Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Charlotte Golf Links is done   Kevin Louse at 3/14/14 8:05pm
Where is Dr, Schteeve when you need him. Just a few months ago he called the notion of building houses on these dilapidated golf courses "such a 90's thing". The Golf Links is the first of a few courses within that old Carolina Trail that will close permanently. They were driven to the brink of goat tracks that are beyond repair.
Local advice please   Jeff at 3/14/14 1:54pm
Local knowledge needed. We are 2 guys from Toronto looking for inexpensive ($40) and easy course for Apr 5 & 6 weekend. Staying about 7 miles from Regent Park - never been to Charlotte area before and haven't swung a club since November. Any suggestions?
Re: Charlotte Golf Links is done   ILL-INI at 3/14/14 10:41am
One of my friends' mom ran the concessions there. She said they were blind-sided by the closing. The entrance to that golf course is now going to be entrance to a big ass sub-division or a big ass mall or something like that. There's a ton of land back there wasting away as a poor golf course for this not to happen.
Re: Charlotte Golf Links is done   4Putts at 3/14/14 7:19am
That much land, in that part of town... Not that surprising.
Charlotte Golf Links is done   Cant3Putt at 3/14/14 6:34am
Charlotte Golf Links is closed for good. Sign posted on its door saying they are no longer open for golf as of 03/14/14. Everyone is referred to Skybrook. I wasn't a fan of the layout, but it's a shame when a public course closes. Best wishes to its former employees and their families.
Trip to NC   golfer13c at 3/13/14 4:58pm
Hey guys so mini tour players coming down south to play three rounds in three days on a budget of course. We seem to get some deals so were looking to play next Friday-Sunday.
we have booked so far

Friday-Charles T Myers for $18
Saturday- Rocky River for $50
Need a place for Sunday below $60 ish closer to the airport we are leaning towards Stonebridge Golf Club. If anyone has any other places they feel is better please let me know Thanks !
Aeration   slowmofo at 3/13/14 4:08pm
Anyone have an aeration schedule for this year?
Rocky River   NC Shank at 3/13/14 12:28pm
Anyone have stimp reading over at Rocky River? I heard 12+!
Ole Still (was Rivercrest)   KDMcC at 3/12/14 6:28pm
Thanks Fred. We actually played Rocky River last year. It was a nice layout and in good shape. The only issue we had last year was the greens were rock hard and wouldn't hold an approach shot (I seem to recall they had been redone last year). Are the greens a little more receptive now?
Course near Moorseville   Fred C Dobbs at 3/12/14 4:46am
Check out Rocky River course,only 40 minutes from Mooresville.
Nice layout and excellent staff.
Cheers Fred C Dobbs
Ole Still (was Rivercrest)   KDMcC at 3/11/14 8:22pm
Has anyone played the Ole Still course (was Rivercrest) ? I'm thinking of adding it to the rotation for a group coming down to Mooresville from Ontario for a golf trip in late April.

Our tour currently includes Rock Barn, Verdict Ridge, Warrior, Ballantyne and Tanglewood. I'm open to suggestions for good courses within 45 minutes or so from Mooresville.
Re: Golf Trip Suggestions???   slowmofo at 3/10/14 6:16pm
Don't forget Monroe Country Club. I actually like it better than Eagle Chase( i am a weirdo I know). There is just something about the jackson back nine that is just gorgeous.
Winter golf in NC/SC   Fred C Dobbs at 3/9/14 10:15pm
I read with tongue in cheek the complaints and comments area golfers post regarding local course conditions. Whether it be standing water,torn up tee boxes or just the courses in general. Geez... give your head a shake...up here in Ontario, Canada we've got 10 or more inches of snow everywhere. I'd take a wet fairway or non raked bunker right about now and never complain. Remember... it's still winter golf in the Carolina's, but at least you can see the fairways.
Hope to see and enjoy the local courses again this fall.
trip to Augusta   oneputt at 3/9/14 9:40am
I am headed to Augusta to watch a women's ncaa golf event this friday and was looking for some suggestions as to where to play friday afternoon. short of a miracle and someone getting me on at AN I would appreciate any ideas. thanks
Re: Golf Trip Suggestions???   HackingLefty at 3/6/14 11:21pm
Thanks Panthersfann55, I will take a look at it. The location sounds perfect. We want to get a round in on our way up and back home, so marshville will be great. Thanks for the info.
Re: Golf Trip Suggestions???   panthersfann55 at 3/6/14 8:40pm
go to eagle chase then. its outside marshville before you hit monroe on the east side. best course hands down besides red bridge (out of your way). no houses around, in the middle of nowhere and feels like a mountain course it is in a small mt range, with a lot of elevation changes with a great layout. again deals to be had at
Re: Golf Trip Suggestions???   HackingLefty at 3/5/14 7:09pm
Thanks. I meant to put it in my original post but ill be traveling up 74 through Monroe and probably play on way up. Thinking somewhere between Monroe & Pineville
Re: Golf Trip Suggestions???   panthersfann55 at 3/5/14 4:56pm
edgewater is located in lancaster. good layout, free range balls and bottle water. $25-$30 a round on
Golf Trip Suggestions???   HackingLefty at 3/5/14 11:49am
Myself and 3 buddies are coming up for the Wells Fargo Championship at end of April. We haven't played any of the area courses. We will be staying near Carowinds. Any Course recommendations? Looking for well maintained and reasonably priced. Thanks
Ballantyne Resort   dongtrgolfer at 3/1/14 10:18pm
Did not see a listing for Ballantyne Resort. Practice area very nice. Played on Saturday and greens are nice. Fairways brown but pretty good shape. Bunkers good. It was a little cool and cloudy and really few golfers out. I was with a friend, there was another single and the starter said we we were waiting for another single.

