64,000 in 2 days to pay these taxes. It has to stop. Please.
Re: Rocky River tonite   tobacco_rd77 at 7/5/13 11:58am
Thanks for the info
Rocky River tonite   DrSchteeve at 7/5/13 11:47am
Rocky River will be awash with all the rain - it is not the best draining course. Best course in wet conditions in the area is Eagle Chase (yes, it is a hike) - keep in mind I am talking about the fairways and greens; bunkers everywhere are still going to be soggy. In the other direction, Glen Oaks drains well.
Re: Rocky River tonight?   oneputt at 7/5/13 10:25am
I am new to the area as well,live in Palasades, retired and always looking to play golf. Usually play during the week. Can't join you tonight but keep me in mind. Senior playing to a 7.
Rocky River tonight?   tobacco_rd77 at 7/5/13 10:01am
Anyone want to golf at RR tonight? Back in the area and looking for guys to golf with since most of my friends are not golf addicts like I am. I was heading over around 4 or 5.

Re: Course for juniors   Doug at 7/4/13 10:11pm
Some courses will let you shoot off the backside early before anyone else makes the turn if you are only playing 9 holes. This will be your best bet to not interrupt high dollar times. I have an 11 year old son that I play with occasionally and we have done this Emerald Lake and The Golf Links. Get there before 8 as most courses start around 6:30am this time of year.
Re: Course for juniors   Wulfpack at 7/4/13 7:56pm
Go to Fort Mill Golf Club. You won't find a better course for walking and it is 10 minutes from you.
Course for Juniors   DrSchteeve at 7/4/13 12:19pm
Just please be aware that a Sunday morning might not be the best time to walk with juniors, unless you are highly attuned to maintaining pace of play.
Course for juniors   Dean at 7/4/13 9:40am
Found this site while looking for a place to play with my 13 and 8 year old sons. We'll be visiting family in Charlotte soon and would like to find a course where we can walk 9 on a Sunday morning. We'll be staying on the south side of Charlotte near the Carolina Place shopping center. Any tips appreciated and many thanks!
Re: Birkdale   The B-Man at 7/3/13 2:51pm
Update: Birkdale will supposedly reopen tomorrow on July 4th:

Birkdale Golf Club has paid back taxes

This article includes a lot more detail on the legal and financial problems for the Carolina Trail courses, including a suggestion that the county has considered foreclosing on them -- though Waterford and The Divide are not mentioned.

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