I had been at the course hitting balls and putting for about 30 minutes. I saw one twosome go out during the 30 minutes. I ask the starter if we can go out as a twosome since no one else was around. He said no. I ask why a twosome with a later tee time was able to go out and he stated they paid full price. I guess we all paid the $45 discount rate so he was making us wait and sending us all out together (stupid). The fourth guy showed up and he sent us out a few m! inutes early (thanks). We played the first hole and then split up into two twosomes to play faster. Played a little under 3:00 hours. Good challenging course, but the starter is a a$@hole.
walkable courses   Peter at 3/1/14 9:43am
I love this site and check it regularly when traveling to Charlotte.

The reason for writing is to request an enhancement to your course descriptions. If you could add the courses walking policy is and if the course is walkable, it would be fantastic. Don't mind riding, but walking sure is a lot more fun (while I am still able to do so). Furthermore, I can write it off as exercise to the family.

thanks for the help and the great site.

Charlotte Golf Links and Skybrook   jjjgolf at 2/27/14 5:48pm
Both CGL and Skybrook are now under Billy Casper's management are not in money trouble and are taking all the steps in the right direction. No more Carolina Trail for two great Charlotte courses.
Re: OLDE SYC   slowmofo at 2/20/14 5:06pm
Olde syc is a decent course. Conditions are generally good and they were fine the last time i played it a month ago. There is a weird double green ( hole 6+8). At first I hated it because I thought the layout was a little boring, but it has grown on me and will play it anytime i get a decent price.
OLDE SYC   NC Shank at 2/20/14 2:14pm
I've been in Charlotte for a few years and never played at OLDE SYC. Is it in good shape? I have some friends coming to town and I am looking to shake up the rotation.


Re: Skybrook   D Valentine at 2/19/14 6:07pm
Good news on Skybrook. They just moved thru the ledgal process and now have ownership. They no longer are any part of the Carolina Trial. Also, the Day-to-day operations have been contracted with and will be managed by the Billy Casper Golf Co., one of the biggest Golf companies in the country. Just booked an Outing with Skybrook and are excited about the program. They have some rally aggressive plans to improve and upgrade conditions beginning now. Good to hear one of Charlotte's great layouts is back.
Re: Mallard Head   4Putts at 2/19/14 12:17pm
Played it a couple of years ago... total Goat Ranch and have not been back.
Mallard Head   Scott at 2/18/14 11:58am
Has anybody played Mallard Head in the last 4 years? Curious about the course.
Re: Skybrook   Mike O'Brien at 2/17/14 7:44pm
Unfortunately, all of the Carolina Trail courses are going to be in trouble for a while longer. No one has purchased The Golf Links or Skybrook, which have both been for sale for months. The Divide, Waterford, and The Tradition are now owned by a bank and are just awful. They are all basically for sale. Until a new golf course owner comes in and turns it around, might be a good idea to stay away.
Skybrook   Scott at 2/17/14 2:48pm
Any update on Skybrook? Was planning an event there this spring and believe I just saw headlines its back in trouble again...
Lessons   Brian Hunt at 1/31/14 10:13am
I had the best lesson of my life! Finally a instructor that makes sense of the swing and puts everything into a context that is easy to understand. He broke it down to where I had several aha moments. I highly recommend going to Kent Sonnefeld at The Tradition GC for lessons.
Brian Hunt

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